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Mutual Feelings - (Kurt x Reader)

Summary: Kurt gets terrified at the thought of having a child but he finds out that you had the same exact thoughts

It was your average Friday night at the mansion and your friends (mostly Peter) would not allow it to be nothing eventful. So he planned a movie night in one of the living rooms with Scott, Jean, Jubilee, Ororo, You, and Kurt. You snuggle up against Kurt, who was your boyfriend for a while now, on the couch next to Jubilee. He laid at one end of the couch with you sprawled out on his torso with one of his arms around. You liked the movie overall. It kept you guys on the edge what was gonna happen next. The only annoying thing about the night was that Peter kept dashing in and out of the room for either snacks or potty breaks. At the end of the movie the two main characters were shown later in the future married with kids as their own happy family. It was so sappy and cute it made Jean tear up a little.

“God I can’t wait to have a family of my own like that”, Jubilee said handing Jean some tissues (for her issues). Peter smirked a little thinking of the idea as well.

“I think the only ones who are gonna reach that goal so far are (y/n) and Kurt”, Peter mentioned trying to tease the both of you. Since it was so early in your guys relationship, Kurt felt a little uneasy at the thought of just ‘making’ kids. It wasn’t that he thought it was gross or anything but that he felt like he wouldn’t be good enough. Not only that but if he could get you pregnant, he worried that his kids would end up being ‘freaks’ like him. Being either blue, with a tail, or fangs He never wanted to put a burden on his own children with his genes.

Kurt was about to protest about the whole idea about why it shouldn’t be a good idea for you guys to have kids, but had beaten him with your own reason.

“I mean a family sounds nice but I don’t need to have more people that love me to disappoint”, you said trying to sound a bit upbeat. Everyone looks at you with confused faces, even Kurt.

“Why would you think you’d disappoint your family”, Ororo asked, the same question everyone else was thinking. Your throat began clenching as you felt yourself beginning to cry.

“I just.. Don’t want to hurt anyone I love, that’s it”, you said in the same tone trying to remain a calm, fine exterior. But you couldn’t fool anyone with your glassy eyes, especially Kurt. Everyone began heading to the kitchen, but Kurt grabbed you back into the living room.


Kurt had teleported you two to his room. He sit you down on his bed first sitting next to you. You open your mouth to question him but he cuts you off.

“First, I teleported us to my voom because I know you might cry, and I know you hate crying in front of people. Second of all vhy are you scared of having a family?”, Kurt began with a serious tone like he’s an investigator. You try to look away from him as you explain.

“I told you, its easier to just not involve with something that might hurt you in the end”, you answered, your eyes getting glassy again. Kurt reaches his hand out and grabs yours. He know it might be awkward talking about this at this stage but he was truly curious and wanted to help you.

“Give me a full veason. Vhat vas it that made you decide zat having a family vas not a good idea?”, he asked clutching your hand. He thought he’d be the insecure one but he really wanted to know why.

“I never had a mom.”, you said sternly. At first Kurt was confused but then saw a tear fall from your chin. He uses his other hand to grab you chin to face you towards him.

“Vhat do you mean, liebing?”, he questions you.

“My dad told me when I was at a young age about it because I asked why I didn’t have a mom. He looked so devastated when I asked him.”, you started to feel your throat clenching again making it hard for you to speak. “He told about how he was there right next to my mom when she was giving birth to me. He said that it looked like she was putting up a fight and that he couldn’t imagine the pain she was going through. He described to me how he felt watching the woman he loved in a terrible position like that..”, you began to feel the tears leave your eyes. Kurt was about to let you stop but you wanted to keep going.

“My dad told me how he was so happy when I was finally born, when he held me. But his mood quickly changed when he saw my mom go limp. He told me how it was the day God gave him a gift but also when death took away another”, Kurt grabbed you into his arms feeling his shirt wet from your tears. He felt terrible for bringing up the subject now.

“I never got to meet her and she never met me. That’s why I don’t want a family. Not because I’d be afraid of dying but leaving you and our child”, you finished trying to wipe away your tears.

Kurt kept holding you, running his hand up and down your back. He thinks about what you said for a minute then chuckles a little.

“What’s so funny?”, you asked quietly.

“I love ze fact vhen you zought about having a family, you vanted me to be apart of it” Kurt said in an uplifting voice. He caresses your cheek staring into your eyes with a warm smile.

“Mein liebing, I’m so, so sorry about vhat happened to your mother. If I could I’d vish her back for you. But zat doesn’t mean it iz going to happen to you. You are strong and vhen you go zrough child birth I vill go out ov my vay to keep you in our lives”, he assures you stroking his hand through your hair.

“Just you vait I bet you, you vill live to see our family and you vill be zere vith us”, Kurt whispers in you ear intertwining your hands together as he kisses your forehead.

“I promise you vill be my vife and the mother of our child for the rest ov our lives”

A/N: 1: IM SO SORRY IF I RUINED ANY LIVES WITH THIS I JUST HAD A REALLY ANGSTY STORY IDEA LIKE I CRIED WRITING THIS. 2: I’m also sorry if its too long again I just had a huge story idea. 3: I hope you like it. Its my first one shot/ story and I hope you’d like to see more. Thank you :)