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I have a little Jyn supervisor to keep me motivated to finish her holster tonight :D She fits perfectly in the blaster pouch too!

Thank you so SO much @ahhavva for the little Jyn, she is absolutely precious and I can’t get over the amount of detail you packed into this!!! Seriously, you should sell these :) Like I said I think my lil’ Jyn may need herself a Cassian to keep her company.


Little chatterbox Seung Jae

Carmilla Thought:

What if Carmilla occasionally transforms into her panther form at night because it helps her fall asleep?

All I imagine is that on occasion Carmilla gets restless and can’t go to sleep. So, she gets up and walks to find somewhere else to rest (since transforming into a panther while Laura is sleeping next to her would surely wake her up- plus her panther would take up most of the room).

So she goes out into the living room and curls up on a chaise lounge. And Laura, feeling the absence of Carmilla, wakes up and notices her gone. So she groggily pulls herself out of bed and goes down to the living room to notice a giant panther napping.

Laura then walks over to grab a blanket off the couch and goes over to lay it on Carmilla before slowly snuggling into the side of her on the lounge (just barely fitting). And the cat’s eyes barely open when she feels this before closing them again and going back to sleep.

And this entire thing has become an occasional routine for them but something they never really speak about. It just happens.

Anyway, just a thought…


In other news Hiryuu’s too cute and I’m weak


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2,199 Days and You’re home.

Warning, this is probably going to be a long but cute asf fanfiction!

Clarke had never loved anyone as she had loved Bellamy, watching that rocket and knowing he was on his way to safety, she felt relief wash over her. She didn’t mind dying as long as it meant the people she cared for went on. Clarke had been sure the radiation would kill her, the memory of the searing pain she felt from her bubbling skin, the feeling of the burning blood choking up in her throat would forever be planted in her mind. She’d been so sure she’d die that day, dying on a dying planet. But then Madi found her, the girl only young then, barely able to take care of herself let alone nursing Clarke until she was at full health. Those were some of the most painful days of her life. Not just the radiation seeping through her but the fact that she’d let Bellamy go, she wouldn’t see him for years to come, no more warm hugs reminding her of home, no more playful smile crossing his face even though she knew he wanted to be mad at her. Everyone she loved so far from her but they were safe and that’s all Clarke could ask for.

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This user dies every time Han Jumin says “My Love”