again and always


Temporary Accommodations by @comeonblub made waiting three hours for Windows to update bearable and is just a real good read all around

The Mistress of Perfume is once again knocking on my door.

I’ve got a very clear image from Bastet of me offering her the rose petals that I dried and stored away a while back, but before that I need to grind up the petals.

When I try to think of her face, I can’t see it, but instead get a sharp pain in my ankles because I broke her statue at the ankles a few years ago and she wants me to offer an Eye of Horus amulet to heal it…

Oh and she wants plants, maybe a mini rose, but since I killed the last mini rose I had, the plant is optional.

Dua Bastet, Mistress of the Ointment Jar

Dua Bastet, help me do these things for you

everyone: talking how tiresome is to deal with thanksgiving

me: remembers december is coming and also that means the so frustrating full house cleaning, the nightmare that is setting the christmas tree and also helping make some fucking tamales (tho tamale season is fucking great).

i want death

So like I remember the biggest complaint of some mercy ships was “she was his doctor, that’s so unethical” and the retort was “She was everyones doctor you tits” but some silly people who pretended to know who pharah is said “Not Pharah!  Pharmercy is safe, pharah is with Helix not overwatch!” 

AS if Fareeha “Pharah”- "Mum, I know why you didn’t want me to join Overwatch; but it’s still what I want.” “ You’re so lucky, Tracer. Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of joining Overwatch.” “I always dreamed of being stationed here.” (Gibraltar)  Amari wouldn’t be the FIRST to rocket into winston’s lab three minutes after he hit the send, after having camped outside his door the first two waiting to get in. 

Mercy eventually rejoins overwatch, if anything but to keep and eye on her friends, others follow suit, badda bing, badda boom, all mercy ships except with specifically ow-hostile characters is problematic once again. 


they bop!!!!!!


okay, but can we talk the fact that it is canon on the show that the only reason kara stopped using her powers and had to hide herself from the world was to protect Alex and years later, the only reason she started to using her powers again and showed herself to the world was for the same reason: To protect and save Alex. 

Everything went full circle and i honestly cry about how beautiful this is.


It’s not who you were, it’s who you are
And we’ve come this far, lover


a country boy


Anakin Skywalker: 41 BBY — 4 ABY

Luke Skywalker: 19 BBY  — Present (34 ABY)


Couple of assorted haikyuus