The AG36 grenade launcher on a G36 rifle. I always liked the look of these, preferred the G36 and the SA80 UGL’s over the the other’s i’ve seen and just found out they are the same so, go figure. 

Airsoft Q, are they worth it? is it fun to bloop someones face off?


German soldiers with various HK G36 configurations and an HK MG4. Note the HK AG36 40mm Grenade Launcher. As for their camouflage, although one of the more distinct and popular patterns, it’s one that you would think would be an available choice for hydro-dipped finish options. However it’s a pattern that currently isn’t available on any hydro-dip catalog or company that I’ve found or contacted. There might be a company offering flecktarn but I haven’t found any. (GRH)