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I think the weirdest thing about Black Paladin Keith to me is that I took the whole “jamming your bayard into the lion hole” thing to be the ultimate bonding a paladin can do with their lion. Like, it’s the lion’s way of saying, yes, I choose you, you’re my paladin, let’s do this. So in my mind Keith and Hunk’s places within the team are basically like locked in?? Keith moving to another lion would just be. Weird.

it REALLY bothers me when a girl brings up playing video games around a guy and his response is something akin to ‘a girl?? a gamer?? a girl gamer??¿¿?? be still my beating heart!!!!!’ like she’s some kind of unicorn. you do realize a large chunk of the gaming community are girls right? you probably just dont see them bc they’re often chased off my some mansplaining prick who asks for nudes on an online chat. not only are you being super patronizing but that’s disrespectful as all hell and btw the biggest turnoff ever

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5 things I keep in my bag:
- phone
- money
- earphones
- pen
- diary/planner

5 things I keep in my room:
- books
- makeup 
- notebooks (I have so many notebooks for so many different things omg)
- computer
- school stuff

5 things I’ve always wanted to do with my life:
- travel
- become a teacher
- write a novel
- learn another language 
- relearn sign language (I used to be really good but lost the ability bc I rarely used it)

5 things I’m into:
- music
- writing/reading
- art (I’m not good but I love drawing little cartoons of Got7 over my notebooks)
- cooking
- very specific but singing/rapping the Hamilton soundtrack lol

5 things on my to-do list:
- write an english essay
- read some more of ‘everything everything’ (loving the book so far)
- study Korean
- write up some requests
- do some biology exam questions for my tutor

5 things you may not know about me:
- I’m 18 years old
- I’m British
- I start university in September
- I’m visiting Korea in the summer
- I’ve been writing fanfiction for about 5 or 6 years now

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are you okay ??

debatable but ye