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Heyyy!! I just found out your blog and it's amazing I'm in love with the Monsta X scenarios and if you didn't already and i didn't miss it i hope... can you please do the friends to lovers thing for Minhyuk??? thank youu ^^ ❤❤❤

ofc i can!!
find shownu (here), kihyun, (here) jooheon (here), wonho (here) & changkyun (here)

  • ever since you started living on you’ve always dreamed about having an apartment on the top floor so you could have the open balcony,,,,,,it’s just you really like being able to be up high and see all the other rooftops down below
  • so when you move into your new place you run straight to the balcony to see it’s so perfectly open,,,,and breezy,,,,and you love it. instantly
  • esp the night view of the city below
  • and for the first couple of weeks everything is great,,,your neighbors are nice!! your unpacking is going well!!! ur thinking of maybe getting another pet goldfish or something
  • when you decide that it’s summer so why don’t u hang up some of your laundry out on the balcony!!! since the duvet for ur bed is kinda large and u dont wanna lug it out to the laundromat u spread it out on the strings you’ve tied up on ur balcony to let it air dry
  • but when u peek out from the side u notice someone else standing on the balcony opposite urs???
  • and it’s a boy??? but he’s also putting up sheets and when he catches ur eye he smiles and hides back behind the sheet
  • and for a moment u think,,,,,,maybe ur making things up in ur head but as you straight out the duvet,,,,going to the other side u look over and there he is,,,,,
  • peeking his own head out from between his sheets and u stop what ur doing and put up ur hand to wave,,,,,but u just hear a chuckle in the breeze as he hides behind his sheet again
  • and that’s when ur convinced he’s playing a game,,,,,and like two kids on the block u run from each even of ur duvet to peek out and see if the boy is doing the same
  • until u both run out of energy and u walk over to lean a bit over ur balcony and call out and he moves the sheet aside,,,,,
  • and comes over to his side of the balcony and is like “im minhyuk! ur the new neighbor right?”
  • and ur like yep!!! and minhyuk sticks his hand out, leaning his body forward so u can try to reach out too but ur fingertips only brush but u two laugh about it because it’s cute
  • and it’s a funny way to meet,,,,but it helps u and minhyuk click and before u know it ur more than just neighbors,,,ur friends
  • with minhyuk coming over to help u decorate and then proceeding to paint on ur face and not on ur wall
  • and u guys are both giggle,,,and energetic,,,and if u have nothing to do ull go over onto ur balcony and call minhyuks name to see if he’s home and if he is u guys will meet up and go to a movie or go bowling
  • it’s really relaxed and chill with him,,,,,and one day minhyuk calls u over 
  • and ur at his front door,,,letting urself in since u guys are comfortable enough and he asks if u can help him hang up his sheets,,,,and ur like what am i ur maid and he’s like noooo c’mon i have to see my friend in an hour but i cant get all this laundry up 
  • and ur like ok ok ill help
  • but as ur putting the sheets up the wind blows and being on the top balcony the sheets tangle u up but it’s ok,,,,the wind is warm and the sun is shining 
  • and when minhyuk helps u untangle he grins and then throws the sheet over u again playfully
  • and ur like “hey!!!” moving it off ur face only to see that minhyuk is hiding behind another one and u go over to tickle his sides until he pulls the sheet back in laughter
  • and ur both,,,,,just enjoying urself,,,,naturally gravitating toward the other person until u look up
  • and there’s minhyuks bright face,,,haloed by the shadows of the sheets and the sun
  • and the warm air smells nice all the way up here and you cant control it ur hand goes out to touch the front of minhyuk’s shirt and his own hand finds the small of ur back
  • and maybe u guys are drunk of laughter and sunlight,,,,maybe that’s what love feels like
  • because when u kiss,,,,,,,it’s like the most lighthearted,,,,,but at the same time,,,,,electrifying feeling
  • and minyhuk doesn’t let u go with one kiss,,,,he wants more and u want more and ur just kissing until the wind blows again and the sheet slips off the laundry rope and u guys laugh together
  • and at somepoint ur like minhyuk,,,,what about the friend u were going to meet and u can see the shock brush over his face as he runs into his house and all u hear is “no hyUNGWON LISTEn I DIDNT STAND u UP THERE Was an EMERGE- NO NO I WOUld nEVEr don’t HAng U-”
  • a couple of minutes later minhyuk comes back out onto the balcony and shrugs in defeat but u just grin and pull him back over and ur like hey apologize to hyungwon later but rn let’s just kiss some more
  • (and also finish up hanging the laundry LOL) 
colorado ♡ ethan

requested: yes

anon: Heyoo! I know you’re probably loaded with requests and such, but do you think you could write an imagine where Ethan and Y/N are both flying to Colorado from LA and they meet each other for the first time, and they really hit it off and make plans to meet up? Not like a date date but like a fun day, maybe snowboarding or something (maybe some flirting ;)) it’s kinda cheesy but I feel like it’d be really cute! I love your blog and you’re amazing xx! + only write if you want to! Thank you bbg

(a/n – a lil detailed but i liked the idea and decided to type it up (: haha) 

“Yeah, i’ll call you when I land. Love you too, bye.” You say into your phone and hang up with a sigh of relief. You’re mother was worried about you going on a flight alone to Colorado, and wouldn’t stop reminding you of things and asking if you were sure you wanted to go. If you didn’t want to go, why would you be going?

You were going to Colorado for a break, sort of like a vacation all by yourself. Why Colorado you might ask? Well, it’s quiet and the last thing you needed was a packed, touristy place. All you wanted to do was release and enjoy yourself.

“Are you okay?” The guy who was apparently sitting next to you chuckles, and your head snaps towards the sound of his voice.

“You scared me,” You say with your hand on your heart, and he laughs nervously, scratching the back of his neck.

“Sorry. I, Uh,” He starts, “The flights kind of empty. I can move if you wa-” He starts but you laugh, a gentle smile finding its way onto your face.

“No! it’s fine,” You say reassuringly, “I just didn’t know you were sitting there, that’s all.”

“Oh.” He relaxes a bit and something told you this guy wasn’t used to being near girls, or maybe people in general. You almost giggle at the thought. How could a boy so handsome not have a girlfriend?

“Why are you going to Colorado?” You ask, wanting to become friends with the stranger beside you.

“Long story.” He sighs and sinks into his sit, attempting to get comfortable.

You shrug, “We have time.”

He smiles and you see a look of excitement flash in his eyes, “Me and my brother are doing a dare.” He starts and you laugh, signaling of him to go on, “See, we don’t really separate often, so we decided we should for our- well, never mind. Anyways, we decided to put on blindfolds and shoot darts at a map and whichever place the darts land, you go to.” He says and you couldn’t help but grin at his situation.

“You got Colorado, what did you brother get?” You ask curiously and he rolls his eyes,

“Hawaii. Can you believe that? He got freaking hawaii and I got colorado!” He says and you laugh hysterically.

“Wow the odds were not in your favor, uh, wait what did you say your name was again?” You ask and his eyes widen when he realizes he didn’t even tell you his name.

“Oh my god. My name’s Ethan, and you?” he turns toward you slightly and you smile,

“Y/N.” You tell him and he smiles back, but his smile was wider than your by a long shot.

“Are you from Colorado, Y/N?” He asks, trying out your name.

“No, just going there for vacation. Needed a break from reality, I guess.” You admit and he nods.

“Relatable,” He says and suddenly you realize that the plane was moving, and you were about to take off.

You take a deep breath and close your eyes, gripping the arm rest tightly. Take off was your least favorite part. Your mom or someone was usually always there when you went on plane rides to hold your hand during take off, but you guessed the arm rest would make a good replacement.

Suddenly you feel a larger hand laying on your small one, making you open your eyes to see Ethan looking at you hesitantly.

You give him a thankful smile, feeling relieved to have a hand to hold. You almost felt embarrassed at how tight you were holding his hand, but he didn’t seem to mind one bit.

After you were finally in the air, your hand was still in his and you decided you felt comfortable enough to keep it there. It felt oddly comforting and he didn’t look uncomfortable with it.

You knew you had to make a decision when he suddenly asked, “Are you okay with this?” He coughs.

You take a moment to answer before looking up at him, saying, “Yeah. I’m okay with this.”

You lean your head against the window, and suddenly you realized you were holding hands with someone you had only met half-an-hour ago, and you were totally fine with that.

You were feeling uncomfortable with you skin pressed up against the cold glass, so you roll your head the the opposite side where Ethan sat, watching a movie and lay your head on his shoulder, closing your eyes and preparing for sleep.

“Sorry” You mumble sleepily and adjust your position a little, making your self as comfortable as possible. It wasn’t comfortable at all but, Ethan’s shoulder was much better than the cold window. Ethan seemed to notice your discomfort because not a moment later he reacted.

“Here,” He says, pausing his movie and lifting up his food tray so that it clicked back into place, putting a pillow on his lap and patting his hand on his lap, telling you to lay down. You were too tired and the offer was too tempting to refuse, so you give him a warm, sleepy smile and place your head on his lap, falling asleep rather quickly.

About two hours later, Ethan woke you up with a gentle shake, “Y/N, where ten minutes away.”

You groan and lift yourself up reluctantly, running your hand through your hair that probably looked like a mess.

“Your lap was so comfy,” You whine and he laughs,

“I’m flattered.” He says and looks at you intensely for a moment, “Do you think I could get your number? Maybe we could meet up sometime? We both live in the same place and we’re in the same place right now so-” He asks and rambles but you cut him off with covering his mouth with your hand.

“Give me your phone and i’ll plug in my digits.” You say simply and he nods, making you giggle.

As soon as you exchanged numbers and the plane landed, you walked out together.

“Then i’ll see you tomorrow?” he asks you for the millionth time, making you bite the inside of your cheek to hide your smile,

“Tomorrow.” You nod and he grins widely, hurrying off to catch a taxi.

You were happy you met Ethan, and you were excited to hang out with him tomorrow. You really wanted this to go well, because you actually liked Ethan, and you secretly hoped he liked you, too.

a/n – PART 2COMING SOON OK I CANT NOT DO A PART 2 FOR THIS GUYS. anyway i know i know i said 2 would includes but i’ll post those tmrw cuz I’m tired HOPE YOU LIKED THISSSSS

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hi, new to your blog so i don't know if you've done this, but a fic based on the au where michael goes blind after the fire?

Ok so before I post this I wanna say I am so sorry that this is so awful and if you wanna send me something to help me fix it go ahead.

Here it is:

“Dude why the hell is Braille so hard to read?”

Jeremy sighed, “I could just read a book to you if you’d like?”

Michael was pacing the room with a book in his hand, his fingers scanning the pages as he practiced reading Braille.

“No way, I gotta learn to read this myself, you feel? I just don’t get why they couldn’t just make the dots form actual letters…”

“I’m sure there’s a reason- and can you stop pacing? You’re making me nervous.”

Michael rolled his eyes behind his glasses, and made his way towards Jeremy’s voice. He waved his waking stick around, whacking Jeremy in the knee in the process.

“Ow! Dude- careful! I swear you do that on purpose sometimes.”

Michael chuckled, “of course not, not to my best buddy” he plopped down on the couch next to him.

Jeremy sighed, his face was completely drained of joy. All he could think about was the Michael was blind. It happened after the fire, Michale had gotten trapped inside the bathroom that he left him in. Let’s just say the ambulance had to drag him out. He’s got a nasty scar on his face, arm, and a bit of his chest too, but the worst one had to be his lack of vision. At first Jeremy used to catch himself whenever he got upset around Michael, he would always know Jeremy was upset the second his eyebrow twitched. But now Jeremy learned that as long as you keep your tone up, Michael can’t know. It’s cruel to let Michael be ignorant through his damn injury that he caused, but he can’t help it.

“So you’ve got any plans for today?”

Jeremy hummed, “nah…I look like shit.”

“Well as a gay, you look pretty great.”

Jeremy would have blushed, but honestly he just couldn’t. “You can’t even see me dude…”

“Yeah but I remember, how could I forget? I really don’t think you’ll change till maybe thirty.”

Jeremy simply hummed again. It was awkward now, there were so many things they couldn’t do anymore. They couldn’t game, roller skate, go for a drive, watch movies. It really seemed like the only things they could do was…get high.

Michael leaned against Jeremy’s shoulder. “Stop sulking man.”

“I’m not.”

“Hey now…it’s alright. This totally blows man.”

This totally blows.

When Michael had woken up in the ambulance, Jeremy was right there. He’d gotten the call from Jake, who was yelling about a fire and injury but all he heard was “Michael” and “ambulance” at the time. It wasn’t until he was in the hospital that Jenna explained via text what really went down. And god did Jeremy feel bad.

Jeremy had already heard the news, that chances were Michael couldn’t see anymore. He crossed his fingers for some kind of miracle. And then Michael woke up.

“Michael? Buddy? Hey yeah look…open-open your eyes!!”

He gave a strained smile as he stood over Michael. The latter peeled his eyes open as though dry glue were keeping them together. He groaned, “shit…everything hurts what the fuck…”

“Hey Mike! How you feeling?”

“Jeremy?” His eyes lazily scanned the room but focused on nothing. Jeremy knew before his heart could drop, the discoloration in his eyes said it all.

Michael sat up quickly, banging his head into Jeremy’s.

“Michael hey calm-”

“Holy shit I can’t- I can’t see!! Jeremy why can’t I see!? What the fuck it going on?! I can’t– I cant!!” Michael was instantly in a state of panic, his hands clawing at his face in a way that haunted Jeremy’s dreams.

Jeremy grabbed his wrists, “calm down!! Calm down… it’s gonna be ok!”

“Jeremy I can’t fucking see and you think-”

“I know I know I’m sorry, just take a deep breath and I’ll explain everything ok.”

It was hard to ignore the big fat tears that rolled down Michael’s face. He had this look of shock his in eyes, but his expression stayed still and unwavering as he hiccuped for breaths. Jeremy hugged him, promising to help him through this. When Michael calmed down he said one thing only, “this totally blows man.”

Jeremy didn’t even realize he was crying until tears landed in his lap. He looked around, no longer in the painful memory of the hospital. Rather he was on the couch at Michael’s house with said boy leaning up against him. In any other circumstance that’d be a dream. He gave a wet inhale, nearly sobbing into his fist. Shit.


Jeremy wanted to answer him but he couldn’t, his voice would be a dead giveaway. As though his shaking shoulders weren’t enough.

“Hey Jeremy answer me.”

“M-mich-Michael…” he choked out, voice wavering and cracked.

“Aw dude…come here” he was wrapped in warm sweater covered arms. Jeremy started letting out sobs loudly, shaking in Michael’s arms.

“Talk to me Jere… what’s wrong?”

“How can you- can you be so ok with this?!” Deep down he knew Michael wasn’t. But he never showed it besides for the night he woke up.

“After everything I’ve done to you, you still hang out with me?! Hell you- you trust me?! I ruined- destroyed your life and you just- you trust me to be your damn eyes!?”

“I know.”

Jeremy went from a screaming to emotional statements “You can’t fucking see.”

“I know.”

“You can’t do so many things you love anymore.”

“I know.”

“I ruined your life”

“That’s..this wasn’t your fault ok. You can’t keep blaming yourself for this Jeremy.” He ran his hand through Jeremy’s hair and rubbed his back. Two things that usually calmed him down, but now it did nothing.

Jeremy pulled away from the hug, “how can I not?! I’m the reason you were in that stupid fucking bathroom! I’m the reason you were even at the party! I should have gone back! I should have-”

Michael decided to just let Jeremy go off. Let all the emotions of this week out. Jeremy sobbed and yelled about what an awful person, friend, and thing he was. He yelled about how Michael deserved better, how Michael could have been better off, how he should have listened to Michael. Michael Michael Michael. Neither even remembers how long it took Jeremy to calm down or what did it. He was just hiccuping into Michael’s shirt, his face hidden.

“…if you ask me, I couldn’t have a better player one. You’ve been doing such a good job helping me adjust…”

“But I-”

“You’re my best friend Jeremy. I forgive you. You’ve gotta forgive yourself. I know that won’t be now but…start working on it, ok?”

When Jeremy nodded, Michale planted a kiss to his forehead. Then he guided his hand over his face, feeling every inch of Jeremy. Making out his distressed frown, the bags in his eyes, the tears, all of it. Of course all this upset Michael too, hence why he joked around about it so much. But he’d be ok, he had Jeremy.

“Hey now we have an excuse to get that dog we’ve always wanted.”

Michael snorted and hugged Jeremy closer, “hell to the yeah we do.”

They’ll be ok.

Yay some happy head canons because I just watched a sad movie and I’m still blubbering so sorry if these are awful or don’t really make sense just ignore me and my coping mechanisms.

-Harley likes to draw, and when she leaves her drawings at Ivy’s house, Ivy pins them up on the fridge and around every room of the house so she can have a constant piece of Harley.

-Sometimes the dork squad will lay on a random roof top and look at the stars.

- Waylon likes going to the circus when it’s in town, but he makes sure to stay out of sight and one time a little girl saw him and gave him the stuffed crocodile she had won playing games (this isn’t helping now I’m just crying because I want these poor stupid imaginary characters to be loved and happy

-One time Jonathan stole a truck and he fetched Waylon and they drove and drove until the air got muggy and the hills got flat, and all you could see for miles were fields and the birds and the bugs sang and they found a place to get decent iced tea and it felt kind of like home and there are so many painful memories attached to home but good ones too, because it’s finally warm (Gotham is always so cold) and the air is clean and maybe they don’t get along all the time but this is the closest they’ve ever felt to normal, lying in the bed of the truck together, looking at clouds and talking in circles. The tea is sweet and well made, and the drive back is quiet and melancholy, because now everything must go back to what it was, and they’re freaks and monsters again, but sometimes that memory will pop up into their heads, and it’s bittersweet and special.

-And sometimes Alice visits Arkham, dear sweet Alice, because she still cares about Jervis, because they were friends. And when he’s doing ok, when he’s more Jervis and less Hatter, they can talk like everything’s like it was, before the incident, and Jervis will pretend to not see the ring. And on the days when she visits and he’s not ok, when the jabberwocky is screaming to loud, she talks to his doctors, because she wants him to get better.

-Selina likes to sing in the shower, and sometimes she’ll take an extra-long one, and sing all of the songs from her favorite musical (it’s Cats if you’re wondering) until the water runs cold.

-Ivy likes to weave dresses out of roses, with long trains and a rainbow of colors. She threads lilies through her hair, and wears a crown of snap dragon. It smells exquisite, and she looks like a deity. She sweeps around the room, dancing to a tune only she can hear, and laughs freely with a voice like bells.

-One year for Halloween, Ivy wore the dress of roses and a crown of skulls, and Harley wore a black chiton with a matching crown and sandals. As Hades and Persephone, and they truly looked like goddesses.

-Anarky wears way to much axe cologne. Waylon hates him because he smells so bad. Like he can smell it from a mile away and it kind of pisses him off. He’s tried to explain the whole less is more thing to no avail. 

-Roman has a stuffed cow from his childhood that he keeps in his room. It’s missing one of its eyes, and its ear is torn, and it’s his most prized possession.

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Hi! You're amazing and love your blog! The hc with MC without memories was so good! I was wondering if you could do one of MC being a fitness trainer. She's fit but the RFA doesn't notice right away since she wears those sweater dresses. Pls~ Thanks!


disclaimer: i usually like writing gender neutral MC but im gnna do female MC for this~~


  • so MC and Yoosung are chillin at his place, watching some movies and bein real cute n stuff
  • “Hey, Yoosung, it’s kind of warm in here. im gonna go turn the AC up”
  • “Okay! I’ll miss youuuuuu”
  • she gets up and walks down the hall to where the thermostat is, and then calls to Yoosung from the hallway
  • “Umm… i think your AC is broken”
  • “what?!”
  • “yea… there arent any numbers being displayed here or anything”
  • dammit, not again
  • Yoosung calls for someone to come repair it but no one is available until the next day
  • and as the hours pass by Yoosungs place gets more hot and stuffy..
  • and poor MC wore her favorite cable knit sweater today
  • “Hey…Yoosung, im gonna go change”
  • MC actually just takes the sweater off, thank god she wore a sports bra today
  • she ties her long brown hair into a tight pony tail
  • as soon as MC comes back into the room, Yoosung literally stands on the couch in shock
  • “MC! What the heck?!”
  • “Yoosung, is something wrong?”
  • “why didn’t you tell me you’re like…..super buff?!”
  • MC actually cracks up
  • like doubled over in laughter
  • Yoosung steps down from the couch and stomps his foot on the ground
  • “I’m serious! you’re look better shirtless than me! this is embarrassing…”
  • MC’s still laughing
  • “Oh? you think i look good shirtless, do you?”
  • Yoosung didn’t even realized what he had said before, he kind of just blurted it out
  • his whole face turns bright red
  • “If you want, I can be your personal trainer. then you can see my shirtless more often, and i won’t even charge”
  • Yoosungs whole everything turns bright red
  • “I…um….okay…”
  • “Yoosung, i’m just messing with you. you’re really just too innocent”
  • he laughs nervously and rubs the back of his neck
  • he can’t believe that his first girlfriend ever is actually the hottest human being on the planet
  • and he doesnt shut up about it for the rest of the day
  • MC catches him staring at her abs like 20 times a minute
  • “I’m sorry! i just…can’t believe how lucky I am”


  • he invites MC to work out with him one day
  • “I need my princess for motivation”
  • little does Zen know
  • his princess can lift
  • they meet up at the gym and she’s already there, stretching
  • “Mind if i join you, cutie?”
  • “hey, Zen! i was actually about to finish up my stretches”
  • “haha, i usually forget to do my stretches. i know it’s not the best habit, but i like to get straight to the workout”
  • Zen’s really tryna show off right now
  • “Zen, that’s an extremely unhealthy practice. neglecting to stretch before a workout increases the risk of injury, and stretching can actually help maximize the benefits of your work out”
  • ……
  • Zen tilts his head at her sudden lecture
  • “How do you…know all that?”
  • “I used to be a personal trainer, Zen”
  • “What?! why didn’t you tell me??”
  • “it never came up”
  • Zen’s always had this desire to be the stronger person between him and MC, he always wanted to be able to protect her
  • but now she basically just told him that she doesnt need protecting..that she’s just as strong as Zen
  • and he’s like super turned on
  • “when we’re done here…think you can show me that personal trainer body?”
  • “Only if you do some extra sets today, Zenny”
  • ok, MC is super hot and motivating him to work out even harder?!
  • the literal perfect woman
  • Zen actually has to stop himself from drooling
  • he just cant wait for this workout to be over


  • Jaehee is moving!!
  • she calls the RFA to help her moving boxes and such
  • Jaehee tries to lift up a particularly heavy box
  • but she can’t so she calls for Zen to come take it inside
  • “no worries, i got it, Jaehee!”
  • MC swoops in and grabs the box no problem
  • “MC? are you sure it’s okay? we can just wait for Zen-”
  • “Jaehee, please. i’m not even breaking a sweat here”
  • at this point, Jaehee gets kind of blushy
  • “MC, how can you lift that so easily?”
  • “i was a personal trainer, Jaehee! you’re not the only career woman around here”
  • Jaehee blush pt. 2
  • Jaehee’s actually too shy to admit this, but she finds that super admirable
  • she loves the idea of a girl being a fitness trainer
  • especially MC
  • and all day Jaehee kind of pretends that she cant lift up boxes
  • as an excuse to have MC come grab the box from her again, assuring Jaehee that it’s no trouble at all
  • Jaehee actually cant get enough of it, but goes a little overboard
  • “Jaehee this box is barley 10 pounds. are you sure you arent just abusing my strength?”
  • “MC, i would never! im offended that you think i’d do such a thing”
  • MC laughs
  • Jaehee blush pt. 3


  • MC decides to go for a jog one morning
  • on the jog she receives a text from Jumin
  • “Will you join me for breakfast at the penthouse this morning? I miss you”
  • she blushes reading the message
  • her route goes by Jumins neighborhood, so she just decides to stop by on her jog
  • she didn’t want to eat breakfast in her sports bra and leggings combo, but thought Jumin probably had something for her to change into, anyway
  • MC jogs up to the penthouse and rings the doorbell
  • usually one of Jumins house keepers answers the door, but today Jumin wanted to greet her personally
  • “Good morni-”
  • Jumin’s greeting comes to a halt when he sees MC standing in the doorway breathing heavily, body glistening with sweat
  • “Good morning, sweetie. i was on a jog and decided to drop by. sorry if i’m a little gross”
  • Jumin is shook
  • “I didn’t never….um.. you..jog?”
  • MC has never seen Jumin trip over his words like this before it’s kind of super cute
  • “I jog quite often, actually. I used to be a personal trainer, yknow”
  • Jumin actually just stares at her
  • she’s like a work of art
  • “soooo…can i come in?”
  • “oh, yes. of course. please come in”
  • his voice cracks 
  • MC feels kind of guilty for surprising him
  • “im sorry for coming over like this, i guess i should hav-”
  • “no. please dont apologize. you look absolutely perfect”
  • MC’s cheeks heat up
  • “well…i should at least change for breakfast”
  • “I’m sorry, but i’d like to request that you stay in these clothes. please? I…like you like this.”
  • “Oh, okay!”
  • MC giggles a little, causing Jumin’s heart to get super soft and melty
  • i’ll have to invite her over for breakfast more often


  • Seven, you idiot
  • MC was watching a movie with Seven at his place when
  • he fell asleep
  • “Geez…he’s the one who wanted to watch Jurassic Park 3, anyway…”
  • why did MC even agree to that
  • the 3rd Jurassic Park is like the worst one
  • “Seven, wake up you dork”
  • no response
  • “Seeevveeeennn?”
  • damn….he’s a heavy sleeper
  • MC doesn’t want Seven to have to sleep on the couch all night
  • fortunately, Seven is actually pretty light so MC decides to carry him to his room, setting him down gently in bed
  • she’s too tired to drive home that night, so MC just decides to crash on the couch
  • the next morning, MC is woken up by the sound of a frantic Seven yelling
  • “what the heck? when did i get in here?”
  • oh good, he’s awake
  • MC hears footsteps as Seven approaches the room she’s laying in
  • “MC?! why are you on my couch”
  • “good morning to you too, sleeping beauty…”
  • “I though I would be the one to wake up on the couch, not you! you should have been the one sleeping in the bed! how did i end up there?!”
  • “I tried to wake you up after i had to sit through Jurassic Park 3 all by myself, but you were fast asleep. i just carried you to bed”
  • “You…carried me?
  • MC nods, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes
  • “No offense but…how?
  • “I used to be a personal trainer, you dork. i can lift a lanky boy”
  • Seven ignores her attempted insult and lays down on top of her, his back against her body
  • “Can you do it again?”
  • MC struggles under his weight, having woken up literally a minute ago
  • “MC! I require you to carry my to the kitchen!”
  • “No!”
  • Seven flips around, face to face with MC now
  • “Pleeeeaaasseeeeee?”
  • “Shouldn’t you be the one carrying me around?”
  • “But you’re so strong!”
  • MC rolls her eyes, but admits Seven’s act is pretty cute
  • “Let me help you lose some weight, then we’ll talk about me carrying you again. it wasnt exactly a walk in the park, yknow.”
  • “anything to be able to return to your arms!!”
  • MC giggles, and wishes she could wake up like this every morning
  • little did she know, Seven was thinking the same thing


as always thanks for reading and my ask box is open to requests

No, Will, You Can't Sing Along

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into doing this…” Nico grumbled as Will settled next to him on the couch. They were in the commons room, which was unusually void of campers due to the bonfire going on just across the camp.

“Don’t be a downer, Sunshine.” Will pouted with a dramatic huff, reaching over to pinch one of Nico’s cheeks.

Nico groaned, masking a blush, and leaned awayas his older boyfriend reached forward to grab the TV remote from the couch’s arm. “How many times have I told you not to call me sunshine?”

“How many times have I told you that I’m gonna call you sunshine no matter what you say ‘cause despite how angry you can get, you’ll always be my little sunshine?” Will shot back with a smile, powering on the TV. The screen flashed on with the colourful title screen of “Aladdin”, an instrumental version of “A Whole New World” playing softly in the background.

Nico eyed the bright screen with uncertainty as Will’s smile continued to grow across his cheeks. “Oh, you’re going to love this movie!”  He beamed, selecting the play movie option. The title screen faded to black and then a moment later, previews for movies that had been released years earlier began to run. “Wish we could skip these though…” Will said to himself, only noticing his boyfriend’s silence after he dropped the remote and reached over to grab the bag of popcorn he had bought from the Stolls days earlier. “Something wrong?” He asked, slinging one arm behind Nico’s shoulders and the other deep into the bag of popcorn.

Nico shook his head, his eyes leaving the screen to send a particularly nasty side-glare at Will. “You better not sing along.” He said bluntly, the hardness in his voice contradicting his body as it relaxed against Will’s.

Sky blue eyes rolled back with a groan. “C’mon, Nico… That’s the best part of watching Disney movies! You can’t expect me not to-”

Before he could finish his sentence, Nico cut him off with a protesting Ehem.  “Don’t even try that with me, William. My one condition to watching these movies with you was that you weren’t allowed to sing along.” Nico could feel Will’s larger body deflate against him, but felt only the smallest pinch of empathy. After all, a deal was a deal.


“No buts.”

Fine.” Will whined as a trailer for some cheesy kid’s movie ended, leading into the start of the movie. The blond perked up in synchronization to the starting notes of the movie’s first song. “Finally!” He cheered, earlier disappointment forgotten. Nico couldn’t help but smile and roll his eyes.

“You’re such a child…” He said fondly, reaching into the bag of popcorn and taking a handful of the buttery kernels for himself. “Now hush, the movie’s starting.”


Will fought against the urge to sing along to the movie’s catchy songs - the same catchy songs he’d listened to ten thousand times over and could recite forwards and backwards with perfect timing - but he was an Apollo-born, so it wasn’t his fault that singing was in his blood. He couldn’t help mouthing along to the opening verse of “Prince Ali” despite Nico’s glares of warnings, but it was the chorus that finally broke him. He all but jumped up as Robin Williams sang, belting out the lyrics at a ear-splittingly sharp pitch.

“Prince Ali, fabulous he! Ali Ababwa!” He shouted, proud and much too loud for just about anyone with ears, including Nico, who shrunk away from the blond.

“Wi-” Nico tried, making a quick grab for the bag of popcorn before it could tumble to the floor.

Genuflect, show some respect, Down on one knee!” Will continued to sing, oblivious to his protesting boyfriend until a small hand clamped down and tugged on his bicep. With the music still playing without his singing, Will glanced over at Nico, who wore a mix of disbelief and amusement on his face.

“Will.” He scolded, eyebrow raised accusingly. With a nervous chuckle, Will sank down.

“Sorry?” Nico shook his head, and Will’s shoulders sagged. He blew his one chance to watch his favourite Disney  movies and cuddle with his boyfriend, no doubt about that. “Crap, babe, I promise I won’t do it again… It’s just my favourite song and I had to-”

“You’re ridiculous.” The smallest of grins cracked through Nico’s pressed lips, pale features relaxing into a look of fondness as he stared at the pleading Will.

“I’m-? Does that mean we can still watch?” He asked hopefully, all attention away from the movie continuing its run in the background.

With a sarcastic roll of his dark eyes, Nico nodded. “Just, and you know I don’t want you to take this personally, please don’t sing along. I think I’d rather hear Genie sing than you, no offence.”

Will gasped in mock offence, but leaned over and kissed Nico’s cheek. “You’re the best boyfriend ever, you know that?” He grinned, hooking his arm around Nico’s skinny shoulders and tucking Nico’s body against his own, noting for the billionth time how they fit together like pieces of a puzzle.

“I know.” Nico replied, but it seemed that Will had already averted his attention back to the movie. His pale eyes were transfixed to the colourful screen, lips mouthing along the lines as the characters spoke. “But you, on the other hand, are the biggest dork ever.” He poked Will’s side, earning a challenging side-glare.

“Dork, huh?” Will smirked, pulling the almost-forgotten bag of popcorn back onto his own lap. “Remind me, who’s the one who plays Mythomagic, again?”

“We are not bringing MythoMagic into this.” Nico warned.


“What happened to watching the movie?”

“You were the one who continued talking-”

“Well, you were the one who started singing.”

Will opened his mouth, about to shoot something right back at Nico, but the opening piano to A Whole New World began to sound from the TV’s speakers, causing the blond to freeze up in what Nico could only guess was excitement. “Okay, shut up.” He commanded, eyes widening childishly as Aladdin’s voice flooded the air around them.


“Nope.” Will hushed, flinging his hand out and slapping it over Nico’s mouth.

Mmph-” Nico sounded, attempting to pry off Will’s hand and failing, mouth only being freed once the song had come to an end. “What was that for!?” He asked in bewilderment, eyes wide as he stared up at the blond.

Will shrugged, as if the answer was the most obvious in all of the mortal world. “You can’t just talk during A Whole New World!”

Nico let his head fall back, staring up at the dim ceiling as he debated whether slapping his boyfriend would be an appropriate response. “I don’t know what to do with you.” He finally said.

“Kiss me?”

“I’m not-”

“But Aladdin kissed Jasmine.” He complained, dramatically jutting out his bottom lip.

“What’s your point?”

“It’s like, a Disney law that we have to kiss.”

“No it isn’t, you’re making things u-”

Their banter was cut off as Will leaned forward and bumped his lips against Nico’s, softly and hesitant at first before Nico pulled him in by the curls of his golden hair. They remained kissing for gods know how long, movie long forgotten once Nico leaned away, their foreheads just hardly touching.

“We’d be the perfect Aladdin and Jasmine.” Will smiled, eyes fluttering shut just in time to miss the crooked smile Nico’s slightly kiss-swollen lips tugged up to. 

“You’re such a dork.”

“Yeah, but you love it.“

“Scratch that, you’re a cliché dork.”


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