afternoon pick me ups

A list of random tips I learned during college:

  • If you are in a new city with no friends, go out alone. It might seem weird but you will get to spend quality time with yourself + possibly meet some people. Just stay safe, be where there are other people, avoid sketchy neighborhoods and don’t go out too late!
  • Carry your college ID everywhere and don’t be afraid to ask if a store has college discounts!
  • Take. Notes. Of. Everything. You might think “eh I’ll remember this”. You won’t. Write it down.
  • Replace your morning coffee for green tea, it is less likely to give you an energy crash later in the day, and take coffee as a pick me up later in the afternoon
  • Take a break from studying every hour or so, but don’t use your phone/computer. Go out for a walk, stretch, drink some water, shower. It will help you focus better
  • SKINCARE TIP: steam your face by boiling some water and putting some sage in it, then putting your face above the pot with a towel covering your head and the pot. It will help open up your pores and clean them
  • Things to always have around: coconut oil (for hair care, removing makeup, dry skin, cooking..) and baking soda (removing stains, face peeling, good for your gums..)
  • MEAL PREP!! Or at least shop for the following week so you are less likely to eat out, and eat crap!
  • Try new things, you might not be great at them, but you also might find something you are passionate about.
  • MEDITATE. If you don’t know how, download a guided meditation app (like Headspace). Meditation is great for reducing stress and boosting productivity. Also a great thing to do on your study break.
  • Don’t stare at any screens before bed, it WILL make you fall asleep harder and fuck up the quality of your sleep. Instead try reading, meditating, doing skincare, journaling.
  • Speaking of journaling, get a bullet journal. Write down your thoughts, plan your week, your month, write to do lists and shopping lists, and just use it as a creative outlet. You don’t have to be a great artist, it doesn’t matter, just let it all out on the paper.
Paperhat parenting headcanons:


-Someone has to put a dime in the swear jar!


-What the fuck did you just say?!


-M.D. move your butt over here right now young man!


-M.D move your ass over here in this second you little punk!


-Psycha,stop running around the lab,you’ll hurt yourself!


-Psycha stop running around or I’ll hurt YOU!


-I am NOT one of your little friends,you will not speak like that to me!


-I’m not one of your little punk ass friends, you better watch who the hell you’re talking to.


-you are GROUNDED young man!


-you are punished until further notice.


-No TV for a week!


-Don’t ask me to do shit until I say you can.


-I want to be your friend.


-I am a parent first,friend second.


-I am going to count to three! 1!








-2 and a half! 2 and three quarters!




*crush noises*

-This is why we can’t have nice things.


-You’re always fucking shit up in my house!


-You can’t do whatever you want all the time! You have to respect some rules!


-My roof,my rules. If you don’t like my rules,then go find other rules to like.


-You do not pay for anything in this household, so you better not act like it.


-Please name one of the bills that you pay in my house.


-Do not speak to your father that way!


-Who in the seven gates of blue and green hell do you think you’re talking to?!

Dr.Flug. :

-Do not make me get physical with you!


-Flug may have brought you into this world,but I’LL be the one to take you out.


-Black hat said no? It’ll be our little secret.


-Flug said no? Then the answer is no.


-I think you have misplaced your mind!


-You either respect me,or you’ll respect the streets!


-You’ll catch a cold if you don’t put your coat on.


-If you get sick we don’t have money for hospital, go put on your coat!


-Well,who is this fine young man!


-Who the hell is this punk? Matter of fact, I don’t even care,you don’t see him anymore.


-Do not talk back to me!


-You can continue to talk back to me,or you can spend your afternoon picking your teeths up from the floor.


-You have to learn some responsibility!


-You want something, you will work for it!


-That outfit is a little inappropriate, don’t you think?


-You’re going outside? Not looking like Medusa on crack, you aren’t.

Dr. Flug

- Don’t you think you’re a little bit too young to have a boyfriend?


-You have a boyfriend? No I don’t think you have a boyfriend. You’re a child,stay in a child’s place.

Dr. Flug:

-Someone Bobby’s parents let him do it? Hmm,okay then.


-Look,I’m not Bobby’s father,I’m not Sussy’s father,I’m not Billy’s father,I am YOUR father. You can do whatever the hell you want to do in THEIR motherfucking house,but if you live under my roof,you follow MY rules.

Dr. Flug:

-Well,you already have two video games…but I guess one more wouldn’t ruin it.


-Don’t look at the shit,don’t touch that shit,Don’t breath on that shit,don’t talk about that shit, cause you aren’t getting that shit!


*on the phone*

-Yes,I understand-w-wait a second sir,yes what is it,honey? Yes,yes you can go. Yes,sorry about that!


-CAN’T YOU SEE I’M TALKING ON THE PHONE?! yeah,sorry about that Syndrome.

Dr. Flug:

-I don’t appreciate the hostile attitude.


-When you act up,is when you get beat UP.

Dr. Flug:

-I’m sorry,I didn’t quite catched that. Did you say ’ no video games for a week?“


-I don’t think I heard you correctly,did you say ‘Knock me out into the next week?’

Dr. Flug:

-A party? Okay,don’t do something I wouldn’t do!


-Don’t do no drinking while you’re in there,drinking leads to sex,and sex leads to babies,and babies leads to trouble,and trouble leads to get the fuck out of my house!


-This room is like a trash can!




-you broke your leg?! How?!


-Bet you wouldn’t do this stupid shit again,huh?


-When you’ll get older you’ll understand. You don’t get many things now, you’re too young. You may hate us now,but we’re doing it for you.


-When you’re old enough to move out of my house,you can live by your own rules. But at the moment, you’re my responsibility, and I have to take care of you.You can hate me now,but you’ll thank me later.

Dr. Flug:

-I love you.


-I love you.


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Kai Parker x Reader
word count:
6 687 / reading time: 24 minutes
smut, kind of darker and a little twisted (i honestly have no idea what or how it happened)
Kai kidnaps Reader to test his new heretic abilities and learn how to control his blood lust. KEEP READING AFTER THE CUT  😈  [to the anon who requested it: i am so terribly sorry i made you wait this long but i really hope you enjoy the story; let me know]
*gif by me

A quiet sigh left her lips feeling someone whisper in her ear, their breath tickling her skin. Y/N mumbled ‘5 more minutes’  and tried to roll to her side but for some reason she couldn’t and her arms hurt. There it was, the same voice only this time not whispering but humming a song which sounded so familiar, yet she couldn’t remember any of the lyrics nor whose song it was supposed to be. Her eyes fluttered for a second and as the dream haze started to dissolve, details of what had happened the day before… or maybe the very same day, she couldn’t tell, started to come back to her. At first the memory was fuzzy and unfocused but becoming clear with every second – Y/N remembered walking down the street with her late afternoon pick me up and her phone in her hands, her eyes focused on the screen when suddenly a car honk had sounded around her and someone had grabbed her. Kai, his face appeared behind her eyelids clearer than ever. His blue/gray eyes sparkling with mischief and danger, along with a hint of something else she couldn’t figure out. His lips curled up into a genuine smile when their eyes had met, only moments before he –

Her heart began racing at the thought what he had done. Less than five minutes after saving her life, he had knocked her out and if her instincts were right – her wrists were tied up over her head. Y/N pulled at them, still half stuck in this dream state, when she felt him shift on the bed and grip her wrists and him shushing her in an attempt to calm her down.

    “Easy there, beautiful.” he whispered in her ear, his lips almost touching her earlobe as he spoke. “We wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself.”

Her eyelids fluttered open and closed for a second and she felt her heart skip a beat at his touch the second his fingers brushed almost lovingly against her cheek. A moment later her eyes opened wide and met with his eyes piercing directly into hers, and she couldn’t help but feel her heart skip another beat. Those beautiful blue/gray eyes and how they always had the ability to make her feel week in the knees and things she knew she shouldn’t feel at all. Though that wasn’t the reason her breath got hitched in her throat in that moment and her heart almost burst. That was the fact she was in his apartment, tied up to his bed with him hovering over her and his lips almost touching hers.

   “Hi.” he grinned. “You are no fun when you are asleep, though that might be my fault. You keep passing out because of me.” his face darkened a little and for a moment he looked almost worried about her. “How are you feeling? D-do you need another pillow? I mean, of course you do. This one is covered with blood. Hold on, I’ll get you a new one –“

    “I don’t give a damn about the pillow –“ she croaked.

    “Right…Wouldn’t make sense to change it anyways since I am nowhere near satisfied and the other one will get stained as well. Being a vampire is so strange.” he said with amusement. “I’m eternally thirsty now and you –” he licked his lip, his fingertips trailing her carotid artery feeling her blood pulsating in her veins. “– don’t move.”

Her eyes followed his slight movements as he leaned in towards her and wrapped his fingers around her neck, turning her head to the side. A wave of panic washed over her, quickly getting replaced by something she shouldn’t have felt when his hot breath tickled her skin before a blink of an eye later he sank his fangs in her skin and a small scream left her lips.

    “Kai –” she said weakly, struggling against the ropes keeping her bound. “S-stop –”

Her eyes focused on the ceiling and the more awake she got, the clearer the events from a few hours ago became clear. Everything but the memory of how had she gotten there, what had happened and what had he done to her besides feeding on her. Her clothes were still on, that was a good thing but why did that made her feel sad in a way? And why feeling him feed on her instantly turned her entire skin on fire in a split second? It had nothing to do with the unusually hot weather, she was sure about it. Or maybe it was the way his crotch lightly grinded against hers while he continued to bleed her dry –

   “Ahh, I love listening to you scream.” he pulled away after a couple of seconds. Blood trickled down his chin, purple/black veins flashed under his eyes as his lips curled into a devilish smirk. Carefully he wiped his chin with his thumb and licked her blood off his finger. “You taste delicious by the way. I just can’t get enough of you –“

   “Why am I here?”

Kai sighed. “You are here because I need to learn control.” Y/N furrowed her brows. “Ever since I turned my life changed and I love every second of it. Mostly the fact I actually get to live but every single time I feed I find myself want to keep feeding until the person is dead. And then I get this tiny voice in my head pointing out how I will feel guilty afterwards. I don’t like that feeling, to be honest. Guilt, I mean. And you – I find myself unable to kill you for some reason. It’s annoying really… but makes you the perfect practice bunny. It’s nothing personal – ”

   “Turning me into your blood bag seems pretty personal to me.” she wiggled on the bed pointlessly. All her actions did was make her hips buck up at his crotch a little and create even more friction for the both of them. “You could’ve asked nicely, you know.” she almost whispered, changing her voice in an attempt to sound more mannish. “Hey, Y/N. Could I maybe take a bite here and there so I don’t end up killing anyone?”

Kai stared at her amused.  “Not even close to what I sound like. Plus it’s much more fun doing stuff without asking.” he tapped her nose. “Though being my ‘blood bag’ as you put it, is not the only reason you are here. I’ve spent most of my life without magic and now that I have an unlimited source I need someone to help me be the best that I can be.” Y/N trashed under him and he tightened his grip on her. “I promise not to hurt you… more than I absolutely have to. Now hold still. I am still hungry.”

And with that his fangs sank in her neck again. A small scream left her lips as she trashed under him and slowly the world started to dissolve around her and everything began turning black. “Kai… Kai stop or you will kill me.”

He didn’t stop, instead he gripped her wrists causing the ropes to tear up and pushed them into the pillow. Her eyelids fluttered a few times and she moaned quietly, wounding her legs around his waist to hold him close while he continued feeding on her. Her mind spun in every possible direction and she couldn’t truly understand what was happening, what was this rush that came over her – Before she had had time to think about it everything around her went black.

*                         *                          *

Her eyes shot open at once as if someone had pulled her up from underwater and she realized once again there was no way she could do more than wiggle on it– her hands were once again tied up. Her gaze drifted around the room, still a little unfocused due the blood loss; there was a small table near by with food, sun rays seeped through the window, a glimpse of the blue sky visible through it. A bird flew by and landed on the window, taking a peek inside for a moment before flying away. A quiet sigh left her lips and she closed her eyes wondering if someone knew she was missing, if someone was looking for her in that moment. Probably not, she thought, not with everything going on in town right now. Sounds of steps getting closer pulled her attention from her thoughts and she turned her head to the door, and half groaned in frustration, half sighed in relief seeing him take a few step towards her and sit on the bed, holding something in his hands.

   “Good. You are awake. I was starting to get really bored.” he smiled. “Berries? These are so fresh and so delicious, though nowhere as delicious as you.”

   “Malachai Park –“

Kai pressed his finger against her lips.  “Shhh, don’t. You might get dizzy or something. I had quite a bit of your blood and as good as I am with healing spells, you still have to take it easy.” he tapped her hip, brushing his palm up and slightly under her skirt. Her tights had tears that weren’t there before, her shirt was covered with blood though her skirt remained perfectly intact. Except for the fact it was slightly pulled up higher, a result of her wiggling on the bed. “You know, you look so pretty tied up like that… with that short skirt pushed up. I want to just –” he hummed, watching her stare at him with confusion in her eyes as he leaned over her and untied her hands, took them in his and rubbed them gently for a few long moments while she sat on the bed.  “What are you waiting for?Aren’t you going to attack me or… try to run?”

   “Run?! On an empty stomach?! You drained me of my blood and robbed me of dinner last night.” she muttered. “Could’ve at least ordered in pizza or gotten me chocolates. Be a nice kidnapper and feed your… practice bunny.” she motioned towards the berries. “Or you will have a whole other me to deal with and your blood lust not being in control would be the least of your worries.”

   “You are so cute when you are cranky.” Kai laughed under his breath and headed towards the small table nearby. “Okay then, should we start with the waffles or –” he started when she hit him in the back of his head, knocking him on the floor before running out. Kai rolled on the ground, cracked his neck and went after her listening to her run down the hall towards the large front door when she bumped into something invisible. A barrier spell. Her hands banged on it and she groaned in frustration listening to Kai laugh behind her. Quickly she changed direction and her skirt got teared up along the way. A split second later he grabbed her, his hands wrapped around her from behind and he whispered in her ear.     “Wow, you are really bad at running.” he nibbled on her earlobe. “Listen to this erratic heartbeat. You must be terrified, and you should. Being trapped in a house with a scary evil emotionless heretic… who can do whatever he wants with and to you –”

   “Annoyed, actually.” she corrected and broke free from his grasp. “You are the world’s terrible kidnapper. I don’t even know how you managed to get the drop on me. You suck at this –”  

In an instant he grabbed her shoulders, spun her around and sank his fangs in her carotid artery, holding her firmly against him. Y/N trashed and screamed but before she had time to process what had just happened his hand slipped down to her lower waist to her ass, an involuntary moan tumbled off her lips. He pulled her up towards him for a moment and next thing she knew, he let go of her and she stumbled backwards. Her hand pressed on the wound on her neck and she shakily took a step back without taking her eyes off Kai. Upsetting him had been a bad idea but what happened a split second later caught her completely off guard. Purple/black veins flashed under his eyes and his bloody lips smashed against hers, hungry and demanding for more. At first, she was too stunned to return the kiss but as his hands slid down her back and he pulled her towards him, something inside her changed and she pulled him closer too, kissing him as if her life depended on it. Her fingers tangled in his hair and she literally melted in his arms.

A part of her knew what she was doing in that moment was completely insane. Kai had kidnapped her, fed on her, tied her up, chased her around and now…  she was allowing his lips on hers, his tongue exploring her mouth and ‘fighting’ with hers while his hands were on her body like they shouldn’t be. The other half of her shouted at her wanting more, unable to get enough.

  “S-stop –” she pushed him off, gazing into his eyes. Something had changed in them and at the moment he was looking at her as if he was predator and she was his prey, only a different kind of prey. Subconsciously she knew she should’ve been scared but instead of fear all she felt was excitement. “This is insane. Y-you can’t – you can’t kiss me!”

   “Don’t act like you didn’t just try to pull the air out of my lungs. Ahh Y/N –” he took a step towards her when much to his surprise her palm connected with his face. Kai rubbed his cheek for a second and started laughing. “Wow. Is that how you say ‘thank you saving my life and not killing me in your many attempts to get your blood lust under control’?”

   “That’s for kissing me without asking –”

   “Out if all the things you could slap me for, you chose this?! I must’ve hit a spot, haven’t I–?” he took a step closer, not taking his eyes off hers for an instant. “Hit me again. Put your hands on my body. You know you want to—“

   “I d-don’t.” she lied, watching him raise his eyebrows. Lying to a vampire was the trickiest thing to do. Lying to Kai? That was even hardest because deep down she knew she just couldn’t do it. “You – you — ugh – !”

Y/N pushed at his chest and took a step back just as he took a step forwards and her back hit the wall. She looked around but there was nowhere to go, he had her cornered and the truth was her hands on his body had felt way too good. Kissing him, being in his arms… and the way his eyes danced all over her body as he took a step closer, bracing his hands on either side of her head – it all felt incredible.

   “Ahh, Y/N –“ he said softly. “I was going to chase you around, testing locator spells and my vampire hearing but… I changed my mind.”

Kai brushed his fingers against her cheek, pressing his body against hers and his fingertips traced her lips for a moment. His eyes had turned black and the way he was looking at her made her heart stop for a whole second; not just that but the way he was looking at her could make her wet on the spot in a second.

Y/N took a shallow breath feeling his hand slowly slip down the side of her body and towards her back before he pulled her towards him.   “W-what are you going to do to me?” she asked barely able to find her voice.

   “I can’t decide.” he pursued his lips, resting his forehead on hers. His fingertips trailed her lips and he gazed intensely into her eyes. “A part of me wants to tear those clothes off you without asking permission. I mean, they are already semi-torn… but I am not that kind of monster. However, much I want to feel your completely naked body against mine in this very second–” he leaned in towards her, their lips almost touching and he smirked at the sudden change in her heartbeat. “—whatever lines I’ve crossed –” his crotch lightly grinded against hers. “—I wouldn’t cross that one.” he chuckled and leaned in to whisper in her ear. “But I am very patient… and I’ll wait for you to say the words. Until then–” he took a step back. “– how about we play ‘hide and seek’? You hide and I’ll seek.”

Y/N’s eyes kept drifting between his eyes and his lips unable to stop thinking about how he had kissed her, almost able to still feel them against hers. His lips had felt like a perfect match for hers and the way it had made her entire self ignite— How had he found a way to sneak under her skin and get inside her bloodstream after everything he had done?Up until like less than 20 minutes ago he had been busy using her as lab bunny, trying to learn about his heretic abilities and now she couldn’t bear not feeling his presence close.

   “Y-you are giving up?” she grabbed the collar of his shirt, pulling him towards her. Her hand slid between their bodies and pushed its way in his jeans, palming him through his briefs. Y/N lightly bit her lip feeling how hard he was. How hadn’t she realized that sooner? “Just what I need –“

   “Don’t bite that lip.” he whispered. “Or I’ll bite you somewhere you will be shaking for days.”

Her leg wound around his waist holding him towards her while her eyes remained focused on him. A tingly feeling spread through her body at his words and she couldn’t help but defy him, biting her lower lip again. “Is that a promise?”

  “Careful, or I –“

  “Bite me.” she dared him. “Sink your teeth into my flesh. Or are you suddenly not that hungry?”

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HOW TO MAKE THE PERFECT AÇAI BOWL😛🍓💫 my favourite açai to use is @organicburst because not only is it full of antioxidants + essential fatty acids, but tastes great, is ethically sourced and sustainably grown🌿🙏🏼
I thought I’d share with you one of my favourite recipes for a nutrient and energy packed açai-nicecream bowl that I make all the time for that afternoon pick-me-up🙌🏼
- Blend 2-3 frozen bananas, 1 cup frozen berries + 2 tbsp @organicburst açai with a splash of coconut water until smooth
- Spoon into a bowl and top with some crunchy granola + more fruit. It’s that easy✨🤗

IG: @naturally_nina_

There really wasn’t a reason as to why you weren’t the type of person who showed affection that often. Your parents were probably the most affectionate people out there, and it was pretty obvious that that gene wasn’t passed down to you. It wasn’t like you were incapable of hugging and giving cheek kisses… It was just that you preferred not to! It was as simple as that. 

Harry, on the other hand, was definitely an affectionate person. Hugs? Yes! Kisses? Yes, please! He had no issues with affection and people were always confused as to why you two seemed to be compatible. 

You and Harry had been dating for a while now, and you knew you loved him. He knew you loved him as well. The only problem was that you had never actually said ‘Hey, I love you!’ to him and it was genuinely bugging him. Harry had been trying his best to get you to utter those three words, but each time he’d try he’d end up with nothing. That didn’t mean he wouldn’t stop trying, though. 

“Where’re you goin’?” Harry furrowed his brows after turning around to face you, eyes flickering down to the car keys in your hand. “I thought you were goin’ to spend the afternoon with me?” 

“I know, I know. I just have to pick up a couple things from the supermarket, and then I promise you can have me for the rest of the day.” You smiled, walking over quickly to plant a kiss to Harry’s cheek. “I’ll be back before you know it!”

“Can’t you jus’ pick stuff up tomorrow? I’ll have meetings all day tomorrow… Not to mention, you know I’ll be on tour soon so you should be taking advantage of the free time that I have now!” Harry pouted, wrapping an arm around your waist to prevent you from walking away. 

“Harry, I’ll only be an hour.” You sighed, wiggling yourself out of his death grip before pressing another kiss to his forehead. “How about I bring you back one of those green smoothies from that overpriced vegan place?” You teased, a grin growing on Harry’s face before he nodded excitedly. He did love a good green smoothie.  

“A’right, fine. You drive a hard bargain but I’ll allow it. I’ll see you in an hour, then.” 

“Mm… An hour and a half?” You smiled sheepishly, grabbing your purse off the kitchen countertop. Harry was silent for a moment before pursing his lips in thought. 

“An hour and a half tops.” He scowled playfully, reaching out and intertwining his pinky with yours in a pinky promise. 

“Fine. I’ll see you in a bit.” You hummed, already walking towards the front door. “Love you.” 

“Yeah, love you t-” Harry froze upon realizing what you had just said. He immediately went into freak out/panic mode, his jaw dropping and his eyes popping wide open before he was sandwiching his head in between his hands and dragging them down his face. “Oh my god, holy fuck.” He breathed out, his heart pounding against his chest before what felt like a trillion butterflies exploded in his stomach. 

“What was that?” You popped your head back in, raising a brow in curiosity. “I didn’t hear you, did you say something?” 

“I love you!” Harry breathed out, his eyes practically twinkling with joy. 

“Uh-huh, you too!” 

Well, close enough. 


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The foxes don’t have a swear jar in the locker room, but they do have an F-word jar for Neil. He has to put in a dollar every time.

He makes change for twenties enough times at the coffee shop on campus where he gets his afternoon pick-me-ups and Andrew’s afternoon sugar abominations that the barista tries to hook up with him by telling him a boyfriend would be “cheaper than the strip club you frequent”.

Does he recognize this as flirting? No. He tells him that interventions are for friends, not coffee customers. The foxes will never let him live this down.

Also, since money is the one thing Neil panics about using frivolously, this system is rapidly effective. Pretty soon Andrew implements it in the bedroom too, for any time Neil says “I’m fine, keep going,” as well as the occasional accidental “please”.

(Neil’s replacement for “please” is a very fervent “Andrew”, and when he begs his boyfriend’s name it is very effective)

  • Alec: Is anyone free in the afternoon? Catarina asked Magnus and me if we could pick up Madzie from kindergarden but we're both busy.
  • Jace: Why? She's six. She can take the subway.
  • Izzy: Jace, that's crazy. She's a baby. Alec, just call her an Uber.
  • ...
  • Alec: You two should never have kids.
Turning A Page - feysand fanfic 1/?


Feyre Archeron feels stuck in a daily grind - wake up, work to keep her family’s bookstore open, go to bed. Occasionally she finds time to spend with her sisters or her boyfriend, but those encounters are rarely ever satisfying. One day, a man named Rhysand walks into the store and changes everything.

AO3 : part I, II, III, IV, V : Tagging: @photofeesh @joepesci-isfine @tragically-broken @bunniesandbooks @jaeanneee @wpbianca99 @thelaughingzeebra @purpleboybunny @howtotameyourillyrian @kaliejane26 @technotzar (CARLEY I don’t know if your emojis were a request to be tagged but here you are :P) Notes: This is fluff I’m mostly writing to make myself feel better. I hope you enjoy. No warnings for anything - yet.


The tinkling of the bell over the door to my bookstore fills me with two sensations: anticipation, and dread.

The first one can perhaps be easily understood. As the proprietor of a store that sells books, used and new, with a particularly large collection of art books, customers are why I’m here. This is my family business, has been for a few generations now, and so I am grateful for every single person who comes in with an interest in perusing our shelves, reading, and perhaps buying one or two items. Especially the used copies of 50 Shades of Grey. Please, someone take them off my hands.

The second feeling, that pit in my stomach, it’s a bit more difficult to explain.

The maypole around which my life revolves consists of two main parts: my family, and my boyfriend. If the customer who enters my shop is here to scan the shelves for books they plan on purchasing online instead of buying from me, then I am letting my family down. And if it’s my boyfriend coming in that door, then I am probably in for an explanation of how I am letting him down. At least, that’s how it’s been lately.

So there you have it. Anticipation, and dread. I think I might need to make some changes.


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✿ oops this has been mostly done in my drafts for like a week and i forgot to post it. Minor trio version of this post!


  • this poor moron doesn’t know how to deal with you.
  • he likes you, he realizes, fairly early on in his acquaintance with you. It’s after you say something interesting about one of his photographs - as per V’s usual - though the content of it is… odd.
  • Actually, you didn’t even mean for him to hear it, and he doesn’t even tell you for a long time that he even did. It was a quiet admission, mumbled under your breath as you stared at one of his larger prints.
  • “Is this… what it’s like to be happy?”
  • (you’re both sad and kind of screwed up, exactly V’s type.)
  • It’s way easier for you to admit feelings regarding inanimate objects than feelings regarding people, so you accepted that you loved V’s photography long before you understood that you also loved V.
  • At first, you attributed your constant thoughts of him to, y’know, having one of his pictures on your wall. You’d stare into space, chewing on your pencil and thinking about him, and when you realized what you were doing, you’d stop, shake your head, and briefly think about how weird that was before moving on.
  • A barrier was surrounded around your heart, one that prevented the realization of “damn, I like V”, and V realized pretty quickly that it was there. V also knew that he was a Trash Person Undeserving Of You, so he made absolutely no efforts to try to broach the topic of intimacy…
  • …but you were oddly open with him, due to your fascination with his photography.
  • You’d come to look at his photos. You’d ask him about what he was thinking, what he was feeling when he produced each shot, which often leads into deep discussions of emotions. these talks give you a deeper understanding into how people think, and V really is very patient with all your questions.
  • this makes things very difficult, because V really just wants to grab you by the shoulders and say, i like you!
  • but he’s terrifed of pressuring you, so he doesn’t!
  • UGH!
  • In the chat, you get weirdly protective of him. You’re defensive when Yoosung slanders him, you try to get Jumin to forgive him for the whole “oh yeah I kept the cult my ex-girlfriend was running a secret’, and you repeatedly tell V that, what the heck, he deserved literally nothing that Rika did. When asked to examine your motivations of why you’re doing this, all you can say is…
  • he’s too nice to have people say bad things about him!
  • No other reason, seriously!
  • All the while, V suffers under his crush, because every nice thing you do makes his heart skip double-time, but he keeps telling himself that he CAN’T like you, it’s RUDE, and confessing is just absolutely off the table.
  • Eventually, your interactions with the RFA start making you… envy the idea of a relationship. It’s Zen and Yoosung’s fault, mostly, they keep talking up the idea and how wonderful it’d be, but as you get more and more attached to people and figure out your own ability to handle emotions with V’s guidance, you start maybe kinda… wanting that.
  • And, clueless of his affections for you, you express that to V. How sad you are, that no one could ever love you because you’re a broken garbage dump of a person.
  • The resulting conversation gets impassioned due to V being desperate to convince you that no, that’s not the case. In the heat of the moment, he even says, “It’s not true! There’s someone who likes you!”
  • He regrets it immediately after, but when you press for more details…
  • He ends up being forced to confess.
  • and you end up being surprisingly okay with that.
  • V is comfortable. Safe. Considerate. He is pretty much the most non-scary person to like, and yeah, he has his Rika Hangups, but him not having it totally together makes you feel a bit better by comparison. And he’s been through pain! He knows what it’s like!
  • So… V ends up stunned as you accept his feelings with relative grace, and even after a month, he still can’t believe that you’re really trying this whole dating thing.

Saeran (Unknown)

  • look if you thought Jumin was a mess, then this is just a complete fucking disaster.
  • i can’t even articulate how badly this goes. neither of you have anything even approaching the proper faculties of dealing with Feelings, and Saeran just got out of a wackadoodle religious cult. His relationship with his brother is strained, his coping mechanisms are nonexistant, and he needs years of therapy before he’ll be anything even approaching normal. The only reason he’s even in a position to eventually end up in a relationship with you - and you, with him - is because of Jaehee.
  • Or, more particularly, Jaehee’s coffee shop.
  • Saeran, coming out of Mint Eye, is Completely Unemployable, and through a complex series of circumstances, Jaehee decides that screw working for Jumin, she wants to open her dream cafe. So, a few months after Saeran’s tumultuous exodus from the cult, he ends up working at Jaehee’s small start-up business as a barista…
  • …And you end up being their number one customer.
  • You tell yourself it’s because you want to support Jaehee in her business endeavors. You tell yourself that the atmosphere is nice, and that it’s a pleasant place to work, and that you like their cake. You tell yourself that Saeran is, shockingly enough, great at making coffee, and you other people’s lattes just don’t taste good to you anymore.
  • These are all, in some small measure, true - but that’s not the real reason why you show up like clockwork every day around the middle of Saeran’s shift.
  • He’s cute, and you want to see him.
  • Now, of course you attribute this attraction to his skill at making drinks. You’re just… happy to have such an amazing afternoon pick-me-up! And it’s - normal, that you’d be glad that Saeran seems to be slowly starting to smile, because he’s had a shitty life and you’re not totally devoid of human emotion. You can be inspired by his success! And Jaehee’s success! It doesn’t mean anything!
  • And Saeran, for his part, denies that he at ALL looks forward to your daily visits. He doesn’t anticipate it, watching the clock for it to tick down to your usual arrival hour. He doesn’t start making Your Usual as soon as he sees you walking down the street, and he NEVER, EVER gets worried when you show up a few minutes late.
  • that’d be silly, and saeran is not a silly man.
  • These lies pile up into a mutual crush that is half-adorable and half-exhausting for the surrounding bystanders. If anyone even so much as mentions that he might maybe like you, he flips out and stops speaking to you for a week. This, in return, makes you unhappy… but, unable to process why you’d be unhappy that Saeran is only responding to you in grunts, causes to to sulk and to escape the situation - i.e. halting your visits.
  • This distresses Saeran, who gets anxious around the time you used to visit… and annoys Jaehee, who now has to deal with a distracted, lovelorn employee.
  • This cycle of tiffs and spats lasts for over a year, where you find yourselves put in various compromising situations - i.e. being pushed to spend time together on Valentine’s Day, you ending up at the Choi’s place for Christmas, and you spending about two hours locked in a closet with the idiot tsundere. This… sort of gets you closer? Kind of?
  • After a really emotional, three-a.m. conversation where you both talk about how it Kinda Sucks not being able to make friends and seeing everyone around you happy while you… aren’t, the two of you think that, well.
  • maybe you kind of care for each other?
  • It’s - it’s a start.


  • One day, a ‘manual of dating’ arrives on your doorstep, and you go through the entire RFA to find the culprit. Unsurprisingly, it’s Seven.
  • See, Seven has noticed something. You’re serious, severe, bad at jokes, and just in general  at horrible at this whole human connection thing. You’re can be kind of prickly, and while you don’t really seem to take to most people, there’s someone who you’ve been getting kinda close to. Someone who’s often there for you, and someone who seems to genuinely like your presence, which the same is true in reverse.
  • That’s right, he’s talking about Vanderwood.
  • WHAT THE HECK, you say, because that’s DUMB, of COURSE you don’t want to date Vanderwood, they’re just… y’know, they’re not a moron. Of course you like them decently. If Seven stopped being a complete idiot, you’d like him decently, too.
  • Seven laughs, but shockingly enough, doesn’t press the issue. “Just read it,” he says. “Maybe you’ll learn something.”
  • Maybe you’ll learn something your ass. Hell, you’re about to throw it away when you think that it’s kind of a shame to throw a book out, even it’s stupid. Maybe you can use it as a paperweight or something. Bathroom reading material, maybe. It’d probably be good for a laugh, right?
  • That’s what you tell yourself that rainy day a month later when you pick it up again. ‘Good for a laugh’. Maybe you’ll find something funny.
  • Maybe you’ll text it to Vanderwood to laugh about with you.
  • Vanderwood has a heart attack at the first message, which is about how there’s an entire section devoted to date spots. Hahahaha, they laugh, that SURE IS FUNNY, the idea that they would want to take you to ANY OF THESE SPOTS.
  • (it’s not true, they tell themselves before planning to MURDER SEVEN FOR INTERFERING IN THEIR BUSINESS. it’s NOT TRUE THAT THEY LIKE YOU.)
  • You keep going on, talking about how ridiculous all this nonsense is (how to have conversations? great gift ideas? fun places to eat out - seriously?) and they keep sweating bullets, particularly when, in a fit of mania, you say
  • “Some of this actually sounds kind of fun. Want to try it?”
  • “what do you mean” they respond because oh my god are you asking them out
  • “I dunno, just as friends? It could be fun.”
  • so they go on one of these “fun expeditions” with you, just as friends.
  • The entire time, they are nervous and you are OBLIVIOUS. You have fun, so you ask them out again, because you’ve never really been good at friendship and you’re not an emotionless robot. You just have trust issues out the wazoo. But Vanderwood is reasonable, capable, and actually pretty funny, so spending time with them is entertaining…
  • And unlike Seven, they don’t make stupid jokes, which is a huge plus.
  • This happens again, and again, and again, and Vanderwood just kinda takes it as it comes.
  • After date number five, you start feeling this odd, warm fuzziness when thinking about them - and you think about them a lot. Your hangouts have been on the weekends, and you start, for once in your life, anticipating something. You plan out your excursions with relentless detail, using the manual for guidance… because you know they like things organized, and the longer you spend thinking about what you’re going to do with them, the happier you get?
  • You tell Seven this at three in the morning, and he’s like, ‘It sounds like you’re in love.”
  • WHAT.
  • NO.
  • …right?
  • You get sulky and grumpy about this, because you can’t really deal with the information. You’ve never liked anyone before, but in an effort to prove Seven wrong, you flip to the section in your manual titled ‘accepting and analyzing your feelings’ and
  • whoops.
  • it’s like finding your symptoms on a WebMD document.
  • Anyway, this causes you to shut down. In terror, you stop communicating with Vanderwood, who gets really worried about you because not only are you their crush, you are their best pal, and of course they’re going to worry when something happens to you. So, after a day of radio silence, they show up at your place…
  • and when they say ‘hi’, you slam the door in their face, unable to handle even looking at them.
  • What the hell is wrong with you? You question for the bazillionth time, because even just seeing them makes your heart do this weird, horrible skipping. This can’t  be love, can it? You feel like you’re dying! How do people live like this?
  • Vanderwood is worried, and starts banging on the door to be let in. They don’t understand anything that’s happening, and all they want to know is if you’re okay.
  • You tell them to go away, and Vanderwood is heartbroken, thinking they’d done something wrong.
  • When they find out what Seven has been plotting, they’re PISSED. They go to you again, telling you that Seven is an IDIOT, don’t LISTEN to him, everything he has to say is stupid, but - speaking to them from the other side of the door - you admit that
  • no.
  • seven is right.
  • y-you like them, the book said so, and this is awful and scary and -
  • and you don’t know how to DEAL with it and -
  • As you start panicking, Vanderwood asks to be let in, and they help calm you down when you finally open the door.
  • They tell you a bunch of things. That dating is honestly pretty silly, that it doesn’t matter, and you can just… have fun with them. Stop working yourself up. It’s fine, a-and, well, if you do like them, that’s okay, because they’re… not going to reject you… because they…
  • kinda like you too…
  • They stop talking when you hug them, because ever since you read about it in that book, it’s seemed like a kind of fun thing to do.



Think of Han Solo x Leia Organa Cuddling….but they aren’t just cuddling…they are spooning.

Now think of Leia as the big Spoon instead of Han. And she is pressing against him placing small kisses against his neck and shoulders and running her hands through his hair.

Did a wide smile form on your face like it did on mine…good.

I’ll be here all night with happy Han x Leia or any otp images.

Sugar Hearts

“I’ll pick you up at seven, Spencer.” You heard Emily tell Spencer.

“I’ll pick you up at seven, Spencer,” you mimicked her in your head, narrowing your eyes at your colleagues and then immediately feeling bad.

It wasn’t that you didn’t like your team mates. Quite the opposite in fact for one of them. You had a ridiculously, stonking great crush on Dr Reid and had done for the six months you’d worked at the BAU. But you were fairly certain he and Emily had a ‘thing’. They hadn’t come out and openly admitted it to the rest of the team but you’d overheard them making plans together, and they often rode in together. The looks they gave each other when they thought no one was watching made you feel sick to your stomach.

It was stupid really. When you’d first started, you’d thought that maybe Spencer had liked you. He’d sometimes seem flustered around you and you’d been sure you’d seen him checking your legs out the first day you’d worn a skirt. He also went out of his way to be kind to you, bringing you back your favourite coffee from the coffee shop down the road whenever he went out on his lunch break.

But then him and Emily had started coming in to work together and you could just sense something between them. The little looks or soft touches, the way she always fixed his tie when it was crooked.


The team were making plans for this evening, a night out to let your hair down. Emily was leaving the office early for an appointment she had and you watched her hug Spencer goodbye before waving to the rest of you. You waved back, plastering a smile on your face.

Envy did not suit you, at all.

Two hours later and Spencer had just come back from his lunch break, taking it a lot later than normal. Passing your desk, he placed a takeout coffee cup down and gave you a sweet smile, shaking his hair back from his face. His gloriously messy hair.

What you wouldn’t give to run your fingers through those locks, or tug on them gently. You bet Emily got to do that all that time.

Reaching into his messenger bag he pulled out a paper box and opened it, reaching inside and taking out a pink cupcake, placing it next to the coffee. The cupcake had a small sugarpaste heart on it.

“I thought you could do with an afternoon pick me up. You’ve been quiet today, everything alright?”

Everything was fine….. Aside from you dying inside from unrequited love.

Alright, that was a little over dramatic but still.

“I’m fine. Should you really be giving that to me though?”

He looked confused, glancing at the cupcake and then back at you.

“I thought cupcakes were your favourite? Do you not want it…. I’ll erm…. I’ll take it away.”

You felt bad, he was just trying to be nice to you. You sighed and picked the cake up.

“They are my favourite. I’m sorry, thank you. I just don’t think your girlfriend would be too happy with you giving cake with love hearts on to someone else.”

You started to peel the wrapper, trying not to get icing on your hands.


Oh come on.

“Sorry, I mean Emily. I know you haven’t come out and told anyone else yet, but it’s obvious.”

“I’m sorry but what exactly is obvious?”

“That you and Prentiss are a couple.” You bit into the cake, licking the frosting off you lips.

“Me and….. Me and Emily?” He started to chuckle. “We’re not a couple, Y/N.”

You paused your chewing. They weren’t?

Swallowing quickly you clarified. “Wait…. You’re not?”


“Well you probably should be, it’s obvious you two like each other. I don’t need to be a profiler to see that.”

You took another bite of the cake, savouring the taste of the frosting, cherry flavoured, your favourite.

“Y/N, me and Emily are just friends. Just really good friends. Nothing more.”

“So you don’t like her then?”

He shook his head, crouching to the floor beside you so that he was at eye level.

“Nope. I er… I do like someone though.”

He reached out and brushed the tip of your nose with his thumb, holding it up the show you the stray blob of frosting.

“You do?” your breathing hitched slightly. Could it be…. Nah… It couldn’t.

“Yes.” His tongue darted out and licked the frosting off his thumb.

“Who?” your voice was barely a whisper.

“I’d have thought it was obvious. Maybe trying to express my feelings through coffee and cake wasn’t as blatant as I had hoped.”

Yes, Yes, YES!

“Me? You like me?!”

He nodded slowly.

“Are you sure?” you squeaked out and he laughed.

“Very sure. Em’s been telling me to tell you outright for weeks. But I didn’t dare. She thinks you like me too, but I wasn’t sure. Is she… is she right?”

“Is the Pope Catholic?”

You grinned at each other, your heart doing little back flips inside your chest.

“I’ve been jealous of Emily this whole time for nothing then….. I’ve been shooting her daggers for no reason at all. I need to apologise to her.”

“You don’t, please don’t worry.”

“I’ll speak to her later. So erm…. If I like you and you like me, what are we going to do about it?” You were not taking any chances, now you had an admittance of feelings, you were running with this.

“Dinner and a movie tomorrow?”

“Sounds perfect!”


Namjoon Scenario: Be My Love.

Request: Love your works ^^ a lil request of a very oblivious reader and namjoon dropping hints with every coffee that he brings to her untill he finally snaps and kisses her and then decides to stick a sticky note to her face with “I like u a lot” written on it ^^ dont know if this’ll suit your tastes but I decided to give I a go :D

Flatmates AU.

Genre: Fluff. 

The cup was placed on the table making a sound but you didn’t even lift your head from the book. Namjoon frowned just a little and sighed, you were usually absentminded, but as you were studying for a very important test you were even more immersed on it than normal. 

It was ok, he thought, because the way you were so centered in your studies, how you were so smart, how you were so determinate, those were some of the things Namjoon liked about you. But of course you had other characteristics, for example how evident was his crush for you. Everybody in the department had noticed it, everyone knew Namjoon liked you since a lot time ago, since you moved in he could say, but not you. You treated him as a friend, perhaps sometimes like a bit more than that, but Namjoon hadn’t had the courage to confess although he really wanted to.

You lived together with other three people, three girls and two guys in total, you’ve coincided there since the department was really close to the university,  but Namjoon being the romantic he was and adding more since he had a crush, thought it was because of destiny. 

He cleared his throat making you lift your gaze to him making you gasp a bit startled. 

-Namjoon! I didn’t see you there, sorry-

He smiled inevitably, you were really cute while surprised. -It’s ok, I brought you a cup- he said sliding the beverage closer to you.

You smiled taking it in your hands. -Thank you so much- you sipped from it and then realized the cup had something stuck on. -Oh, what is this?- 

Namjoon stood up quickly. -Well I leave you to it then-

You watched him go and then saw it was yet again another sticky note, Namjoon was very kind, he always brought you coffee when he saw you were studying, and more often than not he’d stick a note on the cup, sometimes with inspiring quotes, others with simple words, like “hope” or “fighting”, or silly phrases to make you laugh like “Better read this” and then he’d write his own name, it was a really thoughtful detail to do such a thing. You really liked him, in a lot of ways, but you weren’t sure if he felt the same. Sure he was attentive towards you, but you couldn’t judge everything on that, you just weren’t sure of what he felt.

You read the quote he wrote today, “Put your heart, mind and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret to success, Swami Sivananda”. You liked it, you agreed with what it said, perhaps that was one of the reasons you got so focused when you were doing something, concentrating to the point of forgetting the world. 

But then there were people like Namjoon to bring you back to it, with a cup of coffee and that gorgeous smile, you really liked his smile, and dimples, you sighed getting back to your reading, if only he liked you back.

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seven years worth [rafael barba x reader]

Originally posted by sherrykinss

pairing[s]: rafael barba x reader

warning[s]: mild swearing. 

word count: ~2,000

prompt[s]: “i keep dating all these other people in hopes that my feelings for you would go away”, taken from this prompt list.

summary: rafael’s your best friend, and you’re in love with him, and you don’t want to mess it up, but you can’t keep it a secret any longer. 

author’s notes: whew, finally, i’ve finished something! it has been a while since i’ve completed something, and i kind of actually like this?? usually, i’m so iffy about my fics, lol. also, i wrote this in past tense instead of present like my previous fics. i’m not too sure how i feel about it just yet, but i wanted to give it a shot, and see how it goes. any and all mistakes are my own. enjoy! ☺️

You looked up at the apartment in front of you. It was almost midnight; there was a fifty-fifty chance he was already asleep. Hell, you should be sleeping too, but you couldn’t, and you’d spent the past two nights not sleeping.

“I can’t keep doing this. I’m ready to start settling down, looking for something long term, but you aren’t. You say you are, but I can see it in your eyes, in the way you freeze up when I even mention moving in together. You’re not invested in this, in us, and I don’t want to keep waiting around to find out if you ever get there.”

You sighed heavily, running a hand roughly through your hair, the words replaying in your head again. It wasn’t because they stung, or because they broke your heart; it was because they were words you had heard too many times in the past three years. The phrasing wasn’t the same, but the message was loud and clear — you weren’t invested, plain and simple, and you didn’t want a serious relationship. No, no, you did want a serious relationship — just not with your last partner, or the partner before that, or before that, and so on. You wanted a serious relationship with your best friend for the past seven years, the one person you could always count on no matter what — Rafael Barba.

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Bruce Sucking at Parenting

“Yeah, Dick, fighting crime at ten is absolutely normal” 

“Alfred, What do you mean you asked me to pick Jason up from school this afternoon?” 

“I am sorry I missed the parents day… for the fifth time” 

“Was Stephanie a robin? Since when?” 

“Damian’s my son!?” 

Actual Office Tips for #Baby Lawyers

Lots of you will be starting your first office jobs soon - how exciting! - and might need a little extra nudge to navigate the change from law school to the legal field 

  1. Make friends with the office clerks/secretaries - they know more about the day to day operations of the office than any of the lawyers
  2. When you can, take these people to lunch. Talk about things that are not the office. 
  3. If you’re new in town, ask co-workers what some fun things are to try in the city. It will give you ideas for the weekend, and allow you to talk about something non-law related. 
  4. Make your space your own. A lot of you will be inheriting desks / offices from past employees. Make the space yours. Clean the desk out. Rearrange furniture. Put up art. 
  5. Do not feel that just because you inherit mess you have to live with it. It is your space, take command of it. 
  6. Be aware of the image your office portrays to clients - my client probably doesn’t care that I like passion fruit body butter, but they will notice if I have half a pharmacy on my desk. 
  7. Bring a coffee mug. Keep it clean. 
  8. Accept impromptu lunch invitations as often as you can. Often you will have the opportunity to meet other lawyers in the area. Building your network happens in unexpected ways. 
  9. When you have a crazy busy day, and your desk is covered in papers, resist the urge to just leave it that way. Take the extra 5 - 10 minutes to clean up every night. Nothing ruins a morning like coming in to a messy pile of paper. 
  10. Do not assume you will remember every instruction you are told; you will likely receive instructions in the middle of another project. Keep a notepad / notebook handy to jot down instructions and tips so you can refer back to them when you are ready to tackle the task.
  11. Be conscious of how you speak on the telephone. If you’re answering the phone, identify yourself. If you’re calling someone for the first time, identify both yourself and the office from where you’re calling.
  12. Keep extra napkins, a Tide-To-Go Pen, and an extra phone charger in your desk drawer.
  13. If you work directly under/closely with another lawyer, make sure you have access to their digital calendar. Trust me, it will help.
  14. Get up and walk to talk to a coworker. Not only is it politer than calling them, but it gets you up and stretching your legs.
  15. Finally, for the afternoon burn out, Peppermint tea is a fantastic mental pick-me-up.