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Okay so remember that one scene, I think it was in TKM, where Neil can’t open a wrapper (probably a healthy energy bar or something idk) and Andrew just takes it out of his hands and opens it for him.

Right, so I was thinking about that and then my mind wandered way off track but here goes:

-       Matt and Dan have a bunch of kids in the future right

-       In this hc Andreil don’t have any kids because reasons

-       And Matt and Dan decide to adopt a kid because they are awesome and would totally do that

-       And Andrew knows that they’re nice people and they wouldn’t be shitty parents but he’s been in foster care, he knows that people treat their own kids better than their foster/adopted children

-       So every time there’s a group thing or whatever and they bring all their kids he watches out for the adopted kid, just to make sure

-       And maybe one time he sees the kid struggling to open something and Matt and Dan aren’t in eyesight

-       And he’s become sort of protective of this small human

-       Not that he would ever admit that

-       So he snatches the thing off the kid and opens it for them without really thinking about it

-       The next time the kid needs help they go straight to Andrew and he helps them because as much as he hates people and the world he’s not going to be a total dick to children because he gets it

-       Andrew is the closest to the children’s height and he doesn’t come off as threatening because kids are wild okay

-       So eventually the kid starts bringing the other kids to Andrew for help

-       And it just becomes A Thing TM

-       Just imagine Andrew standing there (probably threatening some guy) and this tiny child comes over and holds up a juice box or something and without even blinking (or stopping his threat) Andrew reaches over and opens it and gives it back and this kid just smiles and wanders off

-       And of course everyone is like, WTF?

-       Neil’s standing there smiling because he isn’t surprised in the least

riko moriyama doesn’t like the taste of mint toothpaste so he uses crest kids sparkle fun toothpaste. none of the ravens know about this and if riko had his way, nobody would ever know. but somehow neil knows. neil knows everything.

“thank you, you were amazing” is beautiful and heartbreaking and will haunt me forever, but honestly a really underappreciated moment is right before that when nicky’s giving him a hard time for taking so long in the locker room, and neil just looks at him and says so seriously, “i’m sorry,” and nicky’s like, “hey, chill, i was just messing with you,” because he doesn’t understand that neil is apologizing for lying to them and putting them in danger and neil thinks this is the last time he’ll see any of them and he just wants them to know that he’s sorry for all of it

So, through extensive exploration of the Minyard/Josten rivalry we have basically established these fuckers yell angry sounding Russian at each other from across the court to psyche everyone out when they’re really just talking about mundane shit, but consider this: one of their team members speaks perfectly fluent Russian, and can understand every single word they’re saying. The fuckin champ never tells a soul, the never ending irony of the media debating the extent of their intense hatred while they’re actually talking about their shopping list and weekend plans is too much.

here are some more trojan hcs that no one asked for

  • there are two dead ants in the corner of laila and alvarez’s dorm, which alvarez has named cabbage and theodore. laila insists they get rid of them. alvarez says she can’t just throw away her children like that
  • jeremy has a habit of walking into a room distracted by his phone (usually twitter or texts with kevin), and he’ll stop in the middle of the room and just sit on the floor, continuing to text
  • this leads jean to constantly trip over him because he’s not expecting jeremy to be sitting right inside the doorway when he comes back from class
  • laila could not for the life of her figure out how to double-knot her shoelaces until she was a junior in high school
  • jeremy has zero navigational sense. at all. jean has to do both the navigating and the driving when they’re in the car together. road trips are a nightmare
  • alvarez has a tattoo of a little astronaut on her arm, just because she thought it looked cool (it does)
  • jean and laila are always competing at something. sometimes they get identical puzzles and see who can put them together fastest, sometimes it’s shopping cart races at walmart at three in the morning.  there’s a pair of freshman backliners that somehow always end up in the baskets of these shopping carts
  • laila is Terrible at math, and is very frequently getting basic equations wrong
  • the biggest argument laila and jean have ever had is over whether fruity pebbles or fruit loops were better.  laila was all for fruit loops, and jean insisted fruity pebbles were superior.  they didn’t talk for three days after
  • jean gets rid of all the black in his wardrobe now that he’s no longer with the ravens. everything is colorful and bright, socks and shoes included
  • alvarez’s favorite nail polish color is called “hush money” purely because it’s called “hush money”
  • jeremy is really good friends with a sophomore striker, and he’ll take her out for breakfast every few weeks, and they’ll talk about new episodes of whatever anime they’re both watching, or a recipe jeremy really wants to try, or how the sophomore’s girlfriend accidentally dyed her hair orange
  • laila loves strawberries.  so much.
  • jeremy has, on several occasions, stopped the car because he saw a dog he wanted to pet
  • jean and laila have two fish that they take care of together, named butter and hargrove the eighth
  • alvarez used to figure skate. she takes laila on ice skating dates all the time partly because laila is terrible at ice skating and alvarez thinks this is adorable, but also partly because she really likes to show off
  • if she knows jean is having a hard time sleeping, alvarez will just send him a continuous stream of memes. most contain cats
  • jeremy has reading glasses
  • (jean Loves jeremy’s reading glasses)
  • laila is demiromantic
  • alvarez loves poetry, she has an entire shelf on her bookcase dedicated to her favorite collections, and has some of her favorite poems memorized. instead of singing/humming to herself when she’s spacing out, she’ll very quietly recite these poems
  • jean can do a perfect impersonation of lightning mcqueen, and very frequently uses it to make some of the freshmen laugh
  • they’re all actual rays of sunshine whom i love

no offence but andrew totally gets a (secret) laugh out of watching people flirt with neil. like, he’ll be stood a good length away at the gym, watching this guy try really hard to get (and then keep) neil’s attention. he especially likes that neil is so oblivious. so, when someone says “when are you free, i could show you some cool running tricks?” neil shrugs and says “i don’t know, i’d have to ask my boyfriend” and looks over his shoulder at andrew. andrew loves the way people shrink under his stare and he gets a real kick out of watching them scamper off

Imagine this ...

Nicky’s really into joke books. Erik sends him one for his birthday during his final year of college and he can’t stop reading them out to the Foxes at any given opportunity.

His sole mission in life becomes to make Andrew smile at one of his terrible jokes. He pops up, book in hand, going, “hey Andrew, what kind of cheese can you use to hide a horse?


Neil’s never heard crappy jokes like this before; he never had the opportunity while on the run to be exposed to mindless comedy. He finds them hilarious, and giggles at them with a childlike joy. He’s usually in the room when Nicky’s trying (and failing) to involve Andrew in a Knock Knock joke, and starts joining in from a corner in order to hear the terrible punchline.

Andrew doesn’t care about Nicky’s annoying, failed attempts to make him smile as long as he keeps coaxing that gleeful laughter out of Neil.

Neil starts researching his own jokes and telling them to Andrew when they’re alone. Andrew doesn’t mind nearly as much as he thought he would, and even indulges Neil with a “who’s there?” on occasion.

One day they’re in the locker room together and Andrew goes, in the most deadpan voice, “what’s the difference between ignorance and apathy?”

Neil just blinks at him, because he’s sure Andrew just started telling him a joke. “What’s the difference?” he asks finally.

Andrew sits across from him and leans back against the lockers. “I don’t know and I don’t care.”

And Neil gets it. And it’s just so Andrew. And he is delighted. He grins so wide he thinks his face might crack as his shoulders shake with silent laughter, partly at the joke but mainly at the joy he feels staring at the person who told it.

And Andrew smiles right back at him.

Meanwhile, Nicky is backing away from the locker room door silently, before booking it back to the rest of the foxes, complaining, “of course Andrew would only laugh at his own jokes,” and, “I’ve been trying for months, but he’ll smile for Neil at the drop of a hat. I’m his cousin.”

And although he doesn’t understand the Andrew he sees with Neil, he’s just so happy that he exists. God knows they both deserve it.

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IT IS OFFICIALLY MY SEMESTER BREAK!!!!!! ajfhdajkhfdajh this is the best prompt EVER let me have this self-indulgent headcanon

  • the foxes, because they like a.) challenges and b.) making money out of these challenges, get the idea to play Andreil Trope Bingo
  • nicky starts it, purely out of boredom, as well as out of the desire to spite kevin for being too exy-focused even if the season’s over
  • he creates a card with things like “andrew buying food for neil” “neil smiling behind andrew’s back” “one talking about the other when the other is not there” “andrew hurting someone for neil” “rooftop date” “andreil going late to practice together”
  • after the whole team making edits to the bingo card, a copy is given to everyone
  • word gets around, but as andrew and neil are two of the most oblivious people in the world, they don’t catch wind of it
  • eventually, everybody (including wymack and bee) gets in on it, because the pot rises to be two grand (can you guys believe? two fucking grand for a couple’s trope bingo)
  • they make it a race of sorts - as andrew and neil aren’t normally affectionate in public (neil being the more touchy of the two, but still severely lacking in comparison to the stereotype of Normal Couples), they all have to be there at certain times of the day
  • dan clearly established the “no fishing rule” at the start but some of them can’t help themselves - they’re just really lucky sometimes
  • renee is the first to check “andrew wearing one of neil’s shirts” after she notices at their weekly sparring session
  • aaron (unluckily enough) gets the first shot at “andreil making out by the lockers” after his shift to tidy up the court
  • nicky is first witness at “one being lowkey possessive over the other” when he catches a glimpse of andrew frowning down someone at the bar for checking out neil
  • at the end of it all, they’re all left with one box blank
  • “andrew calling neil cute”
  • and everybody is just ??????
  • because andrew would never do that. not in a million years
  • only neil seems like the type to do so - but even neil hasn’t said anything of the sort
  • everybody’s panicking because they’re all so close yet so far away
  • fast forward; it’s been a little over a month since everyone’s only got that last box blank, and they’ve all been fishing
  • matt has asked, on multiple occasions, what andrew thought of neil when he smiled
  • allison has pointed out how good neil looked when she gave him her last haircut
  • bee even got ahold of neil’s baby pictures and showed them to andrew on a visit of his
  • wymack, at some point, tried asking if “cute” was really the specific word they all needed to hear (”What if he says ‘adorable’? You know Minyard gets all wordy at some point.”)
  • they all flail around for another week until the foxes’ weekly movie night
  • it happens on a thursday at neil and andrew’s room, because it was their turn
  • everyone is seated around the television, either on armchairs, the sofa, or on beanbags
  • neil coughs and pounds his chest
  • andrew gets up from the sofa so fast and gets neil a glass of water
  • upon getting the glass, neil goes “Ah.That was just a test. Thanks for putting in the effort.”
  • neil is smirking and all, thinking he’s so clever, the cheeky bastard
  • and no one is prepared for andrew’s “Mmm. That’s cute. Move over.”
  • everybody is suddenly scrambling for their cards in their pockets
  • nicky is like “Shit shit shit shit shit shit–”
  • kevin frustratingly goes “Where the fuck is my pen–”
  • bee is like “That’s unfair, I didn’t bring my card!”
  • it’s dan-the-legend-wilds that gets to cross out the box first and she yells (half-drunkenly) “BingobingobingobingoBINGO MOTHERFUCKERS!!”
  • matt’s like “Babe we’re going halfsies on that right–” while allison yells “THAT”S GOING INTO OUR NAIL POLISH FUND!”
  • wymack is in the moment and is like “Dan, you’re sharing with me, or you’re out of the fucking team.”
  • renee is groaning and shaking her head while aaron is just shrugging and texting katelyn he lost
  • in the midst of the chaos and debating-who-got-it-first is andrew and neil, clueless as fuck, staring at them all and at one another
  • neil is blinking in confusion while andrew is stony-faced
  • they go out of the room and leave the madness that is the foxes coming up with another bet and searching for money in their wallets

Boring English class or hc featuring Neil and Matt and my other precious foxes ..???

  • Whenever the Foxes refer to Neilโ€™s boyfriend, theyโ€™re talking about Matt.
  • Started w the Upperclassmen joking cause all he did was talk about Neil
  • Even when Matt insisted that Neil was his bff.ย โ€œHeโ€™s my small innocent child!โ€
  • But it sticks and eventually gets leaked to the Monsters.
  • Andrew is v jealous cause Neil is his bf even if they havenโ€™t said that exact word yet.ย 
  • Neil reassures him later on the rood and thatโ€™s how they officially and spend the night kissing.
  • So boyfriend, can i kiss you yes or no?
  • *eye roll* yes idiot
  • I think you mean boyfriend.

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neil’s friendships with the other foxes aren’t talked about enough…honestly. like, andrew is neil’s everything and nothing can ever change that, but how neil’s trust expands to the rest of them is so precious.

dan adores neil. she wishes he’d listen more in practice and on the court, but she wouldn’t change him for anything. not a trophy, not hundred of trophies, and she’d never go back to a time when life was simpler, when the foxhole court wasn’t a burrow for a skittish fox to hide in, when neil was all bad news and a grenade waiting to go off. when they were all close to being collateral damage in the explosion that followed neil’s truths. she loves him, truly, without failure. she loves his smile and the way he plays, like he wants to win it all for them. she loves how happy he is, despite his monster being a constant shadow at his side, she loves that neil has found someone to take comfort inc someone to make him stronger, and she’s proud of him for that

allison likes to sit beside neil and play with his hair. the first time he let her do it, her chest nearly exploded with the amount of adoration and affection that was swirling there, too powerful to be contained. she knows what trusting looks like, because it’s the the same way renee is with her, and she feels so privileged that neil trusts her too. now they sit and watch shitty movies together when they’re tired and even when her fingers cramp up, allison can’t bear to remove them from twirling lightly at his curls

matt and neil, bros. matt has loved neil since the moment he first laid his eyes on him, and he’s never stopped since. sure, neil can be an asshole and he sometimes avoids talking about how he really feels still, but matt loves him. and when he can peel neil away from andrew long enough, they talk about deep stuff, with neil and matt both opening up to each other. they play mario cart, because neil has never played and matt feels like he has a little brother. he feels so protective towards neil, like he wants to shelter him from the world, but he knows neil has to explore it all for himself, and he’ll always be there to offer a hand if neil stumbles

renee and neil do spend time alone, but mostly she tags along with both andrew and neil. and renee is very observant, she notices the way that neil — this broken boy who came to them every inch a mystery, every scar a story to be told, one foot out the door and his lips sewn shut — flourishes around andrew. he blooms like a flower, mid-spring, bright and breathtaking and she remembers thinking that neil wouldn’t be with them for long, but here he is, living and loving, all thanks to andrew and the rest of the foxes. she’s proud of herself, for that one

kevin may push neil hard sometimes, but he knows neil’s limits better than neil himself does. there are days where he knows neil can be pushed further, can be yelled at for longer, can be threatened with the weight of his deal with the moriyamas, you’ll never make court if you don’t get better. and there are days when he knows neil can’t take it, where he knows that any mention of his unknown future will snap neil in half, so he doesn’t push. he makes neil do the laps, the drills, the target practice and then he calls it off. days like these, neil gets rowdy, complains because he wants to blow off some steam, but kevin tunes him out and throws him a bottle of water, sitting on the court floor and waiting for neil to join him. when he does, they sit in silence. sometimes they talk, but mostly kevin waits for their breathing to slow before he gathers their things and drags neil back to andrew for the night

neil is able to forgive nicky for that first night at edens. nicky will always feel guilty, will always want to make it up to neil, but he’s smart enough to know that it’s alright, nicky. i forgive you is enough to say it’s over, don’t bring it up again and so he never does. he and neil form a nice, distant friendship. nicky doesn’t touch neil and neil doesn’t touch nicky in return, but there are days where neil will sit with him in the columbia house and they’ll laugh and joke and nicky will swear he didn’t know neil would have such an impact on his life, he’ll never remember what life was like before him, and he doesn’t want to. life without neil, even for a short time, felt cold and tasteless and the look on andrew’s face when baltimore happened told him he felt it too. he never wants to experience that again

neil and aaron tolerate each other, at best. and that’s all there is to say on that. they poke at each other and make sly remarks and sometimes they fight, and that’s the extent of their interactions

the beauty of it all is that people say you can’t choose your family but neil knows, you definitely can

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hey so i know you do head canons and i was wondering if you'd write an andreil one about them adopting a kid thanks

i have this issue where i start headcanons and they end up being fics so enjoy

  • Okay so Neil and Andrew are on the same professional Exy team
  • They live in like the small urban part of Missouri or something, and they have a lot of free time because itโ€™s the off season
  • So Andrew goes to the library every afternoon like clockwork
    • Heโ€™s studying up on law and entertaining the idea of going to law school after they retireย 
    • Neil tags along sometimes and loves browsing the crime/mystery section
  • The library workers recognize them as the famous exy-playing assholes, but theyโ€™re all older women who have nothing better to do than gossip behind the desk
  • Mary, the senior librarian, runs the childrenโ€™s programs during the summer and makes sure to invite all the kids from the nearby elementary school
  • Itโ€™s raining pretty hard outside when Neil and Andrew stumble in one afternoon during Maryโ€™s dramatic reading of The Fox and the Hound
  • Andrew saunters off upstairs while Neil heads to the bathroom so he can wring out their wet raincoatsย 
    • (Nicky got them matching raincoats for Christmas that year, insisting that he needed to โ€œkeep up the themeโ€)
    • (Andrew refuses to wear the matching red rain boots)
  • Neil hears muffled crying from one of the stalls, interrupted every now and then by a small hiccup
  • He knocks hesitantly on the stall door
  • โ€œIโ€™m in here!โ€ the kid shouts
  • โ€œEverything okay?โ€
  • โ€œUh.. yeah,โ€ he sniffles, โ€œI thinkโ€

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Neil and Aaron are never gonna be best friends, but they both love Andrew so they make a truce at some point during Neil’s sophomore year. They have a long talk about their pasts, their moms, their relationships and they manage to resolve about 80% of their issues (Betsy would be proud). The real sign of how far they’ve come is a few years down the line at Aaron and Katelyn’s wedding, when Aaron introduces Neil to Katelyn’s relatives as “my brother-in-law.”

dont ask where this came from but here it is:

  • K so Neils doing press duty in his fourth year and everyone knew it was a bad idea but here we are. 
  • It was a long game, Jack was being a twat, Neil doesn’t like reporters anyways and he just wants to get it over and done with and go kiss Andrew up on the roof. 
  • And he gets through the majority of the interview without too many insults and then someone brings up a rumour that’s flying around and asks:
  • Josten do you care to address the rumours that you are gay?
  • And Neil is just so tired and he’s smelling all gross and he really just wants to smoke and kiss his bf so he answers:
  • Geez just cause I like to kiss Andrew doesn’t mean I’m gay!
  • (Because he’s not gay he’s Demi.)
  • And then he just walks off without a word and ppl are like wtf man!
  • Nicky’s face is probably going to break from smiling so much because HOLY SHIT NEIL THAT WAS ICONIC
  • Above my paygrayed - Wymack. 
  • the video goes viral because of course it does. 
  • it becomes a gif
  • Neil Josten is trending everywhere
  • but Neil doesn’t give a shit because he’s finally kissing Andrew.
  • Andrew above him calling him a junkie idiot and raising the percentage a little bit.
  • but maybe, just maybe Andrew smiles lips twitch before he closes the distance between them cause Nicky was right it was iconic. 



-so we all know Allison has lots of money and stuff
-and she loves her foxes
-so now imagine one day she surprises all of them with personalised jewellery on the anniversary of their final win against the ravens right before the girls graduate
-it’s very individual but every piece has something to do with a fox
-so Renee gets a golden bracelet with a tiny little fox charm that matches her golden cross necklace
-Dan gets three rings with a fox on them, one in golden, one in silver and one in rosegold
-Matt gets a leather necklace with a big silver fox pendant
-Nicky also gets a necklace but it’s golden and it twinkles
-they all love it and wear it all the time
-for Kevin she gets a leather bracelet with a small silver fox paw as pendant
-he’d never say this but he loves it
-Aaron gets a leather bracelet as well but it’s braided and has a lighter colour, but also a fox paw
-he never wears it but always keeps it in his wallet
-and then Neil and Andrew oh lord
-Allison gets them matching necklaces with fox charms which are only different in their colour
-Andrew’s necklace is rather copper-coloured (or should I say auburn?) and Neil’s necklace is in a light gold (or is it bright blonde?)
-Neil absolutely loves his necklace and wears it all the time
-everybody thinks that Andrew threw his away but only Neil knows that he actually always keeps it in his pockets
-Allison herself gets some fox earrings in rosegold
-she even makes jewellery for Abby and Wymack
-Abby gets a silver necklace
-for Wymack she makes a leather bracelet, similar to the one she got for Kevin but a bit bigger
-she doesn’t give it to Wymack herself tho, she gives the bracelet to Kevin so he can give it Wymack for Father’s Day


  • Ok so I don’t think there’s an actual description of Katlyn in the books???
  • Other than the fact she’s a cheerleader and has long hair and is taller than Aaron??
  • So I give you
  • Redhead Katlyn
  • Think about it
  • Pale, maybe slightly tanned skin
  • Really big teal eyes
  • Slightly rosy lips
  • And like
  • Really red hair
  • That nice copper red??
  • And Aaron
  • Oh god Aaron is so smitten for her
  • No one thinks about it at first
  • Just “oh yeah she’s pretty they’re good together”
  • Cause Aaron doesn’t bring her around much
  • But I think once Andrew is more concrete with Neil
  • And they’re like
  • And established couple
  • Even though they’ll never admit it
  • They’ve been engaged for a month guys ok
  • They’re stable
  • And stubborn af
  • Anyway
  • I think once Andrew is more secure in Niel being there with him always being safe and not about to go walk himself down a plank
  • I think Andrew will tolerate Katlyn
  • And Aaron will notice this difference
  • Also I think Bee might talk them into spending more time together with her and the team
  • So then ta-dah suddenly Katlyn is around more often
  • And that’s when things get… noticed
  • How Aaron is like 2 or 3 inches shorter than her barefoot / in flats
  • And how he is blonde
  • And she’s a redhead
  • With blue teal eyes
  • Like… a certain other couple….
  • It’s Matt who notices it first
  • But doesn’t say anything cause he doesn’t want to die and he also doesn’t want to risk ruining this thing the twins suddenly seem to have??
  • But then Allison and Nicky notice
  • And Allison smirks, brow arched and goes right ahead with
  • “You two have really similar tastes”
  • At first everyone is like ?????
  • But then they look at the two blonde twins,
  • Who both have a redhead SO at their side
  • And it just
  • Clicks
  • “You two got a thing for redheads?” Allison continues, gesturing between them
  • Aaron looks at Katlyn at the same time Andrew glances at Niel
  • And Niel and Katlyn lock eyes cause shit just got real
  • Aaron looks at Niel
  • And he just
  • It clicks ok
  • And he regrets every decision he ever made
  • But like….
  • He just looks at Andrew
  • And Andrew gazes back
  • And they don’t kill each other
  • And Andrew doesn’t kill Katlyn
  • And the team are just lost
  • Thus begins Nicky’s “I wonder if other things run in the family…”
  • Aaron: “like what”
  • Nicky: “like liking guys”
  • Aaron: “no”
  • Nicky: “oh come on”
  • Aaron: “no”
  • Nicky: “not even a little-”
  • Aaron: “Andrew how the fuck do you say no for it to actually work”
  • Andrew: “either it works or it doesn’t - the person just has to learn”
  • Nicky: “….”
  • Team: “….”
  • Niel: *screaming internally*
  • Katlyn: *!!!!!*
  • Cause Aaron just genuinely asked Andrew for help
  • And Andrew answered honestly and openly
  • And everyone is kinda shocked they’re not killing each other ok
  • Well
  • Everyone but Niel
  • Cause Niel knows Andrew will always help Aaron
  • Whether Aaron realises it or not
  • Gahhh off topic
  • Ok
  • And like at games, Nicky always comments on how the two “redhead partners” should spend more time together
  • “Cause red hair must be really hard to look after and maintain so swap tips and ideas”
  • They laugh him off
  • But actually do end up spending more time together
  • And even though they’ll never be best friends
  • They get a bit of a…
  • “Gay emo cousin, floral bouncy cousin, who hate each other but get on ok”
  • Type thing going on
  • After that and the events which unfurled in the bedroom the first night of that haircut and how Andrew just can not stop touching it and playing with the different textures Neil listens to Katlyn advice for his hair
  • And after a while Katlyn suggests to Allison Niel would look great with like the sides of his head buzz cut while the middle bit is left to curl cause he has awesome natural texture
  • So Allison takes him for that haircut
  • And Andrew is
  • He is just so gone for Neil’s hair ok
  • That boy is gooonnnneeeee
  • And when Katlyn sees it she’s like
  • “Told ya”
  • After that and the events which unfurled in the bedroom the first night of that haircut and how Andrew just can not stop touching it and playing with the different textures Neil listens to Katlyns advice for his hair
  • He even buys the actual “redhead shampoo” she recommends
  • Andrew is a fan of the smell and how it just brings out all the highlights of Neil’s colours and how glossy it all suddenly is

Dan and Matt started taking Neil (and therefore Andrew) out to restaurants and bars just the four of them. Neither Neil nor Andrew has realised that they’ve been going on double dates for past few months. Andrew only goes because Matt insists on paying and he likes to order the most expensive thing on the menu and watch him squirm.

Imagine Andrew as a teacher

(bear with me I gotta get this out of my head) 

-Okay so he doesn’t go continue to play exy 

-But becomes a criminology teacher at Palmetto (cos Nora said that was his major) 

-With glasses and all that shit. His students have a love/hate relation with him. To put it mildly, he’s a complete ass but I love him 

-also Professor Minyard

-And mostly after the first class itself the students realise this- You do not talk when he’s talking or giving a lecture unless you want a perfectly aimed chalk thrown at your head or a “Get the fuck out or shut the fuck up you choose Avery” shouted your way 

-And you do not dare to make fun of his height. He will fucking annihilate you. “You think I’m smol small Johnson, have you seen your dick?“ 

-And yes he remembers your name and grade that fucker with his eidetic memory 

-And his students are terrified of him but have a lot of respect for this teacher who doesn’t look like an exy fan but occasionally shows up in jerseys or sweatshirts with “Josten” written at the back 

-So. One day this student has some work and goes to Andrew’s tiny office Imagine his shock and awe when he sees Neil Josten, Olympic winner, exy champion in all his glory sitting on Andrew’s chair with his feet crossed on the table 

-“You’re not Andrew.”, Neil says. 

-“I had some questions for mid-” And Andrew enters. 

-He stops when he sees Neil “Feet off my table. Now.” the disrespect ffs Neil  And the student’s just like do?? you?? know?? who?? that?? is??

-And the student looks over at Neil who btw still has his feet on the table and the student thinks “Does he have a death wish?” Neil breaks the silence and says 

-“I thought I’d surprise you.”       

“Leave”, comes the reply 

-And for a moment they both only have eyes for each other, leaving the poor sophomore highly uncomfortable 

 -And then thankfully, before he/she becomes a murder witness, Neil takes his legs off the table and smiles. Neil Josten smiles. This was the man who ripped Riko Moriyama apart. Who fought tooth and nail to get to where he was. Who’s mouth has gotten him into trouble more times than he could count. He fucking smiles. 

-And Neil walks past Andrew, almost brushing his shoulder while leaving and Andrew grips his forearm

-And everything but the two of them melts away. Nothing else fucking matters as if it ever did in the first place 

-And for a second, a fucking fraction of a second, Andrew’s expression shifts 

-And the student is in shock cos obvs Andrew teaches like he does everything else. With stone cold apathy and a tiny bit of disgust but still fucking brilliant. 

-And then Andrew says, “I’ll see you at home.” And then the student notices the “Minyard” on Neil’s sweater (Renee gave it to Andrew as a birthday present when she learned to knit and Neil wears it all the damn time) and understanding seeps into place. Neil leaves after a bit more staring. 

-And Andrew looks at his student and quirks an eyebrow.  

-By the next day the whole school knows that their criminology teacher is dating Neil Josten. 

-After that my poor baby Andrew has to keep repeating in the first class of every freshman year “If you want to be killed in your sleep or want to fail this class, try asking for an autograph. Oh and get used to death threats, you are going to major in fucking criminology after all.

I was only going to write one sentence on this, but guess what happened.

Neil’s phone won’t stop ringing.

He’s had a tough day at the court, and all he wants to do is lounge around on the couch with Andrew and steal spoonfuls of his ice cream, but someone clearly has other ideas.

Nicky, the caller ID says.

Neil groans, but picks up the phone lazily, putting it on speaker before dropping it back onto the coffee table.

“Finally!” shouts Nicky, sounding exasperated. “Do you know what time it is where I am? I’ll tell you. It’s 2am.”

Neil rolls his eyes. “Nicky, you called me.”

“And I’ve called you fifteen times already. Learn to pick up your phone.”

“For once, I agree with him,” says Andrew, shoving Sir away from his ice cream with one hand as he holds his spoon aloft with the other.

“What’s up, Nicky?” asks Neil, making a grabbing motion at Andrew’s phone. Andrew sticks the spoon in his mouth and hands the device over with a roll of his eyes.

“I saw something online the other day,” Nicky’s saying. “It went viral.”

“Hm?” asks Neil, only half listening as he snaps a picture of Sir trying to reach for Andrew’s ice cream tub and starts to type out a caption.

He freezes a second later when Nicky shrieks, “Why didn’t you tell me you had an Instagram account for your cats?!”

“Uh, it’s not mine?”

“Don’t lie to me Neil, I could recognise those balls of fluff anywhere.”

Neil looks to Andrew, who shrugs and goes back to his ice cream, shooting King a glare where she’s peeking out from under an armchair, tail swishing wildly.

“It’s Andrew’s account,” says Neil with a sigh. “I’m posting from his phone right now.”

Nicky’s silent for a moment, then, “Andrew - Andrew - made an Instagram account for your cats. And posts from it. You’re joking. He doesn’t even use his own Twitter.”

“Say that to my face,” deadpans Andrew, but Neil can see a spark of mirth in his eyes.

“On second thought,” says Nicky. “I’m keeping Erik up. I’m going to go to sleep.”

“Gute Nacht,” chorus Andrew and Neil in sync, and Neil grins as he ends the call, finishes off the caption, and posts the photo. It accumulates five hundred likes in a matter of seconds. Nicky is among them.

“I can’t believe he hasn’t found your private Twitter account yet,” says Neil, grabbing Sir and cradling him in his lap.

Andrew’s lips twitch the slightest amount. “I give it a month.”

The Foxes + Pancakes
  • Ok so Nicky and Matt are disgusted to hear that Neil has never heard of Pancake day because yes he’s heard of the big holidays like Christmas and Valentines Day etc but why would he have heard of a day dedicated to pancakes?
  • Like they feel personally offended.
  • Andrew is also mildly disgusted because Andrew loves this day. A whole day dedicated to eating pancakes with all the syrups and sugar he wanted. 
  • Whats not to love? 
  • So of course they turn it into a team bonding session. 
  • They have a competition and of course bets are made because this is the Foxes we‘re talking about!
  • Kevin is frowning through the whole thing because “do you know how much sugar are in those!” 
  • Aaron and Andrew simultaneously throw things at him. 
  • Neil brings some sort of instant pancake mix because he had that once while on the run. 
  • Andrew sees it and throws it out the window with a glare. 
  • He takes Neils hand and they make their batch together.
  • Neil totally feeds Andrew chocolate chips on command. 
  • Nicky is trying to show off while flipping pancakes and one gets stuck to the ceiling. 
  • Aaron is flipping pancakes like a pro. He has practise from making Katelyn breakfast in bed.
  • Renee isn’t very good at making pancakes but she goes around helping mixing and cutting up the toppings and everything. 
  • When it comes to decorating they go all out:
  • Kevin’s is just drowning in fruit. 
  • Nickys has whipped cream with so many sprinkles all over because “taste the rainbow guys” or whatever.
  • Matt goes all soppy and cuts his in a heart shape and writes D+M in strawberries. 
  • Renee and Dan go classic. Syrups and cream and chocolate sauce. 
  • Allison somehow makes hers look flawless like a work of art. 
  • And then there’s Andrews.
  • Ice cream, squirty cream, chocolate chips, sprinkles, chocolate sauce, (literally a dentist would have a heart attack if they saw it.) All topped off with ONE strawberry just to appease Neil. 
  • Nobody can decide who won the bet. 
  • Its suggested that since Neil hasn’t celebrated this day before he should be judge so he gets a mouthful of everyones. 
  • He chooses Andrew as the winner.
  • Nicky calls it rigged.
  • Aaron rolls his eyes.
  • Renee smiles while Andrew looks bored.
  • And Allison collects 50 dollars off Matt. 


- On a late Sunday night, Andrew casually rests his head in Neil’s lap for the first time
- With permission, Neil runs his fingers through Andrew’s hair
- They sit quietly while watching some movie the foxes insist they see
- Neither are really paying attention. In all honesty the cats wrestling just under the TV seems more interesting than the film
- Neil hums softly every once in a while, caught up in sleepy thoughts
- Andrew is limp with calm and tiredness
- He focuses in on Neil’s quiet murmurs, eyes growing more heavy with each sound
- Distantly– almost out of body– Andrew thinks about how much he trusts Neil
- How this trust has made him weak
- But how Neil would never take advantage of that weakness consciously
- And as Andrew slowly fades into a dream, he thinks: I’m safe with him
- Meanwhile, Neil is still playing lightly with Andrew’s hair
- Breathing coming slow and drawn out
- Of course, being Neil, he can’t help but stare
- How the light from the TV casts purple shadows and blue highlights across Andrew’s face
- Something in Neil’s chest clenches tightly when he realizes Andrew is sleeping. By no means is it a bad feeling
- His mind wanders again
- Never in his wildest dreams did Neil ever imagine having this, let alone a future
- As a college freshmen, he couldn’t think of what he has now. There was no possibility for them
- For morning kisses and late night cuddles. For pointless and long conversations and carefree laughs. For solid trust and unspoken love
- Without realizing, Neil’s eyes grow heavy as well
- Feeling warm and happy– so, so happy– Neil slips into unconsciousness