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Hello friends! Guess who’s back? Spoiler - it’s me. So I have a confession - I love soulmate AUs. I’ve not written Pietro in a while so I eased myself into this by focusing predominantly on another character. It needs a second part to finish it off which I’ll upload soon. Hopefully the plot is twisty and interesting enough for you guys. Thanks to @sxnali for the request; I loved it. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt[s]: (if you don’t mind) can you do a soulmate au where the first words they say to each other are tattooed somewhere on the other’s body? with pietro please? (im sorry if this sent twice i think i hit send in the middle of typing this but im not sure oops)

‘Almost a Mistake’ (Part 1)

There was a reason that New York was considered the city that never sleeps. Regardless of the hour, life was buzzing, left, right, and centre. Cars clamoured the roads in lines of traffic, and birds flew overhead, seeking and taking every opportunity amongst the crowds of hungry people that swarmed the streets.

The smell of hot dogs was prominent – especially on a Saturday when everyone and his mate was out on the streets. You wished that you could say you too had come out for fun but work had called you in for overtime, and the coming winter’s energy bills convinced you to take it.

With your headphones safely nestled on your head, you navigated the bustling tourists with your eyes on your iPod, trying to pick the best tune for the next leg of your journey. You’d splashed out on new headphones and for good reason – there were noise cancelling. As far as you were concerned, that made them worth the cost, tuning out the soundtrack of the city as you walked.

Each time you skipped a song, there was a moment of quiet where the world bled in. You heard horns beeping, steps smacking against the pavement, and even someone shouting in the distance. Probably a food vendor trying to sell to a passer-by. You skipped another song and got another flash of reality. Cooing pigeons, roaring engines, and still a person shouting. It was definitely male, and getting closer.

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An Old Friend

Kai Parker x Reader
   (x Kol & Rebekah Mikaelson)


(Events happen a few months after TVD 8.16 and right after TO 4.02 …
Kai and Reader are having fun at the Mystic Grill when some old friends of Reader show up. Kai gets jealous and … - keep reading to find out :P )

*not my gif


It was around 7PM , Kai and Y/N were at the (surprisingly empty) Mystic Grill sitting at the bar drinking and laughing. Y/N had challenged Kai to do tequilla shots. He always told her she doesn’t want to see him on tequilla which only made her want to see it more. Downside was as vampires their alchohol tollerance was higher than the ones human have , so they kept drinking. So far Kai was winning. Y/N looked at him , smiling. Kai grinned back and put his hand on her waist leaning in to whisper in her ear “You will loooose.” before kissing her neck.
“Even when I lose , I still win..” she had replied to him.
Suddenly Y/N felt someone’s presense close by. At first she thought it was the alchohol getting to her but then …
“Hey there , Trouble.” Y/N heard a familiar voice with an accent and froze in place completely stunned. There was only one person who called her that. Kai looked at her and then at the surprise visitor. Slowly she turned around and when Y/N saw who it was ,  a wide smile spread on her face.
“Kol ?” she leaped from her seat and wrapped her hands around the new comer. Kai finished his drink , he wasn’t happy they had been interrupted but tried to hide it.
“Oh my God ! How are you back ? I thought I’d never see you again after the Other Side disappeared…“ Y/N said excitedly.
“Mother dearest pulled me and my brother Finn back before it collapsed. Of course ,you know how my family is - she came back from the dead and tried to kill us again. …"Kol trailed off. Y/N’s eyes widened.
Kai cleared his throat and both Y/N and Kol turned towards him. Y/N took a step closer to Kai and he wrapped his hands around her , the look on his face clearly stating ‘Hands off. She belongs with me.’
“Sorry.” Y/N apologised to Kai , kissing his cheek. “Kai , this is my very good friend -”
“Best friend.” Kol interrupted.
Y/N smiled , “My BEST friend Kol Mikaelson. He is an Original vampire.” Kol smiled and nodded at Kai who pulled Y/N even closer to him. “Kol , this is Kai Parker … my boyfriend.”
Kai outstretched his hand , Kol doing the same and they shook hands ,  a few moments  longer than normal. Y/N took a deep breath… The situation was getting more and more awkward by the moment. Her eyes darted between Kai and Kol , there was a tension building in the air and she had to think fast before any of them did something stupid but before she had had the chance to speak …
“So , Kai … ” Kol started saying as he took the seat on the other side of Y/N “I hope you are treating Y/N with respect…” he said trailing off. “Because if you aren’t - ”
Clearly Kol’s time away hadn’t changed him at all. He had always acted like Y/N was his little sister , ready to protect her from whatever or whoever would ever want to hurt her.
"Don’t be mean Kol.” said a female voice. Behind him had walked in another old friend of Y/N… well , more like frenemy.  "I am sure if he had tried to hurt her in any way, Damon would’ve ripped his head off. You know how protective the vampires here are over their human friends.“  Rebekah said reaching behind the bar to grab a bottle with bourbon. Y/N and Kai exchanged looks.
"Hello Y/N … Y/N’s boyfriend.” Rebekah said nodding towards Kai who gave her a small smile in response.
Y/N tensed.  "Rebekah … long time.“ she said pausing for a second. "What are you doing here ? Looking for Matt ?”
“Not exactly but it would be nice to see him. Where is he ?”
“You might wanna try the police station.Ask for sheriff Donovan.” Y/N said shifting uncomfortably.
Kai whispered in Y/N’s ear “You OK?” Y/N only nodded turning her attention back to the Mikaelsons. Clearly Y/N wasn’t OK. The girl , Rebekah made her feel uncomfortable for some reason.
“Any particular reason you both decided to drop by ? Kol being here - I like … You ? Not so much.”  Y/N said , her voice slightly trembling.
Rebekah visibly got angry by the remark and reached for Y/N’s neck but Kol pulled her back as Kai quickly pushed Y/N behind him.
“Sister .. calm down. You don’t want to cause a scene , do you Bex ?” Kol said calmly.

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A/N Neville is such a sweeteart. I love him.

Summary: Reader leaves with the golden trio, and she and Neville finally see each other again.

Warnings: mentions of blood and murder (Ig??)

Neville Longbottom

Living with Harry, Hermione, and Ron in a tent for six months wasn’t the ideal life, but you were ready to risk everything to kill Voldemort once and for all.

But you did miss Hogwarts, your friends, and most importantly; Neville Longbottom. If you went back in time and told your twelve year old self that she would fall in love with the nerdy boy, she’d laugh in your face. But after befriending him and getting to know him more and more, you couldn’t help it.

It came so suddenly, that you couldn’t stop it. Not that you wanted to, anyway.

You had realized it in the summer before your seventh year and you were waiting to tell him when you saw him in person, but you never got the chance to before you and your three best friends went into hiding as you searched high and low for the horcruxes.

The only thing you could do was hope and pray that you’d see him again.

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Leather & Smoke [Part 1]

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Mild a/b/o culture stemming from reader

Words: 3.6k

You really weren’t looking forward to today. It wasn’t that you were dreading the actual act of joining the Avengers – nothing so dramatic – but you were still running the issue of talking with Doctor Banner and explaining your heritage. Since he was to be your primary doctor – despite that not being his area of expertise, you and your people very rarely got sick, and he was the closest trust worthy person on hand. You were all about trust.

Stepping into the elevator, you took a deep breath, willing yourself to relax. You just needed to explain the situation and how things would work and what he should expect – and vice versa. Easy stuff that you’d done a hundred times before. Stepping off at the lab and checking the slip of paper you’d been given, you scanned the room briefly. Sniffing the air, you crinkled your nose as the smell of antiseptic filled your nostrils. It was so unnatural; it grated on your sensitive nose like nails on a chalk board.

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REQUEST: If you would do one where the reader is sent into the past and meets pre-serum Steve and just thinks “shit he is even cuter small”


“Stark! It’s six in the morning! This better be worth it!”

You rubbed your eyes and stifled a yawn. You felt like you had just fallen asleep when Tony had F.R.I.D.A.Y. wake you up from your slumber. He had requested for you to meet him in his lab.

Tony was tinkering with a huge metal box that was a few feet taller than he was.

“It will be my sleepy friend. You remember how I told you that I was getting closer to finishing my time machine? Well it’s done.”

That woke you up.

When Tony told you that he was building a time machine, you knew that if anyone could make one it was him. He had been working on it secretly for the past month. He told you that if he was able to succeed with it, you would be the first one to try it. You were a little skeptical to be the first one to test it but you trusted Tony.

“Is it safe?”

“Is my name Tony Stark?” He smirked.

“That didn’t answer my question.”

Tony rolled his eyes a little, “Of course it’s safe! I’m 90% sure.”


“Okay, I’m 100% sure. Now, are you ready to go back in time?”

You looked down at the purple pajama bottoms you were wearing, “Uh, not like this! Give me ten minutes.”

You hurried out of the lab and back to your room where you changed into jeans and a plain white shirt. You slipped on some sneakers and threw your hair into a ponytail before going back to the lab.

Tony was pressing some buttons on the machine when you made it back in the lab. He handed you a silver bracelet with a red button on it, “Press this when you are ready to come back. It will transfer you to the platform over there where I will be there waiting for your safe return.” He had a sly smile on his face that you didn’t question. The door to the machine opened and he gestured for you to step inside.

“If something happens to me, just know that I will come back as a ghost and haunt your ass.” You warned him.

Tony closed the door behind you. There was a small glass window that allowed you to see.

“Where are you sending me?” You asked him as you saw him typing something on the control panel a few feet away.

“You’ll see. I’m sure you’ll recognize a few faces! See you soon!”

Before you could say anything the machine started and you instantly felt like you were falling. Your stomach felt like it was in your throat and everything was black.

The next thing you know, you are literally falling from the sky and onto concrete. You landed on your left side and rolled onto your back. Filling you lungs with air, you were relieved that the experience was over.

You sat up once you were breathing normally and looked around. You were in an alley with two large brick buildings surrounding you.

You got up slowly and brushed the dirt off of your jeans. You didn’t know where you were or what time period. You could faintly hear cars and the sounds of people. You exited the alley and saw some stores along the street. You didn’t recognize any of them.

The people were all dressed differently. Women were in dresses and skirts and men walked around in suits. Kids ran up and down the streets.

You were completely out of place and earning some looks from strangers around you. You walked down the street a little before ducking into another alley.

You were about to press the button on the bracelet Tony gave you when you heard something from the end of the alley. Walking towards the noise, you made sure to be as quiet as you could since you didn’t know what to expect.

That’s when you saw him.


Well, not the Steve you were used to seeing everyday. It was pre-serum Steve who was currently getting his ass kicked by a guy twice his size.

You hurried over, “Hey!”

The tall, blonde guy turned and looked at you, “What do you want?!”

“Pick on someone your own size!”

“This kid was asking for it. Be a good dame and walk away.” The guy told you before turning back at Steve. He raised his arm to punch him again when you hurried and grabbed his arm throwing him off balance.

He looked at you, “I said walk–”

The guy didn’t have the chance to finish his sentence before you punched him as hard as you could on the nose. Blood squirted out of it and the sound of this nose breaking was clear to everyone.

His hands went to his face,“ What the hell?!”

You stepped on his foot making him crouch down. He was the same height as you now. “Like I said, pick on someone your own size.”

The guy hurried off. You turned and saw Steve was looking at you curiously, “I’ve never seen you around before.”

“I’m new to the area.”

He looked at your clothes and then back at you, “You’re dressed…..differently.”

“Oh yeah. These are uh.. new.”

He let it go, “Thank you for what you did. I hope you didn’t hurt your hand when you punched him.”

You looked down at your hand, “I’m good. Trust me, I’ve done worse.”

Steve chuckled. It was so weird seeing him like he was before he was experimented on. You thought that he was still as cute as he was in the present. If only he knew what his future had in store for him. You couldn’t tell him anything in fear that it could mess things up when you returned.

“What’s your name?” He asked you.

“Uh, I’m Pearl.” You lied. You weren’t sure why you gave him a fake name but you just rolled with it.

“It’s nice to meet you Pearl. I’m Steve.”

“I know– um I mean, you look like a Steve.” You recovered quickly.

“Thanks I guess,” Steve chuckled a little.

“It was nice meeting you Steve but I have to go now.” You told him before turning around and almost bolting out of the alley. You needed to get back to the present as soon as possible.

“Wait, Pearl!” Steve shouted after you.

You stopped hesitantly and turned to look back at him, “Yeah?”

“At least let me treat you to a milkshake or something. It’s the least I could do for what you did to that punk.” Steve offered.

“No, that’s okay. I just did what any other person would’ve done.”

Steve put his hands in his jacket pockets and looked down, “Not many people have helped me before. Mostly it’s my best friend Bucky that steps in.”

“Bucky is a great guy. I mean–he sounds like a great guy.” You recovered quickly.

“Yeah, he is.” Steve smiled a little. “There’s this expo tonight that he and I are going to. Are you going?”

“What Expo?”

“The Stark Expo. It’s supposed to be really cool. Why don’t you join us?”

“Oh, I don’t know if I can.”

“C'mon Pearl. I won’t have a fun time if you aren’t there.” He smiled and you knew then that you couldn’t say no. Who knew Steve was somewhat of a flirt back in his day?


You managed to snag a dress off of someone’s clothing line so that you could fit in with everyone else. You let your hair down and changed in a diner while Steve waited for Bucky. You had heard from present day Steve all about the Stark Expo. He told you that Bucky tried to set him up with a date and he ended up ditching them to try and enlist. You just had to make sure that it all still went the same as before. You couldn’t even fathom what would happen if Steve didn’t end up where he did.

Seeing Bucky before Hydra threw his brain in a blender was surprising to you. You were so used to him being the way that he was that it was strange to see the man he was before.

He had a smile on his face when he first met you, “It’s nice to meet you Pearl. Thanks for helping Steve today. I would’ve been there but I got a little held back with something.” You noticed that he was dressed in uniform. You knew that was the night before he would be shipped off to join the war.

“It was no problem. I’m sure Steve would’ve done the same for me if I were in his position.”

Bucky nodded, “The kid has a great heart.”

Steve stood idly by with the girl that Bucky was trying to set him up with. It was clear that she wasn’t interested and it made your heart hurt. Steve was so sweet and kind and any girl would be lucky to have him.

The five of you walked around the Expo and saw a few exhibits. You knew that you had to leave soon so that everything would still go off smoothly. First, you wanted to help Steve. You made sure that the girl that was supposed to be his date was watching when you leaned over and kissed his cheek softly.

He immediately started blushing, “What was that for?”

“For tonight. I’m having a really fun time.” You told him. You noticed that his date was now practically glaring at you.

“I’m glad you stayed Pearl.”

“C'mon guys!” Bucky shouted, “Stark is presenting!”

You trailed behind Steve waiting until he was with the others before slipping away in the crowd. Keeping your distance, you hid behind one of the exhibit tents still able to see Steve. You watched as he looked around for you for a little bit before he noticed the building where men were enlisting and went inside.

You felt a triumphant knowing that you didn’t mess up anything in the future. Steve was bound to meet Dr. Erskine at any moment.

You touched the bracelet that Tony gave you and pressed the small red button. You weren’t ready for the awful feeling that came with time travel.

Again, you felt like the air escape your lungs. You felt the terrifying feeling of falling without knowing where you would land.

It felt like an eternity that you were falling until you landed back on the platform that Tony had set in his lab. He rushed over to you, “How was the trip?”

It took you a moment to respond to try and breathe normally, “Just peachy.”

Tony helped you up and you smoothed out the dress that you had wished you changed out of before pressing for Tony to send you back to the present. He chuckled at the sight of you, “That’s quite a dress.”

You rolled your eyes, “I needed to fit in. Thanks for the warning by the way.”

Just before Tony said something sarcastic and witty, Steve rushed into the room. He looked at you and you knew that he remembered you.

“Pearl?” He chuckled.

“Yeah, that’s me.” You joked. You got off the platform and made your way towards him. Before you could say anything to him, he pressed his lips against yours.

The kiss was soft and sweet just like you had always imagined kissing him. Tony coughing in the corner made the two of you break apart.

You knew that you were blushing, “What was that for?”

Steve smiled at you, “I’ve been wanting to do that since you kicked that guys ass in the alley.”

“That’s one hell of a way to say thank you.”

“There’s more where that came from. C'mon, I owe you a milkshake.” He held his hand out to you which you took.

“See you later you crazy kids!” Tony called out to the two of you as you both left his lab hand in hand.

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(requested by @memesandfanfics)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 5 959
warning : smut
summary : based on the song ‘24/7′ by David Correy | Kai is staying at Reader’s grandparents’ house for the summer, along with her cousins. Reader’s grandpa is an old friend of Kai’s father.
note : i tried my best , but i am afraid it differed from the song a little more than intended   

*not my gif

2.17AM - 3 Days After Kai’s Arrival

Y/N sat on the window in the small bedroom she and her cousin got to share for the summer. Moonlight seeped through the window along with a cooler night breeze as she opened her diary, tucked away safely a picture of her and Kai between the pages and began writing. Writing everything always helped her clear her head, though this time – it seemed quite impossible.

Dear diary,

Summer is only beginning and I have no idea how I will make it through the next two months with the guy I am in love with sleeping down the hall and my cousin, who is also in love with him, sleeping five steps away from me.
Every time I close my eyes I am back in that hot August day last year, laying on the old tree stump with Kai by my side. I remember it as if it was yesterday, how he cupped my face with one hand and leaned in towards me. How our lips met for the first time and butterflies flapped their wings in my stomach.How his soft lips touched mine lightly at first and then he had put his arms around me holding me towards him. I remember his blue eyes piercing into mine and everything had felt perfect, but then he had to leave and none of us ever spoke about it. However I know he rememberes. It’s in his eyes every time we look at each other.
I kept my distance today and saw it hurt him but what else was I supposed to do when Amy rushed out of the house to welcome him, jumping into his arms like I wanted to.
And now I am losing sleep because I can’t stop thinking about him. How his eyes lit up when he saw me, the way he smiled from ear to ear and those dimples. How every time he says my name butterflies flap their wings in my stomach , how my skin turns on fire at his slightest touch. He uses every chance he gets to wrap his hands around me and even though Amy pays so much attention to him, it appears he just wants to spend his time only with me. Which is only making it harder to keep my distance because that’s what I want too. To be with him 24/7, 365 days a year.
Whenever I fall asleep, that’s exactly where my dreams lead me. To his arms. Right where I want to be but I guess the Universe decided it would be more entertaining to make both me and my cousin fall in love with the same guy. Probably a way to punish me for being what I am.

Y/N tapped the page with the pen and scratched the second half of the sentence to a complete blank so no one could read it and she continued writing.

I just wish he’d tell me if he feels something about me. If he does maybe I won’t feel guilty about wanting what I want.

*      *     * 

Kai laid awake in bed thinking … about her. He wanted to see her, to wrap his arms around her and never let her go. There weren’t many people he connected with or cared about or even felt something towards but with his Y/N, things were different. They had this almost instant connection and he knew what they had is special, he knew that much and wasn’t willing to let go of it. Even if it seemed like she doesn’t want to see him anymore and acts all shy around him all of the sudden.
A sigh left his lips and he got up, quietly making his way out of his bedroom and two doors down to her room. He’d definitely get in trouble for sneaking into the girls’ room in the middle of the night if he gets caught, but he didn’t care. Every fiber in his body was pulling him towards her and he needed to see her, maybe wake her up and confront her because he knew for some reason she is acting like she doesn’t like him anymore. And he knew that wasn’t true. His hand hovered over the doorknob for a few long moments before he heard movements from the inside and he quickly disappeared into the shadows. A moment later the door opened and Y/N walked outside, in her PJs and barefoot as usual. She ran her fingers through her hair and closed the door quietly before heading down the stairs. Kai didn’t even have to think twice about following her to the living room and into the kitchen. He watched her open the fridge, slightly bending over to get the lemonade from one of the lower shelves and then grab a glass from the cupboard.
    “Can’t sleep?” said Kai, almost making her jump up. “It’s understandable. I know you don’t like sleeping alone in your bed. You are welcome to share mine , I won’t mind.”
    “So full of yourself.” she said trying to walk past him but each time he blocked her way.
    “You are avoiding me.” he stated. “Why ?”
    “Not avoiding you, just want to go back to sleep.”
    “You are such a bad liar.” he said, a smile tugging a the corners of his mouth. “You weren’t sleeping. Your eyes are wide open and you have never been more awake in your entire life. Why are you avoiding me? Have I done something to get you upset with me ?”
    “Kai –”
    “Don’t Kai me.” he slowly backed her against the kitchen counter, placing both his hands on either side of her to keep her from running away. “Why do you act so weird around me? All shy as if you don’t want to see me. Last year when I got here you could barely wait for my father’s car to disappear from view to jump into my arms. This year you barely even looked at me.”
Y/N left her glass behind her while trying not to think how his body pressed so firmly against hers and she could feel his heart racing. She refused to meet his eyes for more than a second while trying to figure out something to say and her mind went on a full overload when he placed his hands on her waist lightly brushing his fingers against her bare skin, the feeling coursing trough her body like an electric shock wave.
    “Come on Y/N. I know you like me.” he said resting his forehead on hers. “And I know you remember – last summer when we were at the tree stump in the woods and I leaned in –” his lips almost touching hers as he spoke. “– and kissed you.”
    “I don’t know what you are talking about.” she replied, her eyes darting between his eyes and his lips.
    “You are lying.” he smirked seeing her nose crinkle again, just like every time she lied. “I can prove it.”
He gazed into her eyes and his lips crashed against hers, sending a dozen butterflies in her stomach. The feeling spread through her body like a tsunami and he pulled her so close to him she could feel their hearts beating as one. For a moment she let go and tangled her fingers in his hair then pushed him away, placing her hand on his chest holding him an arms length away.
    “Y-you can’t do that.” she pushed him off her and almost ran upstairs, trying to calm her breathing and heart rate. A smile tugged at the corners of her mouth still feeling the lingering feeling of his lips on hers. He had kissed her. What did that mean ? She made her way to the second floor when Kai grabbed her wrist, spun her around and his lips crashed against hers again. He backed her against the wall pressing his body firmly onto hers and pinned her hands over her head so she couldn’t push him off again.
     ”Stop lying to me and stop lying to yourself. There is something between us and you know it.” he said breathing a little heavily, resting his forehead on hers while snaking his hand around her waist pulling her towards him. “Don’t deny it. Your kiss already gave you away.”
    “I told y-you – I don’t like you this way.” she wiggled her hands free and pushed him off her, taking a step down the hall. Barely a second later he grabbed her wrist again, spin her around and smashed his lips against hers pulling her towards him. For a moment Y/N pulled him close too and then pushed him off again but he wouldn’t give up and pulled her back for another kiss leaving her completely breathless.
    “Sure you don’t. That’s why your heart is trying to leap out of your chest and your cheeks are flushed. That’s why you returned the kiss all four times and that’s why you are looking at me with those googly eyes right now. Makes total sense.”
Y/N opened and closed her mouth trying to find any words to say to him, scrambling for any will power to push him off. Instead, she allowed him to shove her against the wall again, leaning in to whisper in her ear.
    “I want you and I know you want me.” he whispered, pushing his crotch against hers. “You know what else I want? I want to rip your clothes right in the middle of this hallway and have my way with you until the sun comes up.”
Y/N opened a closed her mouth feeling her skin turn on fire at his words, Kai’s hot breath hitting her face intoxicated her and clouded her mind completely. He pinned her hands over her head and brushed his fingertips against her hip all the way up her body without taking his eyes off her for a second. Her eyes fluttered closed for a second and her back arched off the wall towards him and he pushed his crotch against hers again.
    “Kai , l …Let me g-go.” she stuttered not willing to look him in the eyes knowing the second she does she wouldn’t be able to push him off again. “Please –”
Why did things have to be so complicated, why couldn’t she just – let go and be with him like she wanted? He wanted her just as much as she wanted him and if there was no one in the house, they probably would’ve ripped each other’s clothes by now. But if couldn’t happen, not with her cousin sleeping a door away and her grandparents being down the hall.
    “Only because you said ‘please.” he brushed his nose against hers for a second and took a step away from her.
Y/N studied his face for a moment and quickly made her way to her bedroom. Her shaky hand hovered over the doorknob for a few long moments before she felt Kai’s breath on her neck, whispering in her ear.
    “I wish I could take you with me in my room –” he brushed his fingers against her inner thighs all the way up to her heat. “ – and spend the rest of night and every night after that with you.”

*      *     *

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The Other One : Part 9

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Halloween Special Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 

Part 10


You lean up against the door frame, blocking him from coming into your apartment.

“What are you doing here? I told y-“

“I know what you told me, but its two days before your birthday and I know that you wouldn’t stick to our tradition. I didn- Are you okay? You seem a bit flustered.” He leans in.

You wanted to confess right now how you had kissed Jinyoung.

“Yeah I’m fine, just tired I just got back from work.”

He eyes your uniform down, you looked cute with your little apron and your hair in a ponytail.

“I didn’t know you changed jobs.” He lies, smiling down at you.

His smile plays with your heart strings, he looked so fluffy, his hair flopping over his forehead. His body drowning in his oversized hoodie.

“Yeah, I got fired from my other one. Apparently not turning up is not a good thing.” You joke, laughing.

He chuckles. You two chat for about 10 minutes, and for those ten minutes you forgot everything. It was as if you two met for the first time. But then you’re pulled out of that moment when your phone buzzed.

                                               ‘Can I leave now?’

“Thanks for the drinks.” You say, grabbing the bags and shutting the door in his face.

Was it bad that you wanted to forgive him? You wanted to tell him that you could forget about everything, even though you couldn’t. You wanted to lie and make everything better. But how could you? You had just kissed Jinyoung, he had cheated, and everything was a mess.

You sigh and set the bags on the table.

“You can come out now.” You say.

Jinyoung slinks out of the room.

“I don’t think we should see each other again.” You say, avoiding eye contact.

Jinyoung collects his shoes and coat and walks towards the door, before turning around.

“Just one date, and if you don’t feel anything for me, I’ll forget about this. And I’ll go back to being your friend.” He compromises.

You couldn’t just reject him, what if something was there? You know you would regret it if you missed such a moment. What if he was the one you were meant to be with?

“Okay, just one date.” You just wanted to try it. All those missed looks and longing touches, what if they actually meant something.

“Great, I’ll swing by at 7 on Friday. I wanna wine and dine you for your birthday.” He smiles widely.

“Um… I can’t do Friday, I’m going out with friends… well friend. Maybe Sunday, when I won’t be disgustingly drunk or hungover?” You suggest.

“Sunday is perfect. I’ll see you then.” He walks towards the door. Suddenly he stops.

“Sorry about today, I didn’t mean to take advantage of you. And I don’t expect you to be over Jaebum, he was such a big of your life. And I hope to be the same, just without the infidelity.” He nods, before leaving, gently shutting the door behind him.

You walk into the bathroom, admiring the bath that you had just ran for yourself, it had been a rough day.

You strip out of your clothes, then take off your underwear. Unfortunately, nothing in your life, not even taking a bath, was easy. You trip and fall into the bath, banging your knee. It hurt so much, you might have broken it. You try and get up, but fail, as your body falls back into the bath, water comes flowing out of the sides. Even if you were to get out, you would just fall back into the bath again, slipping on the suds flooding the floor. You really want to get out of the bath, this wasn’t the relaxing soak you had been anticipating. Your eyes search the bathroom looking for something to assist you, and your eyes land on the house phone next to the toilet, you kinda thank the lord that you order pizza on the toilet last night. You reach over and pick up the phone. You didn’t know any number off head. Except one. You didn’t want to call him, but you also didn’t want to be stuck in the bath. You reluctantly dial the number. It rings twice before he picks up.

“Hello.” He says.

“I need your help.” You wince, as you watch your knee swell.

“Who is this?” He asks, you must have never given him your house phone number.

“Your ex-girlfriend.” You sigh.

He sits up in his bed.

“What’s wrong?” He asks, putting his shoes on.

“I’ve hurt myself and I’m stuck in the bathtub.” You admit, embarrassed.

You hear a stifled laugh.

“You know what? I’ll just embarrass myself and call the ambulance if you’re gonna laugh.”

“No! I’m on my way.” He says, grabbing his jacket and running out the apartment.

“I’ll see you soon.”

You sit in the bath for what feels like 2 days before your house phone rings.

“I’m outside.” He says.

“Come in then.” You say.

“I don’t your pin, you changed it.” He says, quietly.

“It’s the day we met, 040615.” You say, shyly.

It was easy to remember, and even though you were hurt it meant a lot to you.

“Okay.” Even though you couldn’t see him, you could tell he was smiling. And the thought of him smiling made you smile through your pain.

You hear feet run into your apartment and a hand pushes the bathroom door open.

“Turn around and pass me my towel.” You scream.

“It’s not like I’ve never seen you naked before, now just let me help you.” He says.

“That’s different, we are not together anymore, it’s inappropriate, let me just cover up first. Now pass me my towel.” You holler.

He chucks your towel over his shoulder, it makes a soft sound as it fall in the water.

“Well done. Now I can’t cover myself.” You say sarcastically.

He chuckles.

“If I shut my eyes, will you let me help you?” He asks.

“Okay, but keep your hands on my arms.” You say.

He walks towards the bathtub, slowly but surely. Almost falling over a couple of times because of the of the water soaked floor.

After a weary few minutes, he makes it over to you unscathed.

“Okay, I will put my arms out and you will pull me out, okay?”

He nods.

You reach your arms out as he blindly feels around. His strong hands wrap around your arms. Just as you’re about to stand, your wet arms slip from his grip and you fall back in bringing him down with you. You try and not panic as he lies against your naked body.

“Get off of me! “ You scream.

He smirks.

“Well it’s been a while.” He jokes.

“Get. Off. NOW!” You shout.

He gets out of the bath and wrings his top. You couldn’t help but stares as the material clung to his abs.

“You kno what?  We tried your way, and that didn’t work. Now we try my way.” He says, reaching out.

“Close your eyes.” You say.

He rolls his eyes and scoops you up, being mindful of your obviously swollen knee. As he walks out of the bathroom, with you in tow, you grab your towelling robe off of the door and wrap it around yourself.

He sets you down on the living couch.

“Thank you.” You say quietly.

“No problem.” He says, taking a seat on the opposite chair.

“I’ll get your clothes, I’m taking you the hospital.” He says, getting up.

“It’s fine, I’ll call someone else, just pass me my phone and you can go.” You tell him.

“No, I’ll stay.” He goes into your bedroom to look for clothes for you to wear.

You stare off into the distance, thinking about how deep his love for you must be. You were astonished at the speed he got to you in. How he heroically picked you up, how he made you feel safe. If you could rewind to the moment you left, would you have fixed everything?

“We’ll meet again” - [Steve Rogers- October extended imagine].

Based on: (October) Imagine: In the 1940′s, Steve met you at a ball and the two of you danced. He insisted on walking you home because it was almost midnight, and at some point, you vanished. When he asked about you around town, he found out you died tragically years before when the same ballroom burnt down, but legend has it you always come back for one last dance on October 31st, and you had chosen him as your partner.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Song referenced in title“We’ll meet again” by Vera Lynn.

Notes: Just listen to the song. Trust me. All of it. // This is also based on a very famous legend, one of those that happened everywhere, so god knows where it truly came from, but my Grandfather told it to me <3 I made some changes of course.




It was the October ball that night; a celebration on the 31st to bid the month farewell and welcome November.

The ballroom was filled with couples dancing to slow tunes, women in simple dresses, and men in navy or army uniforms. Captain Steve Rogers seemed to be the only one without a partner as he stood in the middle of the room, but the doors opened and he locked eyes with her. People parted like the red sea when she walked in and joined him on the dance floor. She twirled in front of Steve, letting him know she had chosen him, and he was in a daze. He caught her by the waist and grabbed her right hand to lead their dance; for a brief second, their faces had been an inch apart.

“Carol.” she said when they introduced themselves.

Somehow, Steve was unable to formulate many questions. He was hypnotized by the young woman. Her beauty, and the way she seemed to float when she danced. He paid no attention to his surroundings, or the song they danced to, until he felt watched. Every couple stared at them with warm smiles on their faces, they were the center of attention, and just when Steve felt like asking her if she had noticed, he heard her singing softly, and then everybody joined her.

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WARNINGS: Violence 

 For as long as I can remember, I have loved my best friend. We were born years apart, myself only as old as his little brother Sam. Our parents thought Sam and I would end up falling in love, but I knew that would never be the case. From the moment I first saw him, I knew that he would ruin those plans, Dean Winchester was perfect, and I fell in love with him faster than you could ever imagine. My parents were hunters just like John and Mary, and like them they gave it up once I was born. But even after as soon as I came of age, I joined the business. Hunting ran in my blood, and, Dean Winchester had chosen to become a hunter just years prior. Sam came with us, deciding he should try it out before he eliminated the chance to go to law school. After we met Castiel, our group was perfect. We fought the monsters that crept in the night, we worked well together. Dean and I grew a bond he would describe as sisterly to my disappointment. But I got to be with him, it was good enough for me. We lived in this perfect world for 4 years after Sam decided to stick with hunting. Then she came along. And she ruined everything. 

 Marie Claire Forester was the textbook definition of perfect. She was beautiful, smart, funny, and a genuinely nice person. The only fault to her character was one that truly hit home to me. She fell in love with Dean Winchester. Slowly, she edged her way into our family, from starting to date Dean, to learning how to hunt so she could stay on the road with us. And everyday she was with us I saw the two of them become closer than ever. Everyone who met Marie loved her. Dean, Sam, Castiel, bartenders even the grumpy motel managers. Complete strangers would even turn to say hello when Marie greeted them. Just as slowly as she made her way into my world, I was pushed out of it. Suddenly Dean was forgetting to open the door for me to get out of the Impala, or forgetting to order me food. Sam was forgetting to mention what book he was reading, and he stopped the enjoyable conversations we would have on road trips while Dean rocked out to his music. Both of them forgot I even existed, often leaving me out of hunting trips, or driving away from the motel and making me have to call them to pick me up. The first time it happened I waited, thinking they would realize I wasn’t in the back seat and head back to pick me up, but they didn’t. I called that night, making them drive a whole day’s worth of travel back, which was when they had the audacity to scold me from making them waste gas and loose time on their way to the next hunt. Castiel had to have seen it. The pain and desperation and loneliness that radiated off of me. But he never did anything, never said or mentioned a word about what had happened. Within a year of Marie joining us, I was no longer apart of the team. I was the baggage they had to take with them, in fear my parents or myself would say something if they officially kicked me out. I became a useless shadow, never seen or heard as I watched the only people I had ever trusted, forget me.

I learned that I was wrong when I thought the day we met Marie was the worst day of my life. The day that makes that one pale in comparison was much, much worse. I remember it so vividly, I could tell you what the weather was like outside. We were in Tennessee, searching for a man who had somehow killed 20 people in his town. He had made a deal with a demon after his wife left him. He wanted to ruin the lives of every happy couple ever. The demon gave him the ability to see the auras of soulmates, meaning he could look at two people and see if they were soulmates. He had done it with all his victims, shortly followed by his knife slitting their throats. When we first saw him, he had this evil little smirk on his face, like he knew he was about to ruin my life. Like he could instantly see what the affect of his words would have on my life. 

 "Soulmates are so funny you know,“ he practically giggled, staring straight at me, “Sometimes, the love of your life is right beside you and you never notice it.” I caught Dean and Marie glancing at each other in the corner of my eye, making my stomach knot up as I understood what they were thinking. They would be the bait, the only two here who could be soulmates. I swallowed thickly as the man got closer to me, it had to be the first time in that year everyone was looking at me, and it felt so weird and different actually being looked at for once. “You know what the real problem with your life is honey?” The man asked as he placed a hand on my shoulder. I glared weakly up into the man’s blue eyes. “Your soulmate is currently all cozied up with someone who isn’t you. In fact, he’s that stunning brunette over there with the green eyes sweetie.” Those words are the last thing he said. That was before Dean whipped out his gun and put a bullet straight through the man’s head. I gasped in shock as blood splattered onto me, feeling confused and shocked as his words registered in my head. He said that Dean was my soulmate. And Dean was here to hear it as well. The only person who could prove we were connected and Dean killed him right after he did. I looked over at Dean, only to see him standing with his arms wrapped around Marie who seemed to be crying into his chest. My eyes met Dean’s, but my gaze if confusion was met by his glare of hatred. I shriveled back at the force of his glare as he put his gun back into his waistband and turned to walk Marie back outside, whispering sweet nothings into her ear as they went, Dam and Castiel close behind them. I stood frozen for a few moments, trying to mull things over in my brain before I slipped off the sweatshirt I was wearing and used to inside to wipe the blood off of my face. I scrubbed hard, taking out some of the frustration as I thought of Dean’s actions. How could he? Why would he act like that after finding out such a thing? I sniffled as I felt my eyes begin to water. I would not cry for this. No. I knew Dean didn’t feel as I did, this shouldn’t have been a big deal to me, it should have been as common as the day to day activities I encountered. But it still hurt, I tried to swallow the pain as j ran for the door, knowing if I didn’t get out there soon they would leave me. Perhaps this time, they wouldn’t come back. 

 It must feel terrible to discover someone you loved was unfaithful to you. Because it burned to hear them when Dean didn’t even have a reason to be faithful to me. Every night I could hear them, no matter how loud the music or how far away their room was placed, I heard them. His grunts of pleasure, her wanton moans that sounded in response. The both of them calling and screaming out as they finished. Some nights were better than others, they would only go for it twice. Others, they would continue on into the morning. There was one night in particular that I remember rather well. Maybe I remember it because it was the night I lost hops. Or maybe because it was the night Dean Winchester took my heart, and smashed it with a hammer. 

 I yawned as I turned over in my bed again before turning back. My irrational fear of sleeping with my back to the door would always get to me. I was grateful that tonight was one of the nights Dean took a break from all the fucking that would occur behind Marie and his own closed door. The thing I turned out not to be grateful for, was how my room was connected to Sam’s. 

 It was obvious that sleep would not be coming easily tonight. Just the same it seemed to be that way for the Winchester brothers as well. I had heard Sam shuffling around as I attempted to sleep and had even contemplating walking through the adjoined bathroom and saying hello. But my plans were hopefully shattered as I heard Dean’s voice sound through the thin walls and open bathroom doors. 

 "Marie is just so amazing Sam. I think I really picked a good one this time. She’s gotta be the one,“ Dean confessed to his brother. His voice was light and airy, slightly wistful as I imagined him looking up at the ceiling in wonder as he thought of his Marie. 

 "Well actually, according to the aura reader in Tennessee, your meant to be is Y/N,” Sam replied, his voice making it sound like a joke as he laughed a bit after the sentence left him mouth. 

 "Please that guy was such a joke. I mean Y/N is nice and all, but she is nothing compared to Marie. There is no way I could be soulmates with someone like her. No, Marie is it for me Sammy,“ Dean laughed back. I couldn’t help but let my eyes water as the man who I had loved for all of my life compared me to perfection. I swallowed thickly as my throat began to close up as it always did when I was upset. 

 "That guy must have been on something. I mean really, Y/N was a great childhood friend, but to be honest she reminds me of that person you drop after a couple of years. You know, she just isn’t that special as we used to think she was,” Sam added making Dean grunt in what I assume would be agreement. That was when the tears really began to fall. I knew Dean wouldn’t have anything nice to say, but Sam had always been a friend, and unlike Dean he didn’t have a Marie to truly give him such a bad idea of me. Right? 

“Really. Marie is like the perfect upgrade. She’s a great friend to Cas and you, she turning out to be a great hunter. I mean when was the last time Y/N did anything on a hunt huh? Years ago. I just wish we could somehow convince her to leave by her own free will.” I couldn’t handle it. I shoved earphones into my ears and blasted my music to its highest volume. Thankfully the music could drown out their voices. But the tears that ran down my face were unbearable, and unpreventable. Despite the abundance of bad memories I have, there are some that provide a glimpse of happiness. Those included my parents, Dean and me as kids, Sam reading to me when I was sick, and the most recent, Crowley. The reason we were there had not been conveyed to me. I just found myself standing behind Castiel as a man who introduced himself as Crowley talked to Sam and Dean.

“What do you want Crowley? It’s not like you to give us something and not want another thing in return,” Sam asked, his teeth gritted in frustration at the demon. 

 "You boys have come to know me to well, “ Crowley purred, glancing at each of us in the sort of bundle we had created. His eyes rayed on me, barely seeing me from behind Cas. His eyebrows raised slightly as his gaze stayed on mine. 

"Well aren’t you just a little gem,” Crowley said before he took a step forward, then sidestepping to get by Castiel so he was standing right beside me. “So pretty. And such a vulnerable mind. Oh you will do nice lovely. Would you like to come with me Y/N? I promise no harm will come to you, unless you request otherwise,” he offered, a mischievous smile on his face as my eyes went wide. The room stood silent as Crowley coked his head to the side eyes still gazing into my own. “Either you come willingly, or I kill everyone you love. And let’s be honest, you want to come. Get away from the people who betrayed you. The ones who made you feel like nothing, worthless. What do you say dear, would you like to see Hell?” Crowley asked. I couldn’t help but flinch slightly at his words. He was right though. They had forgotten me, betrayed my trust. It was their fault I was even contemplating the option of going with Crowley. 

 "You can’t be serious. Why do you want her?“ Dean scoffed, breaking the heavy silence in the room. Crowley slowly looked over at Dean, giving him an odd look before turning to me and raising his eyebrows. 

 "How did you ever love him? He thinks nothing of you Y/N. You know that. You know that things will never change unless you are the one to change them. Come with me darling, we have special places for people like you in hell. You can finally be appreciated for what you are and what you can do. No more standing in the back like a shadow. You can be your own person and people will notice you darling. By the time I have taught you the rounds, everyone will know your name, and no one will disrespect you.” Crowley’s grin suddenly didn’t look as frightening as it used to. I let his words soak in. If he was telling the truth, he could offer me something none of my ‘friends’ here would ever offer me. I glanced at my feet before looking back at Crowley, willing myself not to look towards Dean as I opened my mouth to respond. “You swear that no harm will come to the people I care about by your hand?” I asked, I had to make sure someone else other than me benefited from this. Crowley nodded in response, his smile growing wider as he anticipated me answer. “As much as I hate hot weather, I believe you have yourself a deal,” I said with a small smile on my face. Crowley chuckled lightly at my joke before turning back to the people I used to call friends. “Well then. Now that that is settled, we will be on our way,” Crowley told my companions before turning back to place a hand on my shoulder, lightly guiding me to the door. As I walked past them, I felt four pairs of eyes on my back, almost making me shrivel back behind them. 

 "Hold up. Y/N, you can’t seriously be doing this,“ Sam asked as we neared the door. I stopped in front of the door as Crowley opened it, turning back to meet Sam’s panic filled brown eyes. 

 "I can, and I am. Have fun telling my parents about how you drove their only child to chose becoming a demon over staying with you lot. See you in the future Sammy, though I don’t think the next time we see each other, we’ll be fighting for the same side." 

 There is nothing happy about my story. I was taken advantage of, forgotten, and abused in such a way, I believed myself to have no self worth. Then I was saved, by a demon who promised a good life. And taking him up on his offer, was the best decision of my life. Especially seeing the look in Sam’s and Dean’s eyes the next time we met. When my eyes were black as night and my soulmate’s whore lied on the ground, her intestines spilling out of the slash through her stomach. Dean Winchester was my first love. And I do enjoy making sure my soulmates life is pure hell on Earth.



REQUEST: Can I request that the reader is flustered with writer’s block and Bucky is all sweet and fluffy to distract her from the frustration??

WARNINGS: none besides some kissing and stuff 

The amount of paper balls that were scattered across your living room floor was ridiculous. You felt tension in your shoulders and lower back from being hunched towards your computer for the last two and a half hours.

The sun had set and the night had begun. The stars were shining brightly outside but you didn’t notice. You were too busy to take a look out the window.

The paper that you were working on was a pain in the ass. It was due in less than a week and you had barely begun to scratch the surface of the six thousand words required for it.

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Kit: Fire Emblem Fates comes out in a matter of days, so today we wanted to talk about something that will pay off when you all start playing!

Krysta: Hopefully our follies will help you when you get the game because there’s been a lot of trial and error for us as we are playing. 

Kit: That’s right, we’ve paid the price to bring you our top 5 strategy tips. So here we go!

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