morning: sleepy smiles, sleepy kisses, legs tangled in sheets, CUDDLES, breakfast in bed, coffee, pancakes, morning cartoons PROBABLY

afternoon: attempting to bake cupcakes and failing, going out to the cafe instead, watching tv shows while tangled on the couch, napping

evening: pizza and beer, doing their own stuff for a while and then getting bored, probably watching random shows on tv again, scrolling on their phones before they go to bed, MORE CUDDLES


morning: morning sex, morning breath but it’s OKAY, sleepy makeout session, lazy grinding, a blowjob probably 

afternoon: person a riding person b on the couch, the good stuff

evening: person a prepares a special dinner, lap dances, a tie and lingerie are involved, after-sex cuddles

I was on the phone during a bus ride this afternoon and the person told me something pretty outrageous and I somehow combined both the expressions “Piss off” and “Are you shitting me”.

Long story short I ended up yelling “ARE YOU PISSING ON ME?” on public transportation.

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Fic Prompt: The rangers are at the Beach Boardwalk for a day off and they all want to go on a roller coaster but Trini's too short to ride so Kim jokingly decides that the two of them will go on the Tunnel of Love instead. Cue Kim and Trini on a swan shaped boat in the cheesiest ride possible and Kim loving every minute of it while Trini is just malfunctioning from so much gayness lmaooo

I got this prompt forever ago and didn’t even realize it! This kinda got a little away from me but I think it’s okay. Hope you enjoy it!

It’s Zack’s idea to get out of Angel Grove for a little R&R and it’s Kim’s idea to drive down to Santa Cruz for a beach day, but it’s Billy’s idea to hit up the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk for some much needed fun and games. And can anyone really say no to Billy? Jason drives while Trini mans the aux cord.

When they get there the rangers spend the morning walking through the vendor’s tents and playing games. (Jason is definitely pouting after losing several rounds at the ring toss, but ends up grinning ear to ear when he wins a giant teddy bear at the ‘test your strength’ hammer game. No one comments on his subtle use of ranger strength or his obvious blush as he gives the bear to Billy who wiggles happily before pulling their fearless leader in for a hug).

They stop for lunch around noon and end up filling an entire picnic table with an assortment of boardwalk delicacies (two pizzas, five burgers, nine funnel cakes, three bags of cotton candy, two plates of fries, and a twelve pack of Dr. Pepper). The looks on the surrounding patrons faces as the five of them polish off everything in a matter of minutes is flat out comical.

They dedicate the afternoon to rides. Thankfully they’re moving through the lines fairly quickly so they decide to start on the smaller rides before making their way up to the bigger and faster thrill rides. The only ride they have yet to go on is the Giant Dipper, a wooden roller coaster that twists and races through the turns so quickly you think you’ll go flying out of your seat. The thing looks pretty awesome. There’s just one problem…

“Hijo de puta!” Trini curses at the height indication sign dangling two inches above her head. She kicks the metal pole, not hard enough to dent it, but enough to earn a glare from the watching ride attendant. Trini shoots the guy a glare in return before Jason gently pulls her off to the side with everyone else.

“Aw, it’s okay T. One day when you grow up you’ll be as tall as the rest of us!”

Trini growls and swipes at Jason who neatly hops out of her radius. Zack snickers and holds up his hand for a high five.

Kim rolls her eyes. “Come on you two. Making fun of Trini’s shortness? How belittling.”

Trini snarls at the other girl but Kim merely smiles back and wraps her arms around the shorter girl’s neck, pulling the littlest ranger into her chest and smothering her. Trini thanks her lucky Zords no one can see how red her face suddenly gets.

“It’s okay Trini. We can just skip this one.” Billy says, squishing his teddy bear much like Kim was doing to her.

Trini pulls her head as far back as Kim allows, spitting out a piece of her hair and giving Billy a sympathetic smile. “Thanks B, but you guys should go ahead. I don’t want to spoil this for all of you.”

“I’ll wait with you,” Kim says, finally releasing Trini from her hug-hold and reaching to hold her hand instead, squeezing it lightly.

“Y-you don’t have to do that.” Trini winces at how high her voice sounds and at the way her words trip up. The heat must really be getting to her head now; probably why her cheeks feel like they’re burning up as well. Because it certainly has nothing to do with her insanely gorgeous best-friend currently holding her hand and smiling her mega-watt grin at her.

No. Not in the slightest.

“Come on Trin. The coaster’s a three-seater anyways, so this works out perfectly. The boys will go on the ride and we’ll hang out while we wait. Just the two of us.” Kim winks and Trini feels her knees wobble. Zack has this shit-eating grin plastered on his face and looks like he’s about to make some kind of comment that’ll really make Trini’s cheeks burn, but she beats him to the punch—literally, she punches him in the gut before pulling Kim in the opposite direction as the guys.

“Uh, yeah. Okay, sure. Let’s just- um, yup.” (Trini Gomez: the suave-iest ladies-lady).

The boys jump on the end of the line while the girls wander back through the games and the smaller rides, most of which they’d done already. Kim points out a few things, making a joke every so often, but the little yellow ranger can hardly focus on what’s happening around them because she’s trying her damnedest not to freak out over the fact that Kim’s still holding her hand.

But it’s not like they haven’t held hands before, because they have; such an action was essentially a daily requirement, a stipulation of being friends with Kimberly Hart. As far as Trini has gathered, Kim loves physical contact and isn’t shy about initiating it either.

The first time Kim and her held hand was about a week after Rita’s attack. They were sitting together in biology, working on a project, when the fire alarm went off. Everyone had jumped, not expecting the piercing wail in the otherwise quiet classroom, and Trini felt Kim’s hand clamp down tightly on her own. Her eyes looked wild and she was breathing too hard, too fast. Trini glanced at the iron grip Kim had on her hand and noticed the tell-tale signs of Kim’s pink armor wrapping around her wrist.

Their teacher ushered everyone out of the room and Trini kept to Kim’s side, not that Kim’s hold on her would have allowed her to go anywhere else. Luckily their hands remained hidden between the two of them and it wasn’t until they were outside and as far away from the growing crowd did Kim’s grip ease up and she started to relax. And it wasn’t until they were told they could go back inside did Kim finally let go of Trini’s hand.

Now Trini can understand the need for contact in that kind of situation. Kim was scared and need a little comforting. What Trini can’t wrap her head around is the gradual increase in touching Kim does after that incident. Little brushes as they walk to class. Occasionally leaning on her during breaks in training. Playing with Trini’s hair while they studied together. Cuddling up on the couch for ranger movie marathons. And hugging. Lots of hugging apparently.

You know, things platonic besties do.

And it’s not like Trini has ever experienced this kind of thing with other friends, because she’s never had a friend close enough to do this with. And it’s not like she can just flat out ask Kim if it’s normal for friends to be this affectionate with each other… that’ll just make her sound weird.

But in all honesty, Trini doesn’t really mind it. Kind of likes it, in fact (which just makes her an even bigger creep than she already feels like) but it’s not like her family shows a lot of love physically, and it’s been a while since she’s hugged another human being, so sue her if she likes it when Kim wraps her up in one every now and again.

But of course that’s not the end of it. That’s really only the beginning because Trini’s just one big gay mess of emotions and feelings, and Kimberly Hart is beautiful and loveable and absolutely amazing, so is it really a surprise to anyone when she starts crushing on her?

Apparently not, at least according to Zack who had dragged her off after training one day for a little “bro bonding” and had essentially called her out on staring at Kim’s ass all practice, which like, yeah guilty as charged, but in her defense Kim had been wearing spandex… just spandex. Trini’s surprised she was cognizant enough to even punch that day.

That isn’t to say she’s always functional when Kim is being especially… Kimberly. Trini had almost face planted in the parking lot at school once when Kim had shown up wearing the tiniest skirt known to man. She even had the audacity to wink at her before walking into the building with a little more sway in her hips (not that Trini had noticed) (she totally did). Or the time she’d accidentally put a hole in the wall of the ship when she’d accidentally walked into Kim’s cabin while she had been changing and Kim had asked if she saw anything she liked (which like… duh).

And let’s not forget the movie night Jason had picked out The Conjuring and Kim had curled into her side and hid her face in her neck for just about the entire movie. And had then proceeded to sleepover for three additional weeks because she’s was too scared to sleep alone. Trini hadn’t gotten much sleep those three weeks, not while Kim was pressed against her side and breathing softly into the back of her neck.

But lately, Trini’s noticed something else going on. Something changing. Or maybe she really is just crazy and it’s nothing at all, but she swears that Kim’s been extra clingy and extra affectionate towards her recently. Their casual coffee dates and sleepovers suddenly feel charged, like at any moment something monumental is supposed to happen. Trini can feel it in the way they talk, how naturally their conversations flow and how long they last, but she feels it prominently in the pauses, the comfortable silences where they just stare at each other. And Trini’s desperate to ask Kim if she feels it too, the static in the air around them, between them, but then the moment passes and the feeling slips into the background once more, not noticeable but always present.

And Trini’s kind of terrified, she’ll admit to that at least. Because she’s known she’s been in love with Kim for months now, but she’s also fairly certain Kim would never see her as more than a friend. Trini’s ninety… well, okay, eigh… sev… at least fifty percent sure Kim’s straight (and quite possibly into Jason) but Trini isn’t going to take any chances. Not with those odds. Not when there’s too much at stake, so much to lose if it all goes wrong. Kim could reject her, or laugh at her, or what if her confession makes Kim uncomfortable and she loses her best-friend? And then what would happen to the Power Rangers?

She can’t risk everything they’ve built together. So Trini’s just going to take deep breaths and idly twiddle her thumbs and pretend like she’s perfectly content with being Kim’s platonic best friend. And pretend like she’s not absolutely in love with her. And Trini will just have to pick up the pieces of her heart, the pieces Kim has managed to take from her and write her initials all over, when Kim eventually stops holding them.

“Will you quit brooding and answer me?”

Trini shakes her head, her attention snapping back to the present. “Uh- I’m sorry, what was that?”

Kim playfully rolls her eyes. “I asked you if you wanted to play some more games and get some food. Or we can go on something we haven’t gone on yet.”

“But we’ve been on all the rides.”

“Well… we haven’t gone on that one.” Kim points to a small line leading down to what looks like a water ride with white swan-shaped boats. Trini reads the sign over the entrance and throws her head back laughing.

“Oh fuck no.”

“What? We haven’t been on it and you’re actually tall enough for it. Come on!” Using a bit of ranger strength Kim pulls a now protesting Trini into the line beside her.

“Wait, you’re not serious right?”

Kim smirks, nodding vigorously. “Absolutely.”

“But- Kim wait, this is… I-I don’t… don’t-”

“You don’t want to go in the Tunnel of Love with me?” Kim turns to Trini, pushing her lower lip into a pout and widening her eyes so she looks perfectly pitiful.

Ah shit. Kim knows Trini’s such a sucker for the ‘puppy dog face’ (really she’s just a sucker for Kimberly) because whenever Kim pouts, Trini caves. Every. Fucking. Time. One of these days she’ll build up a tolerance to that look—but really, who is she trying to kid? The only thing that could possibly make this any worse would be-

“Please? For me?”

Fuck. Okay now that’s just cheating.

Trini gulps, feeling an army of putties suddenly come to life in her stomach. Her palms suddenly feel like she stuck them under a faucet and she has to remind herself that there’s no way Kim can hear how fast her heart is beating with this many people around.

This is bad. This is so bad.

“How many?”

Kim spins to face the employee running the ride, pout gone and chipper grin in place. “Two please!”

The woman ushers them into a small white swan just pulling up to the loading dock and Trini has just enough time to realize she didn’t actually agree to this before she’s pulled into the boat and heading down a lazy river.

Mercifully Kim had released her hand when they had sat down so now Trini is as far over on the bench as she can get, putting a sizeable distance between herself and Kim. “I can’t believe you made me do this,” she laments, crossing her arms over her chest and schooling her features to look as annoyed as possible, because she’s definitely freaking out a little under the surface. Trini’s convinced this is what a gay panic feels like.

Best-friend, best-friend, she’s your straight best-friend! Get it together Gomez!

But Kim doesn’t seem to mind or thankfully acknowledge Trini’s odd behavior. Instead she smiles and sticks her tongue out, relaxing into her seat as they wait to enter the tunnel. “Oh please. Knowing you, you’ll pretend to hate it but actually love it because you’re such a softie.”

Trini growls, low and mischievous, and Kim squeals as Trini’s fingers dig into her side. The swan sloshes a little and the couple in front of them turn to glance at the commotion. The girls separate with identical grins.

“I’ll get you for that one Hart.”

“Bring it on babe.”

One word. One word is all it takes and suddenly Trini’s practically melting into a gay puddle in her seat. Quickly she turns into her side of the bench, mostly so Kim won’t see her all flustered and blushing, but also so she won’t see the dare in Kim’s smirk or the glint in her eyes and suddenly forget how to do the simplest things like breathe.

But it would seem Trini’s efforts to distance herself from the other girl were simply all in vain because as soon as their boat passes beneath the archway and into the dark, Trini feels Kim press tightly into her side and one of her hands land on her knee.

(Trini.exe has stopped working).

“This is exciting. I’ve never been on one of these before. Oh look!” But Trini barely registers whatever it is that Kim’s pointing at, too preoccupied with restoring her mental faculties, which is proving to be really difficult with the distracting weight of Kim’s hand on her knee. Trini’s pulse is thundering in her ears, muting the rides soft music playing overhead, and she forces herself to take calm, even breaths.

It’s fine. Everything is fine. Kim is just a touchy-feely person, which is not news to her, and it doesn’t have to mean anything, even if the warmth radiating from Kim’s hand is making her head spin and her heart palpitate… but it’s fine, she’s totally cool with this, with the romantic lighting and the music and Kim leaning into her side and whispering something into her ear, her breath tickling the sensitive skin and making Trini shiver and how long is this fucking ride?!

Trini isn’t sure how long she spends trying to calm herself down—somewhere between a minute and an eternity—but she’s been so focused on remaining outwardly collected that she hardly registers when Kim grows quiet. She’s only partly aware of Kim reclining back in her seat but she’s fully aware of when Kim removes her hand from Trini’s leg, and she tells herself to ignore the slight tingle of disappointment because it’s probably much better for her sanity anyways.

But then Kim yawns.

And it’s like the world suddenly slows and time stops and Trini’s sure she’s hallucinating because there is just no way

Kim yawns, loud and exaggerated, raising both arms over her head as she stretches unnecessarily, and she leans into Trini just the tiniest bit so that when she brings her arms back down, one comes to rest across Trini’s shoulders. Trini’s head snaps towards Kim, befuddled and incredulous, almost positive she’s crossed into the Twilight Zone and half expecting to see Lady Gaga sitting next to her, but there’s just Kim.

Kim who’s extremely close and smiling down at her, all soft edges and warm inviting lips, eyes darting across Trini’s face before resting on her mouth, eyelids dropping, leaning in…

Trini vaults forward, rocking the boat a little, and Kim’s arm falls away from her shoulders. The movement startles the other girl into pulling away, but only slightly. Trini spins to face her fellow ranger, jaw lost somewhere by their feet. “Did you just-”

Kim’s smile falters. “O-oh… well I just- um…” Kim swallows and her cheeks grow as pink as her suit, tussling her hair and gnawing on her lower lip, both ticks Trini knows are a sign that Kim’s nervous. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable. I just thought… w-well, this is all pretty romantic, you know? And I’ve been trying to- I mean, I’ve kind of had a…” Kim huffs, dragging her hand down her face in frustration. “Okay, yeah so, Trini I-”

“Are you hitting on me?” Trini doesn’t realize her thoughts were voiced until Kim looks back up at her, a surprised arch in her brow, and she feels her body flush from head to toe.

But then Kim levels her with a look that makes Trini’s heart leap into her throat when she quietly mutters, “I’m trying to.”


Well, guess you learn something new every day.

Kim leans forward, slowly and a bit cautiously, like she’s afraid touching Trini again will make her pull back even more, and she carefully lays one hand over Trini’s and the other reaches out to softly cup her jaw. Trini swallows hard, sure that at any second she’s going to wake up in the hospital having passed out from heat exhaustion and all of this will just turn into some fevered dream.

But Kim’s hands are warm and solid and Trini really, really hopes she isn’t dreaming.

“Trin, I like you. I’m- not the best at being direct, but this is me trying to, at least. Because you make me feel, geez I don’t know, everything. Like I’m actually kind of worth it? Worth this, whatever you want this to be. If you want this? Because for the longest time I’ve just wanted to… well, I was wondering… or if I could take you- I mean if you’d honor me with- no, wait let me start over. Trini-”

Trini doesn’t remember telling her body to lean into Kim or telling her chin to tilt up, her nose brushing against Kim’s, the other girl’s eyes widening and both of them gasping, or telling her eyes to slip shut as Kim’s lips skim along hers…

But hey, she’s certainly not complaining.

Trini’s never been a fan of clichés. The whole “fireworks exploding behind the eyelids” thing just always sounded way too corny for her tastes.

What she will admit to, though, is the way Kim’s lips make her feel like her insides are made of cotton, how the kiss is soft and steady and warm. That it feels like she’s morphing for the first time all over again because it just feels so natural. So right.

There’s a bright flash and Trini thinks she should give that whole “fireworks” trope more credit than she originally thought, but then Kim adjusts the angle so their kisses are deeper, and fuller, and Trini moans embarrassingly loud, because holy fuck Kimberly Hart is a good fucking kisser. But the affect the noise has on Kim is instantaneous and thrilling because now both her hands are in Trini’s hair, anchored there and pulling her in tightly, and when Kim gently licks at her bottom lip and into her mouth, Trini feels herself implode.

They pull back a minute later, slightly breathless and smiling like crazy. “Wow,” Kim rasps and Trini wants to groan as the sound sends electricity zipping through her veins.

“Yeah. Wow.” And Trini can’t help the small giggle bubbling in her throat, but it’s contagious because now they’re both laughing, light and heartfelt. It’s kind of perfect.

“Alright! Watch your hands and feet as you exit the swan. Make sure you have all your belongings. And will the girls kissing in swan 4 please exit the bird? Thank-you.”

Kim smiles, wide and just a little bit smug, and Trini has to forcibly yank the other ranger from the boat. And now they’re back to holding hands, only this time Trini isn’t panicking; she’s too frickin ecstatic to be.

They reach the exit where a few other riders are milling about by the photo booth, examining the pictures taken from the ride. They spot the boys then. Or at least what’s left of them. Jason’s shirt is ripped down the middle and Billy’s bear is missing it’s head. Zack looks decent enough except he’s soaked to the bone and still dripping.

“What the hell happened to you guys?” Kim asks while Trini reaches up with her free hand to playfully ruffle Zack’s hair.

Jason sighs, exasperated. “Don’t ask. Just know we didn’t get to ride the coaster and Zack nearly go us all killed.”

“Hey! How was I supposed to know that kid’s dad was a professional MMA fighter? And you know I almost had that kid too!” Zack defends, batting Trini’s hand away.

“Zack he was four.”


Jason grunts, looking ready to throttle Zack so Billy quickly interjects. “So what about you girls? What did you do?”

Kim and Trini share a look and Trini feels her cheeks warm as Kim’s smile triples in size and smugness. “Oh you know,” she says nonchalantly as she pulls Trini into her side and wraps her arm around her waist, “just went on a ride. Had some fun.”

The boys look well beyond confused, but then something catches Zack’s eye and suddenly they’re widening to the size of dinner plates. He slaps Jason’s arm repeatedly to garner the boy’s attention, gesturing at the photo booth and sputtering. The rest of the gang look to what he’s pointing at and suddenly Trini’s whole body flushes. The picture being displayed on one of the screens is of Kim and Trini kissing, quite heavily in fact.

“Huh,” Jason says, a crooked smile on his lips. “Took you guys long enough.”

“YASS!” Zack has now transitioned from hitting Jason to jumping around like a lunatic. “My OTP is CANON!” He pauses to look at the group before racing for the photo booth. The poor kid behind the counter looks pleasantly surprised by Zack practically throwing himself onto the countertop, pointing at the picture on the screen before it has a chance to fade away. He comes back a few minutes later, three pictures in hand. “One for each of you, and one for me.”

“I’m happy for you guys,” Billy says. Trini smiles as she leans back into Kim’s shoulder, feeling dopey and light as Kim nuzzles her neck and tightens her grip on her waist. Zack thumps Jason’s back a little too enthusiastically, making the red ranger wheeze.

A sudden pop in the distance makes the rangers tense up, but their instincts are put at ease when a boom follows and the diming sky lights up with an array of colors. Billy squeals and claps excitedly, asking Jason if they can run down to the beach for a better view and taking off before he even agrees. Jason laughs heartily before meeting Zack’s eye and suddenly they’re both sprinting after Billy, shoving at one another and trying to trip the other up.

Trini shakes her head. “Our boys.”

Kim hums, shifting a little to loop both arms around Trini and hold her from behind, nose buried in the crook of her neck. “Our boys indeed.”

“Should we follow them?”

“In a minute. I’m quite happy with the view from right here.”

“Oh?” Trini asks, turning in Kim’s arms so that they’re facing each other, resting her hands on Kim’s shoulders. “How’s this view?”

Kim chuckles, leaning in to rest her forehead against Trini’s. “Beautiful.”

They’re kissing once more, soft and slow and sure, and this time Trini really does see fireworks.

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(conversations that happen when nikandros and laurent wrestle) LAURENT: careful i'm a bit sore because... NIKANDROS: *looks into the camera like the office* LAURENT: excuse me, i find it very inappropriate that you would make an assumption that i was talking about my sex life. i'll have you know that i spent the afternoon riding. NIKANDROS: *flushing because he got King Shamed* yes, sorry Exalted.

(part 2) later damen shows up and fails to be subtle while making references to his own sex life with laurent (as he does) NIKANDROS: i thought you said you spent all day riding yesterday! LAURENT: *clinging to damen and smirking bc he’s a shithead* yeah riding his DICK. NIKANDROS: *nopes out of akielos*

LMAOOOOO, honestly can we get a little snippet of them wrestling, i can’t believe we didn’t get to see laurent’s reaction to damen gifting him a horse and also see him wrestling nik @ pacat pls. 

Also now that i’m pretty sure that a very smug damen watches over their sessions i bet every time laurent verbally owns nikandros, (with laurent pretty much beneath him in a chokehold but u know at least he got the last word in so is he really losing?) you can hear damen’s fucking laugh in the background like OMFG!! u just got owned bro,,,,, and then as nik’s chokehold gets a bit tighter…. Damen: hey HEY!!! that’s my husband right there, he’s sensitive :( :(. Anyway LET NIKANDROS REST 2K17

House Aesthetics
  • Tag which house you are in the tags!
  • Hufflepuff: rosemary, having someone play with your hair, smiling at babies, fields full of sunflowers, chamomile tea, landscape paintings, film cameras, scrapbooks, tea lights, vinyl records, writing letters, big sweaters, lazy Sunday mornings, playing tag, bubble baths, summer, wandering through cobblestone streets, goodnight kisses, going for an afternoon bike ride, scraped knees, horseback riding, running to hug someone after not seeing them for a long while, freckles, climbing trees, disney movie marathons
  • Ravenclaw: stargazing, the smell of earth after it rains, misty mornings by the sea, earl grey tea, lavender, the smell of old books, charcoal drawings, braids, long conversations late at night, quiet afternoons spent listening to music, baking, owls, winter, open windows, getting so absorbed in a book you forget the world exists, snow globes, watching milk swirl into coffee, getting up early to watch the sunrise, the sound of rain on a rooftop as you try to fall asleep, keeping a journal
  • Slytherin: evergreen forests, sage, big dogs, spring, the stories behind scars, archery, fairy lights, staring at the moon, secrets kept between best friends, horoscopes, going on adventures, mountains, rainy mornings, love at first sight, rivers, fog, holding someone while they cry, piano, long train rides, pencil drawings, silver, castles, blushing when you make eye contact with someone you like, lace, sleeping in, pine scented candles, climbing into bed after a long day, writing stories, the start of friendships
  • Gryffindor: crackling fireplaces, brownies, singing with friends, big scarves, nutmeg, hot chocolate, museums, sculpting, playing guitar, autumn, birthmarks, brown eyes, love notes, polaroids, lockets, roasting marshmallows, vanilla tea, tight hugs, small cabins deep in the woods, homemade gifts, poetry, cuddling, big blankets, getting lost in your thoughts, home being people rather than places, the first day back at school, reminiscing, putting photographs up on a wall, pinky promises
In the Rough

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 (you are here), part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, based on @skygemspeaks‘s prompt

Previously: Yuuri has survived his first day of being bodyguard to Crown Prince Victor, though not without drawing the suspicion of Prince Yuri and Otabek, the captain of the guard. Victor has proven to be quite the handful as a charge, and Yuuri is beginning to see what Otabek meant when he described the job as a “glorified babysitter.”

It takes Yuuri several months to get used to the new life he’s living, which is, in retrospect, a good thing. It isn’t permanent; can’t be, no matter how much he enjoys it. And he does enjoy it immensely, even if he’s really just doing the same thing that he would have been doing back home.

He spars with Victor during fencing practice, just like he sparred with his own bodyguard Minami. He helps tutor Victor in the ways of the other countries of the area, like he helped Mari. He goes on afternoon rides with Victor, the way he used to do at home, alone.

It’s different in some ways, he admits. They teach each other their native languages, so that they can communicate with more than just the common languages. Yuuri has grown used to (perhaps too used to) the feeling of having someone latch onto him like an overheating barnacle at night. He learns that the palace dog, Makkachin, has a particular fondness for things that he shouldn’t have, a lot like Yuuri’s Vicchan.

He learns that Victor is relatively useless in emergencies, like when Yuuri’s thoughts get to be too much for him. He tries, after that first disaster, to keep his episodes away from Victor, since it seems to cause him distress to see Yuuri like that.

He learns that though he shows it in roundabout ways, Prince Yuri has more respect for his brother than he does for anyone, even their father. He learns that for all that Victor acts like a bumbling idiot, he’s actually smart– so smart, in fact, that it terrifies Yuuri sometimes. He can also be serious and sometimes cruel when something needs to be accomplished and isn’t (though luckily that side of him doesn’t come out often). He’s highly tactile, and shows decorum only when it’s strictly necessary.

Yuuri also learns, on one particularly average day, that he’s possibly a little bit entirely in love with Victor. And that poses a problem for him, since he has always had trouble concealing his emotions. Luckily, it seems that in this case, Victor’s denseness isn’t faked; he truly has no idea.

All in all, Yuuri is happy here. For a while, he even forgets that he’s a prince; it’s still there, hovering just at the edge of his mind at all times, but he’s often too busy to dwell on it.

Fast forward three months, and Yuuri is rolling out of bed early for once. As he recalls, there isn’t much going on today. There’s a meeting with a foreign dignitary later this morning (he wasn’t told the name; he never is, and it never matters much. He just stands there, making sure that nothing suspicious is happening and hoping that it isn’t someone that would recognize him) and a few logistical things that need to be dealt with for the ball celebrating Price Yuri’s birthday. Unless he missed something in his briefing last night, it’s going to be a relatively easy day.

He gets dressed before waking up Victor. “Your Highness. Victor, come on. It’s time for breakfast and you know how your brother is going to be if he has to wait for you.”

Victor’s eyes are closed, but he smiles and pulls Yuuri down. “He’s always like that.”

Yuuri flails a bit, trying to keep his belt buckle, knife, and sword sheath from scratching Victor. It doesn’t leave him a lot of time to stop his fall, so he lands right where Victor wants him. “Victor! You could hurt yourself doing that!”

“I can’t hear you, I’m sleeping.” Victor gives an exaggerated snore and Yuuri laughs.

“No you’re not,” he says, still chuckling.

Victor laughs with him, opening his eyes. “What gave me away?”

“You don’t snore.”

“I knew it!” Victor’s voice is suddenly very loud. When Yuuri winces, he looks apologetic. “Yura always said I snored, but I knew better.”

That doesn’t surprise Yuuri in the slightest. After all, Prince Yuri has always seemed to enjoy giving his older brother grief. Yuuri gets out of bed for a second time, tugging Victor along with him. “Come on, get dressed properly. You have a meeting after breakfast.”

“You’re such a mother hen,” Victor laughs.

“It’s my job,” Yuuri says, straightening his own collar before turning toward the wardrobe to get out clothes for Victor.

Breakfast goes about as well as can be expected. That is to say, it goes as well as it ever does, with Prince Yuri making a fuss, Victor being himself, Mila and Georgi being obnoxious, and the Tzar looking to Yuuri to try to keep some sense of sanity. Yuuri, as usual, can do nothing but look back at him helplessly.

“Yuuri, let’s go have a bath,” Victor says after fencing lessons.

Before answering, Yuuri takes a quick glance out of the east window; the sun has risen past where he can see, so it must be close to noon. “You have a guest that should be arriving any time now, so I’d advise against it.”

“Exactly! I’m quite sweaty and I hardly smell very good either. Is this how you’d have me greet a royal visitor?” Victor clutches his chest dramatically, falling into Yuuri’s arms.

Yuuri, as is his instinct at this point, catches him. He really is lovely, he can’t help but think before blinking and shaking his head to recenter himself in reality. “Oh alright. But I won’t be joining you.”

Victor’s eyes widen and his bottom lip quivers in a pout that Yuuri should not find so adorable. “You’re going to leave me with Otabek?”

“Well, someone has to be around to greet the visitor, if you aren’t,” Yuuri says, grinning at the way the logic seems to hit Victor like a hammer.

He sends an errand boy to get Otabek, who arrives minutes later. He’d been right, that first day; Yuuri doesn’t call on him for help often, but there are times when he truly can’t be in two places at once. He and Victor are gone soon after, heading for the baths (though Otabek will surely stand outside the door) while Yuuri stays behind and waits for the arrival of the person who has been granted a royal audience with Prince Victor.

Mila runs up to him not thirty minutes later, panting that there’s a carriage at the gate. Yuuri makes his way to the throne room, apologies for Victor’s absence already memorized and ready to be spoken (hopefully without completely fumbling it, but that will be an issue all its own).

Those apologies die on his tongue the moment that the visiting royal is announced.

“Presenting His Royal Highness, Crown Prince of the Southeast, Phichit Chulalont!”

iamafangirlforeverthing  asked:

Do you have any information on the founding fathers on their deathbeds?

In chronological order:

A few days before his death, Benjamin Franklin, already on his last days began to run a temperature and felt pain in his chest from an imposture in his leg lung. His difficulty in breathing increased until he was almost suffocating. “He rose from his bed,” wrote Benjamin Rush later to Richard Price, “and begged that it be made up for him so that he might die in a descent manner. His daughter told him that she hoped he would recover and live many years longer. He calmly replied: “I hope not”. Upon being advised to change his position in bed, so that he might breath easy, he said: “A dying man can do nothing easy.” The empyema burst and breathing became almost impossible and he passed into a coma. His grandsons William Temple and Benjamin Bache watched him as he died quietly at eleven in the night of April 17th at eighty-four. (Benjamin Franklin by Karl Van Doren. 

On Thursday, December 12, 1799, George Washington was out on horseback supervising farming activities from late morning until three in the afternoon, however during this ride it began to hail and rain. The next morning brought a sore throat and Washington’s voice became increasingly more hoarse. Saturday, December 14th, he was seen by three different doctors who bled and nearly suffocated him with drinks and was bed-ridden. At five in the afternoon George Washington sat up from bed, dressed, and walked over to his chair. He returned to bed within thirty minutes and Washington said, “Doctor, I die hard; but I am not afraid to go; I believed from my first attack that I should not survive it; my breath can not last long.” Soon afterward, Washington thanked all three doctors for their service. At ten at night George Washington spoke, requesting to be “decently buried” and to “not let my body be put into the Vault in less than three days after I am dead.” His last words were “’tis well.” Between ten and eleven at night on December 14, 1799, George Washington passed away surrounded by his wife, a few friends, three housemaids and his valet Christopher Sheels. (Washington by Ron Chernow). 

After being shot in a duel with Aaron Burr, Alexander Hamilton was rowed across the Hudson and was preoccupied with spiritual matters. No sooner was he brought to the Bayard home, he asked to see Reverend Benjamin Moore, the rector of Trinity Church. Moore balked at giving Hamilton holy communion as he wrestled with death. Hamilton then turned to Reverend John M. Mason, pastor of the Scotch Presbyterian Church. When Mason entered the chamber he took Hamilton’s hand and the two men exchanged a “melancholy salutation”. Hamilton was unable to get it from him either. Mason tried to console Hamilton, “I perceive it to be so,” Hamilton said. “I am a sinner. I look to His mercy.” He then stressed a hatred of dueling “I used every expedient to avoid the interview, but I have found for some tie past that my life must be exposed to that man. I went to the field determined not to take his life.” He then said “My dear sir, you perceive my unfortunate situation and no doubt have been made acquainted with the circumstances which led to it. It is my desire to receive the communion at your hands. I hop you will not conceive there is any impropriety in my request.” He added, “It has been some time past been the wish of my heart and it was my intention to take an early opportunity of uniting myself to the church by the reception of that holy ordinance.” He also expressed his faith in God’s mercy. Lifting his hands, he said, “I have no ill will against Colonel Burr. I met him with a fixed resolution to do him no harm. I forgive all that happened” The next morning, Hamilton’s mind still clear but his body was motionless. Eliza allowed the children into his presence and lined them at the foot of his bed. According to the Doctor, “he opened his eyes, gave them on look, closed them again till they were taken away.” (Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow). 

A few days before Thomas Jefferson’s death, bedridden, he said goodbye to his family, addressing them each in turn. To an eight year old grandson, he smiled and said, “George does not understand what all this means.” To a great-granddaughter he quotes the Gospel of Luke: “Lord, now wettest thou thy servant depart in peace.” Thomas Jefferson Randolph, a grandson, suggested he was looking better, but Jefferson would have none of it. “Do not imagine for a moment that I feel the smallest solicitude about the result,” Jefferson said, “I am like an old watch, with a pinion worn out here, and a wheel there, until it can go no longer.” He awoke to a noice and wondered wether he had heard the name of the Reverend Frederick Hatch. No, he was told. “I have no objection to see him, as a king and good neighbor,” Jefferson said, turning over. He composed a poem for Patsy alluding to his imminent reunion with his wife and Polly. Lying in his alcove bed, Jefferson mused about the Revolution, telling stories of the great drama. “A few hours more, Doctor, and it will be all over,” he said at one point. A five forty-rive pm on July 2nd, he took laudanum in grog. He was given tea three hours later and brandy four hours after that. He slept fitfully as the clock tinged. In the evening of July 3rd at seven pm, he asked, “Ah! Doctor, are you still there?” before saying “Is it the Fourth?”. The Doctor confirmed this and Jefferson said “Oh God!” before taking more laudanum. Two hours later at nine pm, the Doctor awoke him to give him more but he said “No, Doctor, nothing more.” Three hours later he asked, “This is the Fourth?” and there was silence because it was not, he repeated the question and the man lied to him. “Ah, said Jefferson. “Just as I wished.” During one of his dreams he said “Warn the Committee to be on the alert,” and motioned in the air as if he was writing something. At ten he stirred and stared at a grandson and wanted his head elevated. His lips were then at a request wetted with a sponge. At twelve fifty on July 4th, Thomas Jefferson died with his eyes open mixed upon his alcove. (Thomas Jefferson: Art of Power by Jon Meacham).

July 3rd, 1826 John Adams was only able to utter a few words. Early morning of Tuesday, July 4th, Adams lay in bed with his eyes closed, breathing with great difficulty. Thomas Adams sent off an urgent letter to John Quincy Adams saying their father was “sinking rapidly.” Efforts were made to give Adams more comfort by changing his position and he awakened. Told that it was the fourth, he answered “It is a great day. It is a good day.” Late in the afternoon, he stirred and whispered clearly enough to be understood “Thomas Jefferson survives.” Somewhat later, struggling for breath, he whispered to his grand-daughter Susanna, “Help me, child! Help me!” then lapsed into silence. At about six twenty on July 4th, 1826, John Adams was dead. (John Adams by David McCullough). 

On the night of May 14, 1829, John Jay was stricken with palsy, probably caused by a stroke. He lived for three days, dying in Bedford, New York, on May 17. That same day, as John Jay was near his death he was asked if he had any final words for his children. He responded with four words: “They have the Book.” [x]

After his wife’s death, unable to live by himself and forced to sell all his property to pay for debts due to Congress not paying him, James Monroe lived with his daughter Maria in New York with her children and husband. After his wife’s death he also expressed that he would not live the year without her and by December, 1830 it was tough for him to leave his bed. He grew weaker, plagued by a cough. When  John Quincy Adams came to visit him in April, 1831, Monroe could not leave his room and cut his visit short. In May he wrote up his will dividing everything equally between his two daughters. In a letter to James Madison, he said his greatest regret was that they would never see each other again. That was the last letter he ever had the strength to write and did not respond to Madison’s letter back. On July 4th, 1831, surrounded by Maria’s family, he died shortly after three in the morning, fully conscious. According to sources at the scene, Monroe’s last words were, “I only regret that I should leave this world without again beholding him.” The “him” Monroe was speaking of was James Madison. (James Monroe: The Quest of Destiny by Harry Ammon).

For six months before James Madison’s death, he was “unable to walk, and spent most of his time reclining on a couch.” My mind, however, “was bright and with his numerous visitors he talked with as much animation strength of voice as I ever heard him in his best days.” May 1836 he roused from bed one final time and talked eagerly about his War of 1812 experience. A few days before his death, Madison spent his time reading Professor George Tucker’s life of Thomas Jefferson. On June 27th, he spent several hours painfully dictating thanks for the dedication of the book to him. It was suggested he take “stimulators” which would prolong his life until the 4th of July and be the last founding father and fourth to die on the famous date. The morning of June 28th, Paul Jennigs, a slave, shaved him and brought him breakfast. Nelly Willis, a niece came to visit with her uncle as he ate, when he had difficulty swallowing, Mrs. Willis asked him what the trouble war. Jennings recalled that Madison replied, “nothing more than a change of mind, my dear” and then “his head instantly dropped and he ceased breathing as quietly as the snuff of a candle goes out.” (James Madison by Ralph Ketcham).

Still Breathing - Jack Maynard Imagine

Summary: an early morning moment with Jack leads to him seeing a side of you that you don’t usually let people see

Word Count: 1226

Warnings: Mentions of Death/Loss/Grief, may be triggering to those who have lost someone in a vehicular accident.

Author’s Note: This story is extremely close to me. As some of you know, i’ve been struggling to write lately, and this story popped into my head. Y/N in this story is very much based on and inspired by me personally and my life events. I don’t know how many of you will relate to this one but it’s incredibly important to me. Grief is not something that fades or goes away and it is more personal to me than anything else i’ve shared on here. If any of you are going through anything and just need a chat, then i’m here always, you can always drop a message in my ask and I will always reply to the best of my abilities. 

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Reaching a hand across the mattress and expecting for it to land on the always warm and comforting body of his girlfriend, Jack was surprised to feel only cool and uninviting sheets underneath his fingertips.

Cracking his eyes open blearily, he noticed that his bed was very much empty and very much lacking a warm you to cuddle up behind. Peering over his shoulder, he groaned huskily when he noticed that it was only just past two thirty in the morning.

Regardless of this though, he knew that you typically didn’t get up in the night, and as such, pushed himself up and out of bed, the cool breeze coming through the open window making him shiver slightly as he padded out of the room and into the plush carpeted hallway. He noticed the stream of warm light coming from his office and immediately made his way over to the doorway.

Standing in the door way, his eyes fell on you immediately, your body crouched over a box of something that was on the floor while clad in only his old ratty shirt and a pair of mismatched socks.

“Baby?” his scratchy hoarse voice broke into your personal bubble, making your head snap up immediately, your hands quickly moving to clear your eyes of any remaining tears. “It’s like three in the morning, what are you doing awake?” he yawned, moving closer to you as you tried to right yourself and make it seem like you hadn’t just been crying your eyes out.

Jack felt his heart drop down into his stomach when his eyes landed on the box in front of you, leaning against the wall beside you, he slid his back down it until he hit the floor, his body adjacent to your own. His eyes flitted over your carefully composed form; he knew how you could get when you were in this state and even more so, he knew that you kept everything inside (no matter how often he would tell you that it was okay to be upset and to let him in) and you usually never let him get close enough to see any of this so he didn’t want to spook you at all.

“I had a dream,” you spoke quietly into the early morning air, “About him, about the accident, I saw it all,” you told him, your voice cracking at the end. It had been nearly ten years since your father had been killed in a freak accident on an afternoon motorbike ride, yet still it stayed with you. Still it haunted you, the words that you’d read on the coroners report ingrained into your memory. How he had died on impact, how in his last moments he had angled the bike just so that he would take the brunt of the force instead of your mother.

You bit down on your lip so hard that you were surprised you didn’t break through the skin; you had spent the past ten years never crying in front of anyone, never letting anyone in far enough to see just how broken this singular event had made you. Even Jack, the love of your life and the reason you weren’t an empty shell of a human being, was kept at arms length so as to minimize the impact.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Jack asked you softly, reaching out and placing his hand on your arm gently. Everything about him was gentle in that moment, his tone and his actions, all coming from your boyfriend who had a tendency to be obnoxious and crass and loud in the best of times. It was the softness of his touch that broke you though, your carefully constructed facade crashing down like a house of cards in a blizzard.

The sobs racked your body as your body slumped forward, your entire frame shaking from the force of your cries. Jack couldn’t just sit there though, couldn’t just sit there with one hand on your arm while you sobbed for the father you had lost. Wrapping one arm around your waist and the other around your legs, he hauled you into his lap, both arms wrapped around you tightly as you cried into his neck.

“Why did he leave me here? Why did he have to go?” you wailed into his neck, your cries filling the entire room as you shook against him. “He told me he was always going to be there, that he’d make sure nobody ever hurt me but he left! He left me here all alone and now I’m the one who has to protect everyone but I can’t anymore Jack, I’m not him!” You cried, burying your face into his chest.

It was breaking Jack’s heart to see you like this and be unable to do anything for you, but he was so thankful that he had woken up and was able to be here for you now. He ran his fingers through your hair gently with one hand as the other focused on rubbing soothing circles into the skin of your bare thigh that was slung over his lap.

Gradually your heart wrenching sobs began to quite into small cries and whimpers, before eventually, and without either one of you really noticing, your cries stopped altogether and your breathing was evened out. Neither one of you moved though, your head remaining tucked into the crook of his neck as his hand rubbed circles into your skin softly.

“You don’t have to put all this pressure on yourself,” he told you softly, “You don’t have to protect everyone and be him, you can just be you,” he continued, “I know how hard it is for you to actually let people in and let someone else share your pain but you can’t keep doing this to yourself, baby.”

Sniffling slightly, you nodded silently against his neck, “Thank you,” you whispered to him, your fingertips tracing the outline of the tattoo on his ribs ever so lightly. “Thank you for letting me cry and not complaining about the fact that your neck is now sticky with my tears,” you giggled softly, peering up at him with red rimmed eyes and smiling thankfully. “You’re too good to me, Jack Maynard,” you smiled, stretching up and pressing a soft kiss to his cheek.

“Why don’t you show me what you were looking at before I came in?” He offers, a smile lighting up his face when you pick up the box that you were hunched over before. He sees that it’s a box full of photographs, all ones of you and your family. He recalls that you once told him that finding photos with your dad in there is a nightmare because he was always the one taking the photos.

Picking up one photo, you show him a tiny seven year old you perched on your dad’s shoulders, theres a bandaid on your head and a wide toothy grin on your face. “This was when I crashed the dodgem cars at the amusement park and nearly flew over the top of the steering wheel,” you tell him, laughing softly as you recount the day to him, some of the brightness that he loves so much returning to your face.

And if you two sat there until the sun came up a few hours later, still pouring over the photos in that box, well then that was okay too.

The Fattening Cruise

My first stab at writing. Any feedback appreciated.  Lots of calories in this one :)

We decided to finally take a cruise.  We had been working hard and your weight seemed to be hovering around 200 lbs without much movement.  We did our research and found a cruise that was highly rated by several culinary websites and blogs. 

We backed our bags, headed for the airport.  You were so excited and couldn’t wait for the outfits you brought to get super tight.  You had no idea.

When we arrived at the ship, we had a meeting with the head chef and I was able to let him know our requests and preferences.  He wanted to set up a second meeting as he was not prepared for what I proposed.  The second meeting was a success and we had a plan in place.  We were both so excited to have you spend the cruise indulging in a food induced state of bliss.  When I explained the details, you couldn’t believe your ears.

You would stay in the room with carts of food brought up every 2 hours. You would get to show off your curves at dinner.  For daily excursions, you would have a cart to drive us to the best food in each port.  My guess is that you could easily gain 25 lbs a week doing this.  Good thing the cruise is 2 weeks!

Food Details:

Breakfast one is pancakes, waffles, cheesy eggs, bacon, sausage and biscuits

Breakfast 2 is more pastry oriented with donuts, chocolate croissant, muffins, scones, cakes, juices, lattes and whip cream covered fruit

Mid morning snack is breakfast burritos with soda and chips 

Lunch 1 is fried foods, your pick.

Lunch 2 is typical American fare with gourmet burgers, fries, milkshakes

Lunch 3 is more dessert oriented. You get to sample ice creams and get pints of your favorite 3 or 4.  Also pies, brownies and cookies.  

If up for it, we could do any of our day feedings on the deck by the pool so that your gain is relatively public.  You would obviously have a transport cart With snacks and candy available during the ride. 

Mid afternoon snack is candy bars, chips and soda 

Dinner 1 is pasta, lasagna and garlic bread loaves

Dinner 2 is steaks and potatoes with gravy, rustic breads and cheesecake

Dinner 3 is more desserts, cheese plates and drinks

Evening snack is cheese fondue followed by chocolate fondue

If you tolerated it, there would also be middle of the night feedings to ensure you were getting enough calories daily. 3 - 7 k extra calories in the middle of the night works wonders for your figure.

You would have the choice of Mexican, Chinese or Thai.  A chef will make whatever you want here.  If you are only looking for more dessert that would be accommodated.  The goal is to feel fully stuffed before going to bed.

Note that the menu changes a little each day to keep things interesting and to find out what foods make you fatter.  For the second week of the cruise we would add 3 - 5 shakes daily

All food quantities are unlimited and If you are still hungry at any point then the ships chef will cater to any flavor profile you would like

Wow.  The cruise was an amazing success.  You ate with no abandon and quickly adapted to the larger quantities and more frequent feedings.  Half way through the first week you got a huge new dress to wear because the cute clothes you brought were no match for your fattened belly and curves. When you out grew the new dress we got another 2 sizes bigger that should work until we get home

When the cruise was over, the culinary director of the ship was so impressed with your ability to eat that there was a farewell banquet held in your honor. You must have had at least 15 plates but but who’s counting

When we get home you quickly realize that you are going to need so much more food than you had before. I opened an account at dominos pizza so you could have pies delivered whenever you want with the click of a button on your chair.

An extra refrigerator was installed in both the living room and the bed room. 3 freezers were set up in the garage.  Doordash and instacart were your go to browser pages and you could pick whatever you wanted while I was in the kitchen making more meals

A few weeks into this a box arrived with some outfits we got at a port on the cruise. We were sure to order a few sizes bigger than you were at the end of the cruise.  Omg. When you tried them on it wasn’t even close. Your belly spilled out and the button didn’t come close to touching let alone fastening.

We took some measurements and you had gained 12 inches in your bust, 10 in your waist and 15 in your belly / hips. No wonder nothing fit!  Next came a weigh in and it turns out you gained 95 lbs since leaving for the cruise.  

This was exhilarating and amazing … we both couldn’t wait to see what the future would hold ….. now on the verge of 300 lbs you are going to get soooo fat!!!!!

the-bookish-soul  asked:

So could you write a fic where Feysand daughter is hurt like heart broken by a boy and her twin brother is like imma punch this boy who made my sister cry Sorry if this is confusing You can message if you don't understand

Thank you for sending in your prompt. I always like to be challenged, and this one was definitely a challenge. I hope you like it!

- Tara

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She was sitting by the window, watching her father spar with Uncle Cassian in the snowy lawn. The wind was brisk as it came flowing through the open glass, but Olive didn’t shiver as she took in the weather of the Winter Court. Father had become close with Kallias, the High Lord of the frosty territory, since Olive and her brother had been born seventeen years ago. They vacationed at the Winter Court multiple times throughout the year, although Olive preferred to stay in Velaris. Although Luc loved the snow and the ice, Olive was at her best when she was underneath that starlight.

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Pansy Parkinson was the type of girl to end her love letters in x’s and o’s.

Except her x’s were bones and her o’s were skulls and her love letters were always more like death threats taped to her lover’s locker.

She wore black lipstick and choker necklaces and was the kind of crafty, never-present student all the teachers despised, yet she managed to be top of the class ever single fucking time and it drove everyone mad.

She smelled of peppermint and looked like Persephone’s softest daydream. Her kisses were sweet and her punches were like cotton candy.

Pansy was possessive. Like the moon in the sky, desiring every eye to fall upon her precious being.

And when she wanted something, she would stop at nothing to ensure she was queen of it. All the boys were afraid of her and all the girls idolized her.

With her perfectly manicured midnight-colored nails and her ironed pleated mini skirt, she practically owned the school.


That is, until she works her way through an entire bag of exceptionally well-charmed licorice meant to bring tangibility back to the dead.

In her state, though—her very alive state—she transforms into a ghost.

 A fucking ghost.

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Disney Day

Hello, Love bugs!

Dan X Reader

Warnings- fluff

Can Dan and y/n go to Disney World and have a fun time at the parks, then possibly have a romantic dinner at one of the resorts at the end?? 😅 I also added daddy Dan because it’s too adorable to not.

Y/d/n = your daughters name.

Dan and yourself discussed that once your daughter turned four that you would go and enjoy a mini vacation in Florida doing all the typical touristy things. The biggest one being the three of you go to Disney World. You had decided to make it a proper vacation inviting Dan’s parents to come along. You had discussed that you would take Y/D/N to the main Disney in the morning and that after her nap her grandparents would take her to the animal kingdom for the afternoon and to take her for the evening so Dan and yourself could have a nice little Date night.

You had woken up early to get ready for the big day. You had showered and gotten everything you could possibly need ready. You wanted to get as much from the day as possible. This includes coming back to the hotel later to have a nap before going back to see a parade. You were doing a second look over the bag you had packed before seeing Dan turnover from the corner of your eye. Dan really hadn’t moved from the same position he was in when you got out of the bed half an hour ago. You climbed back into the now cold spot in the bed wrapping your arms around Dan to wake him up. It didn’t seem to be working that well however as he decided to let out a little yawn and cuddle in even more.

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You know how sometimes we use our favorite characters to express troubles in our own minds. Well without further ado I bring you:

Steve couldn’t help but rock his weight back and forth, feeling the bounce of the suspension, expertly tuned, and the support of the supple leather of the seat beneath him. “I might swoon,” he said dreamily, placing his hands more firmly on the handlebars of the motorcycle.

“I think that’s my job.”

Steve snorted as he looked at Tony, standing a few feet away. “Is that a compliment to me or you?” Tony did build him this - perfect, marvelous - bike after all.

Tony smiled, sidling closer with steps that seemed oddly hesitant. “Why can’t it be both?” He leaned forward to place a dainty kiss on Steve’s cheek. “Happy birthday, Cap.”

Steve wound his arm around Tony’s waist and tugged at the same time he let the motorcycle rest on its kickstand. They met somewhere in the middle. “Thank you,” he said, kissing Tony until they were both a little breathless. When they broke away, and Tony was still letting out those dazed little chuckles he did whenever they did this, Steve continued. “You know, I’ve got a spare helmet and I know you’ve got a leather jacket. Why don’t you grab them and I-” He gripped Tony a little closer, leaned in to murmur in his ear. “Take you for a ride.”

Tony giggled, but it wasn’t his oh-my-God-is-that-your-idea-of-innuendo laugh; it was nervous. “Oh, no, Cap,” he said, pulling away. “A-a bond between a boy and his bike is sacred, right? Wouldn’t want to besmirch the purity of that first ride!”

Thinking in the back of his mind that even for Tony logic that was a bit nonsensical, Steve just smiled. “I don’t mind waiting, Tony. I wanna share this with you.”

“And we are! Right now!” Tony said, patting his shoulders. “With you on your deathtrap and me on solid ground. It’s good this way, right? We should - keep doing it.”

Steve took a long moment, longer than he cared to admit (because it’s not like the term ‘deathtrap’ had any subtlety), to parse that out, his jaw falling open. “Tony. Tony, are you scared?”

“Of course not,” Tony sniffed, drawing himself up and regrettably away. “I’m logical.”

“Tony, you know I won’t drive around like I do in battle-”

“And here I thought throwing motorcycles was a compulsion for you, I’ve already got another six of these just waiting in the lab-”

“I’d go as slow as you need me to - wait, really?”

“No,” Tony said with a roll of his eyes.

Steve huffed a little laugh, then titled his head in question. “Tony,” he prompted. If Tony genuinely didn’t want to go, that was fine, but he’d kinda been dreaming of riding with his boyfriend pressed against his back since before they even got together.

Tony adorably rubbed the toe of his sneakers into the soft ground and looked askance. “It’s not safe,” he finally muttered.

“I’m sorry.” Steve couldn’t have heard that right. “What?”

“It’s not safe,” Tony repeated, more loudly this time. 

Steve gaped. “You - you fly around in a suit of armor!”

“Yes, a suit of armor, Steve” Tony said sourly, the effect ruined a bit by his pout. “I’m fully protected and I have JARVIS.”

“Just like week I watched you voluntarily fly into a collapsing building!”

“That was saving lives, not volunteering for an afternoon ride on a deathtrap!”

“I have personally witnessed you taking the back roads at one hundred miles per hour!”

“Well, that’s just different,” Tony said, tilting up his chin. Steve could feel a grin overtaking his face and Tony’s lips twitched in response. “My cars are built for curves like that, unlike this - this -”

“Deathtrap?” Steve guessed.

“You’re catching on.” 

With a semi-delighted sigh, Steve reeled Tony closer. “You built me this deathtrap.”

“Well,” Tony hedged, fiddling with the zipper on Steve’s jacket again. “I figured if you were going to ride one, which you were, I might as well build you the safest deathtrap I could.” Steve melted, but that was nothing compared to Tony’s next words. “Besides, it makes you happy.”

Steve kissed him again, smiling against his lips. “I wish you’d reconsider,” he said. “I’d be real gentle on those curves.”

This time Tony’s giggle was definitely of the oh-my-God-is-that-your-idea-of-innuendo variety. “Cap,” he said, pulling away entirely. “I have complete faith in your maniac driving that you learned dodging bombs in Nazi Germany. I just have it - over there.” He pointed at the balcony on the back of the compound where he did most of his tanning. 

“Where’s it safe?” Steve said, fondly exasperated. Tony gave him a thumbs up and another kiss before taking a few steps back.

“Safe, warm, and clothing optional.” Steve felt his mouth fall open again, but Tony was already backing away. “Have a good ride, birthday boy!”

 My irrational fear of riding on motorcycles, expressed through Tony Stark!

Birthday Memories

Pairing: Sam x Reader 
Characters: Sam, the reader, Dean 
Warnings: light swearing, a ton of fluff 
Word count: 2222
Summary: The reader decides to do something special for Sam’s birthday and take him down memory lane with a hand made gift. 
A/N: Happy birthday Sam Winchester!! I don’t really post anything other than fics, so I thought I would write this one for our favorite’s big day:) 
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morgana x reader where they are engaged (forced to marry) by uther and morgana is shocked that her fiance is a woman. morgana is hesitant but ends up falling hard for the reader and vice versa

Originally posted by showsilove

So, this has a lot of time skips because it takes place over a longer period of time than usual. I wanted to make them falling in love take a little longer than a day (which was what I had originally planned). I hope it’s okay!

P.S. Guess who finished Supergirl! I did! -Admin Lily

And I’m a proud mom. Go Lily! - Admin Cam

Morgana was not happy.

She was being forced to marry. Marry a son of a lord of some neighboring kingdom to make peace. Why should she? Shouldn’t she be able to decide her future?

She frowned as she sat next to Uther. Today she was to meet her betrothed. Like she would actually go through with this marriage. Not in her life.

It was a few more minutes before the trumpets sounded and the valet stepped up.

“Introducing Lord Anthony, Baron of Essetir and his child, fiance of Lady Morgana, Lady (Y/N), Baroness of Essetir!”

The lady could not stop staring.

You weren’t a son of someone important. No, you were a daughter. And you couldn’t look any less like that. You were dressed as a man, which Morgana envied, in armour and pants. Hair was pushed out of your face and your face and your eyes meet hers.

Morgana blushed as you bow and say, “It’s an honor to meet you, my lady. I hope to get to know you better in the time before our wedding.”

The brunette smiled and stood before speaking, “As do I, Lady (Y/N).”

The king was happy with the turn of events. You could tell with how he smiled at you and Morgana. Arthur cleared his throat.

“Let me have my manservant, Merlin, show you to your rooms.”

You head to your room with Merlin, the prince’s manservant. You both make pleasant conversation on your way.

“You’ll love the lady Morgana! She’s very nice and pretty, and I think you’ll be very happy with her!”

You chuckle at Merlin. He seems like a good person, not even questioning your clothing or betrothal to another woman.

“You make it sound as if you want to marry her,” you say teasingly, and the boy blushes.

“No, she’s just a good friend,” Merlin denied.

You could tell he was saying the truth because as he looked away you could almost see him physically thinking of another.

“Well, I look forward to getting to know Lady Morgana. She seems like a good partner to have. I can only hope she’ll think the same of me.”

“My lady!” Gwen calls out as she enters Morgana’s chambers.

“Yes?” the brunette questions from her bed.

Gwen frowns to see her still in bed, but quickly hurries around the room getting things ready.

“Today you are to have breakfast with Lady (Y/N).”

Morgana groans, “Do I have to? The bed is so comfy!”

Gwen pulls her out of bed.

“Yes, you can not give any more excuses not to! The Lady has already been here for a few days. You knew this was coming. Now hurry or you’ll be late to breakfast!”

You wait at the table patiently for Morgana to join you. She had been avoiding you ever since you arrived in Camelot, and it was concerning. Even if your marriage was an arranged one, you would like to have a wife that would at least talk to you.

You couldn’t get too mad, though. You had made fast friends with Merlin, and soon after that Gwen, Morgana’s servant. She had told you the lady was not told of her betrothal to you until the day when you arrived, and she wasn’t even told you were a woman! You would be angry too, but you figured it would work out. She needed time to adjust.

Suddenly, Morgana entered the room followed by Gwen.

You stand and bow, “Good morning, my lady.”

“Hello, Lady (Y/N). Will we be having breakfast in here? In your chambers?” Morgana sounds skeptical, but you smile.

“I thought it would be better to get to know you away from the public eye including the king’s and prince’s, and Gwen will chaperone us.”

The brunette looks shocked and then flushes in embarrassment.

“Sorry, I just thought…” Morgana trails off.

“That I had impure intentions?” you grin, “I would never dishonor a lady like that. Even one that avoids me.”

Morgana blushes and sits down while you laugh.

‘Breakfast wasn’t terrible,’ Morgana thought, looking at you.

The sun glows through the window illuminating your hair causing Morgana to smile at the sight.

“What is it? Do I have something on my face?”

Morgana laughs as you wipe at your face, “No, I was just thinking.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, what about?”

“You’re not so bad after all,” Morgana says smiling causing you to chuckle.

“Well, thank you, my lady.”

As time went by, you grew closer to Merlin, Gwen, and Morgana. You eventually made friends with Arthur as well. He was mad that you could beat him in sword fighting at first, but he did warm up to you. You attend knight training regularly now and often spar with the prince.

You were happy with your life in Camelot. Yours and Morgana’s relationship has grown, and today, you were going to surprise her.

The Lady wasn’t doing anything when you entered her chambers. She looked pleasantly surprised to see you. You smile wide at her.

“Come on!” you exclaim, grabbing Morgana’s hand.

“Where are we going?” she asks, laughing as you drag her through the corridors.

You give her a grin and then turn into a serious look.

“Top secret. Can’t tell.”

She gives you an eyebrow raise and once again bursts out laughing. You’re thrilled at making her laugh so much. It finally dies down as you reach the stables.

“What is this?” Morgana asks as you let go of her hand.

You gesture for her to wait.

“Hold on. I have this planned,” you say and run into the stables.

When you return, it’s with two horses and a picnic basket. Morgana smiles as if amused. She puts a hand on her hip in a sassy fashion.

“And what is this, Lady (Y/N)?” she asks.

“This,” you say, “is our afternoon. A nice horseback ride and picnic lunch. Even nice enough for royalty.”

You end your talking with a bow for dramatic effect. Morgana laughs again.

“I didn’t know we were scheduled for such an outing,” the brunette says.

“Aw, well,” you blush before continuing, “I wanted it to be special, and not so… official. More personal. I don’t have anyone planned to go with us… just you and me. But, only if that’s okay!”

You stumble over your sentences and end looking flushed, but Morgana seems to be just as nervous as you.

“I… Yes, it will be fine to take me out. Alone. With you. Have to get used to it if you are to be my wife. Not saying I don’t enjoy spending time with you! It’s just… yeah…” Morgana may be blushing more than you at this point.

“Then we’re off!” you announce and hand the lady her steed. As soon as she has it, you jump on the horse, turn it around, and start galloping towards the gate. You can hear Morgana laughing as she tries to catch up with you.

The two of you ride through the forest talking and laughing until you arrive at a beautiful clearing you scouted out a couple days ago.

Morgana gasps, “This is beautiful! I’ve never been to this part of the forest before.”

“Well, it is quite deep into it. A good ride from Camelot, but we’ll be fine. I’ll protect you, my lady,” you say smiling.

“Who says I need protecting,” Morgana crosses her arms sassily, “I can do fine on my own, thank you.”

You dismount and look at the brunette adoringly, “I have no doubt.”

Morgana blushes and dismounts as well.

After getting the picnic sorted, you both sit down to eat. You have some cold meat and various fruits and vegetables packed, and Morgana seems to be having a good time.

“I have a special treat,” you say after both of you seem finished eating.

“Oh (Y/N),” the lady says, “don’t start spoiling me!”

You give her a grin, “Never! I simply wanted to share these with you.”

You hold out a wrapped bowl of strawberries.

“Strawberries! Oh, (Y/N), you shouldn’t have. We barely have any left in Camelot. How did you get them?”

“I have a couple friends in Essetir who grow them. I just asked for some. No big deal.”

“It is! You are so nice to me, (Y/N),” Morgana says, only partly teasing.

You blush, but continue, “And what else am I, your ladyship?”

Morgana blushes and gives you an amused look at the name. She then starts speaking.

“Well, you’re kind and brave and courageous. And awfully good with a sword as well. I quite like you, you know. One might even say I love you.’

Morgana rambles out an answer and then realizes what she has said. She immediately turns scarlet. You, on the other hand, blush but not quite as deeply. You can do this.

“I suppose one might say I love you as well, Lady Morgana. I am quite happy to be marrying you,” you say, offering your feelings to her.

Morgana looks shocked, but it quickly changes to a seductive look.

“If that’s the case…” Morgana leans in to kiss you, but suddenly, people start coming out if the trees.

“Stay where you are ladies,” the leader says, “and no one gets hurt.”

‘Bandits,’ your mind supplies in a panic. This wasn’t suppose to happen. You had to protect your lady.

“Stay back,” you say, unleashing your sword.

“Or I will slay you all where you stand.”

The men all laugh at you and the leader speaks again, “What will a lady pretending to be a knight do?”

You grind your teeth together an annoyance. These are the kind of things you didn’t have to deal with in Camelot, but now these men in rags were bringing it up again.

“She can do it,” Morgana steps forward, “I’ve seen her train. I would stay back.”

The bandits take no notice and crowd around you two. You turn to Morgana.

‘Ready?’ your eyes say.

‘Ready,” her eyes answer back.

Then, it was chaos.

You swing and take out one man in a single swoop. As soon as he drops, Morgana takes the sword off him and stabs another bandit. You’re impressed by her skill, but you’re quickly distraction by the men trying to kill you.

You and Morgana fight the men off for a few minutes until finally all are dead or have ran away. You and Morgana stand side by side huffing when it’s over.

“Are you okay?” you turn to face the brunette, but the lady’s face has changed into a panic again.

“Look out!”

Morgana pushes you and herself, so it’s more like tackling, and an arrow flies right by where your head was. You’re still dazed on the ground as Morgana shouts at the attacker.

“Hey,” she yells, and the man starts running away before she throws her sword and manages to hit him right in the chest. You look up to find her smiling.

“Now where were we?”

You don’t even make it off the ground before Morgana is back on you again.

A month later, after weeks of planning, you and Morgana’s wedding day arrives. You stand at the front of the throne room waiting for Morgana.

The lady finally starts walking towards you in a beautiful white dress. You smile as she steps in front of you and take your hands in hers.

Your eyes meet her blue ones, and you can’t wait for the future you’re going to have with her.

Clingy - Part 1 (Edmund x Reader)

Part 2 / Part 3

Word Count: 1318.

Warning: Angst and feels.

Request: No.

Summary: The reader spends a lot of time with Edmund. Oneday she went to the Pevensie’s house just to hang out as usual, when she heard Peter and Lucy teasing Edmund. Then she heard her name.

The Story:

“Mom I’m leaving! Will be back by an hour!” Y/n yelled as she got out of her house.

It was not much of a big deal to meet up so often as they are together now. No, hold on, together in the sense of ‘living in the same neighbourhood’ together.

Y/n usually didn’t talk with the Pevensives much. But when she started going to the Saint Finbar’s boarding school, she quickly became friends with Lucy and Susan Pevensie. The girls introduced her to the boys–Edmund and Peter Pevensie. Things would have been the same until the incident–when they were catching train oneday and got teleported to a place named 'Narnia’.

Being the head of the knights was hard and Y/N didn’t expect to be trained this hard. Edmund being the best swordsmen, started personally training her.

Slowly, awkward talking changed to comfortable silence and opening up to each other. She found herself to be slowly getting attached to him. Not the see-eachother-everyday attachment but the other ones. The ones where he looked at her and her heart beat fastened, where whenever he gave her that precious smile she felt butterflies in her stomach, where he looks at her in the eyes and holds her hand, she feels out of this world. The only reason why she likes to be around him so much.

Y/n tried. She really tried to tell this to him about a hundred times. She rehearsed this over and over again in her mind but never got the courage to tell him the truth. The truth about her feelings. The fear of Edmund not liking her back stopped her everytime.

And so here she was. Once again, visiting her friends in the hope that he would feel the same way she does. Just a few glances, having a laugh and some touches here and there made her happy and she was content with that love. But the hope..the greed to get some more love, never went away.

Y/n crossed the street and started walking towards the Pevensie’s house. She noticed at the corner of the street Dean was turning back his bicycle. He was a nice guy. A good neighbour to be honest. His family was always there during the times of distress for her.

“Hey Y/n!”

“Hey ya Dean.”

“Hmm..let me guess…here to see Ed again?”

“Oh shut up don’t know anything!” Y/n blushed.

“Atleast I am not blind to see your love for him.” He laughed.

“If you have some other things to tell, you can.” She rolled her eyes.

“Yes. Care to join me on a bicycle ride tomorrow afternoon? We can go to different areas you know. It will be fun.”

The Pevensives invited her to a picnic tomorrow. She couldn’t cancel that. But Dean was a dear friend too. Maybe she can adjust some time for him.

“Uhh…not sure but I’ll inform you if I do.”

“Okay, good. See ya.”


She smiled and turned left to the Pevensie’s house while Dean turned around and left. *Sigh* Here goes to nothing. But I can atleast hope that he likes me back right? There’s no problem with that. I mean, we spend a lot of time together so it’s not like he hates me. He probably, just maayyybe likes me back. Y/n blushed with the thought without realizing a smile that has formed on her face.

Y/n entered through the door without knocking, literally barging in like she owns the place. Susan was on the sofa reading a book.

“Hey Y/n.” She said, her head buried in the book.

“Oh. Hi!!” Y/n walked towards the table, grabbed an apple and asked, “Which book?”


“Ew.” She said with a disgusted face. She took a bite of the apple when Susan said, “You don’t have to give me company just because I’m sitting alone. Besides, Edmund’s in the study room.”

“I-I didn’t even ask about Ed!” Y/n said blushing. “And where’s Lucy?! And-And Peter?”

“In the study room…with EDMUND.”

“Oh my god. CAN YOU STOOOP.” She said blushing and proceeded to the study room.

We hang out so much these days. I mean, he DOES like to hang out with me right? Or else he would have told me by now.

Just when she was going to enter the room, she stooped. There were lots of voices coming from inside, especially laughs. They are such a happy family. She held the door lock and turned it..but then she heard her name.

Oh. I think I heard my name. I know it’s a cruel to listen like this but..I can listen as they mentioned my name.

“Hahahaaa…I am telling you, she will enter this room some time after and brighten up your day.” Lucy said. She blushed.

“Oh yeah, and then you both are gonna get touchy-touchy and blushy-blushy like 3 year olds.” Peter laughed.

Omg what?! Seriously Peter? They are obviously teasing Ed. Does that means he feels for me? He likes me? Or am I just overthinking things? Ed is not would be kind of clear if he starts talki– And Edmund’s voice interrupted you.

“That was really gross Peter. And that’s enough. ENOUGH. You two have no other work to do besides teasing me? Let’s make this very clear. I don’t know if you have noticed but I don’t really go that much in her house, or invite her over or in fact touch her without her consent.”

Y/n’s smile Ed continued turning to a disturbed and sad face.

“Seriously? Have you seen her? I NEVER get close to her when I sit. It was always her calling me. She comes to meet me almost everyday. She is the one inviting herself to our house everyday. Just because I keep quiet doesn’t mean I can’t say anything. She is really annoying if I keep this clear…and she is really clingy.”

“Edmund!! That’s very harsh!” Lucy gasped.

“Yes. I know. Now I hope you won’t talk garbage about this thing again.”

Clingy. Yes, that’s what he thinks about me. Ofcourse, how was I so blind to see this? He obviously doesn’t like me. Obviously I am just an annoying girl. It was always me running behind him. He never, NEVER gave any signs of annoyance because he was polite. Why didn’t I think about this? Why? Just why? And here I thought about how he..he likes me.

Tears threatened to come out of her eyes. Her all hopes crushed by those words. The only little ray of hope she had was now nowhere to be seen.

She turned back and ran. She ran before she got weak and dropped down on her knees and cried her eyes out.

Susan was coming towards the room. On the way, she bumped on her but then ran away.

“what just happened?”

Susan entered the room and asked, “WHat happened?”

“What? Nothing. Just was teasing my little brother over here. And he got shy.” Peter laughed.

“Shy? Why don’t you guys ever stop? It is really enough.”

“No. That can’t be the reason why Y/n ran away?”

“Oh no. She..she heard everything you said.” Lucy said frowning.

A silence spread in the atmosphere. Edmund just sat there uncomfortably. He just went back to stare at the fireplace and whispered, “Well, she…she needed to is fine. She knows now. She deserved it.”

Y/n ran out of the house and slowed down. She now started walking towards her house, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Just when I thought my wait is over, I am gonna get my answer, it is all going to end. It really did.

A/N - This is my first Narnia imagine. Hope you like it!