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Rules : we’re snooping upon your playlist. Set your entire playlist on shuffle and report the first 10 tracks that pop up and then choose 10 friends. 

  1. Dua Lipa- New Rules (one of my favourite songs to dance to at the moment) 
  2. Logic- Take it back (I love the story he’s telling in this song) 
  3. Queen- Don’t stop me now (I listen to this song before every exam, don’t judge me haha) 
  4. Neck Deep- In bloom (I absolutely love this song but it makes me cry every time) 
  5. Melanie Martinez- Training Wheels (This girl is amazing, there’s no artist like her and her lyrics are literally perfect) 
  6. PVRIS- Anyone Else (I’m so in love with Lynn!!! I saw them live last week and I still can’t believe that I’ve actually seen her! My heart literally exploded when she started playing the drums! I wasn’t wearing my glasses so every time she looked my way, it was as if she was looking in my eyes! God I’m so gay haha)
  7. Jasmine Thompson- I Try (”I try to say goodbye and I choke. I try to walk away and I stumble. Though I try to hide it, it’s clear. My world crumbles when you are not near”)
  8. Ed Sheeran- How would you feel (Fun fact: I learned how to “say” the lyrics in sign language to impress a girl because I’m the cheesiest person ever) 
  9. Brand new- Jesus Christ (I listen to this song when I’m feeling down so that it can break my heart a little bit more) 
  10. Diamond Platnumz- Fire (feat. Tiwa Savage) (We’ve listened and danced so much to this song in Tanzania and every time I hear it I start smiling as it reminds me of this incredible journey) 

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Thank you to whoever decided to put Harry and Louis across from each other for this performance. They couldn’t stop giving each other these looks!

Don’t tell me that Harry isn’t absolutely gone for Louis in this.

Just look at Louis in the last gif. See that eyebrow raise? He knows exactly what he is doing! 

But it’s not like anything has changed since then:


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Jupiter, the gift of the gods

Jupiter in Aries: Bravery and participating determinedly in competition. When enthusiastic these individuals will take action out of impulse and had over heels start something new but never lose their true goals. Not afraid to expand their horizon, even though challenges may occure - they will fight. Headstrong nature usually and short tempered, adventure is good for them and like to do work on their own and most likely to not take orders from just anyone.

Jupiter in Taurus: Knows their inner worth, won’t go for anything below their standard usually,  likes prosperity. Patient and will hold on to secure believes/arguments, but ‘realistic’ optimists. Quality before quantity. Need to take their time to adjust to new situations, plans ahead and waits for their future profits. Investement and shares could be something for them. 

Jupiter in Gemini: Differently interested, has no problem to connect everything together/enjoys finding similarities and differences. Gaining knowledge = key, curious characters and highly flexible. Has no problem usually to adjust to different people and situations, new chances always lie ahead (small or big ones) and are usually socially engaged. 

Jupiter in Cancer: People feel comfortable around you, these individuals are needed and love to be needed and to be usueful as well. Give of homey vibes an naturally have a tolerant and friendly side to them which leads to others trusting them easier/easily. Empathetic but not easily fooled because they are emotionally intelligent enough to see through lies (or at least sense them), won’t give their heart warming side to anyone though because they do not like being used or fooled. 

Jupiter in Leo: They feel like the royality themselves or better said are royality themselves. Humorous and creative showing others the way and do not appreciate being understimated/made fun of or just plainly talking when they are speaking. They will take care for anyone who lives in their kingdom and bring of course a theatralic nature to them, joyful and proud they expect a pat on their shoulder, if not? they sure know how to gain respect are make you respect them. Also: a healthy, real self confidence is key. 

Jupiter in Virgo: High standards for themselves and others which can be very benefitting. When interested they will gather all the knowledge there is and aim to be great or perfect at their thematics. Go into detail but won’t lose the main string usually, great teachers and patient people will appreciate their willingness. if not suffering from negative self conciousness they will know the worth of their work. 

Jupiter in Libra: Harmonic and welcoming, good at being with people or handling them well, want to treat everyone equally and correct. Charming and due to that easily gain popularity. Aesthetically pleasing or have a good taste and like to be surrounded by wealth and to live the ‘good life’. Can gain or win chances due to being people smart, but again, being real is essencial. 

Jupiter in Scorpio: Seeks out the truth and will find it, finds magic in the dark. Sees through people and many situations, your sorrow is their sorrow and when confronted with injustice will fight against it harshly. While standing up for others they will find themselves in a position of power: the strength of moderation, restraining oneself and realistic views of others will give you a sense of rightness and what is good for you and others.

Jupiter in Sagittarius: Doubled luck, you arrow shoots right through the cosmos. Expanding makes you lucky, no matter what and how, likes to be in the light and was born to live in it. Searces for something bigger and believes in the cosmos, optimistic nature, believe that karma will help them and the universe will find its ways. Their horizon is endless and strive for wisdom. 

Jupiter in Capricorn: You know which position you would like to have in your preferred society/community and has the dream to be appreciated for their ideas and knowdledge. Disciplined, knows what they are fighting for, persevering and ambitious, they will be adored by many who look up to those power packs. Know how to spend their ressources wisely and plan ahead, proudly they will show what they earned. Same with Taurus, investement and shares  could be something for them. 

Jupiter in Aquarius: Unconventional and love freedom. Their ideas flow like a river through them and always ahead of others. A scheme is nothing for them, character development happens naturally in their freedom and can work with a team but usually gives the ideas. There is a rapid change in their (financial) life situation now and then, but they sure know how to find a way out of it, trust their guts or people in their community. 

Jupiter in Pisces: Universal, cosmic love and their will to help are endless. Their heart is big and are spiritual gifted. Like to gift their loved ones. Idealistic and appreciate love from others. Might seek others out for help when emotionally (financially) in need, their wisdom and potentional is not dependent on others, they need to realize their own great potentional at times, a good word from friends is pure bliss.