Were you guys aware that Kayano Ai, the voice of Tsumiki Mikan, also did the voice for Menma from AnoHana and was the singer of the ending theme? I was ecstatic when I found out! I dunno, but the combination of the feels I got from AnoHana combined with my Mikan feels was just feels overload.

A quick little background on this. I knew that Hanakawa Kana (the voice of Nanami Chiaki) was the voice of Sengoku Nadeko’s and singer of Ren’ai Circulation, and that there was an MMD motion for that. I’d even seen someone do a video for her with that song! So I started wondering if there was one of Secret Base, and lo and behold. Thus this video was born. It’s kinda simple, but so’s the song, really, so I guess it’s fitting.

Tsumiki Mikan model © Aga4
Motion  © c-sera
Stage © notQ
Effects: Shader Hyper, o_Diffusion, Realistic Butterflies
Song: Secret Base~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~ by Kayano Ai (from AnoHana)