Today is absolutely perfect! The air is coolish, the sun is warmish – a perfect combination! And it rained this morning so it’s also freshish! :) I could live with this 100% of the time!

Gonna try for a bike ride this afternoon. My foot still hurts, so not going to push it trying for a walk. I haven’t ridden my bike in FOREVER, so this should be interesting. I’m expecting burning quads!  I tweaked my back a little yesterday, but it feels okay today, still, riding the bike can hurt it, so I probably won’t go for a long ride.

Also, after that stressful day yesterday, I’m down literally 5 pounds from yesterday to today. 5 pounds. One day. (Yes I know probably lots of water, but I don’t care at this point)  I’m not sure if it was the lack of snacking or the unintentional intermittent fast I did, or a combination of the two, but I’m going to try and duplicate it today. It’s 2pm and I’m getting ready to have breakfast. The hard part then will be to not snack. I was too busy yesterday to snack, so I guess I need to find something to keep me busy, but preferably not anything as emotionally draining as yesterday.

holy fuck this morning was so stressful.

i had a 2hr fully booked out ride to take this morning and my other guide never turned up for work so i had to take it on my own and OH MY GOD i’ve never wanted to shoot 5 of the 6 horses so badly then i did this morning.

Not only was i trying to watch all 6 riders who were all basically beginners besides maybe two of them, and already running 45mins behind time, all the damn horses were in such a shit mood (biting, kicked, just being assholes) and they all had no reason to be in a shitty mood since half of them have barely worked this month so its not as if they were tired, over worked, sore etc

and just burehuqewhuriew i need like 20 bottles of vodka to forget that ride even happned and i wish to not be in that situation again without a bit of warning.

on another note i took Lucy for a quick little hour trail ride this afternoon and she was so good again! im going to try take her out for a gallop tomorrow afternoon with the GoPro if i can be bothered :)


nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco


morning: sleepy smiles, sleepy kisses, legs tangled in sheets, CUDDLES, breakfast in bed, coffee, pancakes, morning cartoons PROBABLY

afternoon: attempting to bake cupcakes and failing, going out to the cafe instead, watching tv shows while tangled on the couch, napping

evening: pizza and beer, doing their own stuff for a while and then getting bored, probably watching random shows on tv again, scrolling on their phones before they go to bed, MORE CUDDLES


morning: morning sex, morning breath but it’s OKAY, sleepy makeout session, lazy grinding, a blowjob probably 

afternoon: person a riding person b on the couch, the good stuff

evening: person a prepares a special dinner, lap dances, a tie and lingerie are involved, after-sex cuddles

I was on the phone during a bus ride this afternoon and the person told me something pretty outrageous and I somehow combined both the expressions “Piss off” and “Are you shitting me”.

Long story short I ended up yelling “ARE YOU PISSING ON ME?” on public transportation.

Last year I was able to lose 42 kgs and go from an AU size 22 to a 10 in shirts. I also ran two 5km races!
110% re committing to my goals, so I can drop another 15/20kgs and reach my goal weight.

Goals for this year:
- gym 5 days per week.
- 1500ish calories per day on clean foods!
- 100kms per month on treadmill.
- watch bread intake.
- Drink water!! Drink water!! 💧

Ok listen the best thing Merlin could have ended ok listen

Merlin is in modern day city, being all depressed and lonely and you’re like


And he turns the corner to see a book shop with a children’s book about the Knights of the Round Table and he smiles for a bit and keeps going. Merlins got a day job. Something with computers. Maybe he’s the writer of that children’s book but we never know.

But his day continues. At a coffee shop with a laptop in the morning. A walk in the park - hell even around Lake Avalon for Depressing Imagery if they wanted - in the afternoon. A bus ride back into the city in the evening. A pub once it’s dark. A new one, an old one, one he’s been in a million times, we don’t know. But it looks like a drink is in his daily routine.

And slowly, the pub fills up around him. You and he both realize this pub is the last stop for several dozen people attending this years annual Pride Parade. Colorful flags, couples being sweet, people dancing. It’s lovely.

There’s a young couple, a blond and a black haired boy flirting by the dart board and Merlin smiles fondly at them before turning back down at his drink sadly.

At this point the audience has gotta know. They were friends, confidants, the other side of the coin, soulmates. In love and Merlin has lived a thousand years feeling it. Feeling it, but never Living It. But he’ll wait. Because that’s what he does.

He waits for Arthur.

“Arthur!” Someone would shout.

Merlin would look up, stunned. His ghost, following him even now.

“Oi!” A voice answers back. “Don’t be such a clotpole, I’m right here! You don’t have to shout.”

And Merlin HAS to look over at that one. At that voice. A familiar voice. So many voices have been so close so many times that it’s like his heart breaks over and over again.

And yet… and yet there is that fleeting moment of hope between breaths. A breath of life in itself, one that renews Merlin to the 16 year old he was a millennia ago.

And he spots the back of a blond head and he stares, breath still caught and hope still dangerously flying high.

“Aye,” the bar keep says, spotting Merlins focus. He grins. “That’s Arthur. Full of friends, he is. Lots of ideas for the future, none of the focus it’s gonna need.” He says it sadly, like it’s waste and hope and adoration mixed all up together.

Merlin watches as the man named Arthur reaches up to scratch the back of his head, as if he could feel Merlins eyes on him. He turns, confused, scanning the room - and Merlin can’t look away.

There he is. Teeth straighter, hair shorter, but there he is.

He’s breathing again, in and out like he has for centuries… and yet that hope is soaring.

Of course, the show ends on a shot of Arthur smiling, making his way towards Merlin.

“Do I know you from somewhere?”

“…” Merlin doesn’t reply.

A moment of stillness between them passes. Some paraders walk past, a colorful flag wrapped around their shoulders, but the camera stays focused on the two of them.

Arthur’s face falls into realization.

“I know you.”

And the sad, lonely, depressed Merlin we had seen all day… he smiles wide and bright, dimples deep in his cheek.

Hogwarts Houses Playlists


Inspired by warm sunny afternoons, car rides during golden hour, and watching the sun set with friends


Inspired by the fleeting feeling of being invincible, the thrill of being alive, and the arrogance of youth


Inspired by lying under the moonlight, the state between slumber and consciousness, and the nostalgic romance of days gone by


Inspired by the darkness of fatality, the bitterness of unrequited love, and the endless possibilities of the night

Bike Therapy, Symbolism. . .Or just another piece of evidence that my brother is indeed correct and Austin has turned me into a “damn hippie.”

Of course the doctor’s don’t know what’s causing Conner’s rash, so they threw some prescriptions at us and recommended an oatmeal bath. Whatever, I expected that, I just wanted to have said prescriptions before the weekend.  Since Conner is fully capable of taking an oatmeal bath unassisted and I was assured that his life is in no imminent danger (not that I really thought it was), I left him to it and went for a bike ride since it is supposed to rain all weekend starting this afternoon.

As I was riding my bike through the trails and spotting all kinds of awesome animals AND overcoming three new major trail obstacles for me, I started processing what is behind this surge of anxiety.  I have a real issue with directly addressing my own vulnerability.  I don’t often cry when I’m upset (although I will cry at the drop of a hat if something is meaningful/inspiring), and I often compartmentalize…which is good, BUT not if you leave the hard stuff in its little compartment locked up tight and never deal with it.  There’s a time and place, but that time has to actually be allowed to come. I haven’t been allowing it, so the pressure on that little box has caused it to leak negative feelings into every other aspect of my life and has made me feel anxious and overwhelmed.  So, I was alone in the woods with no one but the deer around and I stopped at a little stream and just let myself say it, “I am really, freakin sad that my father is dying.”  And, I allowed myself to feel shitty about that and cry a little.  And, then, I got my butt back up, and I rode home just as it was starting to rain and I felt more level, more at peace, and those fresh, first drops or rain felt so cleansing and symbolic.  And, yup, my brother is definitely right, because that is definitely a “damn hippie” sentiment.  But, I’m not mad about it! :)

NCT U & Things I Associate Them With

Taeil: soft blankets, cup of hot cocoa by the fireplace on a snowy day, sunny afternoons, waves crashing against the shore during sun rise, warm baths, reading a nice book, paintings in a museum, soft piano solos, full moon on a clear night, beautiful gardens in an open space, oversized stuffed animals, a rainbow after the pouring rain subsides, a smile so breathtaking it’s unforgettable, shy kisses and everlasting hugs, the smell of cherry blossoms and fresh showers, baby animals 

Taeyong: cars racing in an empty street during the late hours of the night, smell of cologne and aftershave, sleepy eyes and morning smiles, cold cup of bubble tea on a hot afternoon, piggy back rides, oversized sweatshirts, staying up into the later hours of the night, late night Skype calls, tender kisses, smell of febreeze, organized and neat spaces, catchy songs, tall buildings, backpacking in mountains, basketball competitions at 2 am, protective arms wrapped around you, talking about the world at 3 am when you can’t sleep 

Ten: shamelessly singing in the shower, bike rides by the ocean, smiles that brighten your day, soft scarves and sweaters on a cold day, watching the sunsets over the city, sneaking out of the house in the early hours of the night, staying inside and watching comedies on a gloomy day, the smell of fresh linen and fabric softener, reading comic books while sharing a milkshake, innocent hand holding, spending hours in an amusement park, ice cream chocolate cake and milk, midnight drive thus, soft kisses 

Jaehyun: skyscrapers overlooking the city, turtle necks and sweater paws, Burberry cologne, energetic puppies, baking cupcakes and food fights, laying in the shade to hide from the sun in the park, sports cars, a nice homemade meal after an exhausting day, leather jackets and dark boots, talking about the world while watching the sunset, a lucky four leaf clover, someone playing with your hair, neck kisses, lounging by the pool with drinks, late night visits to the convenience store, winking from across the room 

Doyoung: disheveled hair and morning voices, beautiful singing coming from the kitchen, the smell of freshly baked cookies, making rounds in an arcade, smiling until your face hurts, sitting on the beach while sharing earphones, trying not to laugh at awful movies, shy hand holding, cheek caressing, soft pillows, baby bunnies, sun coming out from behind the clouds, slow songs and dancing in the living room, playing video games until midnight, inside jokes, making silly faces, smiling at your phone after receiving a cute text 

Mark: shy smiles, sharing frozen yogurt while walking a puppy, creating a playlist for one another, meeting in the halls before class, the smell of fresh cologne, being pushed while inside a shopping cart, evening walks under the stars, tucking your hair behind your ear, skateboarding by the sea, laying on the grass as the sun sets, innocence, numerous sleepovers, butterflies in your stomach, scary movie marathons, stealing glances, a neat, well kept diary, forts made of blankets and pillows, wind blowing in your face while the car window is down, Disneyland, linking arms

Happiest Place In Earth

Anonymous said:

Originally posted by sxy-jmn

Could you do a fluff scenario of going to Disneyland with Mark from Got7? Happy Birthday!!!!


(Y/N): “come on mark we have to get started or else we won’t be on schedule.”

You pull on his arm.

M: “Don’t worry we have till midnight love we will be able to do everything you want on your list.”

A warm smile left marks face. We started our morning riding all the thrill rides first. My favorite was always the Indiana jones ride while mark favorite was Matterhorn bob sleds. Next we had lunch in tomorrow land and started sightseeing. We took some pictures together and meet some Disney characters. We spent the rest of the afternoon riding the rest of the rides. After riding splash mountain, we make a stop to a small gift shop. While observing the small gift shop I notice mark wasn’t by my side anymore. as I turn around to look for him I spot him leaving the register.

(Y/N): “Hey what did you buy?”

M: “Matching monster university hats.”
(Y/N): “No way!”

I let out a small giggle as he places the hat on my head.

(Y/N): “My don’t we look good.”
M: “Well I can say you pull off that hat more than me.”

We make our way to grab some snacks. Mark ends up getting some churros and I got pink cotton candy. I gaze at him admiring his smile and enjoying the happiness he was spreading. Mark catches me looking and places a soft kiss on my head. We spent our last moment together riding the carousel since it had a short waiting period. As we hop on our own horses I look over at mark. Seeing him here makes my heart skip a beat. And as the ride began we both had big smiles on our faces.

As many people will say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. And being there with mark filled my heart with happiness. Mark leans over to give me a kiss. I bite my lip with a smile plastered on my face as I kiss him back.

(Y/N): “Now I know what many people mean by happiest place in earth.”

Thank you for the birthday wishes and thank you for the request lovely!~<3 ^-^

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Requesting a Matt Donovan one-shot. No smut, please. The female reader is Matt's girlfriend and Damon's twin sister and was turned into a vampire by Katherine Pierce and to celebrate Matt graduating from high school, they go on a weekend trip to Venice, Italy. On Friday night, their flight arrives in Venice and they hang out in their hotel room and watch movies on Pay Per View and snuggle. On Saturday afternoon, they ride a gondola. On Sunday morning, their flight arrives in Mystic Falls.

added x

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