afternoon trend


800,000 people watched BuzzFeed blow up a watermelon with rubber bands live on Facebook

Something about the slow build-up, the waiting, the guessing and the final, inevitable, juicy conclusion captivated the world, and for a brief moment, we were all united in watching the watermelon. On Friday afternoon #Watermelon was trending on Twitter, and people just couldn’t stop freaking out about melon-mania. And then came the brands.

It Will Always Be... (Maybe)

Congrats and thank you, Olicity fans, for coming out this afternoon to trend “It Will Always Be Olicity."  We did manage to trend worldwide for a little bit, and some people with much sharper eyes than me managed to snag a screencap or two, so yay! and great job.  There were a ton of tweets this afternoon but I want to emphasize something important in regard to trends.

It is the number of people participating in the trends, not strictly the number of tweets sent.  The more people we have taking part in these trends (and thank you to those who do), the faster we trend, the longer we trend, which is the goal: trend and trend as long as possible.

So if you haven’t joined in a trend before, please do.  Setting up a twitter account only takes a few seconds.  If you used to participate but haven’t lately, please think about coming back, because trends cannot succeed if people aren’t interested in taking part.  And for those of you who show up every week to help as much as you can, you know you guys rocks my socks and I can’t say thank you enough.  :)

Clearly today was a good day and we trended for a bit, but if you think that keeping the presence of Olicity love high, visible, and constant is important (and I think we all agree that it is), then please participate when you can.