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The phone call:

(based on the extra content by Nora Sakavic)

The phone rings at 4 am. At first, neither of them stirs. It’s starts as a muffled vibration before the first cords of Andrew’s ring tone begin to play hazily from somewhere underneath a pile of clothes.

Slowly, Neil wakes. Reluctantly, he shrugs himself out from Andrew’s arm and reaches into the cold air to search for his phone. Andrew moves, arm stretching to grab the waistband of Neil’s pants. Voice still heavy with sleep, he slurs, “Who’s that?”

Neil finds the phone, squinting against the sudden light and reads the name on the display. “It’s Abby? I’ll get it. Go back to sleep.” He flips the phone open just in time.

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“‘Let Riko be King,’ Kevin said, with the exaggerated enunciation of the thoroughly sloshed. ‘Most coveted, most protected. He’ll sacrifice every piece he has to protect his throne. Whatever. Me?’ Kevin gestured again, meaning to indicate himself but too drunk to get his hand higher than his waist. ‘I’m going to be the deadliest piece on the board.’
Queen,’ Andrew said somewhere behind Neil.”
—Nora Sakavic, The King’s Men

This is probably absolute trash, but my half conscious mind liked it so enjoy the garbage. xo. 

Neil kissed his wrist, a place where demons hid and memories lingered with specters of their own, the raised lines on his skin pale from the daily use of the armbands, now visible under the rooms slanted glow. It was painful, it was tender. It was everything Andrew Minyard never expected out of life, had given up hope on receiving long before he knew the true cruelties of the world.

He flipped them over carefully so he could be on top, still succeeding in holding onto whatever small amount of raw control he had left as Neil’s lips broke peacefully away from his skin and into a content smile that made his pulse jump.

He hated him.

He hated how much Neil trusted him, how much he himself has come to trust the man beneath him in return. But more than that, he hated the way Neil was content with whatever Andrew had in mind, knowing that he would keep him safe, that he would be careful with him. Neil had come to be okay with almost anything Andrew decided when it came to this- them. It left him vulnerable and struck bare, something that was beginning to seem less and less threatening and more- he didn’t know.

“Andrew,” Neil soothed, coaxing him out of his own thoughts once more as he watched that all too familiar threat begin to settle in Andrew’s mind. 

Neil knew better than to reach out and touch Andrew during times like this, where the past bled into the present. So when Neil tucked the tips of his fingers under his back, Andrew didn’t comment. Instead, he waited, hand extended over Neils lithe frame as he tracked the path of scars that began at his hips and ran all the way up to his collar bones and face.

Neil nodded.

He traced a careful hand across the Neil’s naked chest, fingers dancing from scar to scar in silent reverence as he watched the way Neil fought to keep his breathing even. The countless misshapen lines and oblong shapes were brutal memorials that commemorated a dead identity who had every right to run, each mark telling its own story of a hand crafted prose composed of pain and devastation.

Andrew often felt most grounded like this, when they faced each other not as equals who have shared in the same pain, but as individuals who have come to understand one another without the hinderance of words getting in the way.

“I want to take you apart,” Andrew muttered as he settled their bodies against one another, sitting back so he could finishing tracing a fine line down the center of Neil’s abdomen with his pointer finger as he watched surprise turn into lust. “Yes or no?”

His hand broke away from Neil’s skin to pull at one of the exposed wrists gently, freeing his fingers from their makeshift cage. Neil complied easily, letting his hand be guided from the bedding to Andrews own wrist besides his head, hesitation flickering only once in his eyes as he met Andrews gaze. 

“Yes or no?” Andrew whispered again, leaning down as Neil’s thumb connected with the first row of mended skin. 

“Yes, always.”

ejkker  asked:

Headcanon about neil and allison's friendship pleaseee!! I love them sm ♡

Yesss. Okay, I’ve been planning on doing something with them for a while. Thank you for the excuse.

  • okay, so we know that allison and neil are all good by the end of king’s men
  • they even had a sort of friendship developing
  • but everything really starts with Girl’s Night.
  • Neil (the oblivious child that he is) doesn’t actually know it’s Girl’s Night
  • he just thinks everyone else turned down hanging out with the girls
    • (nicky eventually points it out to him)
    • (it doesn’t really bother neil when he finds out.)
  • Anyways.
  • allison likes painting neil’s nails.
  • Like black, pastel, neon, any color you can think of.
  • neil likes it too.
  • it seems like one of the furthest things from his past
  • nail polish makes him stand out, the opposite of everything his mother ever wanted.
  • slowly, she starts doing his makeup,
  • just eyeliner at first,
  • then eyeshadow and lipstick.
    • (andrew really likes it)
  • eventually allison gets started on his clothes
  • first off, they don’t go with his nail polish at all
  • Secondly, if she’s going to be doing his makeup the rest of him needs to look good too.
  • one day she shows up at their room
  • it’s one of the saturdays they aren’t in Columbia
  • she stands at the doorway and demands that kevin send out neil
  • kevin does
    • (allison scares him a bit)
  • neil comes out with andrew following behind him
  • allison tells neil they’re going shopping
  • she insists that andrew stay behind.
  • andrew isn’t happy about it
  • But neil agrees and goes to get dressed.
    • (andrew and allison akwardly wait in the living room. Andrew with crossed arms, glaring at allison for infringing on his neil time while she sits on the arm of the couch.)
  • neil stumbles out of the bedroom a few minutes later and follows allison out the door
    • (but not before andrew walks over and whispers, “yes or no?” into his ear, then kisses him senseless for a few seconds after he says yes.)
    • (allison stands at the doorway and rolls her eyes)
  • She drags neil to the mall
  • makes a beeline for the most expensive shop she can find and pushes neil onto one of the couches while she starts going through the men’s clothes.
  • she picks him out clothes that’ll fit,
  • Things she knows he’ll look good in.
  • She tries to remember all the things she’d seen andrew buy him and gets things close to that.
  • By now she’s seen his scars (the whole team has)
  • she knows she has to work around them
  • but it doesn’t necessarily mean she has to get him the baggiest clothes possible.
  • she piles all of the stuff onto neil’s lap and goes to find herself some clothes.
  • poor neil ends up with a lapful of clothes
    • (he doesn’t notice allison snap a picture of him, but later, on instagram, there’s a photo of him with all the clothes captioned “shopping date with neil. we’re working on his fashion sense.”)
  • Then, she drags neil and all their clothes into a changing room.
  • She tells him to sit on the bench, locks the door and takes off her shirt.
  • neil starts freaking the fuck out.
  • he’s confused and trying to figure out what the fuck is going on when allison snaps her fingers in front of his face.
  • “Pass me that shirt,” is all she says
  • neil is still trying to figure out what the fuck
  • she sighs.
  • “I know you don’t swing and I know you’re not interested in me. We both know you don’t really care about what you’re seeing and hoestly, you’re about as sexually intimidating as that door. Now, hand me that shirt.”
  • neil hands her the shirt.
  • she goes through all of the clothes she chose for herself
  • neil gives input occasionally
  • but he mostly just sits there and sorts out the clothes for her.
  • then it’s his turn and he makes her leave the dressing room.
    • (“No offense, but-” “Neil, I get it.”)
  • she takes pictures of the outfits she likes, but tells him to put the majority of them back.
  • they check out and allison drags him to the food court.
  • she steals his ice cream and he slowly starts sneaking some of her fries.
  • the entire time, allison talks his ear off, gossiping, showing him things on her phone, teasing him.
  • (she snaps a few pictures. most of them end up on instagram.)
  • After they finish, she decides they’re going to see a movie and neil reluctantly agrees.
    • (it’s some happy animated movie and he didn’t follow the plot of it at all, but for some reason he still liked it)
  • allison drives drives him back to fox tower and drops him off at his room.
  • as soon as neil starts to fumble with his keys, andrew is already opening the door.
  • he gives neil a once over, raises an eyebrow at the bags, then looks over at allison.
  • she just smirks.
  • “Next week, be ready by 11,” she says before she turns and walks to her room.
  • Andrew huffs and drags neil into the room, but doesn’t protest.
  • so it keeps happening.
  • Every Saturday neil and the others are at Fox Tower, neil and allison go out shopping, to a movie, for lunch or something. they hang out, gossip, allison takes a ton of pictures and they trade secrets and happy things that happen to them.
    • (andrew calls them dates.)

anonymous asked:

The foxes find out neil is super flexible. (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

O MAN- okay so like I honestly believe Neil is preety flexible. Like he’s done some crazy shit while he’s on the run and he’s very fit and I just think he’s one of those people that’s insanely flexible. He doesn’t think anything of it but andrew sure does and he’s really the only one who knows atm…

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conniptionns  asked:

114. Matt and Dan

This is so long, so I put most of it under a read more. This is my first attempt at Dan/Matt so I hope it turned out okay!

114. “No more dogs. How hard is it to understand?”

It’d been a long day. Practice had been a disaster; several of her kids hated each other to the extent that she kept having flashbacks to the Foxes, and no matter how many times she yelled at them to get their shit together and learn to like each other, it didn’t seem to work. Tommy is the worst of them, which is unfortunate, seeing as he’s her best striker and if he keeps up with the fighting she might have to bench him. 

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@sacrebleusargent replied to your post “the only pure character in tfc is king fluffikins”

renee walker??

i can’t believe you’re making me do this

yfip: renee walker

  • has literally murdered a man (probably just by being cute)
  • has a sick tattoo but hides it all of the time
  • could tell andrew to stop but doesn’t
  • too cute and badass and perfect it’s not fair leave some for the rest of us
  • canon-story doesn’t end gay. this isn’t her fault but it’s on the list anyway
  • could step on me but doesn’t
  • i can’t do this i love her
  • she’s perfect