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Main reason for Exalted March DLC cancellation? Frostbite.

Mike Laidlaw goes into detail on how the move to Frostbite ended up being the reason why the famed Exalted March DLC never came to light.

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“The Chantry becoming VERY UPSET while various aspects of the qunari started to make moves on the turbulent Free Marches. And this it fell to Hawke to stop things from going to hell (again) while working with Starkhaven and the pirates of the Armada.

I recall fondly that for the big first panel we did at PAX west (prime back then) we all had shirts with missing letters. I recall fondly that for the big first panel we did at PAX west (prime back then) we all had shirts with missing letters. I still have mine. The missing letters spell out Estwatch, which is where the Felicisima Armada missions were based.

The Internet, as it does, had guessed all of the locations within minutes of the panel starting. You guys rule ;) Beyond that, there were some really interesting stories to tell, and a chance to learn more about Sebastian’s family. But as it stood, I think shutting it down was the right call to focus on the engine change.

One last anecdote: our marketing liaison at the time was -certain- our PAX panel would get no people. 9:00 at night, basement room (though big! Held 900). But you folks proved him wrong. We had to turn hundred away. And let me tell you. After parts of DAII’s “feedback cycle” that meant a LOT to me. And then we all sang Mark happy birthday. So good.

I’m pretty sure that experience was why Mark and I were so committed to a big gameplay demo for DAI at PAX. A way to say thank you.

And that’s my story! Thanks for reading along. /endMarch”

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Lesson: Heaven and Hell

Story time…
There is an old Buddhist story that comes from Japan.

A samurai came to a monk and said in a harsh authoritarian tone,
“Monk, teach me about Heaven and Hell!”

The monk looked him over and laughed saying,
“You? You want me to teach you? Look at you. Your sword is rusty
your robes are a mess. What makes you think I could teach you, of all people, about Heaven and Hell?

That samurai got pissed! No one ever talks to a samurai like that!
The nerve of this little fucker! So the samurai drew out his sword and swung it at the monk. He stopped right at the monks neck when he realized that the monk would not flinch.

The monk looked at the samurai and said,
"That is hell.”

The samurai’s eyes got huge! IT dawned on him that this monk
would sacrifice his life to give him this teaching.

The samurai realized the monk’s bravery and started to cry
in gratitude. The monk put his hand on the samurai’s shoulder
and said,
“And that is heaven.”

The moral of this story?
Stay off twitter. It’s going to be a long 4 years.
Your karma is your predisposition of mind to attraction and aversion.

the signs as things my dad has said (part 3)
  • aries: *continuously refers to uber as an "escort service"*
  • taurus: [to himself, after catching a pickle he dropped midair] great catch daddio
  • gemini: [in response to our dog barking] don't say
  • cancer: [to me after i dabbed to his "dish washing music"] shut up
  • leo: [every time his phone rings] a REAL phone call? in THIS day and age? where are my TWEETS
  • virgo: [pulling over every time we pass something metal on the side of the road] but what if it's treasure
  • libra: would you look at that moon...that's large
  • scorpio: *sneezes* im allergic to working
  • sagittarius: [spoken during a verbal conversation] colon parenthesis
  • capricorn: *calls four way flashers on cars [dramatic voice] DANGER BEAMS*
  • aquarius: [completely seriously, in response to my sister asking why our dog was barking] he's just nervous about the election
  • pisces: *inexplicably called me Karen for a whole day*

Jesus Christ this fandom…“Normani’s 19th Birthday Edition”…Part 111/? 🎉💃🏻#⃣1⃣9⃣


Natasha Romanoff in The Avengers: Age of Ultron + SincerelyTumblr tweets

onision onisionfeed

Lmao, you stating that you know shit about age of consent is laughable. Like, bruh, you needed a lawyer to make sure that your relationship with Taylor, your spouse, was fucking legal. All becuase you started talking to her presumably while she was prob'ly 16 (or, at least, tat’s the age she started tweeting at your obsessively) and started talking to her full time when she was 17 and get into a relationship with her and TRAVELED OUT OF STATE TO BE TOGETHER, which, for someone who is 8-9 years older than their partner (which usually isn’t an issue for older couples who have far more life experience than a freshly minted 18-year-old), is fucking creepy.

You also did this shit with Shiloh, your ex-fiance. You basically broke the law by transporting a MINOR across state lines (not to mention over the Candadian-US border) to have sex with her where it would have been legal and you were only 7-8 years older than her (btw, still fucking creepy).

The fact that you prey on younger girls is why people are so concerned about Sarah. The fact that you make up these shitty excuses about privacy and whathaveyou when you don’t fucking give that same respect to all of your fucking exes, former friends, and Billie is also quite laughable. You’re as about opaque as a window. Your intentions are pretty fucking clear, no matter how many videos you make and no matter how mad you get and no matter what sort of half-assed excuse you try to give us.

The whole reason why people are jumping the gun about the whole Sarah issue isn’t because we’re weird perverts, lmao. It’s because YOU HAVE A HISTORY OF PREYING ON YOUNG GIRLS AND WOMEN. You manipulated AJ, who WAS close to your age when you two dated, and coerced her into having sex. You manipulated Shiloh. You manipulated your ex wife, Skye. Every single one of your former friends, too, you have manipulated or guilt tripped in some way. Why the fuck do you think that 1) you barely have any friends left (and I use that term of friends loosely) and 2) you have even less friends who are your own age.

But like, I wanna focus on something really quick. You stated in your “Your Lies End Here” video that you don’t know the age of concent laws? Then you make up a “hypothetical” thing about how it’d still prob'ly be illegal to date a 16-year-old even though Washington’s AoC is 16. Like, it’s completely obvious that you’ve actually looked into this. You fucking know as well as I do that there is a Romeo and Juliet clause that states that you cannot be older than 60 months of the 16-year-old if you’re having sex with them. Multiple detractors of yours, myself included, have pointed this out and we know that you frequent our blogs. So, even if you, yourself, didn’t exactly Google the AoC laws, you has to have seen it on one of our blogs. So, stop fucking lying.

And, while we’re at it, talking about minors and shit: Why do you not just fucking check the ages of your forum users? Or, since you’re mister fucking tech wiz over here (lmao), make it so that you have to verify EVERYONE’S POST when they submit pictures to the forums. That was, you can weed out those who are underage and be safe from everyone criticism. And not come off like a total fucking creep. That prob'ly would have solved so much shit for you.

But, what if your kids did that shit? Like, I really hope it never happens and I generally don’t like bring especially young kids into this, but this is a hypothetical. What if your son or daughter grew up and posted pictures of themselves in their underwear on a forum similar to yours? You wuold be furious at the mod, no? What about your own kids? Since, by your logic, they posted it of their own free will, it’s okay, right? I mean, are you hearing yourself? Do you understand just how fucking stupid your logic really is and how easily it can be turned on it’s head? Because, well, it’s really fucking stupid, lmao.

I just don’t understand either of these situations that you have willingly put yourself into. Like, a lot of your drama could have been avoided if you were a fucking decent human being. And, if you actually bothered to think things out instead of being bullheaded and asuming that your right and then trying to prove to everyone that you’re right in the most adamant ways. Which, btw, makes you look even more guilty.

Maybe I’ll have more to say on this shit, but I’m just frustrated about all of it right now, so I’ll stop here.


“Her name is P(aige) R(eifler)” – Niall and Sandy’s smiles and the look they shared, they KNEW how whipped Harry was for her I’m living. This is truly iconic.