Age Gaps.

Nicholas Wilde, age 17. Judith Hopps, age 9. Just a passing greeting, and then they’re out of each other’s lives for 15 years…

Nick was a grunge teen and no one can convince me otherwise–he listened to Nirvana and REM and wore excess amounts of plaid and loitered and drove his mother insane when he would rip up his pants.

Judy baby in overalls. That is all. <3

At Your Age, I Wore  a Darkness

several sizes too big. It hung on me
like a mother’s dress. Even now,

as we speak, I am stitching
a darkness you’ll need to unravel,

unraveling another you’ll need
to restitch. What can I give you

that you can keep? Once you asked,
Does the sky stop? It doesn’t stop,

it just stops being one thing
and starts being another.

Sometimes we hold hands
and tip our heads way back

so the blue fills our whole field
of vision, so we feel like

we’re in it. We don’t stop,
we just stop being what we are

and start being what?
Where? What can I give you

to carry there? These shadows
of leaves—the lace in solace?

This soft, hand-me-down
darkness? What can I give you

that will be of use in your next life,
the one you will live without me?

Maggie Smith, published in Nashville Review

“I’m a big country, so I know I’ll be just as tall as you one day!”

“Hah, you wish!”