the gems and panties
  • garnet:wears a plain thong, practical reasons.
  • amethyst:anything with patterns/designs on it, almost all of which are dirty. pearl washes them.
  • pearl:10 identical white thongs to match her 10 identical bras. theyre the only type that dont show under her clothes, but she despises their appearance.
  • ruby:ladies underwear frustrates her, she wears boxers.
  • sapphire:frilly yet elegant shorts, normally blue/white.
  • rose quartz:boyshorts with designs/slogans on them. under the dress, no one knows.
  • lapis lazuli:bikini bottoms.
  • peridot:green v-strings, with the back being like a triangle. her crotch resembles a dorito in these.
  • jasper:orange briefs with a yellow diamond pattern. she punches anyone who tries to look.

Answer 11- Ask 11- Tag 11

I got tagged by @johnmichaelmcstarrison love u bb <33<33<3


1. Always post the rules.
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1. Do you think you’re a creative person?

i wouldn’t say i’m creative? like idk yet. i mean i AM an artist but i cant really even do art stuff yet bc im just an art baby. when i get better at art i can probably make my ideas come true. this is Such an Hard Question I DONT KNWO WHAT TO ANSWER FCKU

2. If you’d have to listen to one song for three years what would it be?

oh no… why did yuo pick such hard questions oh my go d….. im just gonna be a fuckin emo and say its probably something by twenty one pilots

3. Who would you want to punch in the face?

Donald Trump for sure. Or that Roosh V guy.

4. Who would you want to be punched by?

ohhh i’d like to get punched by anyone in specific situations ;););) (im joking dont kinkshame)

5. Which is more interesting, sea or space?

wow.. uhh… probably space bc there’s much more to discover than in the sea but then again. i’d like to know what horrible monsters are living on the same planet as me. anyway i’ll go with space

6. What did you want to be when you were 7?

i wanted to be a veterinarian. my uncle still teases me about that to this day

7. Favourite children’s book?

uuuuhhh idk? probably the pippi longstocking books. theyre pretty nice

8. Favourite painting?

tbh i love everything by van gogh. but this is impossible to answer because i’ll see a painting and be like “wow this is my fave” and then i’ll see another painting and be like “nooo THIS is my fave” and it never ends

9. Do you like symbolism?

yes? no? this is the hardest one. i’ll jsut go with yes

10. Do you believe in luck?

i do because i’m the most awkward and lazy person on earth but i still get good grades (altough theyve been dropping lately) and i have amazing friends and just. not much super bad or embarassing stuff happens to me

11. What’s the first song that comes to your mind and what’s your favourite line from it?

it’s. it’s literally this. theres not really any lines but i love the part where he wishes us all a good night :’)


1. What was the happiest point of your life?

2. Do your friends treat you well?

3. Are you procrastinating right now? (bc i sure am)

4.  Are you lonely?

5. If you’d have to move to another country, what would it be?

6. What are your main interests right now?

7. Are you happy with your school/workplace?

8. What was the last book you read, and why did you read it?

9. Do you play video games? If so, what’s your favorite?

10.  If you could go any place you want, real or not, what would it be like?

11. Why did you join tumblr in the first place?

I’m sorry my questions are really boring aaa I’m not good at coming up with them :( If you don’t want to do this or have done this already u dont have to!

I tag u: @mymindisnotonfire, @hipluri, @hipsterkylo, @muovikassi, @letlinaloveyou, @teerenpaskaa, @triirii, @sattuviitana, @teamvelvet, @woshuahong, @cherryandbelgianchocolate

gracelessloki asked:

Ah, you forgot to tag that one as nsfw, (though if you don't do that normally, sorry! I thought to tell you just in case!) Also, not sure if anyone has asked this before, but what kind of job do you have? I'm a server at a restaurant, which is why I'm always up later in US time.

this is nsfw blog, im gonna slip up time to time, but ill edit it nowww

i was making a post about how i’m probably going to bed but then i heard fluffy meowing

and at this point that can only mean one thing and surprise surprise i was right, he caught a mouse B(

i managed to catch it in that lunchbox thing we have and woke up mom and it was fine so we let it out and she went back to bed lmao

fluffy was very confused where it went pfft he just went back outside so hopefully he won’t catch it again gdi

a’ight i guess i’m going to bed now it’s not even 2am but eh

goddamn so like i haven’t come out to my roommates bc i love to suffer and im a coward but like one of them uses the word gay to mean like…. bad shit like shit she doesn’t like and every time she does it im like ah thank u for reminding me why i haven’t come out to u yet i appreciate it my dude