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Jimin asks you to be his fake girlfriend pt.2

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After he had picked me up from my home, we drove to our favourite cafe and took our favourite spot near the back of the building. He told me I looked pretty today, something he would always tell me, but today it felt different. As if he poured his heart and soul into telling me those four words. I excused myself to use the restroom shortly after arriving and as I returned I noticed from afar, the way he smiled staring at his phone. Did I want to go through with this plan of his, just to hear the words he said he was going to tell me today? They say curiosity kills the cat, and here I am standing here waiting to pretend to be my best friend’s fake girlfriend. I didn’t mind so much, on the pure fact that Jimin’s ex wasn’t the nicest - but still he fell for her over and over again and gave her one too many chances, only to have her break his heart all over again. But this time, at least he’s taking the initiative and taking control of the situation this time and not letting her back in to ruin his life. 

But what was it, what was so intriguing about the way he dodged my question to get me to agree and act as if I wanted to kiss him willingly? Don’t get me wrong, Jimin has always been an amazing guy; he’s my best friend and there had been multiple occasions where I’ve wanted to grab his cheeks and kiss him, and when we were younger we had kissed before, but as time passed and the whole ordeal with his ex girlfriend, those feelings seem to have faded. Every time I told him that she was no good, he would cry and tell me that she made a mistake again, and that he feels bad because she’s crying over him. So he would take her back. What made him change his mind this time? Not that it’s not a good thing of course, but there must be a strong desire from him to make him not care about that crying bitch. 

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Hey Cassie what are your headcannons on how Gabe, Jack, McCree and Hanzo meet their S/O?? ^^


You were recruited along with him. You caught his eye right away with your toughness. He knew it was wrong to pursue you but he was willing to risk everything to be able to take you out at least one time. People eventually caught on and you two were forced apart when he was sent off to command Blackwatch. He always found a way to see you though. When the explosion happened and you were told he was dead, you refused to believe it. Something told you that he was still alive.

You were sent to hunt down the assassin known as Reaper who you were sure would kill you. The first time you two were face to face, he seemed to hesitate the vanish. You had plenty of opportunities to kill him but you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. Why was that?


Getting special attention from the Strike Commander himself was overwhelming. You came highly recommended by Ana and she had seen the way Jack looked at you. She told him to make sure no one got hurt and he would never let anything happen to you - he would die before he let that happen. When he told you that, you told him to stop being dramatic. Little did you know that he would be gone sooner than you thought. You would spend the rest of your life hunting down the people or person responsible for taking away the man you loved.


You couldn’t believe your eyes when you first saw him. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he first saw you, but not for the same reason. Hi were working alongside a man who thought he was a cowboy. He was working alongside the loveliest person he had ever seen. You didn’t pay him much mind at first. He kept you entertained with his outfits and one liners but the first time you watched him shoot, your mouth just about hit the ground. When you heard him speak in meetings, you didn’t think it was the same person. The man was brilliant and when you went on missions with him, it was easy to get distracted by how he moved, how precise his shots were.

He watched you the same way but you had no idea. He knew you watched him and he had never been happier. When you agreed to spend some time with him, you just about made his year. When he eventually admitted to falling for you, his heart was beating out of his chest. When you told him you felt the same way, your heart was beating just as hard as his.

…and you’ve been inseparable ever since.


You two came from different worlds. You were only visiting on holiday. A fun loving free spirit. His strict upbringing and way of life would never have room for you in it. But he fought for what he believed in and he believed he loved you from the moment he laid eyes on you. He had done a lot of things he wasn’t proud of and he swore to himself that you would be one of the things he was most proud of.

It was the way you made him feel. He could be himself around you - no rules, no sense of duty, just a carefree feeling that he savored. You let him talk to you about everything that was on my mind and you listened without judgment. He hadn’t forgiven himself for what he had done but he would learn to because of you.

Everything makes me cry.

My face is so swollen I look like I was punched.

Nothing feels comfortable and even my own skin doesn’t seem to fit.

It’s been thirty six hours and the silence is deafening.

Earlier this morning I rolled over my phone and his last voice mail suddenly started playing. Scared me and broke me all at once.

Never hearing his voice again is going to kill me.

I miss my dad.

#39/100 Ways to say I LOVE YOU

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“Don’t cry.”

ft. Idol!Lai Guanlin & Trainee!You

From here

“Is that true?”

You sighed and looked down, you never see Guanlin this mad before.

“I asked you is it true that you’re going to transfer agency Noona?” he asked you again and hold your shoulder, “Yes.” you said softly, “And when this was decided?”

“Three weeks ago.”

“Three weeks ago and you just told me all of these yesterday Yoo Seonho?!” his anger now directed to Seonho, who stood behind you.

“Yah, Noona asked me to keep it secret from you! It’s not my fault either you just receive your phone yesterday!” he defend himself and pulled you away from his grip.

“It’s okay Seonho, just go back inside.” you took off Seonho’s hand from your shoulder and pushed him back inside the training room.

Guanlin sighed as he ran his finger through his hair in frustration, “Why you didn’t tell me anything about this?”

“And making you can’t concentrate with practice and schedules? No way,” you shook your head, “At least you can leave me some messages! I thought we’re going to debut together after I finish… next year…” he looked at you again.

“That’s the thing, Guanlin…” you sighed, “I’m not going to debut here with you or Seonho or the others,” you bit your lips.

“The girl group project is cancelled.” your head hung down, his eyes widened, “What do you mean?”

“Cancel, not going to happen, nada. Okay?” your lips pressed into a thin line, “Soyeon is currently in talks with some agency as well, guess I’m lucky because I found it in a short time…”

Silence filled the hall as Guanlin sat down on the bench outside the training room, you sat as well and tried to see his face.

“Can you… can you just stay here? And don’t go to another company?” he finally asked, your eyes widened, “I mean, I can talk to the manager! You can make some unit with Seonho perhaps? Or with Woochan, you two can release some rap mixtape or something…” he blabbered, you sighed.

“Guanlin, I feel I can’t do anything or going forward if I keep staying here… Cube clearly isn’t the best option for me right now and it hurts me to see you and Seonho working hard on your dreams while I can’t do anything except to train…” you said, “We promise to be on stage together remember?”

“When is your last day?” he answered your question with another question, a habit you recognized when he’s trying to avert the topic.

“Next week, the kids are going to trow me a farewell party. I was going to invite you, but you have schedule that day…”

Guanlin didn’t say anything until he looked up and looked at you in the eyes.

“Do you really have to go?” he asked again, you see his eyes glistened.


“Even if I tell you that I like you since the day we met, you still going to go?”

Your eyes widened, but he really looked serious as he said that to you.

“Y… yes…”

Guanlin didn’t cry when he was exhausted with produce 101 filiming. He didn’t cry when BoA announced that he was on the verge of elimination with Yongguk. He didn’t cry when he was announced 7th in rank as Wanna One official member. He also didn’t cry when Wanna One won their first trophy on music shows.

After you decided to hug him first and pressed a soft kiss on his lips that he felt tears fell down from his eyes.

“Please… don’t go…” he hugged you tightly as you tried not to cry too but tears also fell down to your cheeks. Your hands reach up to wipe his tears away as he couldn’t stop crying

“Don’t cry…”

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Prompt Request:: Vampire!Laurent turning Damen into a vampire.


It was freezing outside. Damen knew this. His body had been ice cold the night before, and he saw the temperature on his phone. Despite this, the chilly air felt nothing like a discomfort. If anything, Damen felt like he could finally breathe, his lungs open, his chest light.


Damen looked aside, once again feeling startled by the sight of Laurent. Laurent’s beauty had always been too intense to be real, but ever since Damen had woken up, he almost felt like he had to look away. His eyes seemed brighter, his skin lighter. Damen was starting to feel convinced that Laurent’s hair really was made of gold. Looking at him now, with every sensation heightened, it almost felt like looking at the sun, though that wasn’t much of a problem anymore.

“You’re beautiful,” Damen said.

Laurent smiled. “You’ve mentioned that once or twice before,” he said. “Tell me how you feel.”

They were standing in the woods behind Laurent’s house, the place where they had often come together. It was secluded and vast, and Laurent had always said it was comforting, knowing he had all the space he wanted to run, climb and jump. Looking around, Damen thought he might be starting to understand.

“Good?” Damen said, though it came out more like a question. “How should I feel?”

“Everyone is different,” Laurent said. “Tell me what’s going on in your head.”

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Y'all deleting Tumblr from your phone to be good students and people how ???

My ass closes tumblr, immediately opens it again, and refreshes like something will have changed in .2 seconds.

I Thought Part Three- Leon Draisaitl (by anon)

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Ok today I’m on it! So sorry about yesterday! But here’s the last part of our anon’s Leon one!!! Sad but you’ll all like it! Alright so let’s all leave appreciation for our anon and I’m hoping to get one out tomorrow and start up again! Ok? Ok! So enjoy!


Part One Part Two


Three days.

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It occurs to me that I can’t take any of this shit to law enforcement if it escalates unless I have evidence that I requested he stop contacting me and he persisted (ah, the joys of having had to do my stalker-reporting homework…). That part of the convo happened on a phone call. 

I’m thinking of replying via message: “David, do not contact me again.” Just so I have a paper trail of all this and, in the worst-case scenario where he responds, confirmation that it is him on this other phone number. I don’t know.

Adam and the Electric Sheep

Day 1 of FoleyFest2017 -Technology

“Dude,” Tucker said, carefully disassembling the phone and blowing off the circuit board, “what did you do to this thing?”

Rubbing his neck in embarrassment, Danny shifted from foot to foot before finally explaining. “I was texting and flying -again- and I flew into a wall… again.”

Stopping his work mid-repair, Tucker dramatically swirled around in his chair and gave Danny his best ‘disappointed dad’ face, complete with the dramatic removal of his glasses as he stared. “Texting… and flying?! Young man, didn’t we teach you better than that? That’s it you’re grounded, no tv for a month.”

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How would GOT7 react to their girlfriend nuzzling them when she’s cold

can you please do a GOT7 reaction to their gf nuzzling them when she‘s cold. Thank u☺️


You and Mark were on your way home from the late-night trip to the convenience store. Mark, who had a big coat on, though it was a good idea to walk. As you reached the point where you couldn't feel your fingers, you linked your arm with his and nuzzled into his arm. Mark smiled and rested his head on his. he entangled his hand with yours and put it in his pocket for heat. He loved when you acted this way. He couldn't help but giggle as you walked further. As you were in sight distance of your apartment, Mark stopped. Mark looked at his phone, smiled and hid it away in his jacket.

“Oh no we have to go back I totally forgot my phone… and we should walk like this all the way home again.”

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Jaebum woke up in the middle of the night because you were trying to steal his blanket. When you didn’t answer he sat up. He saw that you had thrown your own on the floor. He sighed and made you let go of his blanket. You curled up in a ball, still in your sleep, because of the cold. He moved closer to you and put half his blanket over you. He hugged you tightly and you nuzzled his neck. Jaebum laughed and petted your head lightly. He giggled to himself and fell asleep with one arm around you. 

“Ah, okay then, but you cant steal the whole thing…”

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When Jackson got home late at night, you were already passed out in your bedroom. Jackson walked around the house to find you. Usually, you were up waiting for him. When he walked into the room with you sitting in a chair with a book, he immediately smiled. He picked you up to lay you down on the bed. When he walked towards the bed he could feel you nuzzling into his neck. He almost dropped you and screamed, but realized if you woke up you would pull away. He smiled and laid you down and put a blanket on you. He laid down beside you, kissed your forehead, and cuddled you throughout the night.

“Oh My God, you’re so cute!”

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Since the AC in you and Jinyoung’s broke, it felt like a damn freezer all day long. Jinyoung had left you all alone to go buy some warm dinner for the two of you. You turned on the TV and wrapped yourself in all the blankets you could find. When he got back you were sitting by the little candle you had lit, freezing and shaking. Jinyoung threw the food on the table and ran to you. He hugged you tightly and almost jumped when your cold face nuzzled his neck. He laughed and held you close. You decided after this to spend a few nights at a hotel until the AC was fixed. He kissed you and hugged you until you became warm again.

“Aish Y/N. Didn’t I tell you t keep warm, huh?”

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You were sitting at the airport, waiting for Youngjaes plane to land. It was at the start of the winter but it was freezing cold. You curled up on your seat to get all heat as possible. You saw on the big screen that his flight would be delayed for another two hours. You closed your eyes for just a second to rest. You almost fell out your seat when someone lightly shook your cheek. You jumped up to embrace Youngjae, who was standing in front of you with open arms, with a smile. You felt his warmth as you hugged him even tighter. He laughed loudly as you nuzzled his neck for more heat. He kissed you and hugged you all the way home in the cab.

“Oh no, my Y/N is so cold.”

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You and BamBam were on the way home from the theater. You thought you could walk home and be all romantic, but then it started snowing. Not snowing, storming. You got in the cab and drove home. You were about 15 minutes from home when the cab stopped. Bambam asked the driver why we weren’t going any further. The driver said it was because of the storm. it was going to take longer than expected. After one hour in traffic, it got really cold. You held his hands for warmth but it wasn’t enough. You rested your head on his shoulder and he put your hand in his pocket. You nuzzled his neck as you were falling asleep. He looked at you and smiled. When you were asleep he hugged you tightly trying not to wake you up. Then Bambam would probably make some stupid remark and the cab driver would laugh with him.

”Do you really have to sleep here?”

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You stood outside your apartment when you realized your keys were inside on the kitchen table. You sighed and took out your phone. There was a message from Yugyeom, “Gonna be home late. See you soon. Love you -Yugyeom.” You knew he was working on new choreography and you really didn’t want to disturb him. You sat down on a near curb and waited. After half an hour you got really cold. You started shaking and jumping to keep warm and awake. After you had sat there for 3 hours you saw Yugyeom run towards you. You were so cold you couldn’t ee run towards him. As soon as he embraced you. You felt the warmth of his body. You hugged him tightly and nuzzled his neck. You were so cozy. He tried to pull away and talk to you, but you pulled him hight and kept enjoying the warmth. He laughed and pulled you closer if possible. 

“Okay then, just a few more minutes.”

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-Admin Jibooty

I haven’t really been happy with my art a lot lately…so I did some sketching to work some things out.

So here are just some random sketches of some of my favourite characters to draw: Fili, Kili and Tauriel! My Fili at the top looks bad, the Kili looks pretty bad as well, but the remaining drawings aren’t that bad (I did this first thing today and didn’t really know what I was doing, again I was working out some things in my art so those are very much experimental…)

The eyes are very much random, and not necessarily the eyes of the characters pictured (altho that was probably the intent at first…)

Anyway, picture taken with my phone, since I’m too tired and lazy to scan them in…

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I truly think I made contact with my Great-Grandmother! I made a sigil of her first name, had two of her necklaces nearby, and a photo of her open on my phone. When I asked that she let me communicate with her, I felt this comforting energy that made me start to get a bit emotional and it felt like someone was hugging me. I swear, it has to be her. I used a spirit board and pendulum, asking questions only she would know, and I think it's her! She's so sweet and I can't wait to talk to her again!

THATS AWESOME!!! I’m so happy for you - it sounds so loving!!!! ・:*+.\(( °ω° ))/.:+


so, i was tagged by my bts angels @kimtaehyungl and @ysulruit to do the thing. just so y’all know i rarely do these, like ever, so feel very special. also that selfie is the latest i have on my phone, but it’s also from like 4 months ago so, ya i don’t save selfies, ask @kyleraysner if you want some, she has tons. 

i tag @flowerboyayato (son you have been tagged so many times), @kyleraysner (lol), @guygardsner (  ;) ), @todorokishto (it’s been so long), @rawcatlawnchair (again, too long), @yikesjosten (just so long), @brightfallenstars (cause ily). ya, so if you want. <333

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uuuggghhh I don't want to go through V's route again. I don't want to spend time with Rika, I don't want to hear V's constant apologizing (at some point on day 7 I stopped believing his apologies it was too much). And I especially don't want to hear Saeran's agonizing HEARTBREAKING cries through phone calls. I cried the first time. I felt so bad, I felt like I actually abandoned him, I didn't want to be with Rika which is why I said no to her but I wanted to say yes to Ray.

I feel yeah I don’t want to hear my babes sad voice! I cried so much it was terrible. It’s also why I started a fic about going back for him ^^. I did post the cg and log of the bad ending I got. It’s uhhh…..amongst the Saeran posts ^^;; lmao

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Where did you get your Eddie case?? Phone one

I made it online. Alas, that case is no longer…I broke my phone again today lol So, I just ended up buying the iPhone 8. Got a new case at T-Mobile, but I’ll make a custom one again soon.

Home Again, Home Again

Day Two of @mag7week! I wrote a little Goodnight/ Billy piece for the Together/Self Sufficiency prompt: Billy is apart from Goodnight and has a nerve-wracking trip home. 

           Billy called Goodnight’s phone the second he’d disembarked the plane; and several more times on his way to his car. No answer.

          Goody, I’m back. Call me.

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*sneak in this thing while they are at work* so i mentioned stella’s nickname? let’s go. let’s go.

Stella’s father

“Okay.” Stella said, through her phone as she walk across the hallway.

“Be sure that the deliveries I ordered is at my office,okay?”

Yes, father.” She said, as she stop the entrance to her father’s office.

Good. Goodbye, princess.” She closed her eyes at that nickname. She knew that he still cares and yet his voice doesn’t. It was so monotone and robotic that it feel that calling her nickname was… forced.

“Goodbye, father.” She said without hesitation, not wanting him to hear her hesitating. Once she heard the hanging up clicked, Stella put her phone away and leans on the door without thinking.

She stare out to the empty hallway, breathing in and out slowly and once she feel she was okay. Stella sigh to herself.

Stella wishes her mother was here.

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Weird thing that's happened to you?

I’ve been thinking about this story lately.

A few years back, about 3-4, I was going to bed and it must’ve been around 12-2 am. I just remember it being somewhat late. Anyway, I got a phone call as I was laying down, and the number looked kind of familiar. I thought it was my mom’s car phone, so I answered. All I heard was heavy breathing, and after asking who it was multiple times, someone finally answered and all the man said was ‘If you talk to me, will I cum?’ Needless to say I was taken back, I remember staying quiet and then asking who it was again and all he kept repeating was the same question, and then breathing ugly. The weird part was there wasn’t any other noise in the background. I thought my ex (we had recently broke up) might’ve put his friends up to it, but I’m positive I would’ve heard them laughing in the back if it was. I ended up hanging up on him, and he called me back a good 3 more times. Never found out who it was.