also honestly my love for Blackwall these days is…. on par with, if not greater than (for the moment) my love for Iron Bull

he’s just… so sweet and gruff and and the way if you’ve romanced him, after battle he’ll just “you alright, love?” Or even after you BREAK UP with him after battle he’ll nervously go “e-everyone alright??” Obviously looking to know if UR alright just


sweet hairy bean why’d I let you go

svtfoevalhalla mod requirements

• gotta like svtfoe (pretty basic but probably necessary)
• don’t make discourse posts unless you consult with me first.
• I would really appreciate someone who alleviates some of this pressure I’m putting on myself and helps make edits. Any editing software is fine and really any skill level is fine.
• This isn’t really a requirement but you should just know that you’re a stranger to me so don’t expect me to be tolerant to rudeness. I will remove you from the blog.
• Making jokes is kinda the name of the game here so being funny is somewhat required.
• If you’re chosen then you have to have some kind of name to put up. It can be your real name or you can take a character’s name like I did
- I might make additions later if I think of them

vixx got plagiarized AGAIN

f**k vixx got plagiarized again, i saw ravi on twitter posting long tweets and if idol posts long tweets without emojis it always means something bad, and this time its beautiful liar used as ost for chinese movie, its little bit changed but its pretty much the same only slower and in chinese, its kind of funny like right now china wont buy anything from korea because of hallyu ban but they have no problem plagirizing korean idols, like jellyfish better start suing because this is too much, i wanted to post the video where its shown but its on weibo and im helpless, if you want to see it type vixx in weibo and its at top 

anonymous asked:

I love your hair! Can u post a selfie?

Thank you! I wanted the Velma Kelly haircut since I saw Chicago in my early 20s but didn’t pluck up the courage to chop it short until my 30s.

And I did post a picture not too long back because someone wouldn’t accept I was in my 30s (yeah, I don’t know why either). But since I’m battling a sore throat and can’t find that post readily, I’ll post another behind a link so this blog doesn’t turn into some creepy shrine dedicated to me (I prefer it to be a creepy shrine dedicated to a band that broke up).

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I was tagged by: @sandwich-finisher thank you so much sweetie❤ , to make a mood board for myself specifically from pictures from my camera roll 😊
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Your mum and your family…keep you down to earth…I loved it when it was, like, over Christmas time when there was some film on and it was your mum and Robin and you said ‘Ooh, she’s not very good at acting’ and Robin was like, ‘Alright, Al Pacino’
—  Grimmy and Harry on R1 Breakfast (via writsgrimmyblog)

Hey, DOUBLE KING is now on Vimeo also, for those of you who like watching the same thing, but again!