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Spanner-man: Home Depot is probably going to have some extremely current dance craze in it and I am not okay with that on a moral level. if i have to see Peru Panning twerk, dab, whip or nae nae, I will aim the inevitable vomit into a waterproof envelope and personally mail it to kevin feige's home address.

I laughed out loud when I saw this ask. Thank you, anon. Your sparkling wit could just make the release of this awful movie a bit easier. Also, thank u for your contribution to our alternative titles.

And yeah, I could see them trying to be “cool” by having the whip. Or worse, an out-of-date party dance like Soulja Boy or the Cupid Shuffle. Kind of like how those afterschool specials keep warning teenagers about the dangers of chatrooms even though they’re not really a thing anymore.