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I bet you Sherlock and John were pen pals when they were little, they just don’t remember it. Like Sherlock would have really cute bee stationery his mum bought him  - without lines, because he’s too old for lines - and one of those address stickers but with bees on them. And he wouldn’t really want to have a pen pal at first, because who needs those, and also, the name is stupid, his mum makes him write in pencil anyways. Which is okay because he has one with honeycomb designs. But his mum signs him up anyways and he gets a letter from John in the mail, and his letter has pirate stationery and Sherlock thinks this is so cool and Sherlock (Billy) writes to John about pirates, and John returns with another letter complimenting him on the bee stationery and asking him how he made the address sticker, and it just goes on until they get a little too old for pen pals, or John moves away. And years and years later they’re living together and in love and Rosie starts getting older and Mrs. Holmes thinks she should get a pen pal too, but who even does that nowadays, like no one, it’s an old-fashioned concept, but Mrs. Holmes gets her these fancy address stickers and Rosie just needs to use them, so she does. And she shows John and Sherlock her first letter and asks them to take her to the post office to mail it out and they both see the bee address label and think….oh

Cassian (& Nesta) Headcannon

This got a bit…. long


•Cassian, with his 500 years of living, has picked up how to play some musical instruments out of curiosity
•BUT, he’s never really played in front of or for anyone
•His favorite instrument is definitely the piano
•He just- he loves the way the chords flow together and the sounds that resonate in a room even after he’s stopped pressing down on the keys
•He loves to lose himself in the notes; to let everything in him be consumed by the way music affects him so intensely
•So one day, Cass is in the House of Wind or something when everyone else is gone doing their own thing
•He’s wandering around and just so happens to walk past one of his favorite rooms, where his beloved piano is bathed in golden sunlight in this open, airy balcony, music room type of thing
•And his fingers twitch as his side, yearning to create melodies long since suppressed, considering he hasn’t played in what seems like forever
•So he gently crosses the room and sits down on the bench; runs a hand lovingly across the lid of his piano before placing his fingers tentively on the ivory keys
•And with a deep breathe to calm his nerves, he begins to play
•It’s messy at first; years of not playing has caused his brain to muddle his usual technique, but he still continues, pushing on
•Slowly, slowly, the notes start to come out smoother
•Memories and notes come back to him in waves; his fingers dancing across the keys in excitement, having almost forgotten how good it feels to release his emotions and craft them into something beautiful
•He remembers now, why he started learning to play piano in the first place
•He remembers: a younger Cassian wandering around Velaris, centuries ago, and hearing something that stopped him in his tracks
•It was music- a type he’d never heard before; music that burrowed itself in his skin and settled along his bones
•So he followed that sound, coming to a shop with its door open, and peered in to see an older woman sitting at a piano bench
•He watched her for a few moments, losing himself in the movement of her hands- how intricate the chords seemed to be, and he wanted it so bad- wanted to know how to create something as breathtaking as that
•So after her musical piece came to an end, he approached her, swallowing his pride to get out the following breathless words, “Can you- can you teach me?”
•From then on, he would go to that little shop to be taught the ways of the massive instrument
•She taught him & he learned to know which pedals to push and how long to hold each note; how to build a piece higher and higher until the crescendo shattered into existence, all from the tips of their fingers
•Eventually, when he was quite advanced in learning and playing after months of practice, the woman told him that her job was done, all that was left was for him to create his own music instead of learning hers
• “You have so much inside of you,” she had said, gently pressing a palm to his heart. “You must take all those deeply buried feelings and let them out. Forge them into something useful, something that brings you peace instead of turmoil. You must understand that music is your companion, it will be there when all else is lost. Don’t forget to share your burdens, your happiness, your sorrow, with the one thing that will never betray you.” With that, she had taken the hand that was still on his chest and placed it on her magnificent piano, letting her own memories sweep her into an inviting embrace as Cassian quietly left for the day
•A few weeks later, as Cassian was making his way back to the old lady’s piano shop for a visit, he walked in to find the place empty- all except the piano they had played on together for hours on end
•And as he made his way over to the instrument, he found a note laying on top of it saying, “She is now yours, and she is your friend. Treat her well.”
•Cassian has never seen her again, but the memory of her will live on with him for as long as he’s alive
•So now, he is currently sitting still at the House of Wind, having lost himself in the memories of his earlier life, and he just - starts crying
•Like, it hits him so hard and he misses the old woman who taught him how to play and he wants to go back to the time where everything was not quite so hectic; before Amarantha and the King of Hybern and all the wars that he has fought in
•He wants to go back to the time where his soul wasn’t so heavy, even though he has never experienced a time where he’s been completely light hearted
•Not until her
•With that thought, his silent tears instantly slow until they stop
•When he’s with her, everything seems so simple
•Although she’s a pain in the ass a lot of the time, he wouldn’t have it any other way
•He recalls a past conversation with Rhysand, where his brother had confessed to him that when Feyre and him had first gone to the Summer Court, Feyre had told the High Lord Tarquin that, “It would be very easy to love you.” Rhys had been a wreck whenever it came to his mate (during the time she didn’t know she was his mate yet)
•But those words had stuck with Cassian for a while
•It is very, very easy to love Nesta
•With that notion, and feeling of love in his heart, he begins to play again
•But this song is slow, peaceful, and effortless
•He let’s his heart compose this piece, as his hands do the work
•The music is lovely, resembling the most cherished of his feelings
•And Cassian can’t help but memorize it; he knows it’s dedicated to his love- to Nesta
•And after this afternoon is over, and he has created the most graceful tune he has ever played, he knows he has to show her
•So when the opportunity arrives a week or two later, and Nesta & Cassian are alone, he brings her to his music room, and plays the piece he crafted for her
•And she knows, can feel it deep down in her soul, that the music he plays for her is for her ears alone
•She cherishes it, loves it, spills more than a few tears over it
•Cassian is so nervous and anxious because this is his first time showing someone this part of him, this love for piano
•But Nesta just comes over to sit next to him on the bench, and leans her head on his shoulder as she gently grabs his hand and entwines her fingers with his
•And he’s just silent, so full of happiness and he’s content and he’s proud to have a woman like Nesta in his life
•He tentively asks her, “Do you like it?”
•She turns her head to peer up at him, her eyes shining silver, “It’s perfect.”
•And the purest smile appears on his face and it just breaks her heart and mends it back together again all in the same instant and she leans in to kiss him
•And the kiss is slow and extraordinary, and it reminds them that they have the rest of their immortal lives to be with each other, and even in death they will not be separated

one day eleven and max realize that they’re both good singers and they start doing covers together in private.  eventually they show the boys and will, lucas, and dustin all wanna join because they love singing too, and eventually they get jonathan and steve to join them on the instrumental parts.  mike’s the band manager who constantly makes them play the songs over again, and nancy just shows up to practices to watch her dumb boyfriends show off

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235. “Mind if I cut in?” With Daveed??

He’s been watching you dance with other guys for the entire reception, waiting for the perfect moment to sneak in.  Every time he gathers up the courage to get up, though, someone else takes your hand, or you leave the dance floor for a snack, or Pippa or Jasmine drag you away.  Five hours later, Daveed find himself in the same chair at the same table, watching you with the same longing gaze he’s been looking at you with for years.

He barely notices when Oak takes the chair next to him.  “You need to just ask her, man,” he says.  “Get in there.  Stop being’ a wuss.”  He gives him a rough shove, practically knocking him out of his seat.

“Fuck off,” Daveed says, trying to keep his balance as he stands upright.  The sudden movement has caught your attention, and you give him a small smile, wriggling your fingers at him.  “Gonna kick your ass later,” Daveed mutters to Oak out of the corner of his mouth, all the while trying to keep up his pearly white grin for you.

Oak just chortles.

Mind if I cut in?” Daveed asks after clearing his throat.

“Hmm, I don’t know, it’s up to Benji,” you say.  Renee’s son glowers at Daveed for a second (the much taller man actually seems to shrink back), which causes you to giggle.  “C’mon, this is your third dance.  You can spare him half a song, right?”

“I guess,” Benjamin acquiesces, though he makes sure to shoot Daveed the dirtiest glare he can muster as he exits the dance floor.

“He got that from his mama,” Daveed says, as his hands take your waist.

Your hands slide up his chest before wrapping behind his neck; you step closer to him, so that your bodies are flush against each other.  Daveed wonders if you can feel the thunder in his chest against yours.  “Just get him some ice cream and he’ll get over it,” you say, grinning.  “Besides, I’m pretty sure he’s just been dancing with me to make Jas jealous.”

You move slowly to the music, but his feet feel like they’re in concrete and your touch is electricity and he’s drowning in your eyes.  He doesn’t realize that he’s stopped moving until you give his neck a small tug.  “D?” you ask softly.  “What’s up?”

“Sorry,” he says, sounding breathless.  “I’m not that good at dancing.”

“Bullshit,” you say, with a grin that reminds him of sunshine.  “I’ve been watching you eyeball me all day, Diggs.”  His heart practically leaps into his throat when you pull him down to your level, so that your noses are touching.  “Time for you to make your move.”

“I’m just tryin’ to be romantic, (Y/N),” he says, with faux exasperation.

“You’ve been trying to be romantic for years, D.”  Oh God, was he really that transparent?  “C’mon.  Just do it.  Kiss me.”

You’re on your toes, just a sliver of space (the fear of rejection, the hesitance, the worry) between your lips.  Can he really do this?  Will this work out?

“Kiss me,” you say again, the whisper caressing his lips.  He throws all fears to the wind, pressing his mouth sweetly to yours as he holds you to him.  You all but grin into the kiss, and he laughs when you kick your legs up, so that the only thing between you and the ground are his strong hands.  “That’s what I’m talking about,” you murmur, when your feet touch the floor again.

“There’s a lot more where that came from,” he says, and he kisses you again.


genre -  angst

summary - facetime with jimin for the first time in a long time…inspired by the gif below…also loosely inspired by thief by ansel elgort 

a/n - no idea where this came from, but yeah it just happened..i kinda started thinking about this at 7:30am in math class after seeing this jimin gif on my dash lol + sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes, i suck sometimes sorry

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Somebody Else - D.H.

Pairing: Dan x reader

Summary: based off the song Somebody Else by The 1975, a generally sad imagine where Dan and reader are in love but can’t be together for various reasons,, what happens next? read to find out ((idk why i made this sound like a bad movie trailer i’m sorry))

Requested: no

Warnings: slight angst, so many time jumps (i’m actually sorry about how much it jumps around)

A/N: hi hi hi i’d like to apologize for being the absolute worst account owner and writer as i haven’t posted a new imagine in over a month… to anyone who’s requested something, i’m so so sorry it’s taking so long. as a late kinda easter gift please enjoy this imagine which came from me being kinda down & also expect more imagines sometime soon!


prologue thing idk:

I can’t give you my soul cause we’re never alone.

“If we love each other [Y/N],” he started as the two of you lay cuddling on the couch.

You interrupted him, knowing where he was about to go, “I can’t… We’ve had this conversation a million times Dan please, I can’t be with you like that, you know why, I’m sorry.”

“[Y/N] please, look, I get it, I really do-”

You cut him off again, “But it doesn’t seem like you do, Dan… I love you, but I just can’t because of what you do.”

“I know, I know that you don’t like that a lot of my life is on the internet but I could keep you away from it, I know I could.”

“It’s inevitable Dan, the second you mention that you’re dating someone it’ll only be a matter of time before your followers find any of my accounts online,” you smile just a little, “People on the internet, especially yours and Phil’s followers, are like mini-detectives most of the time.”

Dan let out a sigh before you continued, “We’d never truly be able to be alone with our relationship. It’s not fair of me to only be apart of half of your life; I can’t date Dan Howell without also dating danisnotonfire. You need to find someone who can be with all of you,” your heart breaks a little as you say it but let the words hang in the air.

He’s silent for a little while, the two of you just staring at one another on the couch.

“I love you,” he mutters out weakly, reaching to pull you back into his chest.

Your voice shakes as you wrap your arms around him, “I love you too.”

The words mean too much, more than if you had said them to Phil, or to a friend. Hours later you’re still silently sat intertwined with one another, simply co-existing next to the love of your life but being unable to be with one another in the way both of you secretly wanted; Dan outwardly and you in denial of it, too afraid of what ifs to take a leap in the right direction. Playing this open-ended game of dating without a label, because a label made it serious; made it real.

a few months later:

Our love has gone cold you’re intertwining your soul with somebody else.

It had been a few months since you and Dan had talked and things were very suddenly spiraling in a direction you didn’t want them to.

You had encouraged, no, you had suggested that he find somebody else but you hadn’t anticipated how much it would hurt.

Slowly, he had begun to pull away from you and it hadn’t become increasingly apparent, until now.

You’d come over this afternoon to visit your two best friends, fully expecting everything to be normal.

Phil had given you a hug on the way in, asking you about your week and how work was. Dan, however, had simply said hello, smiling before making his way to his bedroom, muttering something about editing a video.

Phil furrowed his eyebrows at his behaviour as your heart shattered. You knew it wasn’t fair to expect Dan to keep waiting for you; the two of you had been playing that game for nearly 6 months and it wasn’t at all reasonable of you to want him to wait for someone who just kept rejecting him. 

You just shake your head at your confused friend, “I’ll go see what’s up.”

You make your way down the hall after an affirmation from Phil, knocking lightly on the door of the bedroom you’d never had to knock at before.

“Come in.”

The voice was almost strange, cut off and distant; he knew it was you but he was acting like someone totally new, not someone who was in love with you.

“Umm, hi,” you let out, stepping in the doorway.

“Oh [Y/N], hey, what d’you need?”

He said it almost harshly, as if you were bothering him.

“I’m sorry to bother you… Is everything alright with us?” your heart beat rapidly in your chest as you waited for his answer; anxiously hoping that every terrible thought running through your head was an overreaction.

Dan sighed, running a hand through his hair as he turned to face you, “You’re not a bother… C’mere.”

He opened his arms, sounding much more like the person you loved as you made your way over to him.

You didn’t say anything as you sat down on his lap, facing him as you buried your face in his neck.

“Love,” he began, “We can’t keep doing this… I,” he pauses, “I found someone who seems really cool, we’ve been talking a bit and I really think I like them.”

Your heart stops, breaking a little more as he continues, rubbing your back as he does, “I still love you, I think I always will; but I think it’s time that I start to move on.”

The words feel forced, like he doesn’t truly mean them. You pull away, looking at him in the eyes as you attempt to decipher what he’s thinking.

You come away with nothing. And that’s when you realize that for right now, you’ve lost him.

Dan had always been good at hiding his emotions, but right now, he was choosing to do so from you.

Nodding your head you looked down at your legs, unable to look him in the eyes in that moment.

“I understand,” you murmur, “I’m- I’m gonna go hang with Phil if that’s alright.”

“Of course, I’ve gotta get back to editing anyways,” he lets go of you, allowing you to slide off his lap.

Quickly, you do, disentangling yourself from his body and exiting his room with a quick goodbye; immediately making your way across the hall into Phil’s room.

Phil looks up from his laptop, watching you make your way toward him from his place on his bed.

“[Y/N] is everything alri-” he cuts himself off when you burst into tears, immediately closing his computer as he stands up and makes his way towards you.

“Alright, you’re alright; I’m here [Y/N], I’ve got you,” Phil continues letting out words of comfort as he hugs you, having moved the two of you into his bed.

I don’t want your body but I hate to think about you with somebody else.

A little while later, you’ve calmed down; your breath evening out as Phil has finally managed to comfort you enough to stop crying.

“I-I’m sorry Phil,” you stutter out, voice hoarse after having been crying.

“No worries, wanna tell me what’s going on?”

“Dan,” your chest feels heavy as you let out a shaky breath, “I’m, I’m just really stupid and I’ve blown it with him.”

“I’m sure you haven’t blown it, what’d he say?” Phil attempts to reassure you, rubbing your back soothingly as he speaks.

“I told him to move on from me because I was too afraid of what could be and now he’s found somebody else and I don’t know what to do with myself.. I screwed up, Phil, really badly.”

“Dan loves you, try talking to him about it, I’m sure-”

You interrupt him, “I can’t keep doing that to him though Phil, it’s not fair of me to keep stringing him along and I can’t be in a relationship with him… It’s like, I want to be with him, but something’s holding me back.”

“Well I mean, not to be blunt, but are you sure it isn’t just a lust thing? Like, are you in love with Dan or the idea of Dan, or even just the idea of being, ya know, with Dan.”

“It’s more than just physical Phil, I’m totally and completely in love with him, I’m just too afraid of having it screwed up; I don’t want to lose him forever.”

He nods in response, “I think you need to go for it, forget about your fears, you’ll never know if you don’t try… Why don’t we forget about Dan and all this for now, how about a movie and some popcorn?”

Sighing, relieved, you agree, “Sounds good, d’you want help?”

You watch him stand up, beginning to exit his room to head to the kitchen, “Nah I’ve got it, open my laptop and pick a movie, I’ll be right back.”

You nod, grabbing his laptop and logging in, opening up netflix in order to find a movie for the two of you to watch.

a few days later:

You’re woken up when you hear your phone ringing, groaning, you answer groggily, “Hello?”

“[Y/N]!” Phil practically yells into the phone.

“Jesus Phil I just woke up, calm down.”

“Come over!!”

“Alright, give me like half an hour,” with that, you hang up, beginning to get ready to head over to their apartment for the first time in just over a week.

I’m looking through you while you’re looking through your phone and then leaving with somebody else.

A little over a half an hour later, you arrive at Dan and Phil’s apartment, letting yourself in as per Phil’s request when he texted you and making your way up to the lounge.

“Morning [Y/N],” Phil says as you walk up the stairs.

As you reach the top, you notice Dan is completely dressed and ready to go out. Confused, you raise your eyebrows at Phil and gesture towards him, knowing that Dan was never one to be out of his pajamas before noon unless absolutely necessary.

Phil shrugs his shoulders in reply, the two of you watching as Dan continually texts someone back, not acknowledging that you’ve just walked in.

He smiles at a message and your heart sinks even further than it had already sunken, knowing that it couldn’t be anyone but the person he’d met.

“I’m heading out, coffee date,” he says abruptly with a small grin.

“Alright well, we’ll see you later,” Phil lets out in reply as Dan makes his way down the stairs and exits their apartment.

“See ya.”

“So, [Y/N], what d’you reckon we should do today?”

“I dunno, we have a few hours to kill before [Y/F/N]’s birthday party… We could go for a late breakfast- brunch?”

“Sounds good.”

You agree, Phil standing up to go change out of his pajamas as you wait, thoughts only focusing on Dan and what he could possibly be doing with somebody else.

few hours later again (lol i’m sorry for all the time jumps):

Come on baby, this ain’t the last time that you’ll see my face.

It was 2:00 in the morning, and you were still out with all of your friends for [Y/F/N]’s birthday.

You had been out, bar-hopping since about 11:00 and were having a really great time with everyone, while also avoiding Dan.

It had been going so well, until now, when you felt like you really should’ve heeded Ted’s advice in How I Met Your Mother, “Nothing good happens after 2:00 a.m.”

You were sitting at the table your group had claimed as there own by yourself, watching all of your friends dancing while you sat with a drink, drowning sorrows in alcohol in the hopes that it would somehow make the situation better.

All of a sudden, Dan appears beside you, sitting down next to you and angling his body towards yours.

“[Y/N], I feel like I haven’t seen you all night,” he says, bright smile appearing on his face.

That was intentional, you think to yourself before replying, “Yeah I guess, I’ve been ‘round.”

He scoots his chair closer to yours, wrapping an arm around the back of your chair, “I’ve missed you recently.”

Your eyes snap in his direction, widening as you realize this is drunk talk.

When you don’t answer, he continues, “C’mon [Y/N], you can’t tell me that you don’t miss me too, miss us.”

He pauses, and again, you don’t answer, unsure of what to say; instead choosing to play with the straw in your drink. Of course you missed him, every piece of you was itching to say it, to go onto the rooftop of this stupid club and scream that you missed Dan.

But you couldn’t say anything at all; because he was seeing somebody else and you were supposed to be moving on, he was drunk and you were still too sober, he was Dan and you were, you. So you sat quietly continuing to move the ice cubes in your glass around, praying that he’d drop this topic.

“[Y/N],” he suddenly lets out, causing you to look up at him.

You catch his gaze for a moment, and suddenly, Dan’s lips are on yours.

Your eyes widen as you quickly pull back, shocking both you and Dan as you do. Before either of you can say anything, you’ve shot out of your chair, making your way to where you’d last seen Phil and [Y/F/N], desperately hoping that they’d still be there.

Luckily, they’ve remained in the same spot and seem slightly surprised to see you there, “[Y/N], what’re you doing here?” Phil asks.

“Came to say goodbye,” you rush out, “I’ve gotta go but I’ll see you tomorrow or something.”

“Awh alright, text me that you’ve made it home alright.”

You just nod in reply, giving them both a quick hug and wishing [Y/F/N] a final happy birthday before hustling out of the club and calling a taxi to take you home.

In true movie-like fashion, as soon as you’re entering the taxi, Dan runs out of the club; calling your name as he attempts to stop you from leaving. Ignoring him you hop in, telling the taxi driver the address to your apartment and watching as he stands frustrated on the curb as you pull away.

the next morning:

Got someone you love? Got someone you need?

The next morning, you’re woken up by a knock on your door. Furrowing your eyebrows as you weren’t expecting any guests you stand up out of bed, making your way to the door only in an old t-shirt of Dan’s and opening it with a yawn.

To your surprise, Dan stands there, hands in his pockets and eyes on the ground, eyes which quickly dart upward as the door is swung open.

“You shouldn’t be here,” you say, replaying last night’s events in your head.

“[Y/N] please, just let me come in, I think we should talk,” he replies nervously.

You nod without thinking, something in you telling you that the conversation was a good idea.

Dan immediately steps in, making his way to your kitchen, “You just woke up, I’ll make some tea while you get dressed and then we can talk,” he states as he sets to work on the aforementioned tea.

“Uhh, yeah sure,” you answer, still stood watching him move around your kitchen, easily finding everything he needed.

“Is that my shirt by the way?”

Your cheeks turn red as he finally points it out, “Umm, yeah, I’ll give it back next time I wash it.”

With that, you turn and make your way to your bedroom, throwing on some sweat pants and a shirt of your own before pausing and taking a deep breath in order to prepare yourself for this talk; whatever it may turn out to be.

You leave the room and return to the kitchen to find Dan stirring a mug of tea.

He looks up as you walk in and something in you shifts as he speaks, “That one’s yours,” he motions to the other mug, “I made it just how you like, even added a little bit of honey because Phil mentioned you’ve been feeling a little ill recently.”

“Thank you,” you say, picking up the mug and stirring it once before taking a sip of it.



“About last night-”

“I miss you too,” you blurt out, cutting him off.

“What?” he asks, clearly confused over your comment in comparison with your reaction the night before.

“I’ve missed you so much, Dan, and I’ve spent too much time thinking about you with somebody else when I know I want it to be me. I am so in love with you, and I think it’s time I finally let go and give us a chance.. If you want to, that is,” you finally finish, looking up at Dan, hoping that he doesn’t reject you but knowing it would be totally fair if he did.

“I came over here to tell you I ended things with the other person a week ago because I couldn’t be with them because they weren’t you… I somehow knew you’d come around.”

He crosses the kitchen in two strides, grabbing your face with his hands as he pulls you in for a kiss.

You sigh, relieved as you pull away, finally feeling like everything in your life might be just right; especially now that the love of your life was no longer with somebody else.

can we talk about victoria.

because she has put up with so much. for her brothers. from her brothers. they act like idiots over and over and over again and she always forgives them. she seldom if ever takes sides. she works tirelessly to make them a family. she goes the extra mile over and over again and always puts her own feelings last. 

and she does all of that because the family she has left means SO much to her. she’s lost so much. she lost her mother when she was very little. she lost her dad when she was still so young. her family keeps shrinking. and now… even andy is gone. 

so, it’s so… beautiful to me that after years of victoria clinging onto the remaining family she does have so tightly… she and adam are trying to start a family of their own. the family that victoria has watched shrink and shrink her entire life is finally going to start growing again. and it must mean so much to her. and i’m so happy because victoria sugden - the girl who sacrifices, fights, mediates, does WHATEVER (!) it takes to keep her family together - is starting towards the creation of her own new family. because no one deserves this more. 

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(Different anon) Okay, so, a couple things. One, i understand if maybe youve done bad things in the past and are trying to better yourself, thats good, but dont say you dont deserve love and attention, you do. Also, idk where this whole you not being attractive idea came from, cause you def are. Really nice beard, nice eyes, nice skin, again, REALLY nice beard. I totally get why you dont want the attention, it feels fake. But dont devalue yourself

Thank you. This means a lot to me. I’ve gotten a lot of love since that post, and I appreciate every one of you. I wish you guys would come off anon so I don’t have to respond publicly, but I understand. It’s weird to tell someone you think they’re cool/attractive. In any case, this is a humor blog, and I don’t want to clog it up with a lot of unfunny responses, but I felt compelled to respond to this one because it represents what Tumblr is to me, which is a lot of love and support and encouragement. So thank you so much anons! I love you too! ❤️️

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prompt: jack is a flaming bisexual and previous relarionships with other people both girls and boys comes up casually in a conversation and crutchie gets sorta jealous ((idk where this came from i dont see crutchie as the jealous type but him being a little defensive over jack is cute ??????idk u dont have to if u dont want obv))

so this wasn’t the prompt exactly but I hope this is alright???

Also I wrote most of this at 2 in the morning last night so whoops

In which Jack and Crutchie are once again oblivious about each other’s feelings. Again. And Crutchie is very jealous. A grumpy jealous.

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Shallura, ancient

“-The ruins we saw today are just a glimmer of their former glory. I can’t even imagine what the civilization looked like when it was alive and thriving.” Allura propped her chin in her hand, and her elbow on her knee. Her eyes glazed over as she watched the arid planet slowly revolving through the deck’s wide windows. 

Shiro leaned back, stretching his legs over the shallow steps on which they were perched. His gaze left the windows to search Allura’s profile, lit softly by a distant sun. As much as he loved the look in her eyes when she described the distant times and places of her memory, there was a sadness behind their glow that Shiro couldn’t help but be touched by. 

Allura’s eyes flickered to Shiro, her mind rejoining them in the Castle when she felt his gaze on her. “What?” she asked softly.

“Nothing, just-” A deep breath passed through him. Shiro sat up with a smile. “I’m trying to imagine what you described. And you, there.” 

Allura looked at him, a bit pleased with the though of her in his mind. “And?”

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Abuse and comfort

Genre: Fluff towards the end, idk how to describe the beginning. Angst? dunno ok enjoy

Pairing: Phan

Warnings: Mention of physical abuse

Prompt: Phil was in an abusive relationship in the past, and even now that he has Dan, he still fears being hurt again.

Words: 846

A/N: This is just a short lil story. Dunno where it came from. It was in my head, and now it’s on the internet. I also wanted to make something that seemed a little OOC and testing out my ability at angst. I don’t even know if this is considered angst omfg i really just can’t with sad stories. HAPPY ENDINGS FOR EVERYONE HIP HIP HOORAY.


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OsoKara age au

AU where Osomatsu and Totoko were dating and were supposed to move in together but she dumped him. Osomatsu is really depressed so Karamatsu asked if he could move in with him. He first thought Osomatsu would say no because he thinks that he is a burden but Osomatsu cheers up a bit again. Osomatsu has a job (idk what yet) and Karamatsu is about to start collage and is really stressed.


Also: Choromatsu is really against Karamatsu moving out because he can’t watch the others himself.

I wish I could be like permanently high, not have to worry or think about anything troubling ever again. I probably should go to urgent care for my hand cause there’s no way it should still be hurting as much as it is unless there was a serious problem. But I can’t afford that shit so I just got to pop some pills and hope that it heals fine on its own. And like idk where this feeling came from but I hate myself. I’m like such a terrible person??? And I try to pretend that I’m not but that’s whomst I am.

Everything was so much easier when I was attempting suicide attempt after suicide attempt. But now that I won’t try that anymore, the only escape I have from the endless despair is trying to distract myself from it with social media or funny videos. Any moment that I’m left alone with my thoughts is death :/

(I like how my phone autocorrects who to whomst 😂)

Imagine tho- Bokuto graduates this year and Akaashi still has one more year in Fukurodani Academy. Bo didn’t have any time to visit and lost contact with the setter. When Akaashi graduates, he doesn’t attend the same uni as Bokuto and the only time they finally meet again was on the court where they’ll be facing against each other.

A/N: ohmygosh it’s been ages since I wrote anything, but it seems that Adele triggered my angsty muse lol. I apologize if this is a bit rusty, it’s been a long time. Also I still have a few requests in my inbox, but idk when i’ll get to do them, eventually I will, I promise. Anyway, I hope you like it and again, I’m so sorry.

It was a cold and dark night. Sure, every night was dark, but tonight there were no stars and no moon, the only light came out from her fireplace where the fire was burning brightly. Marlene was sitting on the floor with her back resting against the couch and her chin on her knee. Her eyes were red, puffy and still spilling a few tears. The wind outside was blowing and making scary noises, but she wasn’t easily scared, in fact, she wasn’t even paying attention, her mind was on the big and rough fight that took place almost a month ago.

She wasn’t even sure why they fought, probably something dumb and stupid as usual, but things got out of hands and she had no news from him ever since. She hadn’t seen him in Order meetings, Remus said that he went on a mission, but Marlene knew better than that, she knew him too well and he was avoiding her. They always fought, it was their thing, it was what they did best. They were both very temperamental and would always say hurtful things, but they always found their way back to each other, usually it lasted a couple of days, a week or two tops. But now it’s been a month, four weeks, thirty days and there was no sign of reconciliation.

Marlene brushed a tear away and sniffed. Fuck, she missed him. It was unclear when her anger turned to sadness, but she had been spending most of her nights crying and she hated it. She didn’t like being like this, especially for someone, it showed how much she depended on him. She didn’t like depending on anyone, much less on her so called boyfriend, or ex boyfriend now.

So much for independence, huh? She thought bitterly.

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Not My Father’s Son: Chapter 2

Previous Parts

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Prompt: AU- Non-Supernatural Verse: Dean meets a women named Y/N and tries to be something more than what people expect of him. 

Warnings: AU, self-doubt/hate (from Dean but what’s new), John’s an ass

Words: 2096

Note: Idk where this came from but I really like it. I sort of want this to be mainly about Dean.

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