again apologies for the spam

Watching the recent Steven Universe marathons and remembering Pearl’s complex emotional journey and Garnet’s adorable love story just makes me so grateful this show exists. It’s some of my favorite storytelling I’ve seen, especially in recent years. This show is a gift and I can’t wait to have a new episode every day for the rest of the summer.

(Also, looking forward to hopefully learning more about Amethyst! The few glimpses we’ve had of her past friendship with Greg and her angst over her origins are very rich.)

I’m sorry I randomly start reblogging a lot of type 1 diabetes stuff, I just.

I came home from my mission because my diabetes. I’ve been suffering pretty hard the past 9 months. I’ve had t1d for 13 years and I have never struggled this much.

So, again, I apologize for randomly spamming your dashboard with diabetic posts. I find so much comfort in knowing I’m not alone.

Less than a week until #SDCC! Apologies in advance for (once again) spamming your feeds with con photos and videos!

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