would it really be an aftg tv show if there wasn’t a girls montage of them walking in slow motion, racquets balanced on their shoulders, looking ready for war to “that’s my girl”

Listen to me because I will probably say this more than once until I die…
I fucking love the edits people create for the Foxes and their social media!
I fucking love that shit!
Give me all the Fox social media edits!!!
All of them!!!
Snap, Insta, Twitter, whatever I want them all!!!!
I NEED them all!!!
Like are you listening cause I’ll say it again!!!
Social media edits are a fucking god send and bless every single one of you that makes them!!!

  • them: aaron hates nicky!
  • me, internally: nicky singlehandedly nurtured these broken boys by himself, while missing his boyfriend and good family in germany, just so they wouldn't experience the shit he went through under luther's household. how anyone, esp aaron, could be spiteful and purposefully an asshole despite being brought up in that better environment for four years, after his last sixteen with tilda's treatment, idk how you would say that but. okay.
  • me, externally: sounds fake but okay

Jean Moreau & Renee Walker. Friends, survivors, effulgent

Neil thought of Jean’s odd reaction to Renee at the fall banquet, the lingering look and the uncomfortable introduction. It was the memory he’d been looking for last week when going through his messages at Reddin. Jean accepted Riko and Tetsuji’s cruelty because he had no one outside of the Ravens. With nothing else to live for and no reason to fight, he bowed his head and focused on surviving. Renee was the first bright thing to catch his eye.

**OK you guys seemed to like the carry-on with Matt walking in on Andreil in the changing room soooo…. here’s the next part**

Matt stared at Nicky.
Nicky stared back.
In the background, the rest of the Foxes were silent. It was maybe the first time every single one of them was utterly silent.
They had been for the last twenty minutes.
It was lunch break.
It was Friday.
Neil and Andrew weren’t in the group.
They weren’t in the foyer.
Matt blinked and Nicky whooped, finally blinking too. Mat groaned.
“Nicky no!”
“Too bad Boyd,” Nicky sang. “Get in there.”
But Matt shook his head.
“No way.” He looked at the back liner. “Two weeks ago I walked in on them making out
Last week I walked in on them blowing. No way am I walking in on them again!”
“You blinked,” Allison pointed out. “You lose. Rules are rules, Matt.” She gestured to the changing room door.
Matt whimpered. No one relented.
Shaking his head, he stood up and began dragging his heels to the door. The rest of the Foxes watched intently.
With a final pleading glance over his shoulder, Matt pushed the door open and walked in.
At first he had his eyes closed, but when he heard muffled voices he opened his eyes.
And he stared.
Andrew was sitting on one of the benches, Neil placed carefully between his legs with his head resting against Andrew’s knee. Both boys were still dressed, save for some of their gear. One of Andrew’s hands was combing through Neil’s hair while the other held one of his knives - knives Matt had only glimpsed when they were pulled on other Foxes. But now, Andrew was calmly holding one of them and Neil was saying something in German - are was that Russian? - about it as he rested between Andrew’s legs. The knife didn’t look threatening at all; it looked calm and relaxed just like the two short men.
That is until the pair noticed him and Andrew promptly changed the angle he was holding the knife by; instead of simply behind held it was now pointed at Matt.
Matt gulped.
“Sorry uh -” Matt floundered. “Starbucks?”
Andrew didn’t relax and Neil raised a brow but answered, “Pumpkin latte.”
Matt nodded and hurried to the stall. From inside he heard their muffled conversation resume.
When he came out they didn’t glance at him until he was at the door to the foyer.
“Matt,” Neil called and Matt turned. Four blue eyes rested on him, one pair matched with an amused and knowing smirk. “You’re a terrible liar.”
Matt cringed and Neil laughed.
When Matt walked into the foyer all the foxes looked at him.
“Well?” Nicky asked.
“I’m a shit liar and now have to run to fucking Starbucks,” Matt surmised.
“We’re they fucking?”
“No they were talking about knives,” Matt said flatly.
Dan cackled.
Matt sighed and began the trek out of the stadium.

Imagine Kevin and Neil always wearing something, anything that says “PSU” or “Foxes” because that’s the only place where they’ve been treated like equals to everyone around them, and not like their obedience is the only thing that makes them worthwhile. :)


Okay Let’s chat…

In the the length of a 1.5 pages, Nora Sakavic managed to give us two funny lesbian exy players from USC (that have maybe 10 lines each). When I was reading this I remember very specifically thinking, “I would definitely read an entire series centered around these two”.

You’ve got Alvarez the backliner who has all of Nicky’s dramatics, kindness, humor and quick wit (not to mention Neil even thinks she reminds him of Nicky). Then there’s Laila the goalkeeper who is a mixture of Kevin’s sternness and Andrew’s apathy. I don’t know why they jumped off the page at me but they did and I love them and totally wish we heard more from them.
I imagine their story to be a little like TFC but with women instead!

tfc au ramblings

-imagine the foxes all grew up in the same neighbourhood, all like a five minute walk from eachother’s houses tops

-They all grew up getting lumped together by their families WHO IN MY VERSION, LOVE AND SUPPORT THEIR BABIES because they were all in such close proximity of each other

-apart from Neil, but we will get to him later

-so since they were able to toddle about they were all chucked together into one of their houses or out onto the gardens or local park to play together

-And like even though they knew their parents were forcing them together just out of pure convenience , as a group it kinda worked

Like Renee was a shy kid and being a part of this group of weirdos really brought her out of her shell a lot.

-Maybe too much, she and Andrew became besties very quickly (much to his shock and horror, but he does eventually decide Renee is pretty cool for a girl)

-and Andrew and Aaron finally get to be around other kids who are actually bothered to try and tell them apart

-it keeps them from getting into too much trouble at least

-Matt and Dan are the responsible ones of the group, Renee is too, sometimes. When she isn’t spending too much time with Andrew making mud pies and trying to force Aaron, Nicky and Kevin to eat them.

-anyway, it keeps them out of mischief, at least until some of them realise just how fun it is to get in trouble together. I’m looking at you, twinyards, Nicky and Renee.

-They have sleepovers all the time and stay up as late as possible pigging out, watching cartoons and having tickle fights until they crash out in one big pile on top of each other

-They go on wildlife searches together in the park and all freak a whenever they find something super gross/weird

-“Hey Andrew, this bug totally looks like you.” “Nah, but that warty frog sure reminded me of you.” “Shut up! If it looks like me then it looks like you too, stupid!”

-“Oh alright, but the flattened bird we saw totally reminds me of Kevin.” And that snail? Totally gave me Nicky vibes. So did those two dogs, all drooly and excited and ick"

-all in all, their strange, mean little jibes make little sense, but they make the other kids laugh. A lot.

-Alison is not impressed with crawling through dirt to find bugs and frogs (and neither is her mother when her little princess’ fancy designer jeans and new shoes come back all torn and muddy)

-She and Renee end up wandering off halfway through to make daisy chains and braid the flowers into each other’s hair. The others eventually join in too. They all go home that night with flower crowns

-Kevin’s mum teaches them to play a watered down version of exy at the park with tiny little soft baby racquets and balls

-whatever they do, Dan always gives 110%, determined to keep up with the boys’ shenanigans. She is usually the one that comes back the messiest. I’m talking twigs in her hair, mud caked on her cheeks and the biggest, exhausted yet content grin ever

-exy is how Neil comes into their lives

-the foxes are all like 8/9 at this point. It’s summer and they are playing in the park. Kevin wanted to set up a match between the foxes and the kids from the next block over, but there were not enough players

-so this new kid they’ve never seen before wanders over. He’s about their age and he’s new to the street

-so they get to play afterall and by the end of the game, despite him playing for their rivals, he is part of the gang

-him and Matt? Instant bffs.

-Nicky loves him. I’m talking heart eyes, gifting him those candy hearts, the whole shebang here

-Kevin doesn’t really care much about the new addition to their group, as long as the kid can play that makes him cool in his book

-Andrew…well. ..He may have already been aware that there was a new family on the street. He may have noticed the new kid move in and it might have piqued his interest

-but only because their street is so boring that nothing like this ever happens.

-other than that the new guy is very boring. Boring hair, boring face, boring beautiful eyes. Boring.

-after a while, the other baby foxes are determined to host a fake wedding for those two

-I dunno, they all just grow up happy and healthy and loved together

Shit the Foxes said on talk shows
  • Neil: So Kevin comes in at like 1 in the morning, brand new tattoo on his face, and he's drunk as hell but he's making this surprisingly coherent speech about being the deadliest piece of the board, and I'm just sitting there not saying a word because I don't know a thing about chess.
  • Dan: There's a video on my computer containing cuts from every single time Andrew sent a ball flying into someone's head set to the Donky Kong theme song. It's two and a half hours.
  • Allison: Neil has this thing where bad things happening to him are like a matter of fact. Once, he and I met up for lunch, and when the bill came he asked if he could pay me back later because he got mugged on the way over. As it turns out, what I mistook for Neil being a picky eater was actually Neil trying to eat without upsetting a shallow stab wound.
  • Renee: I don't drink alcohol because you can't account for what you'll do when you're drunk. Though sometimes that turns out fun. About a year ago we found out that Matt knows how to sing Sweden's national anthem backwards by heart, and that was hilarious. But on the other hand I've had Allison and Nicky competing on who can break a glass with their voice at three in the morning, so.
  • Matt: Kevin is definitely seems like everything in his life is about Exy, but get to know him and you realize that he has plenty of interests, it's just that he has no concept of doing things in moderation. So it's less a stick up his butt and more like, I don't know, a pool noodle or something.
  • Aaron: Neil doesn't have a concept of money, a fact which on any given day swings between hilarious and flat out tragic. He refused to pay $15.90 for new pants but said he'd pay for my med school if I stopped making fun of his new haircut. To be clear, both of these things happened in the same conversation.
  • Nicky: I love God, I do. He's always in my heart. But I guess God has abandonment issues because every time I see a commercial for a McFlurry I can just feel him testing me.
  • Andrew: The thing about the Foxes is that the stress level on any given day can fluctuate so wildly you get whiplash. One day you're getting yelled at for not blocking a shot, the next you're getting yelled at for "obstruction of justice" or whatever it is the Feds call it when you remind them that they can't come in without a search warrant. Why Wymack does this willingly is beyond me.
  • Kevin: On the one hand, the Foxes are much less organized, not to mention a smaller team. Every game, we're at an almost immediate disadvantage. On the other hand, Ravens are contractually forbidden from Irish coffee. So overall the decision isn't hard.

“You two could at least say hello,” Wymack said, somewhat aggrieved. 

“There’s no point,” Kevin said. “All they are is a distraction." 

"It’s called a support network. Look it up." 

"Thea is watching from South tonight,” Kevin said, looking to the elevated VIP box. It was too far away and too high up for Neil to make out any faces, but there was a small crowd gathered at the windowed walls already. Knowing the Court was here to watch them play sent a chill through Neil’s veins. Kevin dragged his stare back to Wymack’s face and said, “and my father comes to all of my games. That is enough." 

On Wymack’s other side, Abby’s gaze softened. Wymack’s jaw worked for a moment before he could say in an even tone, "Your mother would be proud of you." 

"Not just of me,” Kevin said in a rare bout of humanity.

-The King’s Men (All for the Game Book 3) by Nora Sakavic

my scene for the @giveyourbacktome-zine​! I had so much fun working on this and I was lucky to snag a #dadscene :D

the foxes as popular text posts #1

neil josten: i hate that my first reaction to stress is always Time To Die™ like ok calm down edgelord.

andrew minyard: they call me… 7 Knives. because that’s how many knives it takes me to cook things because I keep puttin em in the fuckin sink without thinking about it

kevin day: me rollerblading into my therapist’s office this week with sunglasses and a piña colada: maurice, you’re not gonna fucking believe this,

nicky hemmick: *walks up to straight couple* which one of you is the bee and which one of you is the fully grown adult woman who left her fiance for the bee?

matt boyd: *begins breakdancing gently* what’s wrong, son

dan wilds: listen, I’m a nice person so if I’m a bitch to you, you need to ask yourself why.

renee walker: it’s all fun and games until you remember the person you were from 2007-2010.

allison reynolds: how to kiss a boy: 1. grab his waist, 2. slip your hand in his pocket, 3. steal his wallet, 4. dont even kiss him, 5. just run.

aaron minyard: Why are there 2 A’s in Aaron? Why not 6? What’s stopping us?

david wymack: you gotta put your heart into it! no. no, not literally– not your actual– no. how did you even manage to get that. is it even yours. put that. away.

betsy dobson: [at a session with neil, about andrew] It’s weird to think that people who are 5ft are only 5 subways long.

abby winfield: always practice safe sex!! until you have mastered it. then you are permitted to practice Danger Sex