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M!Anon - Well, this is unfortunate. That pack of strange husks you encountered not too long ago? And those scratches from the fight that haven't been healing as quickly as they should? It would seem a little bit of home followed you, commando. You have contracted a mutated strain of rakghoul plague.

Since when did husks contract the rakghoul plague?

The itching had grown worse under the bandage. Usually, it was a sign of an infection and by now, the medicine that Chakwas had given him should be enough but it didn’t seem to have an affect.

He unwrapped the bandage and his eyes went wide in horror as he saw it. The scratches were now surrounded by pale flesh. Black lines continued up his arm, tracing his bicep, his shoulder, neck and eventually his cheek. Everything had happened suddenly.

A noise, similar to that of nails on a chalkboard, was now ringing in his ears, causing him to hold onto his head. The noise kept getting louder and louder until it finally stopped. He noticed that he could barely control his thoughts, that his breathing was louder.

He stepped in front of the mirror and let out a blood-curdling yell.

The infection was complete.

((katarnarmor has a picture for everything, I swear. M!Anon in effect for two hours or until I get bored with it. Subject to time lengthening.))