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ok everyone is constantly on about neil and allison and neil and matt but WHERE are my discussions on neil and kevin?? don't even TRY and tell me they're not lowkey besties

OH MY FUCKING GOD MY GUY,,, DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED i wrote a whole fucking essay on neil and kevin trying to get into the extra josten squad i’m never ok. anyway even tho i said don’t get me started,,,, im getting started

OK. LIKE. their relationship is so fucky to start with. neil looks at kevin and sees everything he could have had. he’s just… jealous in a lot of ways. but it takes him like 0 time to realise that actually, kevin’s life has been pretty shit, and he’s IMMEDIATELY protective of kevin. like,, he’s so pissed off at kevin for pressuring him into being on kathy’s show but he totally gets where he’s coming from and as soon as riko starts being an asshat he’s just like “you know what? my life isn’t worth anything. i’ll give it up for kevin. no question.” no doubt, he’s a ride or die motherfucker and he gives it all up for kevin


he doesn’t even last two pages and then he’s just. so fucking pissed he literally can’t even let riko talk anymore. what kind of a gem

oh my god and this is just like… the start. this is the first book. this is pretty much the first time neil shows any type of care for anything except surviving this year. he was gonna run away before he even saw riko, and here riko’s not looking at him and he paints a target on his back for kevin??? i love him

alright and that’s not all. it’s not just neil adopting kevin. kevin straight up adopts that boy too. he loves neil for his exy, and he’s certain he’ll make court, but do you see him inviting anyone else to practice at night? nope. AND AS SOON AS KEVIN FINDS OUT THAT NEIL IS NATHANIEL HE DOES THE SAME THING he doesn’t defy riko or smth not yet but

HE STRAIGHT UP ADOPTS NEIL RIGHT BACK!!! and i dont even have to show u guys this quote its the fucking apex of their relationship-

OH MY GODDDDD he believes so much in neil!!!! he’s so fucking upset that neil can’t have a future. he wants that for our boy as much as we do; like nothing else that has happened has hurt kevin that much. 

and they see themselves in each other. they SEE that they’re basically just alternate timelines of each other - that one small difference could have made either one of them into the other

a BUNCH of their compassion for each other comes because they know what they’re looking at. they’re looking at themselves, if there had been one small change in their lives. and both of them know that it wouldn’t have been good either way - both routes were torture in different ways. kevin has a future, but the moriyamas will always be hanging over them; neil was free for a while, but it won’t last. they KNOW that for each other and that fuels them. there’s a bond there that just can’t be ignored ok??


even nicky comments like “kevin has CLEARLY just done something nice for neil but kevin’s a BRAT” like. kevin cares so fucking much,, he’s like “you know what? if i were in neil’s shoes i would already be fucking wasted. idk if it will help but if he wants to he should be able to. i got u, bro.” what a BOY. i love him they’re the best friends

and okay if anyone needs more- i swear i’m wrapping this post up - when neil thinks about his future, he sees andrew. obviously. BUT HE ALSO SEES KEVIN THERE.

they’re straight up best friends and brothers and i fucking love them

and as a last point, this is extra content instead of book-canon, but


Ghosts Can’t Play Exy: The Fic


Finally, GCPE the fic! I’m putting most of my stories to to side until I can finish this, because this is the first au I did for aftg. It makes some changes from the original au, but I hope you like it!

(Also: I’m using the first scene in Son Nefes for most of the dialogue in this chapter, so the credit goes to none other than the great Nora Sakavic!)

The only thing Andrew knew about Neil Josten was that he wasn’t. He wasn’t present in the moment, he wasn’t responsive, he wasn’t even there half of the time.

The first time he saw him was in the corner of the fox lounge. Andrew rocked back and forth, legs criss-crossed over the chair he was sitting on, smiling. His “teammates” were babbling nonsense and his brain wasn’t registering any of it.

He didn’t even bother, choosing instead to focus on the shadow leaning on the wall across from him. The hood of his orange PSU sweatshirt was pulled over his curly black mop, his bangs poking out just underneath the fabric. His hands were stuffed in the pocket of the sweatshirt and his jeans were baggy and torn around the knees.

His face was tilted downwards, staring at nothing in particular. Occasionally, Andrew’s eyes would pass right over the shadow as if he wasn’t even there, so he turned it into a game. He’d focus his gaze on one corner of the wall and quickly drag it towards the next, counting how many times he could catch him.


“All right.” Wymack’s voice interrupted his game, too loud for Andrew to tune him out. “We’re all here—”

Andrew turned his eyes back on the shadow, catching him a few more times.


“Finally,” Dwayne muttered.

Andrew’s eyes narrowed. He refocused on his only source of entertainment, determined to keep it up until it got boring.


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sometimes when i can’t sleep at night i think about this moment when neil and kevin had their interview and then riko appeared. it took three (3) people to stop andrew, who’s five (5) feet tall, from going to the stage and ripping riko apart then and there. renee had to literally lay on andrew to keep him in his seat. that boy’s amazing.

  • neil: are you okay? you look sick
  • andrew: i'm fucking fine, go away
  • andrew: [collapses to the floor in their locker room 2 seconds later]
  • the foxes: [freaking the fuck out] MAYBE ANDREW IS DYING
  • andrew: [tiredly in the background] i'm not dead
  • neil: shut the fuck up and go to sleep
  • kevin: but we have practice
  • kevin: you’re not my type
  • nicky: screencapped and emailed to my lawyer. She will have filed charges by tomorrow afternoon. By law We must allow you 48 hours to remove the offending material. If not, you will be charged with defamation of character, libel, and criminal mischief, all misdemeanors. You will face a judge trial.

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  • throne of glass
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  • the heist society novels
  • and literally any other ya novels
the foxes as things i/people i know have said/done

girl: “what’s your number?”

also: my best friend has an album on her phone of pics of me flipping her off called “beautiful but rude-iful” and that’s some neil/matt shit right there

kept loading chocolate of various kinds into the shopping cart while staring my athlete friend dead in the eye, daring them to stop me, the entire time

also: kids were trying to sneak from room A to room B without being noticed by authorities and failed and i just leisurely strolled there (while texting) and no one stopped me

sat next to my friend while they edited all of my swearing out of an academic google docs document that our teacher also had access to

also: went on a twenty minute rant how much i wanted to kill the person who burned down the library of alexandria at two a.m.

ignored my friend’s texts for about a week straight because they wouldn’t stop asking about my love life and i think they legit thought i was dead

also: my friend listened to my rant about the library of alexandria and the only thing they said after my detailed murder plan was “okay, i hear you, but, like, you do know that person’s definitely dead already, right?”

our history teacher: “it’s national coming out day so if someone wants to…”
friend: *stands up* “i want to say-” teacher, so tired: “yeah, you’re gay, we know, please sit down”

also: sucessfully broke up a fight between two siblings by saying “but guys here’s ice cream”

i convinced some random woman in her sixties that i met at the hairdresser’s to dye her hair either blue or pink or rainbow because “do it while you’re still young” and “why would you care what society thinks of you” and “do it while you still can” and whatnot

also: a certain follow-up of events led me to spending most of the school day with hands covered in both blood and glitter and whenever someone asked the only explanation i offered was “aesthetic”

i threw a euro coin at my friend’s head from the other side of a big table with stupid accuracy to get them to shut up

also: friend 1:“i will literally pay you to take this exam in my name”
friend 2: “i don’t even take that subject, i know nothing about it”
friend 1:“i know, it’s fine, i don’t need a good grade, my average can take it, but "i” need to show up and it’s really early"

actually made a boy cry once because i was better than him at something he bragged about being good at

also: friend 1:“how was your day?” friend 2:“i saw only 2 white teen boys today but a total of 4 dogs so i think we can conclude today was a good day”

went on a good five-minute heated rant about how precious and glorious a person my best friend is to someone who insulted her, meanwhile she probably wanted to die the entire time

also: hit my head on a “caution! low ceiling” sign once