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For Angie~ How would your father, Tony, react to you telling him you're pregnant?

He’d flip his shit at first, especially if it was with one of the Avengers. The only person he’d be okay with would be Steve, since despite their mutual annoyance for each other, he knows Steve would be the best possible father for your child. The person he would be praying isn’t the father would be Pietro, he’s put too much effort into keeping you two far away from each other, because he knows all too well about Pietro’s flirtatious personality, and he doubts Pietro would be a supportive father, let alone around half the time. But aftter a few hours of pouting, he’d be really happy for you, and he and the many aunties and uncles at the Tower couldn’t wait to meet the baby. 

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Right, Honey?

Dean x Reader

The countless aisle of brightly colored labels with slogans you had heard many times before on TV were almost numbing as you looked for the few items you needed. To be honest, you really didn’t need anything, but after being in the car for more than 12 hours with two men, you were willing to pretend to need some super personal “lady items” for a few minutes. Your eye caught sight of your favorite snack and you contemplated getting it.  Well Dean had asked for pie, so if he was getting his favorite food why shouldn’t you. You picked up the food, and tossed in your little hand basket before strolling around towards the bakery.

As you looked about for a pecan pie a dreadful, yet familiar voice broke through the numb peace reigning in your head.

“Y/N, is that you?!” the voice called out. You didn’t turn around, hoping she would just assume that it wasn’t you and keep walking. However, you had never been that lucky.

“Y/N,” she called again, standing directly in front of you. There was no hiding. You looked up at the mac eyeshadow enhanced eyes, on the perfectly contoured face of your cousin, Michelle.

“Hi, Michelle. It’s been a while,” you sighed, realizing this was going to be exceedingly unpleasant quickly.

“It has! Everyone thought you were dead! From the looks of it, I wouldn’t be too quick to put off that rumor.”

“Oh, Michelle, you’re so funny,” you spoke dryly, with a faked smile.

“You know, last week, I was out on my yacht, and my mother said she heard that you let all of your money go down the drain.”

“Oh you were on a yacht, I thought the point was to keep the sea harpies out of the boat. But what would I know about boating.”

“What indeed,” she sneered, “you should see my home. Some of us know how to invest wisely.”

“Still trying to find happiness in Benjamin Franklin’s eyes I see. I’m sure he’ll be around when you’re old and alone.”

“I don’t need any of that. I managed to make something of my life.”

The gloves were off, and things were about to get personal. Michelle’s carefully filled in eyebrows pushed together to form as much of a frown as Botox would allow. However before she could say anything, her gaze shifted to a point just past you. Before you could look back to see what she was staring at, a hand touched your lower back.

“Everything alright,” a heavenly familiar voice asked.  You looked up at Dean and felt a light bulb go off in your head.

“Yeah, babe, everything’s great. I just ran into my cousin, Michelle. We were having a chat,” you explained, making careful eye contact with Dean that read ‘Please just play along.’ He gave you a confused glance but played along never the less. He looked to Michelle and smiled, offering her a short nod.

“Well who is this?” Michelle asked, looking Dean over with an almost predatory glare. Dean shifted uncomfortably on his feet under her gaze.

“My husband, Dean, Dean Winchester.” You lied. The words just spilled out of your mouth. Michelle was just so smug about everything all the time. While she might have been rich, she had never found someone who would love her. You couldn’t even blame her suitors for deciding the money wasn’t worth it. She was just a terrible person, and it was because life had always been served to her on a silver platter.

“Husband?!” Michelle exclaimed. Dean and gave you a slow confused glare.

“Yeah, we’ve been married for a year now.”

“Oh please! You could barely charm a toothless fool. There is no way he is your husband,” she laughed.

At that blatant bit of disrespect, Dean through an arm around you and pulled you close, “I am her husband, and trust me, my baby is plenty charming.”

Michelle gave you both a surprised look, and under her concealer and foundation you were sure you could see her face turn red, “Well, Nana’s holding dinner at her house tonight. You should come and let the family meet your husband.”

“Oh I-”

“Oh yes you have to come Nana will be so pleased to see you.”

“O-okay,” you stuttered.

“Good. I’ll tell everyone you’re coming.” she resolved before continuing through the store without so much as a good bye.

“God, she’s a bitch,” Dean complained.

“I’m sorry, I dragged you into a lie, she just makes me so angry!” you growled.

“It’s all good. We’re going to that dinner, and we’re gonna give her hell.”

“You’re just in it for the food,” you grumbled, smiling up at him a little bit.  He gave you a big grin in return and winked before turning the both of you around to head to check out. Dean made sure to tell Sam what happened the moment the two of you got back to the motel. Sam found the entire thing hilarious, but you were already in war mode. If you were going to survive an entire evening with your haughty family, you needed to get Dean ready. That meant shopping, and going over house rules and manners.

“Dean I need your shirt and pants size,” you called as you went into the boys’ room.
Dean gave you a funny look, “Why?”

“I need to find you something to wear for dinner tonight.”

“Figured I’d just take out the FBI suit-”

“Dean, my family is on the fucking Forbes’ list. They will know a cheap suit when they see one,” you sighed, pinching the bridge of your nose, “Why am I even asking you, come on. We’ll get you measured.”

Going to high end shops with Dean was no field day. He complained about being confined in a “monkey suit” to no end. However, you knew he was pleased, he liked being pampered. It was one of his guilty pleasures that he thought no one knew about. You picked out the suit and you were simply taken aback by how absolutely stunning he looked in a suit. This was going to be good.

Aftter hours of making yourself look like the perfect women you are, you emerged from the bathroom of the hotel room you’d rented just for the night to greet Dean. His mouth fell open a bit at the sight of you. While on the road he only ever saw you in jeans and an old tee. This was entirely different and the dress you wore did wonders.

“Okay, um I think we are ready to go,” you quipped. Sam came walking through the double suite, and gave you the same bemused expression Dean was giving you. Immediately, you felt self conscious.

“Is there something wrong with me?” you asked frantically hurrying back to the bathroom mirror.

“No! No,” Sam exclaimed, “You… you look gorgeous.”

Slowly you stepped out of the bathroom with a sheepish smile, “Thanks, Sammy. Well, while you’re here feel free to order room service and watch all of the pay per view you’d like.”

“Thanks. So why did we have to move hotels.”

“The other one was too cheap. If Michelle found out I was there she’d tell the entire family, and I don’t want to deal with that. Enjoy the fancy soaps, and the comfy beds,” you encouraged before checking your phone for the time. If you didn’t leave right at that moment, you were going to be late. You hurried over to Dean and took his hand, towing him out of the door. As you drove in the freshly cleaned and polished Impala you gave Dean his story.

“We have been married for one year, dated for three, accounts for all the time I’ve been away from the family. You are a mechanical engineer, with a modest salary. I am a nurse, and we live in a little suburb upstate.”

“Why do you care so much about what these people think?” He questioned

“I dunno,” you sighed, “It’s really just Michelle, she’s been a smug asshole since the day she was born. Mom enjoyed the modest simple things in life, so we didn’t get extravagant unnecessary things, and Michelle always made fun of me for having less. Listen, Dean, you’re a pretty good guy, and if anything you’ll get some good food from all of this. Leave my family to me.”

“Whatever you say, honey,” he smiled.

Dean let you out of the car at the door while he parked. The door opened the moment you stepped on the big porch. Michelle was there with a big smile, ushering you in quickly.

“Y/N’s here every one!” she called, “Y/N where’s your husband? We’re all dying to meet him!”

“If only you all would just die,” you grumbled under your breath. You were quickly swallowed up in the chaos of questions and hugs from family members, all of them saying the same thing to as the last. “You look stunning” “You could lose some weight?” “We thought you were dead!” it all went around until you met your grandmother’s kindly face. She pulled you into an honestly pleased hug and kissed your forehead.

“There’s my favorite,” she murmured in your ear, making you smile.

“What about Michelle?” you grinned.

“Don’t get me started on that brainless wench,” she scowled.

“Nana,” you laughed. The two of you caught up with each other in a secluded part of the living room next to the fire place. As far as your family went the only one you ever missed was your Nana. She was honestly a good woman, her living children were just questionable people. 

“Michelle told me you were married.”

You felt a little bad about lying to your grandmother, but you nodded. Holding out your hand to show off the diamond ring you bought at the mall.

“Where is he?”

You craned your neck around and looked for Dean among your family. At first you began to fear that he had changed his mind, decided all of this wasn’t worth it. Before your fears could get the better of you, you saw him and your heart skipped a beat.

He was just walking out of the kitchen with a bottle of expensive whiskey and glass. His eyes caught yours, and he set the bottle on the table and continued over with his glass. As your nana saw him she let out a low whistle.

“Damn, he’s one fine piece of man. Does he have a brother?” she asked wagging her eyebrows. You laughed at her question and nodded.

“He has a younger brother.”

Dean came over and met your grandmother, getting a taste of her quick wit, and sly humor. The woman was really just an older version of you. That realization made Dean smile, especially as he saw the happiness the woman gave you. He couldn’t imagine why you’d traded all of this for a life on the road with a target on your back. Dinner was soon served, and Dean learned that when you said he’ get good food out of the deal, you hadn’t been joking.

“So, Y/N, when can we expect kids from the two of you,” Michelle asked with a vindictive smile.

“Uh…” you drawled.

“We want to be sure this world is safe for a child, before we bring one end. So whenever the time is right.” Dean answered smoothly, taking your hand that rested on top of the table. You recognized that he was rather good at this charade.

“So how did you two meet?” Michelle further drilled, looking for a weak spot in your lie. In truth, she had found it. You had not discussed your meeting.

“Well,” Dean began, and he looked at you with soft tender eyes, “I was passing through Montana on business and I found her with her nose buried deep in a text book about local native american tribes,” this was no tribe, this was truly how you had met, “There was this supposed sacred ground in the forest near by and well we were both looking for it. I worked up the courage to talk to her, and we went out for coffee. We wound up going to the sacred ground together, and we haven’t lef each other’s side since.”

“How romantic,” your grandmother sighed.

“Let’s get a kiss from the lovely new couple!” Michelle cheered.

You shook your head “no” but the rest of the family simply joined in with cheering. Dean put a finger under your chin to make you look at him, before her pressed his lips down on yours. You felt butterflies batter at the walls of your stomach… What the hell did that mean?!

Dinner passed with minimal upset. Your family seemed widely accepting of Dean.I was a relief that no one put that much scrutiny on him or you. Michelle threw silent glares at you every now and again, but over all that dinner was fine. There was even pie for dessert. 

As you drove back to the hotel you and Dean laughed about the events of the night.

“Why did you ever leave?” Dean asked.

“Well after mom died… well I just didn’t fit in. My mom lived a more modest life, and the family really disowned her for dating someone they thought was below her… so yeah… I just didn’t feel like I could go to them. You know?”

“Yeah… well I had being your husband. For pie like that, I’ll actually marry you,” he chuckled.

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. Thanks for being my husband for the night.”

“No problem, honey,” he grinned.