It’s fishhbowl friday!!

even tho it’s technically not Friday anymore.. just go with it.


This week, I share a story about the first girl I ever liked..


Beg, steal or borrow; it all starts with a plan.

Yesterday was the recognition of my QLC condition. It’s unbelievable the refreshing halo that’s been hanging over me all day. I am beginning to have a sense of direction in navigating this stink of QLC. At the back of mind though there is a voice that keep saying ‘we’ve been here before, hyped about an idea for a week or two then down into the drain it goes’. This time something incredible happened within me, that nagging cynical voice was trampled. There was this clam yet self-assuring voice, just like 'So What’ from Miles’ 'Kind Of Blue’, saying: 'from yesterday onwards we’re taking it as comes’(yet not leaving things entirely to destiny).

Right from the onset, and considering how intimate this project is to me, i have decided to keep it secretly public. I have taken a personal oath not to make known the identity of this project to anyone, not even my caring girlfriend. For some reason believe there are others like myself out there, struggling to strike a balance, to navigate this cascading pile of life. These are the people I hope do come across AFYT project. 

To initiate the change envision of myself in 364 days from today, I am gradually formulating a plan. A strategy to get myself whole on all four fronts of life, physically, emotionally, spiritually and socioeconomically; a balance life. Having decided to take the bull (QLC) by the horn, i have arrived at the conclusion drafting a blueprint for my life. I have long been an avid reader of AOM, where i found an article of crafting the life you want. I intend to follow through with drafting my preliminary blueprint by Saturday May 11th, 2013. I had a swing at it back in South Africa but there was a 'but’ as there is always a 'but’ in life, you just have to plough through it as an ox does through gravel.


Today I am grateful for slowing regaining my sense of creativity. I’m also grateful for observing more of my environment. I’m grateful for paying attention to the little things.