ag system

i want a warrior cats game so bad

an open-world sandbox with so many hours of game time it seems limitless

i want an aging system where you start off as a kitten and grow to be leader/medicine cat, or even just become a badass warrior

i want to have level systems where you hunt, fight, patrol, etc. to gain experience

i want amazing NPCs, multiple paths (options that effect the future), different friends/relationships

i want to continue from my character’s kits

i want NPCs to change over time, i want them to age and die as time goes on

i want to see kittens born alongside my character grow up as my character grows up, seeing warriors at the time my character was a kit, retire to the elders den eventually

i want an herb/hunting/battle system where there is no guide, your ass better have paid attention to your training

just give me an amazing warrior cats game and i will literally die fucking happy

“The elves came seeking sanctuary and sanctuary we have given. Bow and scrape to the humans if you will but a Cad’halash’ word is an oath and I shall not break it!”

And the bones of Oathkeeper lie with the elves, in the ruins of a once great house.

So the Cad’halash thaig was said to be a sanctuary for elven refugees from Arlathan, before Kal-Sharok found out and destroyed the thaig so as not to jeopardize their alliance with the Tevinter Imperium. 

Well, I headcanon that a lot of dwarves in the Cad’halash thaig weren’t too keen on this plan, and fought to protect the elves they’d sheltered. So have Lady Cad’halash, the head of the Cad’halash house, who died with her son defending the elves. She was survived by another son, who later founded the Cadash House that was built over the ruins, and would later lead to the Cadash Inquisitor. 

Grandpa Jeff

Backstory: The group is playing a 13th Ages based system, and we had a quest to steal a painting from a king’s palace. It was decided that Loki, my character, was to sneak into the treasure room with my Invisibility Cloak while the rest of the party, save for a lawful good man who wanted to party the night away, created a distraction. After sneaking past the guards, I found myself in a maze, confronted by a guard.

Guard: *is standing in a doorway*

Me: *Rolls and misses to stab him in the throat*

Guard: *Looks around* Who’s there! Show yourself!

Me: *rolls to lie and passes with flying colors* I… am a SPOOKY GHOST!

Guard: AHHH, please, don’t kill me!

Me: I will not kill you, mortal, if you guard me to the treasure!

Guard: Okay… follow me.

Me: *follows*

Guard: What’s your name?

Me: Jeff?

Guard: Wait, Jeff? I had a great grandpa named Jeff!

Me: Guardy? My great grandson!?

Guard: GRANDPA! I can’t believe it’s really you!

Me: Yeeees….

Guard: So, where’d you hide the treasure

Me: Well. Death has made me forget many things…

Guard: Oh.

*we get to the treasure*

Guard: I leave you now, Grandpa.

Me: Thanks?

Later, the rest of the group is being chased by the city guard’s trolls through the maze I was in earlier. They bump into Guardy.

Guardy sees the trolls and starts running as well. We meet up and Guardy starts talking to me.

Me: Want to join us, kid?

Guardy: Yes, please!

Rest of the group: Did we just adopt a NPC as a pet?