afterwork drinks

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says that men having after-work drinks is discrimination to women.

This is why I will never vote for him.

Firstly, if my man is the main provider, which they are in a lot of families, who the fuck am I to complain that after a hard days work he wants to chill with his friends? Would Corbyn suggest a ban on afterwork drinks for breadwinner women because of apparent discrimination against men? Everyone deserves to be able to just relax after work, regardless of gender.

He thinks he is a man of the people, but he knows nothing. Working men’s clubs are part of working class culture for a century, and I doubt any working class women have actually been consulted about this. He is most likely just assuming that they don’t like their partners being able to relax after work. This is why W C are drifting to UKIP who used to have little support, and even the Conservatives who are traditionally for the upper classes, because they don’t interfere with private life. UKIP understands the needs of working people, and the Conservatives prove gender equality by having a female leader. They don’t just give working class people and women lip-service.

Corbyn, as a woman I will never vote for you, I hate being pandered to. Where is the men’s manifesto? Give me equality not special treatment.

As someone who hopes to have children, I will never vote for you because I want your party to stay the hell out of my private life and family roles. My partner and I decide how childrearing will be split - not you.

As someone who is in a relationship with a man, I will never vote for you because who the hell are you to decide how my man spends his spare time? Who are you to say he is discriminating against me?