again this was supposed to be good

Well fuck, I caved like an idiot again.
I fucking hate myself.
My body is supposed to be pretty for my cousins wedding this summer.
And I continue to eat and I continue to create marks on my body.
I’m going to be a fat pig and people will notice my scars and it’s the last thing I want. And lately the thoughts keep getting worse as the wedding gets closer.
And shit now I’m gonna be godmother but I have no idea wtf is going on, how am I supposed to be a good role model when I hurt myself. And can barely take care of myself.
And now I have something I should continue to live for but I keep hating myself more and more everyday and I feel pathetic as usual and I’ve had a headache for the past 2 weeks straight and I don’t know why and I want to sleep for a long time but I don’t want to sleep, and that’s the problem.
And I dont even make sense anymore.

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Hey there! May I have a Dean drabble with no angst and the prompt "and where do I go?", please? Thank you!

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“And where do I go?”

Dean rolled his eyes and you gave his foot a nudge under the table, a silent plea for him to be patient. Something he was not good at under pressure. 

He looked back up at the young man that was to be the decoy to lure the ghoul out, a young man that wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box, but he was sincere and wanted to help. 

Dean went over the plan again, making sure that everyone knew where they were supposed to be and what they were supposed to do. When everyone was sure at their role in the plan, even decoy dude, everyone stood up and began getting ready, splitting off from the group and getting into place. 

Dean and you were around back of the building watching the back entrance. 

“You’re a good guy, ya know?” you said to him, breaking the silence between you two and causing Dean to scoff a little. 

“I’m not…I…” 

You walked to where he was leaning against the building, head down, shoulders sagging. 

“Yes, you are, one of the best.” You hooked a finger under his chin and forced him to look at you. “You are kind, patient, and understanding, even when people don’t deserve it. You are giving and thoughtful.” 

He was starting to shake his head, but you stopped him mid shake, kissing each cheek and then kissing his lips, feeling more tension ease out of him. 

“You are, and I will spend the rest of my life telling you.” 

Dean’s green eyes met yours, full of love and gratitude, before he gave you another small kiss. A loud bang sounded from inside, breaking you two apart, both of you looking toward the back door. Dean looked back at you, a genuine smile on his face now. 

“Let’s do this, shall we?”

stevetony: mistaken for baddies

For my stony bingo card.

Are you serious?” Carol asks, clearly holding back laughter.

Tony pokes Steve in the chest. “This,” he says, “is what we get for trying to be model citizens. Slander and mockery.”

“Really though guys,” Peter says. “NYPD wanted to bring you in? For robbery?”

Tony winces. Steve pats him with consolation.

“I’m never taking you out on a date again,” Tony promises.

“Yes you are,” Steve says without a shade of doubt.

So he’s right. So what. Tony pouts.

“It was supposed to be a good date,” Tony whines. He’s playing it up, but no one calls him out on it, so he continues in the most miserable voice possible. “You know. One that isn’t interrupted by supervillains before it even starts.”

Peter nods with commiseration. “Or worse, at the end, when you’re hoping that one worked out.”

“Exactly,” Tony says.

Steve presses a kiss to his cheek and Tony smiles at him. “So, there weren’t any supervillains,” Steve continues.

“And as we were eating dessert …” Not the kind of dessert Tony was looking forward to, but chocolate fondant is always good.

“Come on, guys,” Carol  rushes them. “How do you go from an interrupted date to breaking and entering a jewellery store?”

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I can't see the rules bc I'm on mobile, sorry :( but how would Jotaro, Josuke, and Rohan react to their s/o who can SEE stands, but don't have one for some strange reason. (again I'm sorry if this breaks the rules, you can totally ignore this if you want)

Don’t worry anon, no rules have been broken! It’s all good lmao. I hope these are okay!

☆ Jotaro ☆

  • He’d be super intrigued when it turns out his s/o can see Star Platinum. People without Stands aren’t supposed to be able to see them at all, so what makes this person different? Are they sure they don’t have a Stand themselves?
  • He’d want to take them to Joseph and Avdol, and experiment a bit to see if they can summon any form of Stand, or figure out what’s up with them. But no, nothing turns up-they can just see Stands, for whatever reason.
  • After the initial confusion wears off, Jotaro doesn’t really care. It’s a bit easier having an s/o that can see and interact with Stands; Star Platinum can be used between the both of them for things around the house and small stuff like that. Asides from that, things continue as normal.

☆ Josuke ☆

  • He’d be so hyped! Before Jotaro showed up, he’d never known anyone that could see Crazy Diamond, so he thinks it’s super cool that his s/o can see him. He’d probably hug ‘em tight in his excitement.
  • Now that he knows his s/o can see Stands, he’d try to use Crazy Diamond for tiny showcases of affection- maybe send him through the door with flowers if Jokue’s s/o is in the next room over, or have him “help” prepare snacks. More often than not, it ends with something breaking, and Josuke scrambling to fix it before his mom sees.
  • He’d appreciate it if his s/o kept an eye out for anything suspicious in town, given that they can see things others can’t. It would be very helpful, given the situation everyone’s in right now.

☆ Rohan ☆

  • Rohan would be curious too- that isn’t supposed to be possible, so there’s gotta be something up with his s/o. He may try to use Heaven’s Door to read into his s/o’s past and see if there was anything specific that caused it- and not necessarily with permission or warning.
  • This situation may inspire a new character or plot, so his partner shouldn’t be too surprised if something similar is published in the next chapter or two.
  • Rohan would also probably insist in his s/o seeing if they could summon a Stand- he secretly thinks it would be fantastically cool if they were a matching power couple- but he won’t be too disappointed when they can’t. Not everyone can be on the great Rohan Kishibe’s level, after all.

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Lol lol he wasn't good but really he wasnt complacent man! Infact i liked the fact that he knew he wasnt playing great and stepped up and was very decisive in the latter part of the game he was trying really hard stepped up when it counted.

he has saved us over and over again this season (dude pretty much every season). Whenever they aren’t playing as they should, that little genius does what he is suppose to do. Even when he is playing the worst game of his life he is still decisive and that isn’t something you can say about a lot of players. (if any)

Let's be real, for a moment

The Six Thatchers was wonky. Everything felt off. The way the episode was shot , the illuminated skull picture at Baker Street, the fact our two main characters are pushed as far apart as possible all made this episode feel off. We’re supposed to be unsettled and begging for more – to ensure we tune in next week. We have to be rooting for Sherlock and John. We *all* have to be rooting for Sherlock and John.

This episode was about love. “Amo, Amas, Amat” – how good is your Latin? Sherlock and sentiment are brought up again, but we know he’s not really a machine so that shouldn’t surprise anyone. This episode is meant to question what you know about love.

***We’re lead to believe John Watson cheated on Mary by the way he texts someone at night. Someone who’s up at all hours, someone who misses him, someone who hasn’t seen him in awhile – but this is exactly a conversation he’d have with Harry, his sister. We’ve seen similar conversations on his blog. But we’re lead to believe John’s cheating. We didn’t see the contact info, our mind simply filled in the blanks with what we’ve been conditioned to assume. Classic misdirection.

***John told Mary “you could have talked to me” because “that’s what couples do” – a callback to Episode 9 when he told Sherlock “you could have called, you could have talked to me”.

***Mary taking a bullet for Sherlock but then telling him to go to Hell? Look, these mirrors are so frequent I’m getting nauseated. Emelia Ricoletti, the bride in episode 10, knew she was a dead woman walking, so she made her death count. She was part of something greater. Her death seemed like a boring suicide, but it was worth so much more than that. We see Mary tell John life as his wife was the best thing ever. Neither use the word “love”. This is important because we assume the “love” is implied. She loves John and Sherlock, Sherlock loves both of them, John loves Mary but hates Sherlock. All of this is messed up. Everything you think first is wrong. She made her death count. The long game is burning the heart out of Sherlock. That’s The Final Problem. And she just did an amazing job helping that along. She said his job is to save John Watson. She knows he’s in grave danger because she knows the long game. And Sherlock can go to hell.

***John presumably broke his wedding vows, Mary has been lying to him since day one YET FOR SOME REASON Sherlock *accidentally* breaking the vow from John’s wedding is the one that gets all the attention.

This is a love story. “Amo, amas, amat” – “I love, you love, she loves”. The seeds have been planted.

Have you been paying attention?

This good bye tastes different
It’s got more of a finality to it-
a subtle hint of everything
that has crashed down around us

There’s no more room
for fighting or crying
No tearing down each other’s walls
or even building them back up again

so this good bye tastes different
in that “I could’ve sworn this was gonna last but we still ended up here” kind of way

this good bye is just
you, me,
and not enough reasons to stay

—  is this what good bye is supposed to sound like

“You died on a Saturday morning. And I had you placed here under our tree. And I had that house of your father’s bulldozed to the ground. Mama always said dyin’ was a part of life. I sure wish it wasn’t. Little Forrest, he’s doing just fine. About to start school again soon. I make his breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. I make sure he combs his hair and brushes his teeth every day. Teaching him how to play ping-pong. He’s really good. We fish a lot. And every night, we read a book. He’s so smart, Jenny. You’d be so proud of him. I am. He, uh, wrote a letter, and he says I can’t read it. I’m not supposed to, so I’ll just leave it here for you. Jenny, I don’t know if Mama was right or if, if it’s Lieutenant Dan. I don’t know if we each have a destiny, or if we’re all just floating around accidental-like on a breeze, but I, I think maybe it’s both. Maybe both is happening at the same time. I miss you, Jenny. If there’s anything you need, I won’t be far away.”  Forrest Gump (1994) dir. Robert Zemeckis

Stop me if you've heard this one before/that time I had to explain Jesus to a six-year-old I was babysitting
  • *walking past a church*
  • Child: *points at a large wooden crucifix replica out front* who is that?
  • Me: uh, that's...Jesus...
  • Child: who is he?
  • Me: well, in the Christian religion he is regarded as the son of God
  • Child: is he real?
  • Me: *internally screaming FUUUUUUCCCKKKK* um, that's a good question. Evidence suggests there was in fact a historical personage who once lived and that we now know as Jesus. How closely his life resembled the events written in the bible is somewhat unknown, and largely a matter of belief, I suppose, although what isn't, really?
  • Child: *long pause* okay.
  • Child: *points at the statue again* Is he real?
  • Me: oh. OHH. You mean like, is that a real body???
  • Child: yes
  • Me: Oh good god Tyler, no, I think it's wood

Today, on “Forcearama Once Again Takes You Through A Highlight From This Absolutely Hilarious Star Wars Legends Book, The Jedi Path”: we learn that we must be good Padawans and not make our Jedi Masters look bad by doing things like hanging out in bars or getting high, something that I am so sure no Jedi ever do (just like they never do any of the other thousand things they aren’t supposed to do, like fall in love with each other and get people pregnant and turn to the fucking Dark Side.)

PLEASE NOTE WHICH FORMER PADAWAN OWNER OF THIS BOOK TOOK EXCEPTION TO THIS GUIDELINE. I love that he tries to claim that it’s purely in service of the mission, too. Sure, Kenobi. You can get “excellent information” there. The fact that they serve booze at these places is totally not a plus for you. 

Who among us is surprised? Hmm? Hands?

So, this is in the Jedi Guidebook, and not only was Obi-Wan like BUT WAIT BARS CAN BE USEFUL FOR STUFF, he then also proceeded to take his OWN Padawan to a bar.

This guy. I swear to God.


The closer we get to the end of this journey the more the contradictions will accumulate, confusing issues we once thought were clear. I suppose the good news is that’s how we’ll know we’re finally getting somewhere interesting.

I have so many questions and thoughts I just need to get this out.

Why does Sherlock not recognise his own sister? Was redbeard given to Sherlock when Euros was taken away/disappeared? Why did Culverton keep asking his employees how long they’d worked there? What relevance did that have? Why did we hear from Irene again? Why does John not know Sherlock’s fucking birthday? Why does John not think he’s a good man and why is Mary still being given this fucking redemption arc? Why are we supposed to like her? Why did Euros write MISS ME on the paper…is she somehow connected to Moriarty? Where has she been. Why was she trying to get to John….why was she texting John and having an “affair” with him? I don’t understand what she wants. Why is everything Sherlock is a reflection of his memories of Euros. Are they twins? “It’s never twins” but it is? Why did Euros go to Sherlock and give him the note? What was the point….when Sherlock was doing it because Mary told him to. Do Mary and Euros know each other? Are they connected? WHY IS JOHN IN A WELL? Does Euros put him there. Why is Sherlock giving John a gun….John telling him he’s got to pull himself together. I mean….I guess he’s saying I love you to Euros? Why is Mary STILL controlling John when it comes to his relationship with Sherlock….even if on the surface it seems like a good thing. Why can’t they just talk? Why the fuck did John beat the shit out of Sherlock and now it’s just been forgotten? I honestly HATE that that happened, and that Sherlock is always doing everything he can for John and John NEVER GETS IT. I hate that Sherlock jumping of Barts was bought up again and Sherlock just took it. Didn’t tellJohn that he did it for him, to save his life. I hate that Sherlock takes the blame for everything, tries to get himself killed to save John bloody Watson over and over. When is John going to open his fucking eyes and see that Sherlock loves him? I can’t answer a single one of these but I fucking hope TFP does.

My Problem with GMW ending on season 3...

When you have to explain to your ten year old niece, that it’s impossible to absorb someone else’s feelings.

Me: Maya never became Riley, she grew up. The whole point is “People Change People”  Maya was changed from her group of friends in a positive way.

Niece: Noooo Josh said that Maya was trying to protect Riley, because she loves her, and doesn’t want her to get hurt.  

Me: I can count on one hand, how many times Josh has been on the show..

Niece: He’s older, so he’s wiser.

Me: He’s a Freshmen in college, trust me from experience that does not make you wise. You are clueless about everything and your diet consists of ramen and Redbull. 

Niece: Maya was having trouble finding herself again, Maya was becoming a good person thats not who she is she gets detention and fails all her tests. She realized she never liked Lucas like that. Lucas was always supposed to end up with Riley, she fell on his lap in the subway.

Me:  Maya pushed her and Riley is going to end up with Farkle!

Niece: No Farkle and Smackle are going to college together..gosh didn’t you watch the show..


For the love of God, can we save this show so my adorable niece doesn’t grow up believing that people can’t change? People can’t just turn into other people. We need reality not the pretty package.


it’s ok for your first sketch to look like shit 2.0

i’m back with more for you to laugh at! I’ve been cleaning up files and found that I had a separate fils of the sketches for the thing i did for the HS calendar

Hooo boi look at this mess lmao. Do something like this to just get a really vague idea so you have something to look at and work from, especially if you have trouble visualising! Don’t spend any more than like 2 minutes on this, you shouldn’t feel any pressure to make it look good!

Ok now block things out a bit more, it’s fine if it’s still shitty, these are supposed to be quick. The focus of this bit is to think about composition and how everything works together, again don’t  worry about it looking good and only spend a few minutes on it.

Composition notes are useful too, mark out the flow of where you eye is lead around the picture, you want it to stay away from corners and join back up with itself ideally, esp if there’s more than one thing to focus on in the image.

Now you can spend a bit more time redrawing everything , don’t use the past sketches as a base, use those as a reference for where everything goes and redraw it nicely by taking your time on this one.

And then clean it up with another sketch or clean that one up  where needed!

It really doesn’t matter how shitty your first sketch is, as long as you can get the idea down you can improve and refine it.
This works really well if you get scared of drawing or freeze up, do some doodles that you can laugh at, as long as you’re getting the overall idea down you have something to work from rather than struggling to pull everything straight out of your ass perfectly first time.

please embrace the shitty sketches ty