again bad quality sorry

Quick crappy sketch sorry for the bad quality. Again it’s crunch time so I don’t have time to spend on fan art for a little bit but I just felt like scribbling this idea out.

School AU- Saitama is a perpetually late and laid-back teacher, and Genos is the super-driven ace student who has a huge crush on him. Specifically, there’s this trope in anime/manga where a late character uses the famed shortcut hole through a wall on the way to school. Guess who finds Saitama-sensei on his 2nd day in a row being late? “Hey wait, I’d recognize that butt anywhere!” XD I really just wanted to draw Saitama in an embarrassing situation. Okay I need to go. SHAME.

(bad quality gifs again, sorry, but I like this suitcase so much~)

Hey piporu~

This is how Virgo looks like when she’s wearing a cardinal ribbon! I’ll be posting another of those Virgo’s masterpost tomorrow with some more information on the game and about the upcoming indiegogo campaign!

Also I need to say that RPG Maker MV animator is pretty cool, you should all use it! I could do a lot of variations for my animations (mostly the ones where Virgo uses items) by only doing 1 to 3 frames of them and adding effects! Specially the sound stuff you can do mixing different sfx to create a single one :3

1/100 days of productivity
01/31/17; 3:10AM

aaah finally my first attempt for 100dop!! i really hope i can make it through a hundred😁😁 sorry for bad quality pic again lol its midnight here😅😅🌃🌌
i cant sleep again and i finally make some notes again omg i feel great😅
its a geography note anyway🌏🌊
oooh its february already tomorrow;; well time flies so fast as always;; 2017 be mine?🙏