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AESTHETIC MEME: [2/9] characters: M a r a  J a d e
started as one of the covert agents known as the “Emperor’s Hand”. Going on tasks ranging from assassinations to infiltrating the Empire’s enemies, Mara would become one of the Emperor’s favorite servants and earn the right to apprentice under the Dark Lord of the Sith. Once her master was slain, Mara found herself mentally commanded to hunt down Luke Skywalker and get revenge for her master’s death.

Cultures of Thedas: The Tevinter Imperium

One can see that Minrathous was once the center of the world. The vestiges of her power and artistry yet stand. But they are buried in the layers of filth that the Imperium’s decadence has accumulated over the ages. The magocracy live in elegant stone towers, literally elevated above the stench of the slaves and peasants below. The outskirts of Minrathous are awash in a sea of refugees turned destitute by the never-ending war between the Imperium and the Qunari.

And yet the Imperium survives. Whether with sword or magic, Tevinter remains a force to be reckoned with. Minrathous has been besieged by men, by Qunari, by Andraste herself, and never fallen.”  ― Codex entry: The Tevinter Imperium


“but happy to be so,” he adds afterward. you pass a glass of brandy into his outstretched hand. he takes it with a nod. you’ve heard of him. you ask him—still following that warden of yours? and he laughs, quick and confident and content. he smiles, almost bashfully, inclining his head, and says, “always.”

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