afterwards is sunday

college roommates!dean and cas fucking during a floor meeting, and we all know dean makes a lot of noise when he’s getting fucked so cas has to kiss dean constantly or cover his mouth with a hand or stick some fingers in his mouth in order to quiet him down so not everyone will hear them down the hall

college roommates!dean and cas fucking in between classes so dean always shows up five minutes late with sex hair and a grin on his face, wincing a little when he sits down

college roommates!dean and cas pushing their beds together and cas fucking dean across them

college roommates!dean and cas attending a formal event together and then afterwards when they get home cas takes off his tie and ties dean’s wrists to the bedpost with it and fucks him

dean blowing cas while he studies for a big exam; dean climbing into his lap to ride him when he aces it

tipsy saturday night fucks where they fall asleep right afterwards

sleepy sunday morning fucks before breakfast and the day of homework begins

dean and cas as college roommates (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Cold Outside

As my plans to write something new for OQ Sunday failed miserably this weekend, I plunged into my archives and unearthed this old thing from last year that I never posted. Enjoy some Missing Year Regina taking care of Robin and the two sharing body heat (cliche it may be, but deliciously so, if you ask me! :D).

Regina tells no one and leaves in the dead of night. The heavy snowstorm, though an inconvenience, will be no match for her magic, and her green witch of a sister will never see her coming amid the calamity.

Robin tells no one and follows Regina into the blizzard. He has no magic to protect him, just a cape and a bunch of gold-tipped arrows that are nothing but harmless toys against the raging elements; yet the Queen’s reckless disregard for her own life draws his watchful eye.


He’s severely hypothermic when she finds him—or he finds her, stumbles upon the crumbling cottage she’s taken refuge in from the buffeting wind. The weight of him collapses against the barely sealing door with a muffled thud, and the fool is lucky some inexplicable impulse sends Regina investigating. The thief’s cape is practically frozen solid, clings to him like a shell, an added burden rather than protection. His lips stand out blue in his pale face, the same blue almost as his disoriented gaze. They move slightly as she hovers above him, but nothing comes out, and the effort seems to cost him the last vestiges of strength.

With her magic all but exhausted by her own trek, Regina resorts to what scant non-magical resources she has.

Wedging a hand under each of his arms, she tugs and pulls, but the thief, heavy and paralysed with cold, doesn’t budge. She wraps her arms around him tighter, the blustering fool, to keep the drifting snow at bay at least, and hoists him inch by hard-gained inch inside and onto the hovel’s pitiful excuse for a bed, a half-rotten pallet slightly more sheltered than the bare floor.

His eyes don’t stare anymore, and they always seek hers, have always followed her in the palace much to her ire, but now they’re closed and there’s no relief for her in escaping his scrutiny for once.

Why must he be such a damn idiot, why must he be looking out for her all the time? Why must he—care?

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My piercer told me the cutest story I've heard in a long time

I went in today to get a new septum ring and honestly I left crying. Somehow we got on a topic of talking about judging people by the way they look and he brought up a story that happened to his friend a while back. His friend is tattooed over his entire body to look like an anatomically correct skeleton. When he goes out he usually puts up his hood and wears sunglasses to take away a bit of the reaction. On this particular day he and my piercer were on the public bus and there was a sweet looking little old lady sitting directly across from them who kept staring at his tattoos. After a while she reached over and gently tapped him on the knee and kindly asked him to remove his sunglasses and hood. He was a little confused and when he removed them he expected a negative reaction but they were both taken back when she replied with an excited “Well isn’t that neat! It would’ve been funny if just your face was tattooed.” They spent the rest of the bus ride talking. My piercer called him up about a month ago and in the middle of the call his friend says “Me and Meridith just got back from the grocery store”. This man and this little old lady apparently lived in the same neighborhood and he takes her to the grocery store every Sunday. Afterwards they usually go back to either of their houses and cook each other dinner. My piercer’s friend was raised by his grandmother and comments that it’s just like having his own grandmother back. She’s always telling him to put his hood down, take off his glasses, and love who he is whenever they’re together and that makes me so incredibly happy.

Every year for the week around May 2nd, Hogwarts lets everyone go home for a week. Starting the Saturday before, to the Sunday afterwards. It’s a perfect way for families to be together on a day of remembrance, and gives the staff at Hogwarts a chance to prepare the castle for the ball.

18 years ago today, (May 2, 1998) the Battle of Hogwarts ended, leaving over 50 Order of the Phoenix members, and their allies dead. The Battle spanned from late at night May 1st, to the early hours of the following day. Countless Death Eaters were defeated, and Harry James Potter defeated one of the worst wizards to live. Today is a day of silence, and remorse. There is no classes held at Hogwarts, instead a ball is held for all students, surviving combatants, and other family members to remember those lost. Families are grieving today, but are also celebrating. Today families come together to celebrate their loved ones who were lost fighting for a better world.

Just to name a few who died fighting for a better world: Colin Creevey, Nymphadora Lupin (neé Tonks,) Remus Lupin, Fred Weasley, and Severus Snape.

after literally jumping awake this morning thinking it was monday and not sunday and i hadn’t turned in two-thirds of my homework yet (the two-thirds I had not even started yet lmao) and even though afterwards i realized it was sunday i still felt nauseous and anxious as hell but i managed to get it all done much quicker than i thought (and even got a little ahead for next week!!) 

all energy readings are done, and all readings- tarot and energy- are closed! they will remain closed for some time. i am seeing my best friend who i haven’t seen in a long time tomorrow, and then i’m graduating college on monday, have another procedure on friday, and i have a yard sale that saturday and sunday. afterwards i’ll be packing up my house to move to my new farm, and then i’ll have some time to adjust before i head out to milwaukee.

i can guarantee that all readings will be closed for at least a week. afterwards i will likely open energy readings for a few days for those willing to donate for one. a lot of people have messaged me recently to ask for clarifications regarding my donation-based readings and when i’ll be providing those and free readings, so keep an eye out for a detailed, completed post regarding when and why readings will be done via donation and for free. 

Tomorrow’s Dark Knight Pt.1 - The Q&A Session

Hello, everyone! It’s the morning after April, after we are now in the month of May. How are you all doing?

Anyway, as a great many of you already know I posted Batman Beyond The Heir yesterday. I hope that you guys enjoyed it, because more is in the works! Now with that in mind I want to make something clear. I have other responsibilities, including a new job which I’ll make a separate post about later, so the release dates for new chapters has been changed up a bit. Not because I want to make you guys suffer with a long wait or anything but so that I can pace myself better and leave room to rest as I develop the next chapter.

Instead posting a new chapter every Sunday I’m going to post one every other Sunday. So instead of chapter two coming this approaching Sunday, it’s going to come the Sunday afterwards. This new system will not only keep me from overworking myself, but you guys will also have a week in between updates to process each chapter. So I hope you all understand and respect my choice.

Now then, onto the nitty gritty! I’m sure everyone has a lot of questions to ask me about yesterday’s chapter. So feel free to send me a message or drop an Ask in my Inbox, and I will answer as fast as possible.

That concludes this post. Toodles, everyone!

The forgotten ones update!

I started this and I intend to finish it!
Welp, it is time to continue the comic~~ It has been a while hasn’t it? Hehe, I got a bit caught up with all the amazing stuff in the fandom. Sorry folks!! The update will resume next week sunday. Afterwards when my school starts, I will only be able to update when I can since I will be focusing on my school works! Thank you for understanding!! 

On a side note, here’s how the nerds are doing..(Bonus that was supposed to be on the last update…:P)

The jerry doodle war continues!

Klaroline AU Week- Day 5  Regular Humans.  Other ways to say ‘I love you’

Caroline comes home after a long day of work to spend time with her husband.

If Caroline had had the energy, she would have bolted up the front lawn and thrown herself through the front door, slamming it shut behind her.

But if she moved quicker than a snail’s pace, her blistered feet would give out underneath her and she’d find herself crawling into the house.

It’s only her Southern Belle upbringing that has her waiting until she’s in the front hall before she kicks off her shoes and sighs loudly with relief, wriggling her toes against the wooden floorboards.

She loves nothing more than to come home and shut out the loud noises of the day, the hustle and bustle that exhausts everyone.

Or, almost everyone.

She frowns and strains her ears, listening for the sound of classical music played so low as to almost be inaudible and when she can’t pick it up, she reaches for the light switch on the wall flicking it twice and hearing a knock against wood on reply.


She follows the sound to the living room to see her husband has his art supplies scattered everywhere as usual and the easel set up with one of his works in progress. He turns to face her and she drops her handbag to free her hands.

“Where Emily?” she signs, looking about for any sign of their daughter.

He signs the letters E and K, their version of ASL slang for Elijah and Katherine and she nods.

Her brother-in-law and his wife Katherine were toying with the idea of having children. Well, Elijah was dead set on having them and trying to bring Katherine around to the idea that children weren’t just animate dolls to play with occasionally and then throw back to their parents. As Emily was currently the only Mikaelson baby in country, they’d been borrowing her for afternoons or weekends to try and accustom themselves.

Caroline would bet money that when Emily came home tomorrow morning she’d have a new wardrobe of couture outfits that Katherine was designing for her fashion house.

Nik crossed the room and took her in his arms, wrapping them around her waist and bringing her head to his chest, rubbing her back in comfort and she knew that she must be looking exhausted for him to be taking his hands out of commission.

When they were ten years old, Nik’s father Mikael- or stepfather as they later found out- had beaten him so badly that he’d been in a coma for a week and lost his hearing. It had never recovered and he couldn’t even use hearing aids.

Caroline would never forget the fear in her best friend’s eyes when he’d found himself suddenly thrown into a world of unending silence.

But they’d found their way through. When Nik had been sent to Richmond for a month to learn ASL, Caroline had insisted on going with him and afterwards they’d spent every Sunday morning for two years with a private tutor until the two of them were fluent.

One good thing to come out of the tragedy, was that- with Mikael in jail and Esther relocating to Latin America as her way of ‘dealing’ with the issue- Elijah had become Nik’s guardian and, seeing his love of drawing, had let him take as many classes in as many different forms of art as he liked.

He was now a successful artist and co-owner of an art gallery for the disabled in Richmond, which not only paid well for him but also meant that he could essentially be a stay-at-home dad for their baby Emily. Every morning when Caroline left for work, she’d set the stereo to play low volume classical music for Emily and Nik would keep her in his sight all day, as loving and attentive a parent as he could be.

Except their baby wasn’t here right now.

With a satisfied smile, Caroline pulls back and tilts her face up, pressing her lips to her husband’s in a long, suggestive kiss before stepping away and beckoning him with her finger as she turned and slowly strutted to their bedroom.

They make it to the doorway before Nik spins her around for a passionate kiss and she lifts her leg, running her foot up the back of his jeans and tugging him closer as she arched her breasts against his chest. She slips her tongue into his mouth and runs her hands up his arms, playing with the fabric of his Henley as he presses himself between her thighs. She hums with delight and feels herself grow flushed with arousal, the tension easing from her body as her husband begins rubbing gently against her…

And… she hears her phone go off and tries to hide it on her face but Nik has spent the majority of his life learning to read people and he knows her expressions like he does his own, so he breaks the kiss, looks at her briefly before turning away and moving back to the living room,

No!” Caroline moaned even as she knew he couldn’t hear, rubbing her thighs together and pressing her hand against her a-line skirt. “Dammit…come back!”

But Nik was rummaging through her handbag, drawing out her phone and signing his relief that it wasn’t an emergency call from Elijah or Katherine about Emily. He hands it to Caroline and she sees her boss’ name flashing across the screen.

Five minutes later she hangs up and her frustration is no longer just sexual.

But she can only deal with one problem tonight.

Her husband’s back hits the wall with a thud and she kisses him fiercely before wrapping his Henley in her fists and tearing the fabric right down his chest. He licks his lips and nods in encouragement as she unbuttons his jeans and pushes them down his hips, grinning lasciviously she reaches into his boxers for his cock, gripping it in her hand and rubbing until he’s hard for her.

One final kiss and Caroline spins on her heel, walking over to their couch she bends over the arm, hikes her skirt up to her waist and smiles to herself.

She doesn’t have to wait long before Nik’s hands are on her silk panties, drawing them down her stay-up stockings to her feet, she spreads her thighs, rests her wait on her elbows on the cushions and looks straight ahead.

He thrusts into her hard and fast and she shouts with pleasure at the impact,
“Oh God yes,” she pants “Oh, harder and faster.”

Caroline has a little secret she keeps from her husband. 

She loves talking dirty during sex, even though she knows he can’t hear her, she’ll say the most obscene things and get off on it.

Not all the time though. She adores the sweet, gentle lovemaking that she and Nik enjoy between their bed sheets, but after a long, frustrating day- all she wants is to bend over and be fucked by her husband while she moans filthy phrases.

“Mmm, yeah…oh you like putting your hard cock in me, don’t you Nik?” she moans,

“You like how wet I am for you…pound me harder, yes show me who I belong to.”

He keeps a steady pace but he pushes in right up to his hilt and she grinds against him, 

“I love being your whore, your sex toy” she sighs, her face falling forward and her hair tumbling down onto the couch, “I love walking around with your cum dripping down my thighs, Nik…oh yes!”

Her husband had put a hand on her lower back to steady himself and she arches her hips towards his cock, 

“Oh yes…” she whimpers, “Hold me down, do whatever you want, I’m yours, I’m all yours…ah god yes!

She clenches around him and climaxes, panting breathlessly and waiting for him to finish, smirking to herself when he pulls out and knows that soon their juices will be ruining her stockings.

She doesn’t care, she has ten more pairs in her drawer.

Lazily, she rolls over and stands up, kissing her husband tenderly,

“I love you.” She signs, and he smiles before repeating the sign back to her.

Nik watches as his wife wanders into the bedroom to strip off her skirt and knows that she’ll be keeping her dress shirt on for the rest of the evening until they go to bed. Her dress shirt, her stockings and nothing else.

Smiling to himself, he pads over to the chiffonier and picks up the mirror he’d stashed there a few days ago, positioned so that the next time he and Caroline fucked on the couch he’d be able to read her lips.

For five years, his ASL name for Caroline had been ‘Noise’ and he’d long suspected that sex wouldn’t be the one activity in the world where she suddenly lost her voice.

And he was pretty certain his superb lip-reading skills hadn’t failed him in this endeavour.

Well, if she wanted to talk dirty who was he to discourage her?

Husbands had to support their wives after all.  

Pet Peeves part 1

Parring: Dean x reader
Word count: 3 765
Warnings: swearing, Dean being a dick

A/N: Reader and Dean live together in a bunker. They are friends until Dean starting to change his behavior towards her.

Feel free to say what you think about it xD

English isn’t my native language so sorry if there are mistakes. 

The gif doesn’t belong to me. Found it on google

He couldn’t sleep. Motel bed was creaky, too short and bedding smelt weird. However, over the years, he get used to this kind of discomfort. The problem was not even air temperature, making him too hot and sticky, or that his T-shirt clung to his body. The major problem was you. You lay on your bed a meter away from him. Your limbs stretched across its entire width. Hair still wet from the long shower that you took, forcing him unwittingly, to wait over an hour for his turn. Your face was turned toward him, and he could see your eyelids moving. Apparently you dreamt of something. That was the reason for his lack of sleep. Because every time you dreamt, you’ve had a habit of mumbling. It was never loud enough for him to be able deciphering individual words, but not quiet enough, so he could sleep in peace. Again, you let of unintelligible string of words, while turning onto your stomach. He was staring at you for a long moment, contemplating on, if he could throw something at you. Looking for a way to shut you up. On the other hand, he knew if he wakes you up right now, you’ll hurt him, and be grumpy all day, tomorrow. And even though you have pissed him off, he didn’t have a strength to deal with that right now. So he hissed in irritation, and put on his headphones, at least in this way the noise was more bearable. It took him a good while, to fall back to sleep. He was thinking about you. You’ve known each other forever. Over the years you were joining them on a several cases, sometimes you do not parted for months. Working hunt after hunt. At first you were rather weird relationship, but then get used to one another presence, becoming friends. They knew you were reliable, and got their backs. You and Sam shared to same ability of manipulating people and politely extracting informations. But then with Dean you could communicate without words, while fighting both of you were almost synchronized. Being able to predict the next movements of a partner. You were his third hand. He appreciated that about you. But outside of work, there was a awkward barrier between you two. Especially since you have found the bunker and the three of you decided to live there. The awkwardness changed to something else. You get under his skin, without even realizing that you did. It was slow, and insignificant at the start.

Your bag landed with a thud on the table in the library, making both Winchesters raised their heads and gazed at you above the thick volumes that they looked through.
“One might think I deserved at least a hello after I’m coming back home.” You scolded them with a smile. They immediately correct their behavior, greeting you effusively. Dean even got up and hugged you. Briefly, but still. Your tiny form in his arms soothingly affected him. Finally untying nervous knots in his stomach, which appeared every time, when you were away. It wasn’t happening very often, as they didn’t allow you to hunt alone. At the beginning, it bothered you, but you understood where it came from, and in time you’d found the thought that you have somebody to count on, comforting. This time, however, you went away, when you get a phone call from an old friend, Ted. Who needed assistance, which as it turned out, was simple salt'n'burn. Bigger battle, you fought with Dean to let you go, then the hunt itself. You must had to promise that you will call them every couple of hours, always have a gun (you had it anyway) and a whole list of other obvious precautions. And Dean still called to checked in, on you.
He couldn’t focus on research, suddenly. It was so calm, until you didn’t showed up. You pulled up a chair, and sat down near him. It was good to have you back. He watched for a moment how happy you were, when you could tell Sam about your experiences. Hair fell on your face, obscuring one eye and cheek hot with emotion when you lively described one of the situations. He looked like your pink lips spread in impossibly wide smile, and graceful hands waving in front of his face in excessive gesticulation. You weren’t looking at him, your attention focus on his brother, who nodded cheerfully and laughed with you. Dean always liked to watch you laughing, it was always loud, your whole body bent in the strangest positions. This time you tilt your head and arched backs, stretching legs ahead of you, hitting his chair. Once you had wiped the tears of amusement, and continued, something in him snapped. It hit him one after another. Why did you have to speak so loud? The echo of your voice spreads probably around the bunker. Why did you have to wave your hands at his face? The story was not even half this funny. Why did you have tell them right now, when they were in the middle of important research. At first you should go to rest, after the journey, and let them work in peace, maintaining, nonsensical stories for yourself. He was tired and could not concentrate when your leg was jumping up and down a few centimeters from his thigh. Nearly told you to calm down, but at this point you were patting him lightly on the shoulder and getting up, you went to your room. When you disappeared from his sight, he could return to reading. Blaming his annoyance for your behavior, to the usual fatigue.

However, the situation repeated itself shortly afterwards. It was Sunday morning. All of you were, properly rested due to spending three days in a bunker, between hunts. Dean was making toasts and scrambled eggs, Sam was reading the newspaper, and you lazily drunk coffee. No one spoke, there was no need to disrupt so blissful silence at such an early hour. Dean enjoyed peace, hoping for a pretty good day. The plan included only going to the city for supply run, and in the evening to catch up with seasons of  Game of thrones. He could not wait. Until you ruined him his breakfast. Your phone suddenly began to buzz loudly, announcing that you’ve got sms. He just turned to put food, on your plate when he saw you bared your teeth to the phone tapping quickly a replay. What’s annoying was: you did not turned off the sound, so each time you click, the keys made a beeping sound. Moreover, after sending this one, there has been no end. The entire breakfast was accompanied by a extremely loud buzz. He almost took from you this phone. He refrained, however, without even a comment. After breakfast, instead of waiting for you, he went to the city alone, not in the mood for listen to your writing all the way. In the evening, seeing that you still didn’t separate with the phone, he had found an excuse to not spend time with you, shutting himself in his room. You tried to talk down to stop him, but you gave up pretty quick. You sent him an odd look but let him be, for which he was grateful.

He patiently endured it for another month, never once reprimand you. However, to withstand, he more often shunned your presence. From time to time you ate breakfast together, and shared a beer for dinner, but his stays in the library he reduced to a minimum, hanging out in his room instead. During the cases he always send you along with Sam. He’d never take you anywhere with him anymore. He suspected that you noticed that he had become distant, stopped joking with you or teasingly poking your belly. Not to mention, spending evenings together, that previously happened to you quite frequently, stopped. You tried to attract his attention,without result. He seemed that he had seen, several times how you looked down in the mouth, when he didn’t even listen to what you say. He could not help that sometimes, that even the sound of your voice drove him into frustration. It was rare, but nevertheless it happened.
Just like now. You were all packing up to drive to small town in Oregon, and you were talking to Sam, as he was away from you, on the other side of the room, checking out all the weapons. Despite the distance, he couldn’t avoid hearing your voice. This time, you were speaking quietly and timidly, but still he could see how your threw your hands, trying to explain something, incoherently to Sam. You blushed and what seemed could not create a valid sentence. All Dean was thinking was for you to shut up. But he kept it to himself. When you pack the Impala,  you sent him a shy smile, and helped in loading. It was your new tactic. You stopped  importune him, to make conversation with you. Now, you were in his presence rather quiet and just nice. You stayed out of his way, but not refuse help when he need it. He felt that if he asked you to cleaned his room, you would do that without batting an eye, even though earlier it was unthinkable. It was strange behavior but he could not bring himself to care. He enjoyed that he was beyond the reach of your stories that you shared with Sam.
On the road, he discovered another thing. All the three of you have decided to take turns on driving in order to reach there faster. Somehow midway, when it was your turn and he sit next to you in the front seat, letting Sam sleep in the back, he rested his head on the window, trying to follow his footsteps, catching himself, however, on staring at you. For a long time there wasn’t this peace between you two. You were silent, focused on the road. Your hair braided into tight ponytail to keep out of eyes. Your silhouette was a black stain only occasionally illuminated by car from opposite side. He had to admit that you looked favorably in the dim light. It felt almost like the times before he began noticing your maddening, little habits. Almost. Because after only half an hour, thoughts started. Why the hell did you have to drive so slowly? The road was straight and empty. He wanted to be already in a motel, in bed but with your speed they’ll won’t get there in a week. He huffed in frustration. But it was not as quiet as he thought, because you turned to him in surprise. Probably you thought that he had fallen asleep.
“Is there something wrong?” You asked actually concerned. Aware of his problems with sleep, and ready to help if it was the nightmares. But he surprises you.
“Could you drive even slower?” his voice dripping with sarcasm, not concealing his annoyance this time. He saw how you sheepishly fidget on your seat. Your face was burning red, he nearly felt bad, about expressing his opinion aloud.
“It’s dark and hard to see anything” you admit in small embarrassed voice. It was close to breaking. Resting his head on the window again, he muttered in a dismissive tone
“Okay, sorry, drive how you want” Closing his eyes he did not saw your furiously blinking, in order to suppress the tears. However, he felt the Impala accelerate slightly, before he fell asleep.
You have not spoken to him for the rest of the way, and on hunt you were uncharacteristically quiet. Especially that first morning in a motel, when he slammed the bathroom door in front of you face to enter the shower before you. And at breakfast he threw the plate in front of you with such malice that it made you jump. That was the night he found out about your mumbling in sleep, which awake him about 3 am, causing troubles to fall back to sleep again. 

It went on and on and on. You weren’t practically talking to each other. You started to avoid him as much as he did you. It came to the point of absurdity that sometimes you passed messages for him by Sam. Who didn’t dare to refuse you, seeing how shaken you were by the whole situation and how much you didn’t want to irritate Dean even more. But he had no qualms about lecturing his shithead brother. However, it was like talking to the wall. Zero reaction, accept arms shrugging. Sam could not believe how drastically you friendship changed to this reserved treatment. He partly accepted the explanation, that Dean had not noticed before, how many annoying traits you had, but still assumed it was about something bigger, he didn’t want to admit. The climax came, in a seemingly quiet evening. Surprisingly, you were able to sit at the same table in the library, studying something for Garth’s case, who asked for your help. It was so quiet that you have heard only your owns breathing and the rustle of pages. You were on a pretty good mood, since Dean did not snapped at you even once all day, and even looked at you without this weird irritated, disappointed look he had for months. So it was more surprising when he suddenly jumped up from his chair, almost knocking a book off the table, piercing you with his mad eyes.
“COULD YOU FUCKING STOP ALREADY ?!” he all but shouted “WHY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, YOU CANNOT SIT STILL” You were dumbfounded at first, never in his life he shouted on you. Sure he was not a pleasant lately, but this ? You couldn’t move, not wanting to provoke him in any other way, but when he started to breathe heavily and ran his hands through his hair in a nervous movement, you felt tears welling up in your eyes, and hands shaking. You didn’t want to break down in front of him. So you got up abruptly, and run away, from the bunker, from him.
He saw the tears. And it was like somebody smashed his body. It pained him more then he could admit. He bent over clutching tight the corner of the table until his knuckles turned white. Barely breathing. What the fuck have he done ? He was in such a shock, that needed whole three minutes, to calm down and register that Sam was talking to him.
“Dean?” And then continued when he saw that he managed to catch his attention, “What the hell man? She wasn’t doing anything ”
“She was tapping her foot. She always does that when she’s nervous or excited” He answered and returned to chair, hiding his face in hands. He couldn’t believe it.
“Are you insane ? That’s the reason you treated her like trash ? What’s wrong with you lately ? Did she had done something ? Because from where I sit she was all but nice to you, an you were acting like a total ass”
“I don’t know”
“You. Don’t. Know. ?” Sam gritted his teeth in frustration “Are you fucking kidding me ? There surely is a reason. One day you are friends, and next your acting like she is nothing and all you want it’s to get rid of her. And you’re telling me you don’t KNOW” anger was boiling in him, as his brother remained silent, tugging furiously by the hair with trembling hands, and looking at the door. Sam didn’t know whether it is anger or actually bothered by what he had said to you.
“Dean!” He tried to elicit a response
“I don’t know Sam” his voice was constrained, and before he could get interrupted he said “It’s not like I don’t want her here. She is family, always was. I…I like her. She’s funny, and one of the best damn hunter we know. God I know I shouldn’t snapped at her okay. I know. But man, she’s so annoying sometimes. All those little habits of her are making me go crazy. I don’t … I don’t know why”
“You knew, how she is. We were practically living with her before. It never bothered you then”
“Fuck Sam I’m telling you I don’t know. Maybe it’s because she’s closer now. Can we drop the subject. I was a bitch, I’ll say sorry. The end” Sam gave him a look of disapproval but saw how much Dean regrets his behavior and how hard it is for him to talk right now. It doesn’t stopped him however from adding:
“Yeah, I don’t know if it’s gonna be enough this time. How much do you thing she can handle of your bitchin” It was the first time when Dean rise his head form the table at him. He looked terrified.

After two hours of watching Dean, checking his phone every five minutes, Sam started to think.
“You’re worried”
“How could I not be ? She should be back already”
“I told you, she texted me. She’s safe with Ted, and you’re acting like she at least went on a hunt alone. You’re worried, she’s gonna leave for good.” Dean furrowed his brows, irritated once again, but Sam could saw a brief signs of panic at his expression
“She wouldn’t do that” He answered quietly, but it was more like a question. Sure he got angry with you on an constant, but I didn’t meant he’d stopped caring about you. You couldn’t disappear just like that. You couldn’t leave him. Sam wanted to add something but got interrupted by Dean’s phone. He almost jumped at that and answered it immediately.
‘Y/N.. “ he said breathlessly and before you started to speak he continued, talking nineteen to the dozen "I’m really sorry, you know I didn’t mean it, it’s late, come back home” at the end of the sentence he was almost pleading. Sam watched his brother carefully, and instantly saw the difference at his demeanor, when instead of Y/N he heard Ted’s voice. His knuckles were white, from clenching on his phone. His tone held a venom, he used to scaring monsters. “Just give me Y/N back, to the phone… I don’t care, I won’t talk to YOU about it” In that moment Sam knew what was going on. The way Dean’s features softened, muscles relax under your voice, and visible relief he couldn’t be more obvious. After call was over Dean clapped back to his seat, little calmer than before.
“She said she’s coming back” He even managed a smile. “I’ll fix this” Sam shook his head, gathering his books, making attempt to leave the library. Saying only:
“You are one, jealous, moron”
Dean in shock, went to his room, thinking of Sam’s words. He tried to avoid the subject from the beginning. Until now, it finally caught him up as he lay in the dark alone on the bed, waiting another hours for your return. As much as he was trying to separate from you before, just as strongly he desired to have you next to him again, now. These extreme and strong emotions overwhelmed him. He realized in fact, that the first time he got mad, you had came back from hunting with Ted, happily telling how funny he is, how helpful and sweet. Dean wanted to puke at the thought of your excitement when you were almost jumping on a chair.
He remembered now, how pissed he got with you ignoring him and focusing on writing loudly on your phone, because it wasn’t him you were texting,
Vivid in his mind was a memory, when you finally told them that you are dating that asshole. In the middle of the library, so sweetly blushing and smiling, stumbling from foot to foot. Making Dean felt as if he was tortured with hot iron rod twisting in his guts. He lost you then.
Only hours later he had to put up with your slow driving and being so close to you, in small dark space filled with your scent that always made him weak in his knees. Outline of your thighs within reach of his fingertips, thinking about kissing your jaw line you’ve clenched intently, but couldn’t even stare at you without suspicion, and it drove him crazy.
He remembered the night when he woke up of a dream where he could hold you in his arms, and hear your mumbling through sleep, and making him felt helpless an so far away, He desired nothing more then to cling to you, and listen if you’ll maybe say his name.
There was also the way you always made him wait until you get out of the shower. If Sam wasn’t preoccupying him, he’d just stared at the door, imagining your body under the streams of water. Imagining his own hands all over you. And in the end, as the final knife in his stomach, you were always getting out in another’s man t-shirt.
You leaving mess, one time because you were in hurry to went to bed with Ted, and Dean after cleaning it up couldn’t spoke to you for three days. Cause every time it hurt.
And finally today. He overheard this morning, when you were talking to Sam , that Ted and you had a quarrel. He beat himself for feeling relief and hope. It was only a quarrel. But his mind race to you breaking up and it brought so many mixed feelings, he didn’t think about anything else, whole day. Until you’ve sat near him, and started tapping your foot. His first instinct was, to rest his hand over your thigh and reassure you, but he stopped painfully realizing that you didn’t belonged to him. So he started to think what was it this time. It was a nervous tic, and the only reason for feeling like nervous - was Ted. You were obviously worried you’d lose this guy. You had feelings for him, maybe even loved him. And any hope he had crumbled when he acknowledged that. Even if he’d dumped you, Dean didn’t have a chance with you. How could he. He wasn’t what you wanted or needed, despite you being the biggest of his desires.

Mom: do you think you could do your solo concert after your youth orchestra rehearsal?

Me: well do you think I can perform Gliere horn concerto after rehearsing Tchaik 4 for a few hours?

Mom: um… yes

Me: haha

Mom: what?

Me: you’re cute

I forgot to tell you I'm not dying.

The doctor called and told me what’s up. He said it’s not an emergency, so not being able to get an appointment until april 5th is totally okay. Right. It’s not an emergency to you because you’re not the one that feels like someone is stabbing you in the ovaries after every half a meal. But I’m not dying, so…

The only thing I want to do this week is just sit back, and relax. Put grades in. Probably get drunk afterwards, and basically wait until Sunday rolls around, so I can watch some beautiful football. My Seahawks better win, or else I’ll be pissed– Until then, getting drunk is my goal.


Our lineup for Anime Boston!  Come say hi if you see us!

  • Friday: Casual punkstuck group with Pyopi, Astrofaeria, and Caledbuttscratch!
  • Saturday: Retro Sailor Moon group with Pyropi, Terieri, and Lillithcosplay! Afterward we’ll be changing into Jedistuck to host Barstuck at 9pm and then heading to the drawmeet afterward.
  • Sunday: Totally ridiculous joke Book of Mormon/Homestuck cosplay.  Gothichamlet won’t be cosplaying at all because of staff scheduling, but Terieri will hanging out as Psiioniic.

As always, Hhhhammy will be around for most of the day but Gothichamlet will mostly just be in cosplay in the evenings.  That’s because I will usually be running around as the con mascot, ie this fool:

June 2016 | Article: Karim and Cora on vacations just the two of them, in the south of France, in the beginning of June for a few days, it says that they were near a beach, taking long walks and sipping cocktails just by themselves- and afterwards Sunday 5th June, Benz joined Neymar at his house party in LA with Justin Bieber and Jamie Foxx, forgetting his worries and relaxing fully during this holidays.


It’s surprising how many people know of me in Lake Placid. People who told me that they screamed and actually cried when I was stopped at the swim finish last year. People who told me that me being here, after that occurrence, is what the Ironman spirit is all about. It hits me right in the chest. Some days I wonder why I put myself through the torture, but then I’m reminded by the amazing people I surround myself with. It’s something else!

Hit the lake for a lap this morning and surprised the hell out of myself! I DIDN’T SWIM INTO ANY DOCKED OBJECTS! I also banged out my fastest 1.2 mile swim EVER, and it gave me a HUGE confidence boost for Sunday. Afterwards, I met up with @emilydoesscience at the breakfast and talked about all things Ironman. She’s going to do great on Sunday!

Since then I’ve just kept myself occupied with napping/athlete briefings/more napping/opening ceremonies/and getting Catalina ready for the big show. She’s ready to tear shit up!


Photos from the past couple fur meets, 

I have a few from the trip to the arcade afterwards last Sunday and lots of video footage so a compilation video is in the works.  Needless to say I partied too hard and got heat exhaustion and a massive headache afterwards.

Song suggestions are welcomed because I’m still trying to decide a good song for the video.