again i rly have no clue i just

when we were leaving the movie, there was a rly rly loud squeaking noise when i was driving and i have no clue if it was miles or some other car :-(

im prob gonna go in for an oil change on my day off so if he makes that noise again (and tbh even if he doesnt) im gonna have them check my belts. google says to suspect the serpentine belt which i had replaced around a year ago? so hopefully something’s just come loose at most. or at the absolute worse, i have to get another new belt, but that isnt TOO pricey of a repair at all (the serpentine belt was like $120 after parts + labor)

if i remember to i’ll have them double check my power steering fluid. it’s been so cold and my parents have been in town (no garage access) so i havent been able to monitor miles’ ps fluids since i added some a while back. if it’s low i can add more since i still have like, a bottle and a half. & if i end up adding more i’ll def try to monitor it since then there might be a leak

i ALSO need them to check my brakes…since miles never rly stopped making that Awful noise & at this point, unless i got screwed over at that other mechanic, that’s all i can narrow it down to w google searches. hopefully i can get by w my current brakes for a while tho cuz i dont have the money for a new set

arrrhgfjkhfkf im. stressed. ;____;