O amor é paciente, o amor é bondoso. Não inveja, não se vangloria, não se orgulha. Não maltrata, não procura seus interesses, não se ira facilmente, não guarda rancor. O amor não se alegra com a injustiça, mas se alegra com a verdade. Tudo sofre, tudo crê, tudo espera, tudo suporta.
—  1 Coríntios 13:4-7

anonymous asked:

I hope we get an intro on AG4, I've liked all of her intro's so far. The one on My Everything, the one of Christmas & Chill and the un-released Baby Loves. She makes the best intro's, I just love when albums have intro's, they're usually always good.

I agree

they’re always so good and harmonic and just nice to listen to

they’re some of my favourite songs

anonymous asked:

She really was in a league of her own with her style, personality and look, which is the main thing that caused me to become a fan, and the fact that she can actually sing was what drew me in even more because not many pop stars today can actually do that *sips tea*. Now she just looks and acts like every other girl that is out which made her become boring and uninteresting to me, I didn't enjoy this era so like others I'm keeping my hopes up for ag4 to bring back my excitement for her.

I think her most iconic looks was her My Everything car ears stuff- EVERYONE knew who you were trying to be if you did a ponytail and cat ears

this era is just jackets… everyone has been dressing like her all winter lol

that one prediction twitter said next era would be her best so I trust them 

anonymous asked:

We actually can get our hopes up for AG4, based on what Ariana has said about the 4th album she will not be releasing any snippets from the album because she loves her new music too much, she also wants us to be blown away by surprise. This is the first time Ariana has done something like this for an album and the fact that Pharrell is the main producer on the album, I believe this will be her best album yet.

idk babe I feel like high hopes are a dangerous place to be

I have theories for why I think the next album will be the way it is but I’m still keeping those expectations rock bottom. 

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The fact that she said that "my way" won't be on AG4 because "it doesn't fit the albums direction" makes me soo anxious but also excited because it means it will be a different sound and I'm happy cause "my way" didn't really do anything for me. But like I'm kind of hesitant to be excited you know? -fs1ag

I just really hope it’s not trippy beats like mac’s music

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No offence because I love your blog and you're one of my fave Ariana blogs but I cannot wait for the AG4 era to start so your blog no longer has to be filled with Dangerous Woman shit everyday.

No offence taken. I also want to move on from Dangerous Woman asap.

regards-from-wonderland  asked:

I feel like people really have their hopes up about the AG4 era because they're hoping her style will change (I hope so too) but I am kinda doubtful that it will be that different. I'm worried that as long as she's dating mac, she's going to be wearing the same baggy shit :/

I’m not sure, we’ll have to see- her style kinda started to change towards the end of the Ricky relationship, but then… I figure she was already bagining Mac by then so like idk

But I think eras and boyfriends tend to go together so we should see a new guy for the new era lol and therefore a new style

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