Drawing prompts my friends

- A character you hate. You can make them ugly of course.
- Mermaid AU.
- Water. It can vary from rain to a lake to ice cubes. Anything water.
- Eyes. Extra points for both of them. Even more points for a set of three eyes.
- Create an object-for-a-head oc. Those are fun.
- Falling poses.
- Flying poses.
- Make animal hybrids. Whatever you want. Make an elephant-chicken.
- Design a house for your fave fictional character.

Not Blood

S/O: Why is the floor all red and sticky?
Yandere: I guess you can say it is red and sticky
S/O: What are we standing in
Yandere: Would you believe me if I said it was Strawberry milkshake?
S/O: No I wouldn’t actually
Yandere: Um melted gumdrops?
S/O: No.
Yandere: Boat Nectar?
S/O: No.
Yandere: Oh I got it! Some of God’s tears?
S/O: Just tell me the truth!
Yandere: Fine….it was those two guys who were staring at you on the subway
S/O: wHAT?!

~blog rates~

- “but liza” you ask “why blog rates again, im getting bored. you have no original content”

- “because, dear friend i have not a creative bone in my body so we’re doing this for the eightieth time”

-so send me

a) the url of someone u love and a nice message about them

b) a music rec

they’re both p welcome !

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