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What is it that I have to tell myself again and again? That there is always a new beginning, a different end. I can change the story. I am the story. Begin.
—  Jeanette Winterson, from “The PowerBook”

Marco polo (season 2) appreciation post 1/10 → S2E01 Hunter and the Sable Weaver

“Any man who rises to greatness will face envy from his brothers, his relations. You stand above them all, because you know compassion is the greatest shield. Have compassion for these smaller men smaller minds.”

Another fight theory

Okay I’ve been thinking a lot about how the Nissen Boys even ended up outside in the first place. So my self-destructive brain came up with this: What if they left because Even was out of it, and wanted to leave asap after he saw the Bakka Boys (that’s not unrealistic) But they didn’t know Mikael was outside (he left SYNG just as fast as he entered the bar. We saw that in the clip). I don’t think Isak would search up Mikael while being with Even. As curious as he is, I think his top priority would be Even in this situation.

What if, when they left and came outside, ran into Mikael, and he tried to talk to Even. This might not make a lot of sense, since he left as soon as he saw Even. But maybe he was just shocked to see him. Maybe he calmed himself outside. Even just wanting to leave the scene, and avoiding Mikael’s approach. Isak could have become really offensive towards Mikael, because he 1. Knows how uncomfortable Even is in the situation. 2. Doesn’t want Mikael around Even.

Mikael could have become mad at Isak, for interfering in the situation. Mikael doesn’t know him, and could be really annoyed at this little shit who tries to get between them. Keep in mind, he didn’t see the singing in the bar or the cheek kisses. He doesn’t know Isak is Even’s boyfriend. This could easily get heated really fast, leading to Isak’s bloody nose. The rest of the Bakka Boys could have joined the fight, when they saw Mikael was dealing with all the Nissen Boys by himself, not knowing what the argue was about.

Again, my brain can’t stop making up scenarios… Because hiatus. I’m sorry.

그 날 넌 내게 무슨 말을 했더라?
“What did you say to me back then…”

무슨 말이였건 상관없어
Saying that doesn’t matter anymore, does it?

자주 만나며 점점 알게되고
We met often, we gradually understood,

계절은 가까워지고 실컷 울고
and as the season drew near we cried often

너는 네 꿈 크게 그려
You are you, so paint your dreams huge

나는 여기서 성공하길 빌게
I’ll be here wishing for your success

기다리기만하면 내일은 없으니까
“If you just wait around, tomorrow won’t come

여기서 움직인것으로 시작되지 않으니까
If you only move here, nothing will start”

앞이 보이지 않는 캄캄한 도로도
Even on the dark street where you can’t see ahead

그게 만약 우회로이라고해도
Even if it’s a detour

지금은 두사람 모두 조금은
For now both of us should put away

힘든 표정이지만 묻어두자
Our painful expressions, just for a while

これは別れでわない 出逢いたちとの
이건 이별이아냐 만남들과의
This isn’t goodbye, it’s the beginning of

새로운 시작일 뿐
many new meetings

나는 너와 다시 만나고 싶어
But, I still want to see you again

언젠가 다시 웃으며 재회하자. 그래,꼭.
Someday we’ll meet again smiling, yes, I know it

it would be a lot more powerful if yousana doesnt actually happen cause sana realizes that she deserves better and doesnt need a guy, even if he didnt mean to hurt her on purpose. if sanas story can focus more on her religion, family and friendships instead of a love interest who doesnt deserve her then that would be splendid

dragonsandotters-dh  asked:

Congrats on (almost) 500 followers, love! For the HC make you choose: marvolo/harry or drarry 💚💚💚💚

thank you!!!  I’m doing Marvolo and Harry because i love them <3

*this is based not exactly on canon but on one of my favorite Tomarry fics, Again and Again*

*for those who haven’t read the fic, this probably wouldn’t make much sense. also, potential spoilers. also, Marvolo actually meant Tom Riddle aka Voldemort in this fic because Reasons*

*disclaimer: the background world-building plots of the headcanons belong to Again and Again’s author, Athey*

  • Harry Potter baffled Marvolo.  Intrigued him. Confused him. Made him feel emotions –
  • He’d forgotten what emotions felt like, to be honest. It’d been too long.
  • It was unsettling, unnerving, yet exciting.
  • Just looking at Harry, at his intelligence, at the magical power that radiated from him, captivated Marvolo beyond his imagination.
  • Adding the soul/horcrux connection between them, it was all too much. But bizarrely, he didn’t hate it.
  • He even wanted to become a – Marvolo wasn’t sure if ‘better’ was the right word, but he wasn’t sure what was, either – person for Harry.
  • And he thought, that he definitely did, because reabsorbing a horcrux – correction, several horcruxes – in the traditional way was no easy feat.
  • Though, of course, it wasn’t until Lucius’s spawn made the move and something akin to jealousy – only akin because damn it he wasn’t the type to feel jealous, how dare anyone suggested that – that he realized the feelings Harry Potter made him feel was … 
  • … perhaps … love.
  • And that was when he came to his decision.
  • It was probably even more life-changing a decision than murder or making horcruxes because he’d done that so many times before, but this – this was a new first.
  • But he was also very, very sure, like the feeling of everything just clicked, like jigsaw puzzles falling into their right place.
  • So,
  • After threatening Draco Malfoy off properly (which was unsurprisingly easy, of course), Marvolo told Draco to ask Harry to come to his Manor later when he and Lucius returned from the Ministry.
  • He thought back on the pleasure, the ecstatic feeling that rushed through them both when Harry and he last had physical touch.
  • He thought about Harry’s power when it was un-shielded and on full display, 
  • so strong and so beautiful and it almost sent electric down his spine, straight through his heart – a heart he wasn’t sure he’d had if he were asked a few years back.
  • And for the first time in his life, Marvolo was prepared to be in love.

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