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Even amusingly calling out Isak on his BS.

» I’m the fucking master liar, there’s no one who’s a better liar than me! I mean, you have no idea what I’ve gotten away with.
» Well, tell me. What have you gotten away with?

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Could you do some Phil deepthroating Dan for the first time and Dan starts crying because he's afraid he's choking with Phil coming down his throat because of how much Dan's hiccuping? Honestly, I'd give my life for this shit.

“Pleaseee?” Dan whined, pouting and rocking where he sat cross legged on Phil’s bed.

“Dan, I don’t think that’s-”

Dan interrupted him by pouncing on him, pinning him and pushing him backwards on the bed. “Do you not want me or something…?”

Phil could feel his face flush, but he rolled his eyes at his hyper boyfriend.

“I do, Dan, of course I do but I-”

“Then what’s the problem!” Dan trailed his fingers down Phil’s stomach, placing a messy kiss on his jaw. “Don’t you want my mouth on your cock?” He asked, softly.

Phil sucked in a sharp breath. “Baby-” he choked. “I do, I really really do, but I… I tend to get a bit… excited.”

Dan smirked, playing with Phil’s button teasingly, straddling his hips.

“Well good, that’s the point.”

Phil took a shaky breath, allowing Dan to unbutton his jeans and begin to push them down his hips, revealing the clear tent in his boxers from all this. Dan grinned wickedly.

Dan had been trying to get this from Phil for ages, and now that they were finally alone together, in Phil’s room, he was gonna pin him down. No escaping this time.

Dan was a giant cockslut, and Phil’s dick was… fuck.

“I don’t wanna hurt you,” Phil whined breathily, playing with Dan’s hair as he slid down Phil’s stomach.

“You won’t.” Dan frowned. “How would you hurt me?”

Phil swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbing, and bit his lip. “I told you, I get a bit excited…”

Dan crawled back up the bed, pressing his nose to Phil’s. “Choke me,” he whispered. “Fuck my throat, don’t care. Wanna get you off.”

Phil let a shuddery gasp fall from his lips, and he nodded, no words coming to mind.

“Tap my hip twice if you want to stop,” he finally muttered, and now Dan nodded.

He went back down, brushing his hands down Phil’s stomach and making him shiver. Dan’s lip quivered with anticipation.

He slowly rubbed at the head of the bulge in Phil’s boxers, looking up to watch his reaction. He didn’t regret it when Phil groaned, a soft, strangled noise, gripping Dan’s hair tightly.

Dan grinned, dipping down to kiss his tip; mouthing him slowly and teasingly.

Light huffs of frustration and arousal were leaving Phil’s mouth in bursts, and he squirmed under Dan’s touch. It felt nice to have him be the one like this; it was usually Dan whimpering at the slightest touch from the older.

“Dan,” Phil whined, tugging at his hair, and Dan nodded.

He tugged at the waistband of the older boy’s boxers, pulling them off over his erection. As soon as they were past his knees, Dan went to work. He took Phil’s head into his mouth, swirling his tongue and flicking over the tip like he had practiced so many times for this exact moment.

Phil moaned loudly, throwing his head back, shifting his legs.

Dan couldn’t help himself anymore; he sunk down on his cock, his mouth enveloping Phil’s shaft and taking it to the hilt. He only lasted a few seconds before he was pulling back, sputtering and gasping for breath.

Phil gasped sharply, tugging on Dan’s hair and pulling him back down, desperate for more. Dan obliged, swallowing around his cock and licking everywhere he could reach.

“Fuck, Dan,” Phil cursed, his voice strained and broken, and Dan’s dick twitched in his jeans. He moaned around Phil, and Phil instinctively bucked his hips.

Dan choked, a muffled gagging noise humming against Phil’s cock as it hit the back of his throat. He could feel his face going red, but fuck this was hot, and Phil was clearly enjoying it.

Dan blinked up at him, rutting slightly against the bed, watching Phil grip the sheets beneath him.

“D-Dan, n-need-”

Dan pulled off with a pop, his eyes glinting.

“Fuck my mouth.”

Before Phil could respond Dan flipped them, so Phil was hovering over his face, and Dan sucked on his tip.

Phil groaned, his thighs shaking, but he hesitated. “Dan, I’ll hurt you.”

“I don’t care,” Dan breathed, trying to pull Phil’s hips down. “I’ll be fine. I’ll stop you if I need it. Two taps, remember?”

Phil pressed his lips together, and slowly nodded, shifting his hips so his cock was perfectly over Dan’s mouth.

Phil thrust slowly at first, not reaching the back of Dan’s throat, and Dan responded eagerly; licking and sucking at every part of him he could reach. Phil trembled with need, and finally gave in, snapping his hips.

Dan gagged, a wet, whiny noise that made Phil groan and do it again.

Dan gripped Phil’s hips, digging his nails into the flesh as Phil thrust again and again. He could feel his face going very red, and his breathing was ragged and short, getting hardly any time to get the oxygen he needed.

But still, he was insanely aroused by the fact that Phil was using him like this, using his mouth as a toy. Just something to get him off.

Dan whimpered around Phil’s shaft, his lips stretched to the maximum. He felt tears being squeezed out of his eyes, and he couldn’t breathe, but he would never make Phil stop. He was making such delicious noises from above him, fucking into Dan’s mouth greedily, gripping the pillow at his head.

Dan gagged wetly, barely aware of the tears now streaming down his face. His mind was fuzzy, all of his senses focused on Phil. He clawed at Phil’s hips desperately, rutting his hips against nothing. He squeezed his eyes shut, choking, and he hiccuped.

Phil groaned, snapping his hips hard, and Dan whimpered, hiccuping again.

“Fuckfuckfuck,” Phil cursed breathlessly. “Holy shit, Dan, baby, so good.”

Dan hummed, hiccuping a third time and making a noise that sounded like a suction cup. Now he couldn’t stop hiccuping, squirming under Phil, choked sobs emerging, conflicted between escaping the thing blocking his air and leaning into it.

Without warning Phil came down his throat, pulling back to finish on his lips. Dan gratefully licked it up, gasping for breath, his face regaining color.

“Shit,” Phil cursed again, sitting up and reaching forward to touch Dan’s face, drawing his thumb over his bottom lip. “Are you okay? Shit, you’re gonna have bruises on your lips, god I’m so sorry-”

“Phil,” Dan interrupted, his voice raspy and quiet. Phil’s eyes widened. “It’s fine. I asked for it. I’m…” he smiled sleepily. “I’m glad that now everyone can see I’m yours.” He was stifled by a yawn, blinking at his boyfriend.

“Alright baby,” Phil whispered, still somewhat concerned. “I’m guessing you’re staying the night…?”

Dan didn’t answer, falling backwards on his bed, falling asleep immediately.

Mistaken Identity

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Summary: Mistaking Dean for your blind date saves your life… literally

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,500

Warnings: making out? Home invasion/being attacked in your own home. 

A/N: This is for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog trope challenge! My prompt was #22: mistaken identity leads to a relationship. Considering doing a part 2, but unsure at the moment. Enjoy!

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More Important

Submitted by: @mamapeterson (I really hope it’s not shit and that y’all like it…personal shit and what not…)

*Warning!!! *Depression and mentions of attempted suicide* Do not read if this might upset you!*

Dean was home early. Earlier than you had originally expected.

‘Great.’ You thought to yourself as you heard his loud hurried footsteps on the stairs. He must have read your note that you left him on the kitchen counter.

Not a moment later he kicked down the bathroom door, small wooden splinters flying in the air at the force he used, which also caused you to jump and drop the large white pill bottle out of your hand.

Slowly you turned around and faced Dean. His face held numerous emotions. Fear, panic, relief, and now you could see slight anger growing in his eyes as tears cascaded down them,  “What the hell are you doing Y/N?!”

“I-I…you aren’t supposed to be home yet…”

“Well it’s a good thing I came home when I did! I was going to surprise you but…I come home to that note downstairs instead.” He sighed out your name as he carefully reached out to grab your hand, moving to seat you on the side of the tub while he takes the floor. “Baby…what’s-what’s going on? Why do you feel the need to do this? You know this isn’t an option, right? We can work this out…together. You just have to let me help you.”

You had started to cry while he gently spoke to you and stroked your hand with his thumb, “I’m t-too broken D-Dean…you don’t really love me, you say you do but I know it’s all just pity for the poor girl who has no one. I’m just broken.” You repeated that phrase like it was your life’s mantra.

“I don’t care.” Dean’s teary eyes were trained on you as his voice cracked under the heavy weight of emotion. “I don’t care if you’re broken, do you think I’m the most stable person on this planet? Cause I sure the hell ain’t sweetheart.” He moved to sit up on his knees so that his face could be closer to yours, “And Y/N don’t you dare for one second think that I don’t really love you. You’re more important than anything else to me. I love you with my whole being and if only you could see how much you mean to me through my eyes you would understand. It’s not pity, baby, it’s true love.”

He tucked a piece of hair behind your ear and kissed you on the forehead, “It’s just your mind telling you shit and you can’t always listen to what it has to say. I’ll always be here to talk it out so you don’t think you have to resort to this-” Dean points to the white tiled floor with the multi-colored pills lying across it, “-ever again. Okay? Are you gonna let me help you?”

At that point you were trying your hardest to keep your cool while he spoke but right after he finished, it’s like the whole dam broke. You threw yourself into his arms and started sobbing, “I’m s-sorry…I-I’m so sorry!”

Dean held you tight against him and let you cry it all out, he was even crying himself. “Sshhh it’s okay, just don’t ever scare me like that again. I don’t know what I would have done if I found yo-” Dean shook his head and tried to level out his breathing, he had to stay strong for you, “But I didn’t and we’re going to get you the help that you need. Come on now, let’s go lie down in bed.”

He felt you nod against his shoulder and then picked you up, walking you over to the bed. Ever so gently laying you down, he got in beside you and never let you out of his sight or his grasp for the rest of the night. Well except to go get the pizza from the delivery boy and to also flush all of those pills down the toilet; that inevitable circumstance to what you were planning still looming over his head as he crawled back into the bed with you.

You had quite the challenge ahead of you but as long as you worked through it together, with him, you knew you were going to be okay.



Okay let’s actually look at this in a more genuine light. Specifically I want to look at something I noticed about halfway through the game: that there is a weird parallel between Akechi and Futaba that’s never really brought to attention. I mean, you know, outside of the ‘he’s actually like us’ line. 

Both are highly intelligent but have a severe issue with socialization. They both rely on their abilities to sustain the idea of them being around because they don’t feel they have a place among a social society (and are attempted to be drawn out of this shell, with differing levels of success, by the protagonist character). Both have a non-existent father figure who ditched them, and a mother figure who struggled to raise a single child and eventually died when they were young. Both seem to blame their own existence for the death of said mother figure. 

Futaba is the introvert version of Akechi. 

Akechi is the extrovert version of Futaba. 

Both are isolating themselves from society out of an innate fear of stigma and rejection, they just do it in different ways – Futaba by leaving society as much as she can, and Akechi by being an omnipresent celebrity without actually making any meaningful social connections. 

None of this actually means my theory of them being half siblings is true but I feel like these parallels are an interesting thing to think about. But that does bring me to one final point that I would like to discuss REGARDING the half siblings theory: the mother resemblance. While we never see Akechi’s mother in the game, its basically all but stated that he strongly resembles his mother over any resemblance to his father (which is true, he looks NOTHING like Shido aside from that I think they have the same eye color). But…that brings up something interesting too. 

Who does FUTABA most look like?

I don’t know if its just me but Futaba seems to resemble her mother a lot. She has the same sharp chin, a very similar lip structure, and a similar neck and shoulder build to Wakaba. And while her eyes are bigger than Wakaba’s, I could argue that that’s more due to age and that there’s a slight similarity in the eyes too. Where she got the eye color and red hair from, I couldn’t imagine, but this all stands to reason that like Akechi….Futaba has far more physically in common with her mother than her father. So this is another minute parallel that seems to exist between the two. 

Again, none of this directly says that Futaba could be Shido’s child but the parallels between these two characters are so thick that I can’t be brought to believe that its a coincidence of some sort. 

Because I have nothing else of value to say, here’s the promotional art that used red as Akechi’s hair color for the purpose of color parallels with Joker. Because while it has nothing to do with this, I still think its funny that there’s a picture of redhead Akechi when there’s a potential of him having a redhead half sister. Again, nothing for certain, just for fun. 

Edit: pfft whoops I forgot to tag this as spoilers sorry, I’m not used to blogging about shit that’s actually NEW


there are only two possible explanations for why Lee no longer has sleeves in the Boruto-era: either he was out with baby Metal one day and didn’t realize he was out of diapers, and they were sacrificed for Metal’s baby poop - or something like this post happened. let’s explore the latter.


Lee did not want to get out of bed.

Popular though the desire to stay wrapped inside a blanket burrito may be, it was relatively foreign to Lee. Usually he had to be persuaded to stay in bed or still… and unconsciousness didn’t guarantee either of the two. Truly, the best way to lure him into aching to inhabit a sleep cocoon is to put a cozy, sleeping, sex-drunk Kazekage in the bed next to him.

Gaara looked so snoodly when he slept. He always curled into Lee, with his hands grabbing for any bit of his boyfriend that he could get - an arm, another hand, a nipple - anything to keep them connected. Lee didn’t make cuddling easy, since his body naturally assumed a jazz-hands star fish pose the deeper into sleep he fell, but Gaara always found some bit of skin and held on. 

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summary; colors.
warnings; cursing? yall know i curse right
dedicated to; -

modern au!

you never thought that you would see colors. “it’s amazing, trust me.” your parents told you- you scoffed; you didn’t believe the myth. in your entire life, you only saw black&white. your friends had found their soulmates, and you envied them. “i saw my first colors yesterday.” your friend, alex said. “please shut up, i’m trying to study.” you replied, as you sipped your tea. it was 6 am- and you were already inside your class. college life was hard for you, because you didn’t like studying.

“you know, if your soulmate died. everything will be colorless again.” “can you shut the fuck up, dude? i don’t want to hear about colors and shit- i’m trying to study.” you replied your sentence- you took out your book and your earphone. “jeez, sorry. my little y/n doesn’t understand the meaning of love yet.” he chuckled. alex and you were really close, both of you were majoring in literature. he was your first friend in king’s college. “i love you so much, but sometimes i want to punch you.” you rolled your eyes.

the professor entered the room, mr. washington smiled at his students. “good morning students, we should be expecting a new student today. i assume that he’s late. let’s just get to chapter 12.” mr. washington was kind to his students, especially to alexander hamilton. “i wonder what john’s doing.” alex’s soulmate was john, and yep- he’s the gayest out of gay. you highlighted page 387, and noticed that mr. washington was watching you. you raised an eyebrow, and mouthed ‘what?’.

“ms. l/n please meet me outside.” he stood up, and walked outside. you knew you were in trouble, alexander chuckled. “goodluck, babe.” he winked- and you quickly went outside. george was standing behind the door, “so, y/n.” “what do you want, george?” you asked. george was your cousin- but no one except for alex knew that. “please be nice to the new student, because i’m pairing you up together for the next project.” the professor sighed. he knew that you were a complete bitch to new people, so he warned you.

you gritted your teeth, “why me?” you asked. “cause you’re my favorite cousin, and i love you.” he sarcastically replied. people assumed that they were dating, because they always talked outside class. every time someone asked if you were dating, you would eventually threw a fit. “fine. but you owe me an extra credit.” “deal.” you smirked, and went back inside. everyone stared at you, as you walked towards alexander. “what’d you talk about with your boyfriend?” jefferson teased you. you rolled your eyes, and ignored him.

“did you give him a kiss? aww, that’s so cut-” you had enough. “fuck you, jefferson. we all know that you fucked your way into this college.” “that’s enough, y/n.” washington came back, and he brought someone with him. you turned around, and saw him. the new student was smiling at you, his smile was contagious- you immediately smiled back. alexander pulled you back, before you could punch tjeff. you sat down next to him, “hey. the new student’s looking at you.” he said, nudging you.

washington coughed, “this is lafayette. he’s the new student i was talking about earlier. please be nice to him, lafayette introduce yourself.” he smiled at the tall figure. “oui, my name is marie-joseph paul yves roch gilbert du mortier, marquis de lafayette. but you can call me, lafayette.” “holy shit.” you blurted out. lafayette’s accent was thick. you fell in love with his accent, not the person. “you can sit next to y/n. please raise your hand, y/n.” you waved at lafayette- and he basically sprinted into his seat.

“there will be a new project this summer, so do it wisely please.” washington announced. hamilton, being the straight-a student was really happy. “but, i’ll be putting you in pairs.” with that, alexander’s smile fell. “who the fuck am i going to be paired with?” he questioned himself. you were listening to some music, not minding lafayette beside you. he was writing down some notes, and you stole a glance. you wondered if he had found his soulmate. he was beautiful, despite the fact he was colorless to you. his hair was tied into a ponytail. he had facial hair- and he was really tall.

you glanced at him, and he noticed. “ah, mon ami! you are y/n, am i right?” you nodded, and minded your own business. “alexander with, jefferson.” “WHAT?” he yelled- everyone flinched. tjeff was annoyed as well. “why am i paired with this asshole?” he grunted. the immigrant sighed- “excuse me, i should be the one asking.” alex snapped back. “enough! enough. hamilton sit down,” george stopped both of them from bickering. “madison with mulligan, seabury with eacker.” and the names continued- you didn’t hear your name.

“y/n l/n and lafayette.” you didn’t move. the music was too loud, and you couldn’t hear what your cousin was saying. lafayette noticed that you weren’t paying attention. “mademoiselle.” he shook your hand. and everything was colorful. you were shocked seeing colors all sudden. you looked around, colors surrounding you. and you looked at lafayette. he was smiling, “y/n.” he held your hand. you smiled at him as well, “i guess that we’re meant to be.” she joked. and y/n knew what love felt like.

years after finding out your soulmate, you grew closer to him. lafayette was a sweet-heart. he stayed by your side until both of you graduated. you both decided to buy an apartment together, and spend your days together. alexander and john moved to south carolina, you still contact them. they were happily married, and adopted a son. his name was philip- and he was really cute.

“bonjour, my love.” lafayette slowly kissed your lips. the bed was still warm, he scooted closer to you. you blushed, “morning laf.” you greeted him back. the two of you were inseparable- you did everything together. you worked as a journalist, and lafayette was a writer. lafayette hugged you, and closed his eyes again. “wake up, let’s make breakfast.” you stretched your body- as you stood up. he pulled you back into a hug, “mon amour, i am still sleepy.”

the cold winter air made you shiver, “do you have work today?” you asked him. laf nodded, “oui. i have to go to the publisher today.” he poured himself a cup of coffee. you looked at the window, and observed the snow- you really missed summer. “make sure you come home before dinner, okay? we’re going to have dinner with george and martha.” you reminded him. your boyfriend sat beside you, and snuggled with you. he was really warm, and you loved it.

“you americans, that’s not how you pronounce aubergine!” he yelled at the tv. you were watching some shitty cooking program, it was a tradition. every thursday, the both of you ate breakfast while watching a shitty cooking show. “babe, chill.” you pulled out your phone and checked your messages.

to: gwashingmachine
7pm, don’t be late !!

laf received a phone call from his publisher, “ah! i understand. bonsoir!” he hung up. you were taking a shower and lafayette bursted into the showe. “MON AMOUR! I HAVE TO GET READY NOW, STEP OUT OF THE SHOWER.” he yelled as he picked you up, and lended you a towel. “lafayette, what the fuck.” you didn’t even wash your hair. you sighed, “i was taking a shower.” you yelled at him. “i’m sorry my love, but my boss called me. i really have to go.” he turned on the water. the french dude began to whistle, you walked outside.

“this show is stupid.” you decided that you’ll take a shower later, after he left. lafayette was dressing, and you were currently watching tv. “love, which color suits me the best?” he was about to show you his ties, and you already knew what you were going to pick. “the navy-blue one.” you said. lafayette’s boss called, he said that he really needed him. “see you tonight, babe.” you waved at him. the tall french man walked towards you, and kissed you forehead. “wish me luck, mon amour.”

the grocery store was quiet. there were some teenagers picking out snacks, an old woman searching for the vegetable aisle. “why do we always ran out of eggs?” you asked yourself. you were buying some things for dinner. as you were pushing the trolley, your phone ringed. it was george. you answered his call, “what do you want?” “well hello to you too, y/n.” he laughed. george was still a professor in king’s college. he loved the college, and he had found his soulmate. martha was a beautiful young woman, she used to work in the college’s administration- alongside with john adams.

they talked, and y/n continued to stroll around. “how’s lafayette?” he asked. “he’s working right now. but i can manage alone.” you chuckled. “martha’s in work as well. i’m just laying down inside my office, minding my own business.” george said- and you heard the door being open. “oops, gotta go. adams’ here. bye y/n, see you tonight.” you weren’t paying attention, and crashed on someone’s trolley. “i’m sorry,” she looked up and saw the person she hated the most. jefferson. “oh, y/n. hello! how are you?” he asked him, flashing his infamous smile. “good jefferson, how are you and madison?” you forced a smile. “that’s great! madison and i are actually getting married next month, would you and george come?” he said, as he gave you an invitation.

“uhm, george’s my cousin? i’m with lafayette now.” you giggled, you were surprised he doesn’t know yet. “s-so he’s your cousin? i’m sorry for teasing you! please forgive me.” he begged. you rolled your eyes, “nah. it’s fine, really tho. everyone thought we were dating too.” you stated. he nodded, as he picked up the cereal on the shelf. “it was nice catching up with you, but i gotta go.” he said- and hugged y/n. “yeah, we’ll be attending your wedding! say hi to mads from me.” you waved. when he left, you immediately called lafayette.

it rang a bit, until he picked up. “ah, y/n. thank god i’m on a break- what is it, love?” he greeted you. “i met jefferson!” she squealed. lafayette choked on his drink, “you met who? jefferson!” she squealed. lafayette choked on his drink, “you met who? jefferson? how is he?” he coughed- and y/n chuckled. “he’s gettin’ married to madison. i’m not surprised, we’re also invited to their wedding.” you walked out of the grocery store, carrying 2 plastic bags. “i’ll see you tonight okay, don’t be late!” you repeated your sentence. your boyfriend sighed, “love. you said that a thousand times. i will not be late. talk to you later, mon amour. je t'aime.” he said goodbye to you, and you replied.

“i should get ready.” it was 5 pm, and you were still writing an article. your boss told you that your articles were amazing, he wanted you to be the head-journalist, if you complete this task by next week. you sighed, as you started to cook. george wanted you to make your mom’s traditional spaghetti, which is basically carbonara with a secret sauce. “george, you’re a pain in the ass.” you took out the ingredient. you listened to the radio. “there will be a blizzard within 2 hours, all citizens must remain in their houses.” oh no. you quickly called george.

the washingtons came earlier, it was 6.30 pm. martha helped you cook the meal, while george decided to sleep. “dead god, i hate the snow. and lafayette isn’t back. i’m worried.” martha smiled at you, “hey, he’s going to be fine! no blizzard can kill him.” she joked. you laughed as well, but you were still worried about him. after making the food, you decided to call lafayette- making sure that he’s alright. “laf? where are you?” you quickly said. “mon amour, don’t worry. i’m on my way! i love you. see you soon.” before you could say anything, he hung up. you heard beeping noises when you called him, he was going home. you breathed in relief. “he’s alright, y/n.” you said to yourself.

“where is laf?” it was 6.50, and lafayette wasn’t home yet. you texted him a couple of times, but he hadn’t replied to you. you were assuming that he was stuck in traffic.

to: lafayay
where are you ??? are you alright ???

from: lafayay
stuck in traffic, love

to: lafayay
okay then xoxo

a part of you didn’t believe that, but you shrugged off. martha told you that you should take a break, she insisted cooking the dinner for the 4 of you. so you slept next to your cousin- on the sofa. george was fast asleep, “you lazy fuck.” you giggled. the atmosphere around your apartment was cold. of course it was, a blizzard’s coming to your town. before you went to sleep, you checked your phone again. no notifications. you closed your eyes, hoping to find lafayette in front of you when you wake up.

“wake up!” george shook your body. you rubbed your eyes, and stretched your body. you thought lafayette was home, and george woke you up because of it. but you were wrong. when you opened your eyes, everything was black and white. and you knew something happened. the last thing you never thought it would happen- became a reality. “y/n, we received a phone call from the police station.”

george took a deep breath, “lafayette’s car was found upside down on the hill, h-he’s gone.”

and then- your black&white life began again.

a/n; i got carried away
Party Girl (Dan Howell x Reader)*Smut*

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(not my gif)

Pairing: Dan x Reader

Warning: Smut 

I was just sitting in the middle of class when this popped into my head so I thought why not post it. Again sorry about this I’m stressing over finals and fandoms so I thought this would be a good way of getting my mind off of things.

This story takes place in college so Dan isn’t a youtuber or anything and stuff. Y/n is dragged to a huge college party by her best friend where she runs the hottest guy at the college, Dan, and shit happens.

Y/n= your name

y/f/n= your friend’s name 

y/f/h = your friend’s hair color

y/h/c = your hair color


“Come on Y/n it will be fun!” First lie of the night indicated I shouldn’t go.

I promise I won’t leave your side the whole night!” The second lie that should of stopped me from attending.

If you aren’t having a good time we can leave.” And bam. The final warning that I shouldn’t be here but yet here I am standing in a crowded kitchen, clouds of various drug smoke hanging over our heads and I clenched my hand around my red solo cup tightly. I knew I shouldn’t have came to Hannah’s party. While y/f/n was a huge party maniac, attending literally every huge party that is thrown, I was more of the “downer” in the friendship. I didn’t like getting drunk and not remembering the night beforehand, I wasn’t a big fan of crowded dance floors with alcohol rushing through horny adults bodies, bumping and grinding against each other and I would definitely take laying in bed reading a nice book then getting hammered. I glanced around the crowded kitchen feeling a little too slutty for my taste. Giving the fact I was wearing y/f/n’s party clothes and my body was MUCH different than hers how could I not feeling slightly uncomfortable. She was a good 6 inches taller than me, making her tummy and legs skinner, her long y/f/h covering most of her back while my slightly curled y/h/c reached only about your midback. I looked down at my outfit slightly as a tight black crop top and tight as hell booty shorts stared back at me. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have any problems with my body, I believe I actually had a nice shaped body, my breast and ass being a decent size and my stomach was not too bad but the clothes certainly didn’t fit my style.

As I decided to get out of the drug filled kitchen I began to walk or should I say attempt to walk but end up either standing or getting caught between two grinders. I squeezed through yet another grinding pair as I made my way to the “dance floor” aka her living room. Giving she was practically a millionaire with a giant ass house and the fact that there were literally 100s of people scattered around the mansion, it took 10 minutes to reach the sweat filled bumping and grinding dancefloor. I tried making my way through the dancefloor when I was slammed into from beneath causing me to gasp and fall forward. I closed my eyes preparing myself for the floor to hit my face but I felt a tight grip on my hips my eyes shot open.

“Watch yourself sweetheart, we don’t want to mess up that pretty face.” That voice. I’d recognize it anywhere. I was back on my feet as I turned around to see the man who still had a tight hold on my hips. I spotted as all of the girls around glared at me, whispering to their friends in pure jealousy. I looked up to meet a pair of eyes that every girl at the school would know in a heartbeat. No. Fucking. Way.  I stared in awe as my eyes couldn’t believe who had saved me from complete humiliation. The one and only Daniel Howell. He was only a very attractive male, he just happened to be the most popular and hottest guy attending the college. He stared back at me smirking slightly as I felt his eyes scan up and down my body, stopping at my lips, breast and legs. I blushed rapidly as I gulped slightly. His grip remains tight on my hips as he lean down to my height whispering in my ear.

“What a shame, your drink has spilled all over the place sweetheart, let’s go get you another one yeah?” Not trusting my voice I simply nodded my head as I felt the breath of a soundless laugh hit my neck. “Cat got your tongue sweetheart?” I blushed even harder as he pulled away smiling slightly before he began to guide me through the crowd to refill my beverage. Once we reached the kitchen Dan had poured me another cup of whatever the hell he could find as he handed the cup back to me. I took a chug of the drink trying to calm my nerves as Dan rested his upper body on the counter being eye level with me as he smirked.

“I’ve never seen you around here sweetheart. I didn’t really think of you as a “party girl” Ms y/l/n.” I coughed nearly choking on the warm liquid as I stared at him yet again amazed. How the hell did he know my last name?! I cleared my throat before quietly mumbling

“I’m not really…” I stared at the brownish liquid that filled the plastic cup until I chugged the rest of the burning liquid slamming my cup back on the counter causing Dan to smirk and raise an eyebrow before turning and grabbing another bottle filling my cup up once again.

“Drink up princess.”

It had been 2 hours since I had been caught by Dan and after 6 cups of whatever bottle occupied the kitchen, here I stood grinding on Dan in the middle of the floor. I felt my adrenaline pumping as whiskey and vodka corsed through my veins. I grinded my ass against his crotch hard earning a low groan to escape from his throat. I felt a pair of lips hit my lips and slightly suck causing me to grow wetter and wetter by the second. His lips trailed up my neck till he reached my ear biting my earlobe as he whispered.

“Let’s continue this upstair baby girl.” His words made a shiver run down my back as I nodded instantly. He grinned as he grabbed my hand softly pulling me through the crowd and up the stairs. Once he found an unoccupied room he pull me in and before the door even closed I was pressed up against the wall as the taste of Dan’s tongue and whiskey invaded my lips. I bit his bottom lip slightly causing another groan to escape from his lips. His hands squeezed the back of my thighs and he mumbled into my lips.

“Jump.” Not wasting any time I wrapped my legs around his waist and he held a firm grip on my thighs. He turned swiftly laying me on the bed as he grinded his clothed cock harshly against my heat. I moaned slowly as his head shot up suddenly staring down at me, lust filled his eyes.

“Make that noise again.” He grinded on me the same way as I let another moan escape my lips. Dan looked down at me as he smashed his lips on me quickly removing my shorts. He pulled away shortly to removing both of our shirts and his belt and pants leaving us both in our undergarments. He hovered over me as he let his hands roam my body.

“God damn…” he whispered as his eyes wandered over my body causing me to blush. His face moved closer to mine as he connected his lips to my jawline continuing down my neck. He peppered kisses down the valley of my breast, nipping occasionally, causing me to bite my lip. I felt Dan’s fingers gently pour my bottom lip from my teeth as he mumbled against my skin.

“No princess I want to hear you.” I nodded as his face was in front of my clothed heat. He smirked as he took the material in his teeth.

“These are gonna have to come off I’m afraid.” As soon as I was exposed Dan suddenly pumped a long finger in me without warning. A loud gasp escaped my lips as my back arched.  

“Mmm this wet for me y/n? are you this horny for me baby?” He spoke as he began pumping at a faster pace. I moaned as I felt his mouth clamp onto my clit sucking harshly. My fingers found their way to his brown locks as I tugged at his hair. His mouth doing wonders to me as I felt a warm pit began to form in my stomach.

“Dan I-I-I’m close…” I stuttered as I flt the feeling come over me.

“Mmmm let go baby, cum all over Daddy’s mouth.” His words caused me to fall over the edge. I blacked out slightly as I let my orgasm consume me. Dan licked up my juices as he moaned

“You taste so good baby..” He stood up slightly, my juices glistening on his chin as he began crawling over me, a package in his grip. He smirked down at me as he ripped open the condom packet.

“Ready y/n?” He asked as I nodded, still trying to catch my breath from my previous experience. He then slid his Calvin Klein’s off as his hard length was now in sight. I hum slightly at the sight of how huge he was. He looked up at me smirking as he rolled the condom on the length.

“Mmm does baby girl get turned on by how big daddy’s cock is?” I smirked slightly.

“Yes daddy, but instead of looking i would much rather be feeling it fill me right now.” I said as Dan licked his lips before slamming into me. I scream out in pleasure as I felt him fill me completely. 

“Fuck baby you’re so fucking tight.” He groaned as he thrusted in and out of me. I scratched my fingernails up and down his back surely leaving red marks as he sucked on the skin of my breast, surely leaving purple marks. His thrusts picked up quickly as my screams and moans only grew louder.

“Mmm y/n seeing you under me, screaming my name, oh baby look at you you’re going to explode at any time aren’t you?” he whispered in my ear only pushing me closer, “But don’t cum yet princess, no no no, you will not cum until I tell you to.” He harshly said as he smashed into me harder. I whimpered as I tried to stay under control until he was ready. My stomach burning as I gasp for air, sweat forming on my body.

“Daddy…p-p-please let me c-cum..” I whimpered as I quickly felt myself beginning to lose it. Dan let out one more groan before saying,

“Let go baby, cum all over daddy’s big cock, come on y/n cum for daddy.” I quickly felt the sensation take over my body as the burning feeling in my stomach begin to disappear. I felt my wall tighten around Dan’s cock as he twitched inside of me hitting his own orgasm. Dan having an orgasm was quite the sight. His eyes tightly closed as his mouth formed an “o” shape while q thin layer of sweat formed over his face. He then pulled out collapsing onto of me as we both breathed heavily. Dan then rolled over to my right as he pulled the condom off and tossed it in the bin. He then turned towards me as he wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me close, kissing my nose gently.

“I’m so fucking happy you decided to be a party girl tonight.” he mumbled as we both drifted off into a slumber, wrapped in each other’s arms.  

That one was mine

Blindspot fanfic.

A short fic based very loosely on the promo for this week’s epsiode (2x17, “Solos”). I actually don’t mind Oliver that much, but I’m ready for him to get out of Jeller’s way now.

“I’m so sorry, Jane,” Oliver apologized for the fifth time. “I didn’t mean to drag you into this, and I had no idea, of course, that they’d know you…”

Jane tuned him out. It didn’t matter how Oliver’s smarmy arms-dealing former associates had gotten their hands on them, once they’d recognized “Remy,” they’d realized they could get a lot more for ransoming her back to Shepherd than they’d get from kidnapping Oliver now-Kind.

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Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical, 1969

Found this attempt at colorizing TC in a folder from April 2014 that I’d completely forgotten about. Thought it looked HELLA shit at the time so gave up trying to improve it.

3 years later (to my eyes) it’s not HELLA shit anymore - only a bit shit ;D

I’ll never have the time or energy to try again so best not waste it HERE YA GO OOFT IT’S LIKE 23 YEAR OLD TIM CURRY IS IN THE ROOM, what youth, what charisma, what beauty.

delta222us  asked:

Hi! I saw that your requests were open and I really like (and thinks it's cool) your art. I know you just uploaded a lily, but I was wondering if you might draw lily reading or studying? I just think it would be really cute! You don't have to! ^-^

I have a softspot for Lily and her occasional pranks.

Guess We Will - Nat/Reader

The sequins on her dress were itchy. It was all she could think about as she walked into the gallery on Steve’s arm. Usually it was the shoes that got her, and they did pinch her feet, but the worst tonight was the sequins. She made a mental note to burn the dress after the night was over and never agree to them again.

“You look uncomfortable,” Steve commented casually. His tone clearly said, ‘Stop fucking fidgeting.’

She bit the inside of her cheek to stifle the immediate snarky reaction she would have otherwise given. Instead, she donned a smile and blinked up at him as if he’d said something especially lovely. “That’s because I am.”

He smiled back at her sweetly, but his expression was tight around the eyes. “Think about something else.”

She snorted. Steve glanced around to see if anyone had noticed, but she hadn’t drawn any eyes. “Sorry,” she mumbled. “But that’s way easier said than done. I’d like to see you try walking in five inch stilettos while your dress rubs your underarms raw.”

“I told you to wear the satin one.” A waiter passed and Steve dropped her arm to grab them both a flute of champagne.

She feigned a grateful smile and resisted the urge to shoot the entire thing. “Yellow isn’t my color.” She took Steve’s arm again and let him lead her towards the closest installation. They pretended to admire it, though it was clearly hideous. Who in their right mind would paint this shit? “Have you spotted him?”

Steve hummed a little. “So has Nat.”

She almost craned her neck around to try and find Natasha and Bucky, but stopped herself just in time. She was terrible at this whole ‘undercover’ thing. “Has she made contact?”

He nodded and moved them along to the next piece. Now, this was just pathetic. What’s so special about a completely white canvas? “Yes. They’re headed this way.”

This was when the real acting happened. When they’d discussed it in the many briefings over the last few weeks, they’d all agreed that her involvement in conversation meant for public consumption was to be minimal, though unavoidably important. She just wasn’t convincing enough to deliver the lines they’d started her out with. She was okay with the fact that her script was cut by half. She’d worked really hard on the lines she was given. Steve had said she was passable.

“Stefan?” Natasha’s voice rang out through the gallery. Steve turned them, and her eyes fell on Natasha.

It was like a punch to the gut. Holy shit. I’m so gay.

Steve donned a pleasantly surprised grin. “Katherine! It’s so good to see you! How long has it been?”

All she could do was stare as Natasha stepped forward to hug Steve. She hoped she was keeping her expression polite and even, because she could feel the moon eyes she was giving Natasha down to her soul. She really was beautiful. It wasn’t like she hadn’t noticed before. It was hard not to notice how gorgeous Natasha was. But tonight…

“This is my fiancée, Elena.” Steve was introducing her. She had to focus. She couldn’t fuck up one of her very few lines. “Elena, this is Katherine, from NYU.”

She held out her hand for a shake, fake smile on her face. She was supposed to be looking testy, jealous and possessive of Steve, but she was afraid she was getting it backwards and the whole thing was going to go tits up. “It’s wonderful to finally meet the Katherine. Stefan has told me so much about you.”

There was something peculiar in Natasha’s eyes that she couldn’t read. Maybe she knew about her crush. Maybe it was part of the act. She didn’t know anymore. All she knew was how that damn dress hugged Natasha’s figure in all the right ways. Natasha pulled Bucky to her side. He looked incredibly handsome in his suit, all tall, dark, and beefy. She had to admit, they made a beautiful pair. What she wouldn’t give to be in Bucky’s place right now. “This is my boyfriend, Damon.”

She tried not to stare at Natasha’s lips. Whatever Bucky was supposed to have said didn’t even register, and they were halfway through the conversation by the time she zoned back in. Luckily, she hadn’t missed any cues.

“I took Damon to that place we went to in Paris.” That was the cue that she’d gotten the information and relayed it to Clint.

That was also her cue. She pushed down every thought in her head not pertinent to the case and turned an angry, accusing glare at Steve, raising her voice a notch. “Paris? You said you stayed in the whole time when you were in Paris.”

It got the attention of some of the people around them. Steve shushed her. “Babe, not now.”

She continued with the charade as planned. “No, you say that all the time and ‘now’ never comes. How many women? How many Parises do I have to suffer through?”

She threw what was left of her champagne in his face. For good measure, she ripped his out of his hands and splashed it in his face, too. “We’re through,” she told him firmly. She was supposed to be in tears, but she wasn’t good at crying on command. Instead, she went for rage. “You can pick your stuff up on Wednesday. I won’t be there! Prick!”

She whirled, pushing through Bucky and Nat as if they didn’t even matter to her. Steve called after her, and she hesitated just enough that she could stop if he said the next code word, but he didn’t. Clint had gotten in and out without issue. They were all clear. She stormed through the front doors, the crowd of onlookers tittering behind her.

It was a chilly night. She rounded the corner so she was out of sight and popped off her heels. She sighed in relief. They really were starting to ache. A moment later, Steve joined her. He raised an eyebrow, leaning against the brick wall beside her. His entire front was soaking wet. “Both glasses?”

She giggled. That was improvised. It had felt too good the first time, and she wanted to do it again. She could still feel the adrenaline pumping through her. She was grateful, because that meant she wasn’t thinking about Natasha and how her smile made her gut twist. “I got carried away.”

Steve was laughing, too. “It was a nice touch. You did really well. I’m proud of you.”

She blushed. Steve was never stingy with praise, but it always felt good to hear it. After worrying so much about delivering a believable performance, and the distraction that was the decidedly not gay and not interested Natasha Romanoff, Steve was genuinely pleased and she felt like she’d actually done well. “Thanks.”

He gestured down the street. “Come on, let’s get to the rendezvous before anyone sees us.”

Her part of the job was done. This was in better hands than hers now. She tried not to think about Natasha, about the fact that she and Bucky were to keep up the charade for Katherine and Damon and make appearances at the hotel they were staying at. She tried not to think about them alone together, with all their history, in the lavish suite Damon had booked. She tried not to think. She let Steve lead her down the sidewalk, a gentle hand at the small of her back.

“I’m impressed.”

She jumped nearly out of her skin, coffee beans flying across the counter. She didn’t turn to look at Natasha. Instead, she busied herself with cleaning up her mess. “I told you to stop sneaking up on me like that.”

Natasha hummed, amused. “I didn’t sneak up on you. You’re just not observant.”

She shot her a glare, hand full of the beans she’d gathered hovering over the grinder. Natasha was propped up against the island counter, arms crossed over her chest with a tiny smirk. How she could look so perfect this early in the morning was astounding. “The sun hasn’t even come up yet, and I have had exactly zero cups of coffee. When did you even get back?”

“We felt it would be safe to call it earlier than planned.” Natasha’s smirk remained. “Do we have to have the coffee discussion again?”

She turned away from her with a dramatic eye roll, dumping the rest of the beans into the grinder and flipping the kettle on. She pumped the grind button as she shot back, “I don’t care what you say. I can’t function without caffeine. I’ll never make a good spy.” She reached for the creamer in the fridge, and when she turned back around, Natasha was in her spot at the counter with her favorite mug dangling from one finger.

The redhead offered the mug to her. “A good spy, maybe not. But your acting has definitely improved.”

She snatched the cup away, trying to hide the blush she felt creeping up her neck. “Two compliments within a matter of minutes from the Black Widow. I’m honored.”

She could feel the calculating gaze burning holes against the side of her face. She wished her water would hurry so she could do anything but stand there like an idiot twiddling her thumbs. When she’d had too much, she glanced over her shoulder, away from Natasha to look at the windows across the kitchen. They faced east, and she could see just a hint of the sun’s rays peeking over the horizon. The kettle clicked off, but she wasn’t ready to turn back yet.

The sound of the French press being scooted forward on the counter brought her back to the present. Natasha was filling the bottom with the grounds. “I can do that,” she protested, but Natasha ignored her.

“You said it yourself; you’re useless without your caffeine.”

“I don’t think those were quite the words I used.” She watched Natasha pour the hot water into the press. “Does this mean you’re going to make me coffee every morning?”

Natasha gave her a look out of the corner of her eye, that damned smirk still quirking at the corner of her lips. “I only make coffee for the person I’m sleeping with.”

“Guess we’ll have to sleep with each other, then.” It was out of her mouth before she could stop herself, her filter nonexistent in the absence of coffee. She opened her mouth to quickly amend, ‘I didn’t mean it that way,’ but the lie caught in her throat. The blood that had previously been filling her cheeks, making her hot and uncomfortable, drained away. She wished she could laugh it off, make out like it was some silly joke, but she’d already screwed that up and if she made the attempt now, it would make the situation even more embarrassing. Her stomach flipped, heart sinking, and she readied herself for the rejection she knew was coming.

There was a twinkle of mischievousness in Natasha’s expression. She tipped her chin up, eyebrow cocking in challenge. “Guess we will.”

Hello again! Sorry I’m putting bad art into your inbox again. I couldn’t help but color the sketch that I had drawn some time earlier. Sorry if the scaring around his teeth is weird– I had a little trouble with it.

Also bc I couldn’t find their account (sorry for this) @ the user kartsmonstrosity are you the one who messaged me on insta bc I posted the sketch? And Ben- if you’re not okay with that pls tell me so I can take it down.


Ben: holy fuck

he looks so fuckin cute when you draw him, how could i ever have anythin against that. 
Besides, it’s your art, and you can upload it wherever you want 

The thing before was a misunderstanding, i was just sad cause i thought someone drew my oc and didn’t show me at all, but it was you and you submitted it here. my mistake 

Oc © @scaredycat-draws
Art © @halfways-to-hell

Nanbaka Episodes broken down in to one sentence summaries

Episode 1: Idiots try and bust out of prison, encounter lots of traps.

Episode 2: We meet the guards who are also idiots, plus momo.

Episode 3: Seitarou being abused and SHINOBI FROM SHINOBI VILLAGE.

Episode 4: pt 1 of tournament arc, Rock kicks Liang’s ass, Pretty boys present a problem and Uno licks his lips and I have never been so blessed.

Episode 5: pt 2 of tournament arc, Uno wins and Nico fights Upa and wins. Also censor squad is a thing.

Episode 6: pt 3 of tournament, Musashi fights Jyugo, Jyugo gets pissed and flips his shit and shit hits the fan.

Episode 7: Mitsuru is a dick and shows us Tsukumo’s backstory and makes us wait another week.

Episode 8: Jyugo fights his friends, Hajime punches him into the next universe, Jyugo and Musashi are subdued, Uno wants to beat Hajime up and Hajime is suspended.

Episode 9: Jyugo lost his color, regains his sense of purpose and becomes colorful again. 

Episode 10: Three guards have to deal with cell 13’s shenanigans and Jyugo is back and all is good. 

Episode 11: Rock’s and Nico’s past, complete with pizza, an arcade and some plushies. 

Episode 12: Musashi’s past and Uno gets his game room and I was blessed again.


Episode 14: NANBAKA IS TOTALLY A COMEDY, also the inmates have to deal with switching hair color pallets. Seitarou laments his dead roomba and Tsukumo has to deal with a fanboy, Kuu is also there.

Episode 15: Hitoshi, and other fun adventures. 



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ok so i was kinda testing out a new technique of coloring, i wanted to mimic the sorta crayon-y texture Snipperclips had, but..I don’t really like the way this looks tbh. at all. but its done regardless despite this shit quality and coloring

the background was also such a complete clusterfuck it was slowing down my photo editor. I really just went crazy with this aesthetic, which was a bad idea

this is also called “snipperclits.png” on my computer so lets hope my laptop doesnt get stolen again.