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i want a warrior cats game so bad

an open-world sandbox with so many hours of game time it seems limitless

i want an aging system where you start off as a kitten and grow to be leader/medicine cat, or even just become a badass warrior

i want to have level systems where you hunt, fight, patrol, etc. to gain experience

i want amazing NPCs, multiple paths (options that effect the future), different friends/relationships

i want to continue from my character’s kits

i want NPCs to change over time, i want them to age and die as time goes on

i want to see kittens born alongside my character grow up as my character grows up, seeing warriors at the time my character was a kit, retire to the elders den eventually

i want an herb/hunting/battle system where there is no guide, your ass better have paid attention to your training

just give me an amazing warrior cats game and i will literally die fucking happy


This is gonna sound silly, but I really regret that advisors didn’t have approval system. Especially romanceable ones. Despite hating him in the first two games, I fell really hard for Cullen in DA:I, but realistically speaking, with most of my decisions being critical of everything he ever believed in, if not for the lack of approval points I would never be able to romance him unless it’s rivalry. So in a way I feel like I’m taking advantage of him.            

“The elves came seeking sanctuary and sanctuary we have given. Bow and scrape to the humans if you will but a Cad’halash’ word is an oath and I shall not break it!”

And the bones of Oathkeeper lie with the elves, in the ruins of a once great house.

So the Cad’halash thaig was said to be a sanctuary for elven refugees from Arlathan, before Kal-Sharok found out and destroyed the thaig so as not to jeopardize their alliance with the Tevinter Imperium. 

Well, I headcanon that a lot of dwarves in the Cad’halash thaig weren’t too keen on this plan, and fought to protect the elves they’d sheltered. So have Lady Cad’halash, the head of the Cad’halash house, who died with her son defending the elves. She was survived by another son, who later founded the Cadash House that was built over the ruins, and would later lead to the Cadash Inquisitor. 

Grandpa Jeff

Backstory: The group is playing a 13th Ages based system, and we had a quest to steal a painting from a king’s palace. It was decided that Loki, my character, was to sneak into the treasure room with my Invisibility Cloak while the rest of the party, save for a lawful good man who wanted to party the night away, created a distraction. After sneaking past the guards, I found myself in a maze, confronted by a guard.

Guard: *is standing in a doorway*

Me: *Rolls and misses to stab him in the throat*

Guard: *Looks around* Who’s there! Show yourself!

Me: *rolls to lie and passes with flying colors* I… am a SPOOKY GHOST!

Guard: AHHH, please, don’t kill me!

Me: I will not kill you, mortal, if you guard me to the treasure!

Guard: Okay… follow me.

Me: *follows*

Guard: What’s your name?

Me: Jeff?

Guard: Wait, Jeff? I had a great grandpa named Jeff!

Me: Guardy? My great grandson!?

Guard: GRANDPA! I can’t believe it’s really you!

Me: Yeeees….

Guard: So, where’d you hide the treasure

Me: Well. Death has made me forget many things…

Guard: Oh.

*we get to the treasure*

Guard: I leave you now, Grandpa.

Me: Thanks?

Later, the rest of the group is being chased by the city guard’s trolls through the maze I was in earlier. They bump into Guardy.

Guardy sees the trolls and starts running as well. We meet up and Guardy starts talking to me.

Me: Want to join us, kid?

Guardy: Yes, please!

Rest of the group: Did we just adopt a NPC as a pet?

Kay. Mod Jas here, telling you how it is.

I feel like my personality has been misconstrued since Sarah and the other mods joined so I’m going to say this now, as I did when me, the first and original mod of this blog, started this. Zero argument tolerance. Do not bicker with any of us, do not try to belittle us, do not try to make your point, don’t do any of that. Imagine this blog as a house. You’ve been invited into our house. We invite you, and you ensue to make us uncomfortable. So? We kick you out of our house. There are plenty of reaction blogs, so go look at them and see if they will condone a teenager dating someone who’s old enough to be their dad. Bye

I’ve see a couple of folks suggesting that Keith’s dad might have had abandoned him when he was small due to their interaction in Keith’s dream.

But what if Keith’s dad didn’t leave him? What if Keith was the one who was forced to leave his father? 

Remember, Keith is part galra. So maybe whatever glamour it is that hides his galra features didn’t always work so well on a fast growing child. Because earth kids can grow like weeds, and who knows what galra kids can grow like.  So whatever it is that keeps Keith looking 100% human might have had to work overtime in the beginning to keep up with all changes that human kiddos rapidly go through, while actively trying to block/suppress any galra changes that might be trying to happen.

So, what if, the glamour tended faded a bit in some spots when it was stretched too thin? Which would result in tiny little Keith suddenly having purple bruise-like splotches scattered across his skin. His dad, lets call him Kogane, would recognize them for what they are. Keith’s mothers genetics peeking through the spell despite her promising Kogone before she left to fight a war that this could never happen. 

So he panics a bit, scared that the changes will continue and that his kid might get taken away if anyone found out what he truly is. He suggest that Keith be more careful about letting others see his weird bruises, bruises that don’t even hurt at all and disappear after a day or two. As having the splotches show up on his knees, shins, and elbows are fine for a rough and tumble kid like Keith, but the ones on his shoulders, his back, and his abdomen would be allot harder to explain. 

Eventually though, someone sees them. Perhaps it was the poker night babysitter, or maybe the nice neighbor lady who looks after Keith for Kogane while he’s at work. Either way, someone assumes the worse in a way that doesn’t involve Keith being half alien, and calls social services. 

Keith remembers the day a lady in a pant suit showed up at the neighbors house while his dad was at work. How she asked him a bunch of little questions until he warmed up to her, and then asked about his weird bruises and what his father knew about them. Keith didn’t know much himself and just told her what his dad told him, to keep the bigger ones out of sight until they go away. 

Believing they heard enough, Keith was lead by the tearful neighbor into the lady’s car and was taken away into the foster system. He never saw his dad again after that. 

It was also right around then that the glamour stabilized itself and the odd bruises stopped, leaving Keith very confused for years to come as to what they really were. 

Despite what his file says, Keith doesn’t remember his father ever laying a hand on him and hate’s the way case workers try to talk about him to Keith. Like Keith was a victim in denial of what they believed had happened. As if being a poor single father with a slow southern drawl and no other family made it obvious that his dad was to one to cause those bruises. 

Later, when Keith finally hits puberty, he finds those bruises blooming across his skin all over again. They result in him being taken out of one of the few good foster homes he’d been in, a concerned counselor asking him if he was being bullied, and a doctor prescribing him iron supplements. 

They were gone again by the time he aged out of the system and enlisted into the Garrison.