In the past, I only spoke to other After School members. I enjoyed being alone and would keep a distance from people. But through the years, I have learned how to interact with people and not be scared of them. If I was invited to attend gatherings in the past, I would turn it down but now I enjoy them. Also, I am actually very goofy, and I get scolded on set for being loud. (laughs)- uee


First of all, I want to emphasize that After School is never disbanding. Time passed and it has been about two years now. To be honest, I was impatient for a comeback when the hiatus reached the one year mark. But after that time passed, I learned to be patient. I thought, ‘Let’s work hard and make a perfect comeback when we have a good song.’ The other After School members are on the same page. We are a performing group. We want to look perfect so we’re trying not to rush ourselves. - Uee [Credit - via Soompi]

That’s what I want to hear :)


Friendly reminder: AVEX uploaded full [5:07] version of ‘Shh’ MV