Starry Night

for @afterwekillitwecangotodisneyland, runner-up of the 2k contest.

A small sigh came from you, looking out the window. You had always been a fan of the night sky and the mystery it held.

“Why such a long face?” Bucky asked. A careless shrug before you turned to look at him.

“I’ve always been a fan of the stars. I wish….I wish I could around with them, see the moon so closely.” You said, going back to the window. Bucky stood by your side.

“Well I can’t give you that chance, but I can bring you closer.” He suggested. 

Bucky helped you up. He brought you to a closet full of linens. He stuffed blankets and pillows. He grabbed some other blankets before leading you to the roof. 

The tower roof was nice and clear. You helped Bucky make a nest and the two of you curled up together. His hold was so warming on this chilly night.

“So do you know names of the stars?” Bucky asked. Your eyes were trained on the moon, shining so bright on you. 

“Of course. See that one over there,” You pointed to one right over you, “It’s called Algol. There are thousands.” 

Bucky nodded before pulling the blanket closer over the two of you. 

“That’s amazing. What about…that one?” Bucky pointed to a random one. You nodded.

The rest of the night was spent star gazing and talking about them. You had never felt more peaceful.