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terrible tiny man/ dinosaur. i hate this. this probably isn’t canon but it is in my heart.

(“Pepbee” that’s a new one, hahaha~) Thank you so much! We’ll keep doing our best!

So glad to hear that! We love seeing fan art so we’re happy to spread the love. :D

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Thank you! We put a lot of time and hard work into it, so I’m glad the quality is up to your standards, haha~

Ellipsis only loves me for my skeleton. ; A ;

Thank you! Estersand gets all the credit for the design (originally made for nochocolate) but we worked really hard on the art, colors, and other adjustments for this blog. Feedback like this is great to hear!

Glad to have you! This comic was inspired by a short fic Ellipsis wrote. We had been speculating on what Chara would be like if they didn’t die so young, but Ellipsis’ fic gave this premise a true story.

Bettina introduced a lot of people to our story; we’re so grateful! Good to have you!

i’ll be ur angle or ur devil

Thank you both! We worked really hard to fit Chara’s dialogue into Asriel’s canon lines in a way that felt natural. Some of the lines are phrased a little oddly so it was a bit harder than anticipated. Ellipsis really worked her magic.

(Regarding the last page of the interlude.) That would make a great save point message.

Glad you had fun! Eruto and I have lots more streams coming up in the future, so keep an eye out!

Each page takes quite a long time! Off the top of my head, here’s how long everything typically takes.

  • Writing/editing the script and thumbnails: 1 hour
  • Initial sketch: 2-4 hours
  • Lining: 6-10 hours
  • Backgrounds: 2-3 hours
  • Color blocking: 2-3 hours
  • Lighting, Lettering, Effects, other adjustments: 3-5 hours

Total per page: 16-26 hours per page. That’s 32-52 hours each week! Some pages take much longer if we try something new, but we’re always looking for ways to speed up and streamline our process.

And I love you, mysterious anon! Keep it cool, keep it fresh! >;D

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hi tenka! i'm sorry to bother you with that but i haven't been into hq for long and i'm a little confused right now. i thought people liked oikawa but i suddenly keep seeing people saying stuff like oikawa is awful and an abuser and other really bad things about him and some ships (ushioi, iwaoi, oikage..) and i'm a little lost. do you know what this is about? thank you so much, and also thank you for translating hq and always being so kind and amazing! (ใ€œ^∇^)ใ€œ

Hi hi cutie pie, thank you and you’re very welcome.  

So I have no idea what this is about lol I basically like to ignore all the salt shakers I’m salty enough myself as it is ;p . You haven’t been into HQ this long but how on earth did you stumble into this part of the fandom, oh dear… the Haikyuu fandom is one of the least toxic fandoms in my personal experience ._.  
It may be to do with ship wars which is utterly ridiculous but these are just my conjectures. Such negativity never gets anywhere and people tend to sanctimoniously bring some debatable opinions onto the arena as fact (opinions are not fact) and tie it to their own self worth so they can feel better about themselves, I guess, while trying to make other people feel bad about their preferences and favourite characters.

Oikawa is a deep and severely flawed character in Haikyuu, you need to either;
1) do more in depth research and form your own solid opinions/interpretations on
    (i) Oikawa’s character, and; 
    (ii) What kind of conduct qualifies as abuse (I mean it, read some papers); OR

2) Basically pay no mind to any part of the fandom that is unreasonably causing you distress. (See I think the way to go is to respect other people’s opinions and agree to disagree, but don’t force unsolicited opinions of your own onto other people.) I don’t see why certain isolated parts of a fandom should cause you any reason for concern or sway your feelings towards characters and relationships.

Rules: Tell me your favorite character from 10 fictional works (Movies, books, TV shows, etc.) and tag 10 people!

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1. Shay (or Pidge): Voltron: Legendary Defender

2. Armin Arlert: Attack on Titan

3. Mother: Matthew Reilly’s Scarecrow series

4. Sugawara Koushi: Haikyuu!!

5. Mihashi Ren: Big Windup!

6. Hyosu Shinosuke (or Ise Natsuki): All Out!!

7. Piper: Storm Hawks

8. Captain Ray Holt: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

9. Balin (or Dwalin): The Hobbit

10. Aziraphale: Good Omens

I should not have struggled with this as much as I did, but I just couldn’t think of anyone! Haha! Oh well, I managed!

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A messy little comic where a discovery is made (and the masses eat it up).

Part 2

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*all i want for christmas is you playing muffled in the distance*
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Okay so just like everyone else I am also in love with Victor and Yuuri in episode 6, but can we take a moment to talk about the other skaters in the Chinese competition? Because they offer a lot of diversity and actually all have their own motivations and backstories and I think they’re worth taking a look at.

Let’s go chronologically, so starting with Phichit:

He’s the first Thai skater to perform to “Shall we skate”, which is pressure in and of its own, but add to it the fact that it’s a popular piece in competition and many fans and judges already know it well, he has to exceed not only expectations but the previous famous performances. But let’s not forget that the song comes from the first movie he saw and has huge emotional value for him - it’s not just his desire to be wow the crowd which already knows the piece, he’s skating to it because of a genuine connection he has to the song. And this is most likely reason for why he succeeds. Like Yuuri says “He’s made the music his own”, which grants him a new personal best score in the end.

Next we’ve got Guang Hong Ji, whom we don’t actually know much about. He’s 17, landed third place in the American competition and is now competing in his home country. I think fair to say that if you take that and consider the fact that he’s performing after Phichit’s amazing performance, he’s more than a little stressed:

In a way, I feel like he’s most similar to Yuuri here. He’s scared and under pressure, but he also does his best to find his confidence and lands his first quad toe loop. We don’t actually know much about his performance apart from the fact that he’s sixth by the end of the short programs (which allow me to remind you is similar to Yuuri from the previous year). (But he still believes he can do better in the free program.)

Next we’ve got Georgi Popovich and I genuinely love him. His theme is ‘heatbreak’ after, well…

That happened. He’s basically skating out of bitterness and a sense of being betrayed by his ‘true love’ and he puts all of himself into the performance, so much so that he’s actually crying while skating. His program is a visual presentation of his desire for vengeance and he nails it because of how much he connects to the piece and the emotions behind it. Y’all can laugh at his coral blue lipstick and Ursula face and failed smoky eyes but this boy knows what he’s doing and he rocks his Carabosse persona, and scores second place in the short program as whole.

After that comes Leo de la Iglesia (I really appreciate that they chose to make someone Hispanic represent America in then anime) and his performance is special in the competition because it features no quads, as he decides to focus on the performance the artistic part of skating (sounds a bit like what Victor tells Yuuri, don’t it?). Leo comments on it, saying that “It’s a song I like so I just want to skate the way I see the music. That’s all.” Leo wants to fill the world with things he likes and that’s why he skates.

If we look at his flashback, he says that he has no idea how he would have found courage in himself

Basically he skates because he loves music and loves the song to which he’s skating so he can score high points even without difficult jumps. He ends up third after the short program so I think it’s fair to say that he has a point.

And then there’s Christophe Giacometti and honestly what is this man.

It’s hard writing about him seriously because I immediately feel like laughing but he’s basically the foil to Yuuri’s eros with his own erotic expression which is not the innocently seductive performance that Yuuri shows us. Nah, man, Chris goes all out. Like, getting a boner during his performance level of all out. He’s not just in touch with his sexuality, it’s like he’s in love with it. Sex appeal is his thing to the point of autoerotic arousal on ice. And yeah, it looks weird to us (though I love the butt), but Minako clearly loves it, so there must be something to it.

I just really appreciate that they actually took the time to create backstories for all of these characters and show us their internal thoughts and feelings and make them feel like they have some sort of personalities and aren’t just ‘evil competition that Yuuri has to defeat to move forward’. They’re all their own people with their own quirks and little things that drive them forward and I love it because the anime really didn’t have to go through so much effort to show us such a pleasantly varied, diverse and enjoyable cast (especially that most of them will be gone by ep 8).