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I’m back dudes, I’m gonna try to be active everyday again ☺️I used to be mental-suicide but have switched it to redeemedmind and slacked off for a while with being active after the switch. Id love to get in touch with some old followers who’ve been following me since the beginning!!! reply to this post if you still remember me or remember any interactions we’ve had over the years because I’d love to see!! I’m gonna try to answer all the messages and questions I’ve had build up over the years SO feel free to unfollow me if I’m spamming your dash with too many messages because there’s like over 10k lol, & feel free to message me with any questions or advice, here for anyone xx I’d love to try and help

fizzle-switch replied to your postI CAN’T GET THE IMAGE OF SNAPE TWERKING OUT OF MY…

You never know, it might … inspire you? XD I’m gonna go laugh myself to death now.

Snape’s buttcheeks ain’t gonna help me deal with my current life crisis but nice try, thank you kindly again for that horrifying mental image, I’ll maybe dedicate you a tweet tonight when I wake up at 4 am all sweaty with the memory of lucid dreaming of that butt bouncing still burnt into my metal retinas

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

Imagine Tony’s face the first time he opens one of Iron Man’s fan letter. Imagine him still reeling from the aftermath of his public coming-out–with Pepper and Coulson and SHIELD and the board and pretty much everyone being pissed at him– and after a long, long day, Tony opens this letter and finds a crude drawing of his suit with a shaky, misspelled You’re my favourite hero, Mr Stark and he just- stares at it with this expression of utter wonder, traces the letters in silent awe, feels this rush of warmth and affection and happiness that settles in a soft smile on his lips.

When you have trust issues, the only person you really don’t trust is yourself. You don’t trust that you don’t have the capability to never put yourself through a similar situation.

one of the reasons people with bpd handle people rejecting them/abandoning them so hard is bc we base our identities around these people we get attached to. how THEY feel about us is who we ARE, in our minds. if they love us, we base our identities around that and believe we are loveable. if they leave us or decide they don’t like us anymore, we believe we are unloveable because we have no concrete sense of who we are, apart from how other people feel about us.

borderline things: being in love

-wanting to text someone 24/7 just to interact with them
-always staring at ur Favorite Person when they’re doing something and soaking up every detail
-saying “I love you” an excessive amount of times and the words start to lose their meaning but you just loVE THEM SO FUCKING MUCH you gotta say it 24/7
-when they joke around with u and u take one tiny little possible implication behind what they said and make sure to never do that thing ever again. even if they probably weren’t even implying it
-realizing wanting to be with them in person 24/7 is not healthy
-always feeling like they can never love u as much as u love them
-having unrealistic expectations of them bc you always buy them little gifts and shower them with attention and affection but you know that not everyone can be like this :)))))

You can’t just treat me like shit and expect nothing to change between us.
—  My head

me, last night when I thought my best friend was abandoning me: I hate her and she’s the worst person ever and I’m never going to speak to her again so she’s knows how I feel!!
my best friend, this morning: hey, wanna hang out today
me, now: 💖💖💖💕💕💕❤❤😍😍😍😍✨✨❤❤💕😍😍💖💓😍💓💘💘😍💞💖💕💛💟😍💜❣💙💓💚💓💕❤😍😍💕💘😍💗 YES!!! ABSOLUTELY!! LET ME CLEAR MY SCHEDULE!!


“you can’t keep acting like this, you need to learn from your actions”

“you’re scaring everyone away”

“what do you have to say for yourself?”

Every mistake turned into a habit, so every apology meant nothing.

It has been 18 years since Columbine has happened. There’s going to be a lot of arguments about whether there were 13 victims or 15 victims. Instead of arguing about it we should all give our respect to the people that passed this very day.

We should use this tragic event to prevent something so horrific from happening again. To learn more about mental health.

Please do not remove my caption as I did not write it for people to delete it.