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taeyong ; mistletoe

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He had been watching you for far too long and he made no attempt to hide it.
Every so often, you would blow upwards, forcing a loose part of your bangs to fly back into place. He watched you do this again, and again, and again, and again. He couldn’t even explain why he found it so endearing.
Leaning his arm against the wall beside the mirror, he pressed his cheek against his hand getting a better position to watch you fiddle with your hair.
“Taeyong you’re being creepy again.” You mumbled, chewing on your lip as you finally got your hair to stay in place.
“Am I not allowed to watch you being cute, is this a new rule you have invented.” Pushing himself away from the wall, he crouched down on one knee in front of you.
You could just about make out a blush on his cheeks as he stared at your feet tying your shoe laces for you. Or maybe he wasn’t blushing. Maybe your mind was just playing tricks.
His chin sprung up, huge, chestnut doe eyes burned into yours, wide and sparkling.
“All done.” Smiling, he took your hand, leading you from your house.

“Remind me why we’re here.” He mumbled so close to you that his bottom lip grazed your earlobe.
“Because you promised, and when does Lee Taeyong ever break a promise.”
The Christmas party being thrown in one of the empty rooms of the SM building was filled with the warmth of smiles and the glow of scented candles placed on every available surface.
Everyone had brought a little something, a treat to add to the festive party. Bowls of dried Winter fruits Johnny insisted were a must, plates of snowflake shaped cookies with shimmery frosting that Doyoung had slaved over for the whole day, tiny penguin shaped chocolates that Jaemin had searched the whole of Seoul to find. Taeyong however, hadn’t shown you what his contribution to the party was, only that it would be the best part of the whole night.

Hours had passed of small talk, Christmas wishes, and innocent conversations. Taeyong clung to you like a koala bear. His arm linked in yours no matter where you went, his nose brushing your shoulder every so often and draping his jacket across them when he felt the goose bumps forming on your skin (you lied and said you were cold, you didn’t want to admit it was his touch making you nervous).

“Babe…” His cheek was pressed against yours as you were engaging in a lazy conversation with Yuta about something or other.
“Hmm?” Shrugging him off slightly, you turned your attention back to Yuta while Taeyong snaked his fingers down your arm and locked them with yours tugging you slightly.
“Come,” He gave Yuta a look, clearly trying to tell him that your conversation was over. “on.”
“Taeyong I-”
But there was no use protesting. Once Taeyong had his mind set on something, that was it. He was as stubborn as stubborn gets.
However, you didn’t really mind. There was something endearing about how his thumb ran over your knuckles as he guided you through the clusters of people and how you could just about make out the pink tinted blush on the tips of his ear.
He always held you like you were the most precious thing in the universe, like you could crack or break if he touched you too firmly. Winter only intensified this as it gave him an excuse (not that he needed one) to be close to you, to keep you warm and safe from the harsh weather at all times.

He lead you into a quiet room lit only with soft fairy lights strung from the walls, with Christmas cards propped up on the windowsill on the other side of the room.
You stood in the doorway, bewildered as he stepped behind you, placing one of his hands over your eyes.
“What, what are you doing.” You were nervous, not scared.
You trusted him but at the same time, this was Taeyong, you never knew what he could do.
“Trust me.”
And with that you were sold. Those words always made your walls fall down without question. You did trust him, you trusted him not to do anything other than show his love for you no matter how strange the situation was.
He began leading you forwards, his palm over your eyes, his chin on your shoulder and his spare arm looped around your waist. His breath tickled your ear and you could practically feel his heartbeat pressed into your back as he held you in place for a couple seconds before releasing you from his grip.

It took a moment or two for your eyes to adjust to the light once he let you see him.
And there he was, his nose and cheeks brushed with pink, his lips plump and rosy, his eyes filled with what can only be described as love.
He intertwined your hands together again and pulled you towards him and without much warning he rested his forehead against yours and rubbed your noses together ever so slightly.
“What are you doing Lee Taeyong.”
Whispering, your eyes fluttered shut, not wanting the moment to end.
“Look up.”
There, above you, stuck to the ceiling with a snowman shaped push pin, was a sprig of mistletoe.
“I told you my contribution to the party was the best part.”