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OKAY. So I’ve been a fan of men who make up the TinCan Brothers (Joey, Corey, and Brian) for years, since I first discovered them from Team Starkid. They have produced so much great content from sketches, small films, to full length musicals. For all this they do not get the credit they deserve. They are currently working to fund for their next project The WayWard Guide. I’ve been a youtube watcher for close to a decade and I have yet to see a project come close to what they plan to accomplish. A 10 episode web series AND a podcast that gives further detail into character perspectives and deepens the story. Currently they are about $28,000  into a $100,000 campaign.  

It’s a lot, I know. However, I would hate to see their project end because they raise the money. SO I am calling on the internet and the Fandoms to help them produce this show. Now if you don’t know of Joey, Brian, and Corey (I feel bad for you, so please check them out!) perhaps you know some of the faces of their cast SO FAR!

I am calling out my fellow Starkids! There so many of us and I know you want to see our favorite nerds acting together again and this is where you can see them.

Besides Team Starkid Collaborators/Actors and the TinCan Bros

The other Team Star Kid actors are!!!

Dylan Saunders, Nick Lang, and Corey Dorris!!

For fans of the Lizzie Bennet Dairies and Emma Approved you got Mary Kate Wiles, Ashley Clements, and Joanna Sotomura 

With so any other great Youtubers and Actors: Jon Cozart, Steve Zaragoza, Sinead Persaud, Clayton Synder, and Sean Persaud!

There are so many great other people apart of this project. I’m sharing the link below to their Kickstarter page which contains all the answers to your questions about the project. Please please please donate or share! People always complain about new and Huge youtube personalities so why not help a smaller channel who produces quality content and deserve recognition. 


Do you like A Very Potter Musical? Or The Lizzie Bennet Diaries? Or Edgar Allen Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party (which I highly recommend watching if you have not seen it)? Or Jon Cozart? Or Sean Astin? Or Gravity Falls? Consider donating your spare change to the kickstarter of Wayward Guide for the Untrained Mind, a 10 episode show with accompanying podcast about twin podcast hosts investigating mining corruption that uncover a town full of werewolves

guess what i just played

devlytle: Are we still doing this #HarryPotter20 thing? Whatever, I got one more blurry pic from school. This was our curtain call after our first show together. Back in the day, we used to perform on Thursday at 7, Friday at 7 & 11, and Saturday at 7, but because it kept selling out we added another show on Saturday night and then partied all night long. Ahh to be 19 again …

I wonder what would happen, if I just…. broke your fingers. The thing is that you wouldn’t be able to play the guitar anymore. And then all your little friends would just leave you alone, and then you’d be just like Umbridge. Except Umbridge can kick your ass.

Dolores Umbridge (A Very Potter Sequel - Team StarKid)


Elsie Fest 2017: My Ramblings

I want to begin by stating that I had a great time at Elsie Fest this year. I wanted to say that upfront because there are a few aspects of last night’s show I plan to criticize, and I don’t want anyone to come away from reading my reflection thinking I didn’t enjoy myself. Just because something wasn’t perfect, doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun.

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Starkid Elsie Fest Set List

-Harry Freaking Potter (Darren came out for this one)
-Take Off Your Clothes
-The Way I Do
-Rogues Medley (Brian screwed up at one point & it was hilarious)
-Naked In A Lake (Meredith kissed Brian at the end and I died)
-Superfriends (Darren came out again & they changed some of the lyrics to match New York)


if you think a very potter musical isn’t funny then you’re wrong and this song is the reason why