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Party Girl (Dan Howell x Reader)*Smut*

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Pairing: Dan x Reader

Warning: Smut 

I was just sitting in the middle of class when this popped into my head so I thought why not post it. Again sorry about this I’m stressing over finals and fandoms so I thought this would be a good way of getting my mind off of things.

This story takes place in college so Dan isn’t a youtuber or anything and stuff. Y/n is dragged to a huge college party by her best friend where she runs the hottest guy at the college, Dan, and shit happens.

Y/n= your name

y/f/n= your friend’s name 

y/f/h = your friend’s hair color

y/h/c = your hair color


“Come on Y/n it will be fun!” First lie of the night indicated I shouldn’t go.

I promise I won’t leave your side the whole night!” The second lie that should of stopped me from attending.

If you aren’t having a good time we can leave.” And bam. The final warning that I shouldn’t be here but yet here I am standing in a crowded kitchen, clouds of various drug smoke hanging over our heads and I clenched my hand around my red solo cup tightly. I knew I shouldn’t have came to Hannah’s party. While y/f/n was a huge party maniac, attending literally every huge party that is thrown, I was more of the “downer” in the friendship. I didn’t like getting drunk and not remembering the night beforehand, I wasn’t a big fan of crowded dance floors with alcohol rushing through horny adults bodies, bumping and grinding against each other and I would definitely take laying in bed reading a nice book then getting hammered. I glanced around the crowded kitchen feeling a little too slutty for my taste. Giving the fact I was wearing y/f/n’s party clothes and my body was MUCH different than hers how could I not feeling slightly uncomfortable. She was a good 6 inches taller than me, making her tummy and legs skinner, her long y/f/h covering most of her back while my slightly curled y/h/c reached only about your midback. I looked down at my outfit slightly as a tight black crop top and tight as hell booty shorts stared back at me. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have any problems with my body, I believe I actually had a nice shaped body, my breast and ass being a decent size and my stomach was not too bad but the clothes certainly didn’t fit my style.

As I decided to get out of the drug filled kitchen I began to walk or should I say attempt to walk but end up either standing or getting caught between two grinders. I squeezed through yet another grinding pair as I made my way to the “dance floor” aka her living room. Giving she was practically a millionaire with a giant ass house and the fact that there were literally 100s of people scattered around the mansion, it took 10 minutes to reach the sweat filled bumping and grinding dancefloor. I tried making my way through the dancefloor when I was slammed into from beneath causing me to gasp and fall forward. I closed my eyes preparing myself for the floor to hit my face but I felt a tight grip on my hips my eyes shot open.

“Watch yourself sweetheart, we don’t want to mess up that pretty face.” That voice. I’d recognize it anywhere. I was back on my feet as I turned around to see the man who still had a tight hold on my hips. I spotted as all of the girls around glared at me, whispering to their friends in pure jealousy. I looked up to meet a pair of eyes that every girl at the school would know in a heartbeat. No. Fucking. Way.  I stared in awe as my eyes couldn’t believe who had saved me from complete humiliation. The one and only Daniel Howell. He was only a very attractive male, he just happened to be the most popular and hottest guy attending the college. He stared back at me smirking slightly as I felt his eyes scan up and down my body, stopping at my lips, breast and legs. I blushed rapidly as I gulped slightly. His grip remains tight on my hips as he lean down to my height whispering in my ear.

“What a shame, your drink has spilled all over the place sweetheart, let’s go get you another one yeah?” Not trusting my voice I simply nodded my head as I felt the breath of a soundless laugh hit my neck. “Cat got your tongue sweetheart?” I blushed even harder as he pulled away smiling slightly before he began to guide me through the crowd to refill my beverage. Once we reached the kitchen Dan had poured me another cup of whatever the hell he could find as he handed the cup back to me. I took a chug of the drink trying to calm my nerves as Dan rested his upper body on the counter being eye level with me as he smirked.

“I’ve never seen you around here sweetheart. I didn’t really think of you as a “party girl” Ms y/l/n.” I coughed nearly choking on the warm liquid as I stared at him yet again amazed. How the hell did he know my last name?! I cleared my throat before quietly mumbling

“I’m not really…” I stared at the brownish liquid that filled the plastic cup until I chugged the rest of the burning liquid slamming my cup back on the counter causing Dan to smirk and raise an eyebrow before turning and grabbing another bottle filling my cup up once again.

“Drink up princess.”

It had been 2 hours since I had been caught by Dan and after 6 cups of whatever bottle occupied the kitchen, here I stood grinding on Dan in the middle of the floor. I felt my adrenaline pumping as whiskey and vodka corsed through my veins. I grinded my ass against his crotch hard earning a low groan to escape from his throat. I felt a pair of lips hit my lips and slightly suck causing me to grow wetter and wetter by the second. His lips trailed up my neck till he reached my ear biting my earlobe as he whispered.

“Let’s continue this upstair baby girl.” His words made a shiver run down my back as I nodded instantly. He grinned as he grabbed my hand softly pulling me through the crowd and up the stairs. Once he found an unoccupied room he pull me in and before the door even closed I was pressed up against the wall as the taste of Dan’s tongue and whiskey invaded my lips. I bit his bottom lip slightly causing another groan to escape from his lips. His hands squeezed the back of my thighs and he mumbled into my lips.

“Jump.” Not wasting any time I wrapped my legs around his waist and he held a firm grip on my thighs. He turned swiftly laying me on the bed as he grinded his clothed cock harshly against my heat. I moaned slowly as his head shot up suddenly staring down at me, lust filled his eyes.

“Make that noise again.” He grinded on me the same way as I let another moan escape my lips. Dan looked down at me as he smashed his lips on me quickly removing my shorts. He pulled away shortly to removing both of our shirts and his belt and pants leaving us both in our undergarments. He hovered over me as he let his hands roam my body.

“God damn…” he whispered as his eyes wandered over my body causing me to blush. His face moved closer to mine as he connected his lips to my jawline continuing down my neck. He peppered kisses down the valley of my breast, nipping occasionally, causing me to bite my lip. I felt Dan’s fingers gently pour my bottom lip from my teeth as he mumbled against my skin.

“No princess I want to hear you.” I nodded as his face was in front of my clothed heat. He smirked as he took the material in his teeth.

“These are gonna have to come off I’m afraid.” As soon as I was exposed Dan suddenly pumped a long finger in me without warning. A loud gasp escaped my lips as my back arched.  

“Mmm this wet for me y/n? are you this horny for me baby?” He spoke as he began pumping at a faster pace. I moaned as I felt his mouth clamp onto my clit sucking harshly. My fingers found their way to his brown locks as I tugged at his hair. His mouth doing wonders to me as I felt a warm pit began to form in my stomach.

“Dan I-I-I’m close…” I stuttered as I flt the feeling come over me.

“Mmmm let go baby, cum all over Daddy’s mouth.” His words caused me to fall over the edge. I blacked out slightly as I let my orgasm consume me. Dan licked up my juices as he moaned

“You taste so good baby..” He stood up slightly, my juices glistening on his chin as he began crawling over me, a package in his grip. He smirked down at me as he ripped open the condom packet.

“Ready y/n?” He asked as I nodded, still trying to catch my breath from my previous experience. He then slid his Calvin Klein’s off as his hard length was now in sight. I hum slightly at the sight of how huge he was. He looked up at me smirking as he rolled the condom on the length.

“Mmm does baby girl get turned on by how big daddy’s cock is?” I smirked slightly.

“Yes daddy, but instead of looking i would much rather be feeling it fill me right now.” I said as Dan licked his lips before slamming into me. I scream out in pleasure as I felt him fill me completely. 

“Fuck baby you’re so fucking tight.” He groaned as he thrusted in and out of me. I scratched my fingernails up and down his back surely leaving red marks as he sucked on the skin of my breast, surely leaving purple marks. His thrusts picked up quickly as my screams and moans only grew louder.

“Mmm y/n seeing you under me, screaming my name, oh baby look at you you’re going to explode at any time aren’t you?” he whispered in my ear only pushing me closer, “But don’t cum yet princess, no no no, you will not cum until I tell you to.” He harshly said as he smashed into me harder. I whimpered as I tried to stay under control until he was ready. My stomach burning as I gasp for air, sweat forming on my body.

“Daddy…p-p-please let me c-cum..” I whimpered as I quickly felt myself beginning to lose it. Dan let out one more groan before saying,

“Let go baby, cum all over daddy’s big cock, come on y/n cum for daddy.” I quickly felt the sensation take over my body as the burning feeling in my stomach begin to disappear. I felt my wall tighten around Dan’s cock as he twitched inside of me hitting his own orgasm. Dan having an orgasm was quite the sight. His eyes tightly closed as his mouth formed an “o” shape while q thin layer of sweat formed over his face. He then pulled out collapsing onto of me as we both breathed heavily. Dan then rolled over to my right as he pulled the condom off and tossed it in the bin. He then turned towards me as he wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me close, kissing my nose gently.

“I’m so fucking happy you decided to be a party girl tonight.” he mumbled as we both drifted off into a slumber, wrapped in each other’s arms.  


i really like the first one to be quite honest

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I’ve been really into the binary tool + gray scale lately…

At least!
Painted this 2 years ago drawing…
The photo is terrible sorry. Its night and there is no good lights in this house.
Sorry for not being here lately, im in the countryside and internet is a myth here hahaha. I ve seen pretty owls and barn owls, my cat is a hunter and im more relaxed… less panic attacks and all that shit
This is made with watercolors mostly, a lil bit of black ink.
Cheap paper also, but i swear is even more bright and colorful than this picture.
Again Usagi and Leo, I love them. I love their friendship is it romantic or not.

one thing i find really intriguing about Ava and Odin’s dynamic is their role reversals in symbolism?

and hopefully i can explain this but, traditionally (in Sanskrit languages ie Latin, Greek, etc) the moon is always considered feminine and the sun is considered masculine

but in AD, Ava is the sun, and Odin is the moon?

their color schemes are the first clue to this (Ava is reds, yellows, and oranges, colors of life, vigor, determination, and wrath ; Odin is dark greys/blacks, purples, and violets, colors of pride, mystery, seriousness, and grief.)

But their personalities follow the same symbols. Ava sustains, perseveres, and is represented by a circle (And unlike the moon, the sun always stays the same shape, a circle). She is a symbol of new life, the protagonist of the story. Odin is mysterious, aloof, and nightly. If Ava were the daylight, then maybe Odin is the moonlight?

any culture that represents their Sun as feminine and their Moon as masculine believe there has to be harmony between the two or there will be complete chaos on Earth. It is believed that the Sun will gravitate toward matters of the emotional heart (although the “ancient anecdote” is “The Sun is my mother, and without her, there will be nothing on Earth, and my children will perish”) and the Moon will take care of the physical body.

heya @ravi-0-li ,  i finally colored Binds ”sans the book kiper”  i sorry again , i’m loser at drawing, but  always try really hard to make smt more than shit …. i choose the colors of book pages , ink, peper, and classic black bind. and i wanna say that it is sketchXcoloring ? and @ravi-0-li again thank you for your art’s  and all fantastic works!p.a hope you notice me a little bit…


here is your gift!! it’s shit and i’m sorry, i haven’t Arted in literally like 3 years so… the anatomy is way off, i straight-up forgot the sleeve on my left arm, and i didn’t even try shading bc i know it’s gonna take me a while to figure that out again. also i forgot to draw a party hat on you and only realized after i’d colored everything so i just photoshopped one in l m a o

but anyway! this is, as you’ve probably guessed, us! in paris! taking a selfie! and just for your birthday, i swallowed my pride and drew you taller than me (seriously i was so tempted to draw myself taller than you but.. i restrained myself) :’) i’m so excited for our eurotrip and i can’t wait to see you!!

and now, the mushy stuff, in german bc honestly i just need to practice writing in german:

du bist meine beste freund – du bist wie meine schwester, und ich kann nicht vorstellen, dich nicht kennen. ich liebe dich so so so so viel und du bist sehr besonders zu mir. ich hoffe, dass du mich fur dieses schlechte zeichnung (und meine schlechte grammatik) vergeben kannst :’] alles gute zum geburtstag, tanzenkonigin <3

— du bist so wunderbar. ich bin in tränen, du bist mein bester freund und ich liebe dich so sehr. danke für diesen mein engel ❤️❤️ I love u sarah thank you so much for this ;~;

Yo sorry for anyone who liked the first post because once again Tumblr decided to crush my hopes and dreams by making the editing process painful as shit. So decided to upload a new version 😡😡😡😡😡😡

To rehash what was on the original post I said I liked Lucy’s Cancer Star Dress and wanted to create a colored version. Ta da. I like how it looks, and sorry for the shitty background blah blah blah.

as both zelda and osomatsu-san trash this was bound to happen and i’m not sorry ohmygod i call it “the legend of nya-chan”! 

follow the adventures of hero choromatsu and his sparkly fairy companion karamatsu in their never ending quest to save princess nya-chan!


 with also the help of ichimatsu the creepy merchant!

(aka choro as link, kara as navi and ichi as ravio)

alm0stfam0us  asked:

59 mikey

(#59: “Tell me to go and I will, but if you ask me to stay I’ll never leave you again.”/ #80: “How can you think I’m anything but hopelessly in love with you?”)

loosely inspired by “waiting game” banks (here).

Sure, releasing your second album predicted to rival Taylor Swift’s 1989 first week’s sales was exciting, but the press work for promoting the album was absolutely draining. Every morning, you’d been roused from sleep just as the sun started coloring the sky and settled into whatever hotel bed you were staying in for a particular night in the late hours of the night. The past week alone, your longest sleep was only five hours long, and that was simply because you were doing radio interviews that day and didn’t need to sit for a half an hour while someone did your makeup.

You absolutely adored music; loved the passion and meaning and emotion that leaked into lyrics and vibrated through speakers, but doing the monotonous work you’d been stuck doing the past two weeks made you lose sight of what lured you into the cut-throat industry in the first place. Usually, you’d call Michael and let him calm you down, but you weren’t even sure if you were welcome to do so anymore.

For a while (a year and a month, but hey, who’s counting?), Michael had been your rock. He made sure to text you “good morning” despite the fact that you and he were rarely in the same timezone and always made sure to call after his concerts. He made you laugh when you wanted to cry and smile when you felt like quitting; reminding you that the reason you were even in the stressful industry of music at all was just that: music. Whenever there was a spare weekend when you two were miraculously in the same country, you’d fly to whatever city was closest to the middle of you two and spend all your time nestled beneath the sheets; talking and moaning and sighing into each other’s mouths when words seemed to fail you.

Michael had always made you feel wanted and worthy of everything you’d been given, from the screaming fans to sold out stadiums to the lavish gifts he always seemed to insist on buying you despite your adamant refusals and the fact that you were in no way in need of money. Lately though, talking to him made you feel small and insignificant, like a petulant child that just proved to be a burden to it’s parents.

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Welcome to Rosie’s cafe - Bucky x reader

i am so so sooooo sorry it took so long to write, it’s been a stressful time for me latley, some family stuff and i didn’t have any time or motivation to write so again i’m sooo sorry.

pairing- bucky x reader

warnings- none i think

request-  Howdy! Can I please have a Bucky oneshot? Him and a non shield/enhanced reader are just kinda friends because even though they both feel the feelings for each other, they both have a hard time showing emotion. Thank you so much it would mean a lot! 😘😘😘

summery- when you first met bucky he was a mess, but nonetheless you developed feelings for him, feelings you never had the guts to share with him.

word count- 1864 (i can’t shorten up for shit)

key words- y/n= your name, e/c- eye color


“hey guys!” you said to the team of superheros sitting lazily in the avengers tower’s living room.
“y/n!” Tony and Clint who were facing towards the door you just entered from said simultaneously. The rest of the crew turned around to look at you, they were all glad to see you. You spent a lot of your spare time in the tower, not because you worked there, hell no, you weren’t a S.H.I.E.L.D agent, you didn’t have the qualifications to be one either, but you sure did respect the people who did have. So no, that wasn’t the reason you were in the tower, Bucky was.

it was 1:30 am and you were working the night shift at the 24/7 coffee place you waitered in. Since not many people come in to get coffee in the middle of the night, the late night shifts were manned souly by you.
You finished cleaning the coffee maker and kept on reading from your book when the front door bell rang. You quickly put the bookmark back in the book and averted your look to the door where the sound came from. There was a man standing there, he looked exhausted like he hasn’t slept in ages, he had an unmaintained stubble, and the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen. the tired man walked in slowly, he wore a grey sweatshirt zipped up all the way and the hoodie was pulled up on his long brown dirty hair. His hands were shoved in the black sweatshirt’s pockets and for some reason, as he came closer to you he seemed somewhat familiar. Even though he seemed like he could use some sleep and a decent shower you had to admit, he was handsome.
The odd stranger stopped in front of the counter and you greeted him with a smile, “welcome to ‘Rosie’s Cafe’ how may i help you?”.
“Can i have a coffee?” the guy asked in a low gruffy voice. By the look in his eyes he should get some sleep, not coffee.
You kept smiling warmly at him and said “sure, it’ll take a few minutes to make, so please make yourself comfortable, i just need to know your name.”
The question seemed to make the guy sad for some reason, and then he gave you a sad half smile and said “Bucky. my name is Bucky.”.
After the guy sat down and you served him his coffee you sat back in your chair trying to read from your book, but finding that you can’t focus, every now and then staring at the tired man, trying to figure out where do you recognize him from. After a few minutes he finished the coffee and headed outside. You were just walking with two menus for the couple that came in and sat in the corner, and before you knew it you crashed into the long haired man, and all the pages in the menu scattered all over the floor.
“I’m so sorry!” you said, bending over and picking up the papers that fell.
“No, i’m sorry it was my fault, let me help you” he took the blame on himself.
You kept picking up papers, when you both reached for the same one and your hand touched his glove covered one, feeling a hard meterial bumping against you and a cold sensetaion following.
You let out a small whimper of surprise from the coldness. The stranger straightened his face to you as you did the same and then you finally realized why does he look so familiar, he was the winter soldier, the assassin that you saw in the news, only now he wasn’t so intimidating, he was harmless, even scared.
“I know you…” you whispered.
His eyes widened and he hurried up to leave the place when you caught his arm, his metal arm, and he turned around to you confused.
“No, don’t go, i don’t think you’re gonna hurt me, i don’t think you want to”.
you sat down with him and he told you he was on the run, that he got his memory back and he doesn’t want to hurt anyone. He didn’t know why he was telling you all of that, he liked you and he wanted you to know he’s not what he seems to be. You offered him to stay with you , so he can at least sleep the way a normal person does. Never in your life did you ever say that to a stranger before, but something about him… you just couldn’t explain.
Bucky ended up living with you for 6 months untill he had to go on the run again when S.H.I.E.L.D got on his tail. over the time he was living with you, you two have grown really close, and you let yourself develop feelings for the metal armed soldier. You’d never tell him about your feelings, you couldn’t. little did you know, bucky had mutual feelings towards you. A while after bucky left steve (whom you knew as Captain America) found him, he joined the avengers, and he got an apartment in the avengers tower.

“where’s Bucky?” you asked the group. “always the same question! how about ‘how was your day Tony?’ or ‘can i borrow some sugar?’” Tony replied snarkily as he always does. Natasha nudged her elbow in his abdomen and he gave her an exaggerated offended look. Since you came to visit a lot and Natasha was alone with a bunch of guys, you and her bcame good friends quickly, “he’s taking a shower” the red haired assassin said, smiling at you. she was the only one who knew what you felt for Bucky. “would you like to join him?” Tony added smirking and you felt the blood rushing to your cheeks, unwantedly turning them all red.
Before Natasha managed to react to the annoying comment you heared a familiar voice, “leave her alone Tony”. When you looked behind Tony towards the bathroom door you saw Bucky, with only a towel covering his hips. You felt yourself getting hotter and redder in a second.

“you can get in my room y/n i just need to dress up” he continued, looking at you. “sure thing” you answered quickly and started walking to his room, giving Tony a deadly stare as you passed by the couch. You went in Bucky’s room making yourself some coffee. you felt pretty comfortable there, considering you two lived together. You went through the cabinets looking for some sugar. You opened one of the doors and looked inside. There were some bags of flour there, so you pushed them aside to look further in, and there you found a picture. A picture of you that Bucky took a while back. you grabbed the picture and inspected it. “i like this photo” you jumped up and turned around, bucky was standing right behind you. Dammit you hated when he did that, i mean he was trained to sneak up quietly but why did he have to give you a heart attack each time he did? “you scared the hell out of me!” you frowned at the wet haired guy who was giggling. “it’s not funny!” you said even though you were trying to avoid chuckling yourself. “come on it was a little funny” he smiled innocently, tilting his head. You pushed his chest playfully and looked back at the picutre in your hand. “do you really like it?” you asked without looking up. “yeah, i think you look beautiful in it. not that you don’t look beautiful in other pictures.” He said and you raised your gaze to look up at him, suddenly realizing how close your bodies were. “you know y/n natasha told me something interesting the other day,” he kept going after a moment of silence. “she did?” you said noticeably nervous. “yeah, she said that you have feelings for me” he replied,raising an eyebrow. “i’m gonna kill her, i swear i’m gonna kill her” you murmured, taking a step back and covering your face in shame. “don’t kill her just yet,” bucky continued, “she only said that because, well,” he scratched the back of his head, not knowing how to tell you what he had to say. “for a long time now, um everyone had to hear me going on about you, and well,” he struggled with the words, “i love you”. After the words left his mouth there was silence. You were pretty shocked. You took your hands off your face and looked up at him again. “i felt this way for a long time” he looked to his side, he didn’t want to see your reaction. “why didn’t you say anything?” you questioned. “why didn’t you say anything?” he questioned back, averting his look to you, looking into your beautiful e/c eyes. “ fair enough,” you said, a small grin apearing on your face “i actually don’t share my feelings often and,” you paused, kind of embaressed “i was scared.”. He smiled slightly, a lock of his wet brown hair falling in front of his eyes as he looked down at you. “well?” you asked and he seemed confused about what were you expecting, “what about your excuse?” you questioned him, looking not directly at him, but at his lips. “i’m known as a mass assassin, i didn’t really think after that kind of publicity a love life was still an option” he said in defense as he caught you staring at his lips. Instead of talking he leaned down slowly and gave you a small kiss. Before he could completly pull away from the kiss you held his face between your small soft fingers and stood on your fingertips so you could catch up to his hight. You deepened the kiss and felt the butterflies in your stomach as bucky softly placed his large hands on your hips. Uou lost track of the time passing during the kiss, it was so enchanting to the both of, something you both have wanted for so long and now that it happened you didn’t want to let go of the moment when suddenly you heard a male voice coming from the door, “finally!”. The kiss broke, you both were startled since you didn’t hear the door opening behind you, and turned to see tony who was pretty amused by your surprised faces. “you know i’m really all for you two, but we need bucky outside” the sarcastic millionare said and you gave him a threatning look. He laughed, turned around and closed the door behind him. “i guess you need to go” you turned your face to Bucky who was also noticbly irritated by the interruption. “i guess so,” he said disappointed, he turned his body back to you and placed his gentle hands back on your hips. “but we have time now, and i promise this time i’m not leaving doll” he grinned and you placed your hands behind his neck. “like i’ll let you leave” you smiled looking up at him and gave him a small peck on the lips.


i’m so sorry if it sucks


“Sometimes, someone comes into your life so unexpectedly, they take your heart by surprise and changes your life forever.”

IH Holiday Exchange to Tierney! I know we haven’t really spoken with each other much but I feel like I’ve known you for a long time since we share the same love we have for these two dorks, just like with everyone in the fandom. Hope you like it (forgive me for the simpleness) and thank you for bringing so much to our fandom with your edits c:

Hello there! I’m opening commissions again temporarily to get a bit of safety and control over my budget, so here’s your chance to get some custom work from me! 

A shaded pencil drawing or an ink drawing are 30$, and a colored drawing with a simple bg is 60$. That’s for drawings of one character though, if you want more characters the price is doubled for each one. (I would have put a more price accurate colored drawing up there but all I had was nsfw stuff; sorry!) Originals will be mailed to you.

Mail me at dorayaworks at gmail dot com, and make sure your mail titles says something like “commission”. I’m pretty much open for anything, so send a mail my way if you’re interested so we can talk more.  

To previous commissioners: Your originals are on their way to you, hope you’ll enjoy and thank you again!

I have 4 slots open! Will update the post as slots get filled.