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I bet you Sherlock and John were pen pals when they were little, they just don’t remember it. Like Sherlock would have really cute bee stationery his mum bought him  - without lines, because he’s too old for lines - and one of those address stickers but with bees on them. And he wouldn’t really want to have a pen pal at first, because who needs those, and also, the name is stupid, his mum makes him write in pencil anyways. Which is okay because he has one with honeycomb designs. But his mum signs him up anyways and he gets a letter from John in the mail, and his letter has pirate stationery and Sherlock thinks this is so cool and Sherlock (Billy) writes to John about pirates, and John returns with another letter complimenting him on the bee stationery and asking him how he made the address sticker, and it just goes on until they get a little too old for pen pals, or John moves away. And years and years later they’re living together and in love and Rosie starts getting older and Mrs. Holmes thinks she should get a pen pal too, but who even does that nowadays, like no one, it’s an old-fashioned concept, but Mrs. Holmes gets her these fancy address stickers and Rosie just needs to use them, so she does. And she shows John and Sherlock her first letter and asks them to take her to the post office to mail it out and they both see the bee address label and think….oh

Castiel Drabble Request:

This was requested by an Anon: are you still taking requests for the 900 followers thing? If so, can you please do (Un)lost by The Maine for cas? Thanks or sorry? Idk anymore; it’s late.

Word Count: 433

Warnings: Fluff

When Castiel first came to Earth, he was not sure where he should go.  You were the first female human he ever met.  He didn’t know it at the time, but you were destined to be together.  As time went on, Castiel knew that there was no one else suited for him.  He thought he would never see you again after meeting the Winchesters.

After a few years on this earth and teaming up with the Winchesters, things inevitably went wrong.  Angels were cast down from heaven and Metatron had stolen his grace.  It was when he was human that he felt truly lost.  

One day after he was finished at the laundromat, he was walking around town.  That’s when he saw you again.  He had been thinking of no one else lately.  He jogged across the street to the park.  You were sitting on a bench, sipping on coffee.  Castiel was hoping he wouldn’t scare you.  He hoped you would remember who he was.

“[Y/N],” Castiel huffed, catching his breath.  

You looked up from your phone, startled by the man who stood before you.  It was a face you would never, and could never forget.  “Castiel,” you breathed.  You stood up on your feet, setting your coffee down next to you.  “Is everything alright?  You don’t look so great.”

“It is a long story,” Castiel sighed.  “Being human is much more difficult than I thought.”  Castiel grabbed your arms with his hands, running his thumbs gently over your skin.  “It’s good to see you again [Y/N].”

“I was just about to grab lunch, how about we talk about it over lunch,” you offered.  “I’ll even buy your lunch.  There’s a little place across the street that has great food.”  You didn’t wait for Castiel to protest.  You grabbed his hand, walking with him across the street.

Once the two of you had food, you watched Castiel devour a mouthful of food.  Castiel looked up, a glint of shame in his eyes.  “Sorry,” Castiel apologized.  “It’s been awhile since I’ve had food.  I’ve been feeling a little…  Lost, in this new world.”

“Feel lost no longer, Cas.  You can come with me,” you suggested.  “I’ll make sure you have everything you need.  We can work this out together, just like old times.”

Castiel smiled at your offer.  He was willing to take this leap.  He knew it would be worth it.  He swallowed, his cerulean eyes peering up at you.  “That sounds wonderful [Y/N], thank you for your kindness,” Castiel thanked you.

Castiel knew he could always count on you.

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I just realized the shirt in ur icon says "daddy bones" and idk if thats like a reference or something but theres a criminal menice in my town that calls himself Bone Daddy because he steals bones from the cemetery. The newspaper has printed the actual words "bone daddy strikes again." Someone told me he made a bong out of a skull and hes trying to kill my friends tattoo artist. I felt like youd like that one

so this shirt is a real shirt that i own and it says “daddy bones graveyard tours” and i love the shirt so much because i have absolutely no clue where it came from

Imagine tho- Bokuto graduates this year and Akaashi still has one more year in Fukurodani Academy. Bo didn’t have any time to visit and lost contact with the setter. When Akaashi graduates, he doesn’t attend the same uni as Bokuto and the only time they finally meet again was on the court where they’ll be facing against each other.

OsoKara age au

AU where Osomatsu and Totoko were dating and were supposed to move in together but she dumped him. Osomatsu is really depressed so Karamatsu asked if he could move in with him. He first thought Osomatsu would say no because he thinks that he is a burden but Osomatsu cheers up a bit again. Osomatsu has a job (idk what yet) and Karamatsu is about to start collage and is really stressed.


Also: Choromatsu is really against Karamatsu moving out because he can’t watch the others himself.

“-and that’s a close one, Stark just barely ducks in time, and she’s already off in pursuit of something- not clear yet whether she’s seen the Snitch or if she’s repositioning- Quaffle to Poole and-”

Arya curses, swerving just fast enough to avoid colliding with a Hufflepuff Chaser, and looks around again. She could have sworn she’d seen a flash of gold before the bludger had whistled past her ear, and she’s lost it now, gods be damned.

Out of the corner of her eye, she sees Lyanna jerk to a stop. “Stark!” she starts to shout, but something hits Arya hard from behind and suddenly, suddenly she’s flying.

She didn’t know someone could have eyes that blue.

Uncle Robert has very blue eyes too, but that’s a silly thing to think right now, and gods does her head hurt.

“Whuh?” she says intelligently, and Mr. Blue Eyes looks up guiltily from the floor.

“Stark!” says a voice to her left, and Lyanna is looming across her field of vision. “How do you feel?”

Why is she so loud? “My head hurts,” Arya manages, and Lyanna clucks disapprovingly.

“Well, of course it does, but-”

“What happened?” Arya asks. Lya’s face falls suddenly, and has that terrible look of concern that Sansa gets when nobody wants to tell Arya what’s going on.

“A bludger hit you from behind,” says Mr. Blue Eyes.

He hit you with a bludger from behind,” snaps Lyanna. Arya notes Mr. Blue Eyes’ build, the yellow peeking out beneath his jacket- the Hufflepuff beater, the big one. Gendry, supplies the part of her brain not shrieking in pain, Jon told you to watch out for him.

“You knocked me off my broom,” Arya says slowly.

“I didn’t mean to,” he says defensively, hands up against Lya’s accusing glare.

“How do you accidently-”

“They have a mind of their own, alright?”

“Miss Mormont! Mr. Waters!” says Pycelle as he shuffles across the room, and Arya bites back a groan. “If you cannot be quiet in the hospital wing, you will have to leave.”

“Sorry,” the two mumble at once.

Anyway,” Lya continues more quietly, “he knocked you off your broom, and Greenhands got the Snitch, so there wasn’t much we could do.”

Arya does groan this time, letting her head fall back on the pillow. “The championship-”

“Never mind the championship,” Lya says, though Arya knows her well enough to know that she very much does mind the championship. “Wylla caught your broom, and Pycelle fixed you up all right, but he thinks you have a concussion.”

Mr. Blue Eyes – Gendry – looks guiltily at the floor again.

“Look, I have to go, okay? I already told Lannister that you won’t be in History of Magic.” Lya squeezes her hand quickly before turning and walking out. Arya thinks she hears Pycelle sigh in relief from the other side of the room.

She turns and looks at Gendry again. “Is there a reason you were sitting here watching me sleep?”

Gendry blushes, and if her head didn’t hurt so much, she would be amused. “I wanted to make sure you were okay. And say sorry and all that. I didn’t think it would actually knock you out.”

Arya considers that for a moment. “I’ve been knocked off my broom before, and you’re the first person to actually wait in the hospital wing to apologize.”

“I gave you a concussion,” he points out stubbornly.

She pauses, letting the pain in her head subside a little bit before answering. He’s very nice, says the less-than-helpful part of her brain, and his eyes are very very blue.

“I’ll tell you what, Waters. Buy me a butterbeer and maybe I can forgive you.”

Longish post, sorry.

So I just kind of wanted you guys to know why I don’t update as often as I’d like to since I’ve had a few people ask about it.

I live in a shitty situation where I’m verbally put down a lot, I’m a single mom with 0 financial support from anyone else and very little physical support when it comes to watching her and taking care of her, and I work. Usually, these things don’t slow me down and I do okay, but I have ((like actually diagnosed, I’m not just saying this)) severe depression and a form of PTSD along with anxiety, which all also cause me to have horrible sleeping patterns ((flip-flopping between not being able to sleep at all to sleeping way too much)), and every so often it all spikes up and becomes super hard to deal with.

Writing is a priority to me, I use it to calm down usually, but right now it’s causing me some distress and I’ve been unable to sit down and do it like I’m used to. I’ll get out of this funk like I usually do, and I know you guys are awesome and supportive and don’t mind me taking my time, but I just wanted to let y’all know why sometimes I fall off the face of the Earth and get weird with being active.

birthdaysnake replied to your post “silver-swirl: I can give the worst pony hair at least something…”

It’s such a pain, I get it to look halfway decent by first conditioning and detangling, then using a toothbrush and a paste of baking soda and dish soap to get out the plasticky oily junk, then shampoo, then condition again. More labor intensive than half my g1s hair.

it’s terrible, man

my peachy came from a daycare with dirty matted hair and it only took about 10 minutes of washing and brushing to result in soft, silky hair. vs g4s now come straight out of the box with frizzy, tangled, unbrushable hair :/

 idk where hasbro is getting this hair from. the first couple of g4 waves were nice, but since around Rainbow Power, it’s been bad. i mentioned it before, but the eyes don’t have as much detail as before, either. they’re not even gradiented.

i brushed my white celestia’s hair (the first one that came out back in 2012) out, getting rid of her curls when i first got her. a couple years later i tried curling it back to it’s factory style, and it worked PERFECTLY. same with my 2012 nightmare moon (the toys r us exclusive one). both had silky hair that was easy to fix. nowadays it’s absolutely unfixable. my cutie mark magic skywishes has the worst hair imaginable despite conditioning and conditioning and conditioning and conditioning and wash after wash, straightening… you just! cant do anything about it!

In three months we meet again.

He wears a different winter coat than the one from last year, and his hair is longer. We are at the grocery store, and he is holding a mango in one hand and a grocery list in the other. My bracelet is still on his wrist.

“Hi,” I say, but -

“Fuck. I still love you,” he says, his face pale.

We both watch as the mango bruises under his white fingers.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #11 // lily rose.
Not My Father’s Son: Chapter 2

Previous Parts

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Prompt: AU- Non-Supernatural Verse: Dean meets a women named Y/N and tries to be something more than what people expect of him. 

Warnings: AU, self-doubt/hate (from Dean but what’s new), John’s an ass

Words: 2096

Note: Idk where this came from but I really like it. I sort of want this to be mainly about Dean.

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The ride home is taking forever, so I’ll write a little fic to pass the time.


Jimin sighted, patience reaching its limit, as he struggled, yet again, to find the coin spot of the damn machine. Really, all he wanted was a drink, was that too much to ask for?

“Sorry-” the sudden voice would have probably made him jump, were this a few months ago. As it were tho, Jimin was already used to voices popping out of nowhere, so he only turned his head in the direction it came from “-do you need a hand?”

“If you don’t mind…”

“Of course not” a soft and warm hand gently took his own, brushing over his palm and taking the few coins he had been holding “What do you want?”

“Just a soda, thanks” He heard the distinct sound of coins traveling down metal pipes before a bottle dropped in the dispenser and then, finally, in his hand.

“No problem. Where are you going now? Need some company? The name’s Yoongi, by the way.” He felt the same hand slide into his and didn’t even try to hide the smile slowly blooming on his face “Do you mind?”

“On the contrary” Jimin answered, tightening his hold on his mysterious new escort “My room is on the third floor, second on the right”

“What, and you came all the way down here for a soda?”

“I was craving it, shut up”

The laugh that filled up the air around him made Jimin’s heart flutter. Yoongi must look amazing, like an angel, if his voice was anything to go by. Because that’s all Jimin had to go on. Sounds.

It was only three hours later, after hours of fun and joking and being scolded by passing nurses to keep it down that Jimin gathered the courage to raise his hands to the other’s cheeks and ask, almost hesitantly “Sorry, but… Do you mind?”

Yoongi took a moment to realize what the younger meant, after which he moved closer and smiled “Of course not”

Jimin had only done this a couple of times, so he couldn’t really figure out everything, but holly shit, Yoongi was beautiful. His skin was soft, his forehead covered by slightly raspy hair (maybe he bleached it?), his nose was just the right size, sharp and a bit cold, his cheeks not too hollow, not too puffy, jaw prominent from the first touch and lips dry and slightly bumpy (he should stop biting them).

“Is my face really that fascinating?” Yoongi laughed, startling Jimin out of his trance.

“S-sorry! I just, umm… You’re really handsome, sorry…”

“You should see yourself”

Jimin was pretty sure he wasn’t meant to hear that, what with it having been whispered, but since his sight vanished, his hearing improved. Witch is why he was now a blushing mess.

“Shit, did you hear that? Actually no, fuck it, you’re hot. Go on a date with me”

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Have you read queen of glass? It's a dumb name by the way

I have it saved but idk when I’ll read it. The little I’ve read is perfect for something you’d see on FictionPress or Wattpad, though.

Also, I’m really into the orignal idea she had with Cinderella being an assassin sent to kill the prince? That’s where the whole glass thing came from, right? 


Anyway, maybe I’ll use that idea or something similar. Because it actually sounds good.

I like the title btw, but then again I’m a fan of one-word titles and generic fantasy titles so I’m not a good judge of such things.

So my ATLA rewatch w/ the parents is still ongoing (it’s slow, because we only watch about 3 episodes a night before my parents get sleepy. But they’re really enjoying it, we have all these cool discussions about the characters and their world) and meanwhile I’ve also been reading those post-ATLA comics. But one thing I always wondered besides the fate of Zuko’s mom (which was answered) was whether Zuko ever saw Song again. 

We just finished Book 2 and, it’s easy to see that his experiences traveling through the Earth Kingdom as a fugitive were the ones that most shaped him. He saw new places and ways of life, all sorts of people from the very richest to the seediest vagabonds to the humble, hardworking farmers and merchants who just wanted peace. In the end it was this part in his redemption arc that opened his eyes to the many lies he’d been told all his life: that the Fire Nation was superior to all others, that if you didn’t bend fire, you were not worthy of living. The people of the Earth kingdom showed him that no matter which nation or bending art you hailed from, all peoples are one and the same.

I think Song was really pivotal in that. She and her mother took Zuko and Iroh in to feed and heal them, to offer a bright spot of comfort in their dark days of being on the run. I think she was the first person (or one of them) to make Zuko stop and think about the actions of his people, that innocent lives were being taken away and were left with nothing but the charred remains of what once was. And even after all of this suffering, they still could be kind and generous and loving to those in need. Zuko saw all of this. It made him wonder that firefly-filled night, over a large roast duck dinner, about whether he was still right in believing in the Fire Nation’s actions. And I don’t think he ever forgot.

Because when true kindness is given, it is never forgotten. I like to think that, after the war is over and all is said and done, maybe the young Firelord takes a couple weeks off to travel to the Earth Kingdom. Are you going to visit the Earth King’s palace in Ba Sing Se? team avatar inquires. Should we accompany you? We can take Appa! and It’ll be nice to visit Iroh’s tea shop there again! 

But Zuko just smiles and shakes his head. There’s a few people in the southern part of the kingdom he needs to see, he tells them. A poor farming family, a young Healer girl and her mother. He’ll take a war balloon, a few servants and guards to show his status, and most important of all, an ostrich-horse with priceless gifts tied to its saddle. Team Avatar smiles and understands, and he’s on his way. 

And one fine day, the sun is blazing overhead as Song heads home from the tiny village hospital, when the rays are suddenly blocked out by a huge red balloon flying ever closer towards her. The gigantic contraption lands feet away from where she stands and regal-looking servants stream out of it, all clad in red, the Fire Nation insignia etched in their clothing. For a heart-stopping moment, Song is transported to her childhood, the memories of Fire troops storming her village float to the surface after all these years, her father being dragged away, the anguish still streaming from his eyes…

Fear grabs quick hold over her. Is the war back on? Has something happened to the Avatar? What happened to the new Firelord who promised an era of peace and love? Suddenly, she hears her name being called, a familiar voice, and she looks on with breathless shock as she finally sees the young man who stepped off the balloon. 

The scar is still red and blotchy as ever on the left side of his face, but his hair is long and tied in a neat top-knot, wearing what is unmistakably the crown of the Fire Nation on his head. His expression is so much more at ease than she remembered, his brows are no longer pinched together in an endless frown, his amber eyes are light and inviting. Li? she wonders aloud with amazement, and he grins, and she notices just how handsome he is when he isn’t scowling or brooding. He pulls something large out from the balloon behind him -  an ostrich-horse! Laden with gifts and a brand new saddle, he bows and presents it to her. 

He’s the Firelord. He’s Firelord Zuko, the one who helped the Avatar bring down his father. Li. Li had been the fire prince, all along. The Firelord was bowing to her of all people, a young earth kingdom woman, a former refugee. 

She’s beyond shocked at this point, but Zuko smiles and helps her to her feet. He came because he owed her an ostrich horse, he explains. But also his gratitude. Tears are streaming down her face now, because through everything she had been through, she had never expected this. She had never expected the Fire Nation to actually be capable of love or peace, but here he was. Zuko bows low and thanks her for helping him and her uncle, and he names Song and her mother as honorary guests of the Fire Nation, welcome to come and stay at the Royal Palace whenever they please. He hands her the reins to the ostrich horse, but she shakes her head and throws her arms around her friend’s neck instead, overjoyed to see he made it, that he was okay, that he remembered her. She invites him to her mother’s house for dinner that night, and he doesn’t refuse. 

The next day, he bids Song and her mother goodbye for now, confident that they will see each other again, and he’ll treat them to a Fire Nation feast at the capital when they come visit. He leaves with his heart light as a feather, ready to journey on to visit a particular farming family only a day’s flight away. A fine dagger with an inscription sits atop a pile of grain and gold coins in the balloon, waiting for them.


At least he’ll be useful if the power goes out.

I dunno where this came from. I guess I’ve really been wanting to draw my gem ocs again and then I remembered that Moonstone glows in the dark and well


the star on Sunny’s shirt is a fucking BITCH to get right.

call me a causal vacancy, like a motel room-

dirty laundry / hiding dead bodies / one lamp, dark ‘realities’
used sheets / faded desk top tables / torn up bibles as
bed time stories, when all you hear is

                   (oh god)

oh lord these thin walls, have mercy on me

and tell me, all your i don’t knows were code
for i’m scared and not you don’t want mess

these pleas are my candle blown out heavy catastrophes
where in moments of weakness, i ask for you again like,


tell me you want me like-
hollow sounds in your throat piercing my soul
begging for more, like a bitten lip bleeding, sore

my skin asking, like you ravenous-
mangoes in hand, dripping
hungry floors

once more-
wash / rinse / repeat / leave.

it’s okay to feel down sometimes, you know. but whenever you’re sad or upset, i just want you to remember this:
the iron in your blood was formed billions of years ago, trillions of miles away. you are formed from the cosmos, you are the stars looking up at themselves in the night sky, like a mirror repeating over and over and over again. you are the Milky Way Galaxy inside the Milky Way Galaxy inside the Milky Way Galaxy, a never ending paradox of importance in importance in importance. you were created so you could experience yourself, you know, experience what you came from, what you used to be. you are the thousands and millions and billions of stars that make a kaleidoscope of colour across the sky when you look at it, you are what you look into the telescope to find. you were created from this mass of beauty and grace and unfathomable mystery, and I just don’t think you understand that. so, my darling, whenever you feel sad, just remember this:
you are the entire universe, just expressing yourself as a human for a little while.
—  april mcnaughton (escociia)
  • Loke: *in a crowd and can't find Lucy* this calls for drastic measures
  • Loke: *closes own gate and opens up again next to Lucy* Hello, Princess
  • Lucy: *screaming* WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!!!
  • Loke: yup wrong move