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BTS: dating suga would include

A/N: bc it’s this gummy bear’s birthday 😻😻 

 ▪ having a laid-back, chill, cuddly relationship

 ▪ which you’re totally fine with, bc you know how he feels despite him looking cold and withdrawn in public 

 ▪ both of you being complete sloths sometimes, esp him 

 ▪ absolutely refuses to wake up and get out of bed unless you give him his usual 10 kisses every morning 

▪ will pout and frown when you don’t, claiming that he didn’t want them anyway 

▪ will turn into putty when he sees you in his clothes. Even if it’s just a hat, he’ll probably stare at you nonstop and you’ll be like does he wanna kill me or kiss me idk 

▪ him (trying to) teach you to play the piano 

▪ if you don’t get certain notes, he’ll just smile and say you’ll get it someday and that he won’t stop teaching you

 ▪ actually a pretty cool teacher, never gets frustrated and always rewards you with kisses when you get the melody right

 ▪ won’t show his jealous side often

 ▪ but when he does, hooo boy 

▪ first something would have to really tick him off for him to get aggressive or just overprotective in general 

 ▪ like he’ll see someone eyeing you at a restaurant or a party, and he’ll just grab you and kiss you really hard while grabbing your hair

 ▪ ofc not before looking intensely into the eyes of the person staring at you 

▪ it’s better not to argue with him, trust me 

 ▪ as I’ve said in another post, he probably will say some things that he can’t take back and will always regret it 

 ▪ but ofc he’ll try his best to make it up to you and reassure you it will never happen again 

 ▪ cuddles with him are the best bc you know neither of you are gonna be moving for the next 4 hours, until kookie shoves you both off the couch to watch a drama probably 

 ▪ sometimes he talks in his sleep and it’s the cutest thing ever…like he’s always moaning your name and ughhh you just wanna know what he’s dreaming about 

▪ not to get too nsfw here but like-

 ▪ sex with him is probably out of this world and he’ll make sure you forget your own name by the end of it 


 ▪ will probably shove jin aside whenever he’s trying to feed you something he made 

▪ “Sorry, hyung, it was an accident" 

▪ loves kissing your forehead and both your cheeks before going and placing a kiss on your lips, just to tease you

 ▪ neck kisses are dangerous. It’s almost like he’s daring your to moan his name while others are near 

 ▪ leaves hickies in *ahem* a lot of your private areas and will trace his fingers over them to admire his work

 ▪ you doing the same bc he loves the feeling of your lips all over him

 ▪ ugh just please treasure this boy and never let him go 🎀

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Hey guys, this is going to be a post about sexuality, questioning your sexuality or not labeling your sexuality in particular, and it’s probably going to be a bit lengthy so please bear with me. Hopefully, this post will be able to help someone else. 

So I have officially started questioning again.

I say “again” because I questioned before, and then thought I was straight, and then started questioning again (now.) 

I questioned quite a bit in middle school cause, y’know, puberty. I was finding both boys and girls attractive, rumors went around that I was gay, (rumors meant to insult because this was middle school in 2009 and I was bullied a lot BUT THAT’S A STORY FOR ANOTHER POST) and I was terrified. Terrified that I might not be straight, and even more terrified at just not knowing the answer. I hated myself, I hated not knowing. 

But, as I went into high school, I started getting more confident in this “not knowing” state, and as I got older, the answer “I don’t know” became common and acceptable. I was young, 14-16, it was still okay not to know. 

Then I hit 17, and 18, and not knowing was becoming less and less okay. The answer “I don’t know” was starting to be answered by twenty following questions to help me “figure it out.”   

I realize for some of you this might seem like nothing. I’m 19 now, I’m still a teenager by most people’s definitions, but you have to understand when I was in high school surrounded by people who were comfortable in their labels. They meant no harm in trying to help me find mine one of them even went as far to link me posts about what I might be but I didn’t feel like I fit in any of them and I just felt so incomplete. 

It wasn’t until one lunch that I stuck a label on myself. A person came over to the table I ate lunch at, and asked us what our sexualities were, I don’t remember the circumstances of this but this person was really involved in the LGBTQ community so it wasn’t really an abnormal question. They asked us, and I answered with my usual “I don’t know” they responded with “Yeah, you’re confused I know.” 

I don’t think they knew what they were saying, or how bad it was going to sting, but god, I did not want to be confused. 

If I wasn’t labeled, I felt like something was wrong with me. I was incomplete. I was confused. I wasn’t whole. I wasn’t focused, and I so, so wanted to be. 

So that day forward when people asked the “What’s your sexuality?” question, I answered with “straight.” There’s lots of reasons for this, some of which are obvious, but I chose it mostly because choosing anything else felt like an intrusion. I didn’t know if I was bi, or pan, so it felt wrong to claim them and yes I was mostly attracted to guys. It wasn’t perfect, but it was close enough, so I would have to live with it. 

But every time I answered “straight” it felt like I was lying, to them, and to myself. 

A few months ago, probably the end of December or the beginning of January, I started feeling some attraction towards girls again. As it kept happening I started to repress it. I wasn’t questioning anymore. I was straight. I wanted so badly to stay straight. I wasn’t attracted to girls. Guys only. I’m not incomplete. I’m not confused. 

But the more I repressed, the worse I felt, and it got to the point where I started repressing ALL attraction. Towards girls or otherwise. If I looked at anyone, my mind would panic and repress it as a near reflex because of what I had been doing to myself mentally for MONTHS. 

It’s gotten so exhausting and just so damn lonely that I’ve decided I’m DONE. 

So I’m questioning again. I once again do not know if I like guys or girls or all or none, and you know what? That’s okay.

I went through this because of all the pressure to label yourself. There’s entire blogs dedicated to different labels, and I get it y’know? For some people, labels create a sense of community, a feeling of not being alone. 

But for the rest of us, we only feel alone. You never see anyone who’s proud of being questioning or labeless. You never see characters headcanoned as “questioning.” The few who are presented as questioning or labeless have their “real” sexualities argued by fans. Because questioning is an incomplete state, you aren’t supposed to be proud, because you aren’t you yet, you aren’t whole. 

And you know what? That’s simply not true. 

If you don’t feel comfortable labeling your sexuality, if you don’t know your sexuality or your gender for that matter, you are just as whole, just as focused, just as YOU as those who do use labels. I’m sick of this pressure to KNOW, because so many of us don’t, and maybe we never will, but there isn’t anything wrong with us. 

That’s a lesson I took far too long to learn. 


pairing: daveed diggs x reader

request:  Can you write a FIC where Daveed has feelings for his best friend (reader) n she finds out while playing truth or dare n then she gets mad that Daveed never told n then they end up having hot passionate angry sex ?

summary: reader and daveed and rafa have been friends since college. they’re at a party. this is what happens.

warnings: lots of swearing, lots of alcohol, lots of sex. like, kind of kinky sex. a little bit of choking. if you’re not into that probably don’t read this.

word count: 3,989

a/n: i really wanted to post this before i had to leave my house tonight so there may be errors as i didn’t have time to read it over. this request revived my soul, thank you @mynanimmous for sending it in. AS always, my inbox is open for comments or questions or requests!

“We are not having the party at my place again,” Rafa groans. “There’s no way. I just got the stains out of my carpet from the fourth of July party where someone,” he pauses to glare at Daveed, “dropped an entire tray of cherry and blue raspberry jello shots.”

“Dude, I’ve told you a million times I’m sorry.” Daveed groans.

“Sorry doesn’t get me back my security deposit!”

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SVT - Click a Prince: Vernon/Hansol

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Series: Click a Prince (intro

Member/s: OT13 - Vernon/Hansol x Reader

Words: 1328 

Your eyes traveled across the array of horses and wagons that were lined up against the castle entrance.

From the top of the stairs in front of the door, you could see all of them circling the fountain. Them, all of their owners, and to top it off, heaps of wooden crates being dropped off.

“The workers have come down with a plague, your highness. They are being quarantined in the workers quarters right now.”

You sighed, “What are we to do now? Do you think those men would be able to set up the ball room?”

The butler laughed, “We’d be better of letting the horses do it, Princess.”

“Then we have no choice but to cancel the presentation ball.” You pivoted on your heel, “tell the men they will be paid for their trek, but we will not be needing their items anymore.”  

“If I may,” your butler began, “you could always ask for the help of the Princes.”

There was a loud bang, followed by a series of groans and barks, coming from the ballroom.

You ran down the steps of the grand staircase, almost tripping over your own two feet.

Your butler, you saw, was running out from the kitchen with an apron tied around his waist.

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Update time

Hello everyone! I feel as though it’s time to offer up an update and tell you all how I’ve been and where I’m heading.

First off, I just want to thank all of you for going through this grad school journey with me. I remember the day I made this blog, sitting around waiting for a seminar talk to begin on a Friday afternoon in January 2013. I have no doubts in my mind that I could not have made it through without this blog and all of you. This community has been one of the best parts of grad school for me. Knowing that I wasn’t alone has helped me do everything I needed to do to be successful. You all helped me keep my sanity, laugh at the good times and the bad, and hold my hand through every new experience.

This Saturday I graduate. I picked up my gown and hood and everything today, and I’ve been on the verge of tears ever since.

I’ve got offers for part-time faculty teaching positions in my department through the summer, and then I’m joining our occupational therapy department in the fall. I know it may sound strange, but I am more than thrilled to be able to work in a cadaver lab again. It was so nice to be welcomed into a department and be told how qualified and amazing I was, and that they wanted to get me before someone else could recruit me. I was selected because of my qualifications, and not because of some political departmental move. 

I am so happy. 

So for now, as things trickle down and I wrap up projects and papers, my posting on here will probably slow down. I will post things as they happen and become relevant, and I will be as sad to leave you all as I am my research lab!

I would still like to provide any advice and knowledge I have to you all, so if you have thoughts or concerns, keep them coming! Also, I would love to give shoutouts and love to the whole gradblr community, so if you have a blog you’d like me to promote, just let me know! And if anyone is interested, I may even post my personal blog so you all can keep up with me through life!

This is not goodbye, I will never say goodbye. I will let you know if there are new blogs to come, but for now I want to keep the love and support going in this wonderful gradblr community! So thank you all again. You will forever hold a remarkable place in my heart.

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What do you think are the most important Stydia moments that shaped their relationship to how they are now?

These are not in order of importance, but in chronological order. Because it was easier for me to identify them that way. Beneath a cut because ya girl is verbose, u kno?

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Some Observations

1. I think it’s hilarious that Yuri is having chips and soda in the off-season, even when Yakov probably told him to lay off those.

2. Also, can I talk about the portrayal of Hasetsu’s failing tourism industry? It’s so subtle you don’t notice it at first, but like,

Yeah, who’s that? I’ve never seen good-looking foreigners before. Must be someone famous, eh? (he literally also doesn’t notice The Katsuki Yuuri.)


Viktor’s a big deal in Hasetsu. Such a big deal that Yuuri (probably of equal importance, since he’s a native Famous Sportsperson) could run past them unnoticed.

Every head turns when a foreigner is in the vicinity.

Really, Yuuri?!

Again, self-explanatory.

3. Yakov can’t know that Yuri is in Japan just by looking at the post. It isn’t even geotagged. Yuri’s Angels were probably discussing it in the comments. Either that, or Yakov is great at making assumptions.

EDIT: Thanks, @mapofeverything and @traumenddreamz for pointing out the kanji on the train station sign behind Yuri! 

4. Seriously, Yuuri, how many of these Russian dolls have you bought from Sochi? Do they remind you of Viktor?  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

He even displayed those dolls in front of the TV. Not enough space? Needs a reminder of what happened in Sochi at every turn? This young man… needs help…

I love that Yuuri has a shrine for Viktor. I love it.

5. I saw @otabekismybff’s meta about how Yuri prefers the Russian language and Russian customs over most other things. One example was how he adamantly used a fork to eat his katsudon. But I guess we all missed his Character Development the first time because his food is served with a pair of chopsticks after the first couple of days:

This screenshot is from episode 2. That looks like a soup spoon in the bowl to me. But later,

Those are chopsticks. He was probably learning how to use chopsticks in the time before this scene.

6. Eh, Yuri, you say you don’t take baths with other people? i.e. Character Development, the sequel:

(I’ve read meta that Yuri doesn’t mind being in a bath with Yuuri because of his possible crush, but as I will mention again later, one week or so was enough bonding for all three of them, crush or not.)

A beautiful screencap. Iconic.

7. I was fixated on the colours of the skate guards because that’s what Kubo-sensei told us to do (she said so in an interview).

This screencap is from episode 2:

If you squint in episode 4, you’ll know that Viktor’s skate guards are the teal/blue ones on the table. As we all know, Yuuri’s are the red/white ones under the table. That leaves the violet/black ones on the side to be Yuri’s. Take from that what you will, I guess?

8. I couldn’t help but notice the water bottles as well…

Again, Character/Relationship Development definitely happened in one week, because if you squint at this screencap, you’ll notice that the three of them are finally putting their water bottles together. NGL that’s really cute.

And that concludes my list of observations after watching the same episodes of Yuri on Ice at least 10 times. Send help.

SPOILER ALERT: So apparently the reason Mon-El goes into space is because of someone deciding to spread lead in the atmosphere to get rid of the daxamite army. And he can’t come back until it’s gone. So, that leads me to believe that that someone deciding to kill his people to save earth, is Mon-El. Which means, it is truly the ultimate sacrifice.

I watched a clip of the goodbye scene, and when he’s in the pod, he looks at Kara, clutching probably the necklace she gave him before leaving. And she breaks down as she watches him leave…

we were talking tattoos with Darren last night and he said he probably wouldn’t ever get one because he didn’t feel the need to brand himself with anything but that also he’s a universal blood donor which means he gives blood once a year and if he got a tattoo he’d have to wait two years before giving again. but he said he thinks tattoos are rad and he has nothing against them, and if he ever were to get one he probably wouldn’t make it public because it would become a thing, and it would probably be something with chuck if he did

(edit: i originally wrote international donor because that was all my tired brain could remember and i know nothing about how blood donations work. various people have suggested it was probably universal, and they are probably right.)

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Could you write spencer x reader (the reader is a model maybe)they like dating but broke up cause he choose maeve and the team start ignore her too but when they meet again she become like bad girl(drinking,smoking etc) and spencer feel sad&angry

I’d really like to thank everyone for all the requests I keep getting, they’re really interesting and I’m working on them the best that I can! Thank you so much for this request I really hope you enjoy it! :D

Title: Bad Decisions 

“Spencer, please.” You begged your boyfriend grabbing his hands. At first you thought he was joking, but this ‘joke’ was going on for too long.

He winced (something that happened a lot lately when you spoke too loud or the room was too bright) and removed his hands from yours. “I’m sorry, (Name). But there’s something wrong with me, I know there is and it’s just better this way.”

You tried to bite back a sob. “Better for whom, exactly? You’re in pain and I would do anything to help you.”

“Exactly, you’re better off not worrying about me. You have your contract in San Diego and I won’t let you ruin your career just to stay here and be with someone who can’t even take care of you.”

“I don’t want to be without you Spencer; I’d rather bartend forever with you than have a stupid modelling job without you.” You felt the tears slide down your face. “I’d be nothing without you Spencer Reid; I don’t want to lose you.”

“I’m sorry, (Name), but I don’t want to be with you anymore. Whether you go to San Diego or not, it’s over between us.” His phone went off then, and you couldn’t even hear the conversation he had with whoever was on the other line. Your world was shattering around you, how could you even breathe? Spencer is everything to you, and now you were suffocating. He ended his call and looked at you, without a hint of regret in his eyes. “There’s a case, so that’ll give you a few days to get all your stuff out of my apartment. Please don’t be here when I get back.”

Those were the last words he said to you, before jetting out of your life.  Without him, your ‘friends’ Penelope and JJ shut you out of their life too. They left nothing for you in Virginia, so you followed your new career path to San Diego. The first year wasn’t so bad. You rose higher then you thought possible, from front page magazine covers to guest starring in everything from music videos to movies. You spent that first year becoming so big that everyone had to see you. But going to the top meant reaching past your limits and taking whatever you could get your hands on in order to stay up.

Year two came with the addictions, and money you were blowing fast. One of your favorite things to waste your money on was a private eye who lived in Virginia. Who was able to tell you how happy and healthy Spencer suddenly turned after he met the girl of his dreams. Maeve Donovan, the geneticist, brought an obvious light into Spencer’s life and one that you apparently couldn’t offer. That’s when you decided you didn’t want to know any more about Spencer’s new life.

That brings you to year three. You don’t remember the last time you actually ate something because all it was now was the pills, the alcohol, and whatever job offer you could get. When you weren’t a model for hire, you were found in your favorite bar sitting in your corner booth. In the beginning you would have been drinking something cute or something clear, but now all you had was whatever was the strongest. Right now you were on drink number three, so the day was just getting started.

Usually the owner kept the music up for you, since not a lot of people visited bars in the morning, but it suddenly went quiet. He was talking to two women and you could hear every word.

“I’m agent Blake, this is agent Jareau, we’re with the FBI we just have a couple questions for you.”

“Don’t know how much help I’ll be, but ask away.” The owner, Jeff, replied.

You internally groaned. You didn’t know this Blake woman, but you remembered JJ and if JJ was in town then you knew the rest of the BAU team was here too.

“We’re looking for a man that was here two nights ago, he’s targeting attractive women who are failed models, out of work actresses, or struggling musicians.”

You heard Jeff chuckle. “No offense, ladies, but that describes most of my business. All guys are trying to score with them and all the girls have tried something to get famous.”

JJ spoke up now. “He would have been dressed like he had money, but was probably using fake credit cards that might have even gotten declined. But he still would have wanted to pay for everything, and was probably very aggressive towards everyone around him even the women he was trying to lure with a promise of contracts, work, or record deals. The women he is targeting would have been drinking more than they should have and were probably complaining about rejection.”

You really were debating between having another drink or sneaking out before JJ recognized you. Maybe you’d even need to get out of town for about a week, just to be safe.

“The dude description I don’t recognize, but I think I might know a gal who was here that night and sounds a lot like the type you’re looking for.”

“That’s great; do you have a number so we could contact her?”

You didn’t really like where this was going.

“No need, she’s sitting in the spot she’s at whenever she’s not working.” Jeff raised his voice. “Isn’t that right, (Name)? It’s like she lives here, I should charge her rent.”

“Fuck you.” You called back to him. You should have ran while you had the chance. It didn’t take long for the two women to make their way to your corner. You just stared at your drink, knowing that JJ and this other woman could now see you face.

“Oh my god.” JJ mumbled. “(Name)? Is that really you?”

You chewed on your lip, and spared a glance over to JJ. She looked shocked, but still beautiful as always and so was Blake this new agent working with them. Blake looked more confused than anything else but it’s not like they talked about you and Spencer while catching killers.

“JJ, I’d say it’s nice to see you but it’s not.” You downed the rest of your drink, ready to get out of here.

Blake decided to speak up in JJ’s silence. “(Name), we’d just like to ask you a few questions about a man who visits here often.”

“You look like you haven’t eaten in days.” JJ blurted out.

You just shrugged; because it might’ve been days or weeks you were never sure. “I don’t pay attention to anyone who walks in here. I won’t know your ‘unsub’ if he was standing right next to me.”

JJ interrupted before Blake could talk again. “Penelope has been checking up on you, you have money and everything you post online is happy and motivational. This just doesn’t make sense.”

“I’m a model, sometimes actor; I only get paid if people care about who I am. I don’t run my social media; someone else does to make me look good.”

“Do you want me to give you two some privacy?” Blake asked.

You rolled your eyes. “No, because I was just leaving. How long is the FBI in town? I’ll probably take a vacation until you guys leave.”

“Please,” JJ suddenly pleaded with you. “Don’t do this. The man we’re looking for could target you next.”

You slid out of your booth and started to walk away, leaving probably too much money on the table. “I don’t care.” You only made it about two steps before you felt a pair of cuffs around your wrists.

“Sorry, but this is probably for your own good. Once you sober up I’m sure you’ll be able to answer some questions about if you saw anything two nights ago.”

You knew that she couldn’t do this, she couldn’t just bring you into custody, but you didn’t really have much of a will to fight these days.

Spencer and Derek were just returning to the police station from the last dump site and Spencer didn’t like the tension that hung in the air. He could tell Derek felt it too by the look they shared. JJ was arguing with a police officer, while Hotch and Blake watched almost awkwardly until they noticed Spencer.

“Reid.” Hotch called. “There’s something you should see.”

“What’s going on?” Derek asked. “Did something happen with the case?”

Hotch sighed, looking over at JJ. “She thinks that she has found a witness.”

Spencer looked over to his friend still fighting with the officer, then back at Hotch. “You don’t sound too sure.”

“You’ll understand why when you see who it is. Rossi is talking to her in the interrogation room.”

“What? We don’t hold witnesses in there.” Derek and Spencer were equally confused, but Derek was the only one vocalizing it. “Is she dangerous or something?”

“Only to herself it seems.” Hotch left it as that as he led the two into the back.

Spencer froze when he saw who was on the other side of the glass. It was you. Spencer felt Hotch and Derek’s eyes on him, but he didn’t care. After all these years there you were, the only thing separating him from you was the glass and right now only he could see you, it almost wasn’t fair. Spencer noticed right away the hollowness in your face, the twitches caused from addiction, and the drunken heat in your cheeks. You were right there, but you weren’t the same.

Spencer pressed the speaker button so he could hear the conversation between you and Rossi. He couldn’t face you yet, but he wanted to hear your voice.

“Where has the time gone, (Name)?” Rossi asked you.

You smiled back at him, and it both warmed and broke Spencer’s heart. “Down the drain it seems, Dave. I don’t think I’ve moved up in life since the last time we saw each other, and you’re still with the BAU.”

“Yes, well, they can’t get rid of me so easily. Last I checked, you’ve been doing pretty well for yourself; a model, an actress, you’ve even dated a couple of A-listers.”

“If you believe what the media tells you.”

Rossi tilted his head, and Spencer could tell he was analyzing you too. Right after you said that you crossed your arms and leaned away from Rossi as if you were trying to close yourself off or if you thought maybe you revealed too much.

“What’s really been going on then?”

You shook your head and your voice cracked when you spoke. “Do you really think I could be with anyone after Spencer? All those guys, they never even came home with me it was all for publicity for movies.” You cleared your throat. “I know people are supposed to move on with their lives after break ups, but Spencer was everything to me. I couldn’t picture a life without him, and now my life feels meaningless.”

Spencer had enough.

He couldn’t take this anymore.

So, despite Hotch and Derek’s protests, he pushed his way into the interrogations room. He looked in your eyes in silence long enough for your tears to spill over. “How could you not see it, (Name)? I was holding you back! From your dream career, from a better life, from being free! You couldn’t have that with me.”

You stood angrily, stumbling from the feeling of the room spinning. “You didn’t even give me a chance, Spencer! I had a better life with you, and I wanted to help you but you wouldn’t let me.” The room started to go black and you fell back into your seat. Rossi called your name and everyone could see clearly how the little action drained you. You weren’t passing out yet though, you glared at Spencer, tears leaving ugly stains on your face and spoke very slowly. “Does it really look like I’m better off?”

Spencer didn’t get the chance to answer, you finally passed out and Rossi called for an ambulance to take you to the hospital. As JJ and Hotch ran into the room to help, Spencer pushed his way out and didn’t stop until he was out behind the police station. He told himself he needed the air, but really he couldn’t stand to see you like that. All while knowing it was his fault.

“Kid,” Derek tried not seeming to be getting his attention. “Reid, are you listening to me?”

Spencer didn’t even realize he followed him out here, he felt like he couldn’t breathe. “What? Sorry… What did you say?”

“I said, they’re taking (Name) to the hospital and I think you should be with her until she wakes up while the rest of us work on this.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, I need to work on the case.  Besides I doubt she’d want to see the person who ruined her life.”

“Reid, you can’t-.”

“Can’t what? Take responsibility?” Spencer’s voice was slowly gaining volume with each syllable. “You heard her in there; she’s like that because of me! I loved her and I pushed her away because of something that was wrong with me!  You saw her Derek; she’s obviously not eating or sleeping and she’s drinking herself to death!”

Spencer felt like he was falling, he couldn’t help but scream because you were essentially killing yourself and the thought alone tore Spencer to pieces. He was supposed to save and protect people but there you were dying because of him.

“Spencer.” Derek said grabbing him by the shoulders. “You can’t put this on yourself, man. Nobody could’ve known this was going to happen, you just thought you were doing the right thing.”

“Yeah, and I was wrong.” Spencer couldn’t look Derek in the eyes, as his were glossing over. “I didn’t even realize how close I was to losing her, I want to protect her.”

Derek patted his shoulder, letting him go. “That’s a good start, we all know how well you and (Name) worked together, and I don’t think it’s too late. But you need to be there for her, Spencer.”

Spencer quickly wiped at his eyes before meeting Derek’s. “I don’t even know what to do. What should I say to her?”


overmydevbody  asked:

Listen Sex, I like you. I like your blog, I like your style. We're mutuals. I think you're witty and funny and if we didn't live on separate continents, I would like to be your friend in real life. HOWEVER. IF YOU PULL SOME SHIT LIKE THAT NIALL HUGGING HARRY AFTER LARRY DENIAL/NIALL HUGGING LIAM AFTER ZAYN LEFT POST AGAIN I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND CRY IN YOUR GOD DAMN FACE. I'm so upset. Oh god. My Larry/Ziam heart is broken and it's all your fault.

I honestly only saw the all caps before I read this and was like ‘Oh shit…I’ve really angered someone now…’ And yeah, I’ve probably upset you, but…you still love me as much as this gif of Niall with a puppy right?

Thought so.

Thank you for your message, though. And sorry to mess with your feels xx

Saving Lives pt. 2 (M)

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: series, doctor!baekhyun au, fluff, angst, smut (in this chapter)

Word Count: 804

Warnings: smut, sex, swearing, you know the usual

Summary: You’re about to start your internship in Seoul’s most prestigious hospital but before you devote your whole life to medicine, you decide to have one more night of freedom and meet someone you didn’t expect to meet again. (inspired by Grey’s Anatomy)

A/N: Sorry this chapter is shorter than the other, and this chapter is basically just smut but hey, who doesn’t like smut … anyways I will probably post two more chapters this week before posting only on weekends because I start school on Tuesday and its my senior year, so I need to take it seriously. anyways look forward to new chapters every weekend, pacific time zone ~admin L

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anonymous asked:

i dont kno if i learned it from u, but i remember readingsomething saying that kamukura met naegi in his old classroom?? probably reminiscing about natsumi, bcoz there were flowers there and there flowers as well in the room when natsumi died. if it is u can u send me the url coz i wanted to reblog and read the post again tnx

Hi there Anon! I think you’ve mistaken me for some other person, since I didn’t say anything like that? But I do know what you’re talking about! I think I’ve read someone post/mention it before (although I don’t think I reblogged it? Since I tried searching up what you mentioned, but it didn’t appear on my blog so I’m sure you mistook me for another person), which was probably last week when the Izuru/Makoto flashback (DR Mirai ep 3) and the one with Natsumi (DR Zetsubou ep 3) aired.

Hmmm well in my opinion, I don’t think the room was even the same room or that Izuru was reminiscing about Natsumi? Because of well, the flowers are different and also the meanings behind those flowers in each episode. The flowers are different and they symbolize elements that are completely different from each other.

Now I’m no flower expert, so I had to google images of flowers just to make sure I got the flowers correctly,

So first off is the flower about Natsumi on DR Zetsubou episode 3:

In Japanese culture, there are different meanings in putting flowers on a person’s desk. Like say, if someone puts roses on a person’s desk, then that someone is telling the person that they have feelings for them. However, that isn’t the case here. If you put white flowers on a person’s desk, then that symbolizes ‘death’, which is normally done when the person who sat in that desk has passed away. Although if the person was still alive, this would be considered bullying since it’s basically saying to that person that ‘you should go die’. But iirc, if you put white carnations on a person’s desk, instead of mourning over the person who sat there, you would be mourning over the mother of the person sitting in that desk.

Now I’m not entirely sure if the flower shown there is a white chrysanthemum (but it sure looks like one lol), but in Chinese Culture, a white chrysanthemum symbolizes mourning, honesty, or curse, and all these three symbols certainly appear in this episode. Mourning over the death of two characters, and the lack of honesty of the true killer which ended up cursing her and resulting in her own death.

Next are those two flowers during Makoto and Izuru’s meeting:

I’m not sure which is which, so first I’ll explain what do those flowers mean.

Marigolds, in general, symbolizes cruelty, grief, jealousy, and secret affection.

Yellow carnations show disdain, rejection, contempt, or just overall disappointment.

Daisies have lots of meanings, but I guess the ones that scream out here would be innocence, purity, transformation, and it’s old english meaning, "day’s eye" or the beginning of a new day.

I think we all already know a lot about cruelty, grief, jealousy, and secret affection (mostly about Hinata/Izuru)

And I would think yellow carnations mostly refer to Izuru.

As for daisies, it literally screams Makoto lol. Innocent, pure, and his transformation into the SHSL Hope after the events of the first game. However this doesn’t always means that it’s good, because his innocence and purity is exactly what Munakata hated about him. He lost his memories (and I’m not even sure if he did gain them all back) so he has no idea about how tragic the events led up to until now. He talks about hope without knowing despair, and that’s what makes him pure and innocent, but his unawareness about despair isn’t only what makes him the Makoto we all know. It’s ingrained in his character as well.

But transformation could also refer to Izuru, and maybe the transformation of the 77th class as a whole. And the ‘beginning of a new day’ perhaps refers to Makoto’s decision of making the SHSL Despair undergo the Neo World Program, because he knows that if they hadn’t met ‘her’, then they wouldn’t have committed such crimes. Thus, it is only natural for him to give them a second chance, to start up new lives and pave a path for their own future, thus, giving them a new day.

So… there, I just wanted to point out that they were different flowers (and even the vase is different). I ended up explaining the meanings behind those flowers as well… because I’m sorry I couldn’t give you the url that you were looking for! >_< And I think that the second set of flowers were a daisy and a marigold, with the daisy representing Makoto and the marigold representing Izuru (and Hajime).

Kinda hiatus

Sooo I can’t seem to be able to draw at all… I never like what I do and I feel like it’s getting worse and worse, so I’ll be on a hiatus… Kinda… If I ever draw something that doesn’t like like shit I will probably post it… tho it seems like it never happens, anyway, so I won’t really be on a hiatus, I will always be online on tumblr, answer asks (if I ever get any XD), reblog but yeah, sometimes it can take weeks before I post something, I’m really sorry I can’t do the tutorial someone asked me to do, I just wanna do it when I actually can draw again. So yeah, I’ll always be online, sometimes I’ll post everyday, sometimes it’ll take weeks, sorry 


…I doodled this on one of my less better days.

It’s true, though. The people I called ‘friends’ in school were more of chummy acquaintances. I fooled myself into thinking otherwise. Until I eventually faced facts.

As a kid the absolute worst thing was seeing ‘the look’. The awkward, flickering-eye look of someone who found something I said odd. Perhaps I was being too enthusiastic or something. But it was enough to shut me down and have me shuffle off.

Relatives tell me that as a younger kid It was SO easy to make friends. I made friend on holiday, at playgrounds. ANYWHERE besides…school, ironically.

I had a bad class. All the other parents admitted this, especially about the other girls. I posted this before, deleted it.

Here it is again.

I’ll probably delete it again.

utaiteism  asked:

Infinite ranking king time again lol^^ please rank the members, which you would like to have as your BFF. (Needed to make this request before going to sleep lol)

this took me a while jfcjfdks but thank you for sending this in omg. I think they’re all pretty compatible, but it just depends on the person, in this case, me LOL

Myungsoo - I know I made a post before about Sungjong probably winding up being my best friend, but I think Myungsoo would also be one of my close friends. Realistically, I think I’d lean more towards Myungsoo being someone I constantly talk to. He’s also really loyal, so I think we’d both rely on each other when we needed to. I like being alone most of the time, but I wind up getting lonely because of that.. So I think if he and I were in the same room, I’d be happy with that (with him there would be comfortable silences instead of awkward ones LOL). I feel like if I showed him some funny photos he’d be laughing with me, and I love his seal clapping omfg

Sungjong - Because honestly, I would do anything for him,  so I’d probably end up doing the Most just so I can get him to like me too so we can hang out more >.< I keep thinking back to how he grabbed Dongwoo’s hand during Ranking King… maybe he’ll make facing my fears easier? I’d love to do anything with him (as long as it doesn’t involve anything physical LOL)

Dongwoo - WHO WOULDNT WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH DONGWOO?? HONESTLY. I feel like he’s an extrovert? I think there’d be some problem whenever we would try to hang out with each other, but besides that, he’s really out there. I think I’d have fun with him with the time we’re together but then I’d want to go home after a while~ I think I’d love spending time with his niece though.

Woohyun - he’s an introvert… and as much as I complain about him being annoyingly handsome, I think he’d be fun to be around with. If he ends up doing aegyo, I’d probably end up screaming (the fangirling kind LOL). I wouldn’t know what activities we’d do if we were friends, so I’d leave it up to him (and I’m guessing he’d like to play sports? if he did a soccer game or smth I’d definitely be part of the crowd cheering him on)

Hoya - we’d be awkward at the first meeting, simply because… we’re both awkward? I normally let the other person do the talking when I first meet someone, but over time if we keep seeing each other, I’ll eventually warm up to them. I’m not sure if our humor would match, but he’s really funny anyway, so I think I’d end up loving having him around. And based off of what the other members have said about him (calling them not once but like 18 times), he’d end up getting my attention and we’d probably hang out a lot more than I think we would.

Sungyeol - I don’t think he’d play any pranks on me but if he were to end up being my best friend, he’d probably wind up doing it to get a reaction from me LMAO I fall for a lot of things, so it’d be easy for him. But if he doesn’t end up playing pranks on me, then I think I’d have fun just hanging out with him and Aga and I know he volunteers a lot too, so I’d want to go with him. It would honestly help me get to know him a lot better.

Sunggyu - based on fan accounts I know he gets lonely sometimes (literally that one fanacct where he’s sitting by himself and just watching people), so if he wanted to hang out with me, I’d probably end up walking around with him in the city maybe. or maybe just wind up talking about our dreams or things we want to do, or things that have been on our minds lately. I don’t know what he’d be interested in doing, though.

Pleasure on Misfortune (Roman Holiday)

‘’Can you do a imagine with Draco inspired in the song “Roman Holiday” by Halsey?’’ - Anonymous.

Pairing: Draco Malfoy + Reader / Y/N.
Word Count: 959.
Requested: Yes.
Warning(s): Fluff. 
Note: Proud of this one. :) After I post one more imagine, I will open up my requests again. So, in a few days yEAH.

+     +     +     +     +     +

‘C’mon Draco, let’s get going before someone catches us,’ you whispered, throwing your jacket over the fence of the pool as you dropped to your feet from climbing over the fences.

‘Y/N, no, w-we can’t do this,’ he said, his icy eyes looking directly at you, ‘it’s winter. It’s freezing, the pool’s probably bloody cold.’

‘You party pooper. Now, come on in.’ You smiled as you got rid of your clothes, except your bra and panties. It was indeed bloody cold, but you guys had to do it. It was Draco his last week at Hogwarts before he graduated and you guys had so much to do before he left.

‘C’mon baby, maybe this is the last time we’re getting this glorious chance!’ you said, careful not to talk too loud as you didn’t want to get caught already. You were in the pool of some fancy hotel right in the middle of Hogsmeade, couple of minutes away from Hogwarts. You both just couldn’t sleep and so you decided to take a walk, which ended here.

Draco eventually stripped from his clothes too and let his body sunk in the freezing water. He started to shiver as he threw his arms around himself.

‘Don’t keep ‘em to yourself,’ you said, motioning towards his arms as you opened them, closing them around your body. Then, you slowly started to twirl and swirl around in the water. It just reached your belly button, so you could move a bit easier than in the deep water, which you enjoyed.

Draco was still shaking from the cold, so you started to hum a random song and laid your head on his shoulder. In the meantime, you two still swayed a bit through the water as you slowly but surely got used to the temperature of the water.

‘Y/N,’ he whispered in your ear, making you look up as you blinked a few times, stopping the humming coming from your mouth.

‘Yeah?’ you said, staring at those lovely eyes which made your heart melt like a hundred times. Make that a hundred-and-one, because your heart did melt again at this sight. They were so loving, soft-grey yet so warm at the same time.

‘I’m going to miss you,’ he whispered again, making you smile sadly as you lowered your eyes towards the water. It all happened so fast. And it sucked big time that you had to follow another year at Hogwarts, since you met Draco when he was already in his second year.

He took you in his arms immediately, protecting you like a little sister he never had. It always felt so safe when you were by his side and when you went from a friend to something more, the love you gave him was like you were going to lose him. You gave him everything, like he gave you everything. You filled up his past, his present and hopefully the future too.

You gave him your time, your life and your love. And at this very moment, it felt like all those things were on a cliff’s edge, ready to fall down into a ravine. You suddenly felt so sad, but it couldn’t get into the way of this precious moment.

‘I’m going to miss you too, baby, so much,’ you said, looking up again as you smiled, giving him a peck on the lips. But Draco wanted more, so as soon as you backed up again, he captured your lips almost immediately again. A hum left your mouth as it got more intense, his tongue sliding across your lower lip, asking for entrance. Stubbornly, you refused to open your mouth.

But Draco also got some tricks up his sleeve. He squeezed one of your butt cheeks, which made you gasp as he entered your mouth. A mischievous grin appeared, for as far as he could while kissing you.

‘Mischief managed,’ he murmured against your warm lips. You pulled back, first frowned at him but then laughed out loud. ‘Oh please, don’t tell me you just did that,’ you told him, partly amused by his reference to the Maurauder’s Map.

He shrugged and grinned. ‘Oh hell yes, I just that.’ He winked at you and closed the gap between you to again, but as his chapped lips just touched you again, a yell could be heard from a far.


The tip of a lightened wand appeared from a small distance, which meant you were caught. Well, not totally if you’d escape.

‘Come on,’ you whispered, climbing out of the pool and pulling on your clothes as fast as you could. Draco followed your lead and put on his clothes again. They went wet as they touched your skin, but you didn’t really had the time to dry of yourselves.

You ran to the closed off fence and grabbed your wand. ‘Alohomora,’ you said as the fence unlocked itself. Draco yanked the door open and grabbed your hand.

‘Let’s go,’ he whispered-yelled as you two ran away from the pool and hotel, escaping the guard.

Laughter and fun was shared during that night. It were those little, daring things that made you relationship so special. Like you were each other’s best friends but lovers at the same time. And when you ran away, escaping from the guard, adrenaline pumped through your body as you quickened your pace until you were passing the bridge, leading you back to Hogwarts. When you slowed down a bit again, you turned Draco around so he looked at you.


His question was cut off by your lips, as you kissed him like this would be the last time you could share a moment like this.

Which it wouldn’t, but it was just to be sure.


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I feel much safer now.

A/N: Continuation of this. Hope you like it. It was a lot of fun!

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.

Anon said: “Hi. 🤗✨ Can you do a ficlet with the numbers 2. “Have you lost your damn mind?!” 25. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.” and 49. “Well this is awkward…” Derek x Stiles'sister!human!reader Thank-you!! 💚🔥🍕🐢”


“Have you lost your damn mind?!” Derek was glowering at you as you yelled into the phone he held in his hand on speaker, Stiles squawking on the other end. “Stop making pterodactyl sounds, and explain yourself!” Stiles sputtered nonsense on the other side of the line. “Use your words, Stiles, I don’t speak dinosaur!”

The smallest hint of upturned lips graced Derek Hale’s face, and it almost made you smile back, but as quickly as it came, it went.

“You’re rude,” Stiles said belligerently through the line. Scott’s laugh could be heard loudly in the background, shortly followed by Stiles’ muttered, “Damn werewolf hearing…”

“Watch it, Stilinski,” Derek said lowly, glancing up at you briefly as you looked away from the road and at him, seeing him gesture to the phone, indicating which Stilinski he meant, and you nodded, pulling over into the shoulder of the road, putting the Jeep in park, but letting the engine idle, there was still a rampant alpha out there somewhere, after all.

“Oh. Yeah. You have super ears, too,” Stiles grumbled, making Derek glare at the phone with such intensity you thought he might shoot lasers out of his eyes at it, or something. Instead he just inhaled through his nose, rolled his eyes, and let his head flop back on the headrest.

His hand came up to the bridge of his nose as his eyes squinted, like he was fighting off a headache. “No, you idiot. You’re on speaker.”

Scott’s laughter was back and even louder this time, and you couldn’t help but let out a little chuckle yourself.

“Look, okay. Ha-ha, everyone laugh at Stiles, get it out of your system,” Stiles spoke blandly, like he was repeating himself for the millionth time. “Okay, now that that is done, can we get on with the plan?”

“You mean the stupid plan?” You crossed your arms and glared at the phone yourself, slumping back in the car seat. A bunny rabbit hopped across the road and into the beams from the Jeep’s headlights, and you jumped slightly, swallowing a small yelp before it made it’s way out. Glancing over at Derek, he looked like he was biting back a major grin, though he sealed it back with a raised eyebrow in almost mocking question.

“Shut up,” you mumbled, fighting your own smile, and holding his gaze for a moment, before turning your eyes to the car door for a moment, quickly reaching out and locking it manually, before looking back at Derek, and reaching across him to do the same to his door. “Don’t look at me like that. The alpha is still out there.”

“Oh yeah. I feel much safer now.” His tone was sarcastic, but sounded playful, and he even let a little bit of the smile through, and you suddenly felt safer yourself.

“Are you two done?” Stiles asked in a disgusted voice.

“Are we done reinforcing the walls of your tuna can of a car as best we can in case of a surprise attack from a homicidal alpha and-or his minion bunnies, then yes.”

Derek cocked his head to the side as he looked at you skeptically.

“….’Minion bunnies’?” Stiles sounded hesitant. “No, you know what? I don’t even wanna know. Just, is the plan a go?”

“You want me to sneak him back into our house why?”

Scott repeating ‘minion bunnies’ over and over in the background questioningly was all you heard for a moment before Stiles told him to be quiet, the sound of rustling clothes indicating his probable flailing.

“Dad is posting someone to watch his place - yes, the old, decrepit, burned down place - Derek, please don’t kill me, you know it’s true,” Derek plopped his head back again and closed his eyes with a loud sigh. “Along with Kate being in town, and everything else with the Argent’s, just, please? Go home, get up to your room, have him come in through the window. It’s all very romance novel, I know, but it’s all we can do right now.”

“My room?!” You cried out, wincing when Derek did at your loud voice. Lowering it only made it sound strangled as you continued. “Why not your room, oh genius plan maker?”

“Because dad is gonna know when I get home.” The sound of sirens came through the phone. His voice had become somber, almost defeated. “We just bought you some time. Go.”

You sighed, shifting the car into drive. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.”

“Thank you,” was the last thing you heard before the line went dead.

“I hope he at least clears out his recent phone calls, otherwise dad’s gonna interrogate me next time I see him.”

“Don’t worry. I think he wants to interrogate me, too.” You looked away from the road for only a moment to catch him shooting you a wide, unhindered grin, making you laugh and shake your head as you looked back to the road, flicking on the brights.

“That’s true. I hadn’t thought of that.” You took a deep breath, the plan sinking into your brain as the smile faded. “I didn’t think of that,” you said softly, realizing what all you had gotten yourself into in the few moments of silence that followed before you had to break the tension. “Well this is awkward…”

Me, listening to Hamilton. Again.
  • *say no to this comes on*
  • Me [knowing what's coming]: no
  • Me: please no
  • Me: don't do this
  • Hamilton: YES
  • Me: god. Why. I knew it was coming. But it still hits me. So hard. Every goddamn time. I don't deserve this. ELIZA doesn't deserve this. Why are you like this. Why must you continue to disappoint me.