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Not the One

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Raphael x Reader

Not the One

Prompt: It was hella long and hella good and basically, it’s a soulmate AU with a twist and aaaaaaaaaah I’m in love with this idea.

Note: AAAAAAAAAAAH I’M DYINGGGGG I’M SO EXCITED TO WRITE THISSSSSSS. Edit: this took so much longer than intended, but it came out a lot longer than I intended too, so…

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“Yer kidding. A week. We have an entire week like this?” Raph looked at his very human fingers on his very human hands attached to his very (temporarily) human body. “An entire week?”

“Possibly longer.” Donatello scanned himself and his brothers. What had been a lab accident while handling the purple ooze had resulted in whatever this was. Raph had another concern. His soulmate timer was within hours now, and maybe being like this would help him meet the person he was meant to spend his entire life with.

“So…” Leo tried to come up with a plan. But if he was being honest, he had no idea how to handle this.

“We’ve gotta seize the opportunity, dudes. We’re only ever going to be normal once, we have to take advantage of it.”

“And?” Leo raised an eyebrow.

“We’re gonna go to school.”


“So these are your…” The counselor from the high school looked up to April and Casey, the boys standing in a line behind them.

“These are my nephews.” April said. “They’re kind of transfer students, but only for a week or so. It’s part of a program to let Queens students experience what school is like in the rest of New York City.”

“Sounds doable. Do you have their grades and records and such on hand, or do I need to contact their other school for the information?”

“It should all be here, but I can call Principal Mayweather if we’re missing anything.” April pushed her glasses up her nose and handed the counselor a flash drive Donnie had thrown together that morning.

“Great. Thank you so much.”

Raph glanced down at his timer. Minutes. Minutes now. The counselor gave them their schedules and sent them on their way. It was about ten minutes until class was supposed to start, and about ten until Raph was supposed to meet his soulmate. God, his heart was racing in his unusual human chest. He felt like he couldn’t breathe.

April and Casey said goodbye to the boys and told them they’d come pick them up after school. Next, they attempted to find their lockers. All the way up on the third floor above the art wing. Raph scanned the numbers for the four that belonged to himself and his brothers. It took a few minutes, but they found them. God, combination locks were confusing, but Donnie helped him figure it out with his clumsy human fingers. He wasn’t used to having so many. What were the extra two good for anyway?

He grabbed his math book and his notebook and calculator and dumped it into the red backpack that sort of made him feel like he had a shell again. It was a comforting weight, sort of. It gave an illusion that he was still who he had always been, despite looking and feeling so different now. Needing all of the same core classes meant that the boys were together for their first two hours, but they broke off in the afternoon to do the specials they had chosen.

So off they headed to Geometry, where they were sure Donnie would have to explain everything to them. When they got to the classroom, they were greeted by a group of fresh faces. Nerds, jocks, preps, goths, rockers, it seemed that everyone was represented. A few of the girls whispered to one another, subtly pointing to the group of attractive boys in front of them and giggling about the endless possibilities.

“Transfer students, huh? There are some seats over there in the back of the room. What are your names?”

“Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo.” Leo answered. Mrs. Russo’s skeptical face told them he should have given her their nicknames instead. “Our uh, parents are huge art geeks.” He offered.

“I can tell. Well, Renaissance gang, you can sit in the four seats to the left of Ms. (L/N). (Y/N), raise your hand please.”

You didn’t lower the book from your face when you raised your hand. Raph didn’t know what it was about you that was throwing him off, but there was something there. It felt like a wire had wrapped around his heart and was starting to squeeze. Great. A heart attack what- twenty seconds- before he met his soulmate. Wonderful.

He walked over and took the seat beside you, his brothers settling into the other seats. As the bell rang to signal class had started, you folded your bookmark into the center of the book and set it on the desk beside your math stuff. Finally, you glanced over at Raph just as his counter hit zero.

His green eyes widened as he took in everything about you. The cute black plastic frames that sat on your nose, the perfect bun of soft locks that sat atop your head, the music notes painted onto your fingernails and the piano key suspenders that held up your black skirt. You were so goddamned cute he could barely stand it. His heart hammered in his chest. And then he spotted the timer on your wrist.

You still had ten days left.

He looked around to see if anyone else had finished their timer, but there wasn’t anyone. Just him.

“You’re the new kids?” You asked. God, your voice was so sweet. It hurt. Maybe you weren’t meant to be with him, but he knew with all of his beating heart that he was meant to be with you.

“Y-yeah.” Raph replied. “I’m Raphael. Call me Raph.” He smiled at your unknowing gaze. You didn’t know how much you had crushed him in the instants he had known you.

“(Y/N) (L/N).” His eyes wandered to the book on your desk.

“What’cha reading?”

Beastly.” You replied, handing him the worn book. “I’ve read it like seven thousand times. It’s honestly amazing. I’m in love with Beauty and the Beast, so this is just- ugh it’s so good.”

“Hmm.” He flipped through the pages before handing it back to you. “I’ll have ta check it out sometime. Never seen it.”

“You what?! We’ve gotta change that.” You smiled at the little interaction.

“Might just have to take ya up on that offer.” He grinned. You felt your heart melt a little.

Mrs. Russo started the lesson, and it didn’t take long for Raph to become completely and utterly confused. Donnie was busy helping Mikey and Leo seemed to understand what was happening, but Raph was so lost. And based on the notes on your page, you seemed to get it.

“Hey,” he whispered. “Can you uh, I don’t get it.”

“Sure!” you nodded. “What do you need help with?”

“How are ya supposed to use the whatever-it-is to find the side? I keep getting’ the wrong numbers.”

“Okay so this is the hypotenuse.”


“And so you just add the squares of the other sides to-”

“This is a triangle, what do squares have to do with it?” he asked. You giggled.

“You’ve never taken Geometry before, have you?”

“How’d ya guess?” he offered a sheepish chuckle and shook his head. “It may as well be written in Chinese.”

“Well, tell you what, I don’t have any plans after school. If you need a tutor, you could come to my apartment. We’ll watch Beauty and the Beast and do math. Two birds in one stone.”

“Sounds great.” He felt his heart start hammering again and wished it would stop. He couldn’t have you. You weren’t his to have. He wasn’t your soulmate. The universe didn’t care about his feelings. And yet, he accepted the invitation knowing full well that the more he built up momentum, the harder he’d fall when he lost you.


“I can’t believe you’ve never seen this movie.” You told him as you sat down with the popcorn on the couch of your apartment. The math was done, and now all that was left was to expose him to the movie you held nearest and dearest to your heart.

“Grew up with four boys, there’s not a whole lot of Disneying that goes on.”

“Well, I guess that’s what I’m around for, right?” You asked, tossing a few kernels of fluffy popcorn into your mouth. Raph grabbed a handful too.

“Guess so. That and math assistance.” He chuckled. You pressed play and draped a blanket over your legs and his. You had only met Raph that afternoon, but it felt like you had known him for years. Maybe he was just meant to be your best friend. Maybe there was a secret internal clock that had stopped ticking while the one counting down her true love was still running.

As the movie started, Raph watched every second. He loved every minute of it, but maybe only because he had you beside him, reciting every word right along with it. He was surprised the DVD even worked at all with how many times you had probably watched it. It was unhealthy, but this perfect little quirk was one of the many things he’d miss when he’d have to let you go.


After morning classes the next day, you found Raph and his brothers at lunch and took a seat with them instead of sitting with your other friends as you usually did. The other three smiled at you. They had talked to Raph the night before in a conversation that had basically consisted of Raph telling them about his soulmate that wasn’t his soulmate and the movie they had watched about loving people beyond their exterior. Donnie had called it beautifully tragic and pretty damn ironic. Raph agreed. But he was determined to be friends with you at least. He wanted to get to know you. He’d rather know you for a week and then never see you again than never know you for who you really were before it was too late.

“Hey guys.”

“Hey (Y/N),” Raph grinned.

“So, I figured, if this is your only week here, we’ve gotta make the best of it. Mall. Tonight. Do you have plans?”

“No.” Leo answered. “No plans.”

“Good. I have a car. Meet me by my locker after school.”

“All right, angelcakes.” Mikey winked. “We’ll be there.”


Here they were. The mall. It wasn’t what they had expected, but in a way, it was. There were pretzel stands and pop-up Chinese food places, a bunch of clothing stores that they could smell from the other end of the mall, and of course the movie theater. You and the boys nestled into the corner booth of the food court with giant pretzels, nachos, and giant red slushies. And they just watched.

“You guys act like you’ve never been to a mall before.” You chuckled, taking a sip of your slushy. They offered apologetic shrugs.

“Would it be bad if we told ya we haven’t?” Raph asked. You raised an eyebrow.

“Seriously?! This trip has taken on a new importance. After we finish these pretzels, we have a mission.”

“What are we gonna do?” Leo asked.


You had promised everything, and you had pretty much delivered. Hollister? Check. Target? Check. The arcade? Check. Photo booth? Check. Movie? In progress. Raph as seated beside you with Mikey on his other side. Mikey kept making attempts at signaling his older brother to get him to make a move on you. Raph shook his head. The move wasn’t his to make. He couldn’t push himself on you. Not like this.

But when there was a huge jump scare, you clung to his bicep, causing both of your heart rates to soar. A slow smile crept across his lips.

“Oh, I-I’m sorry.” You apologized. Raph leaned into whisper a reply.

“No harm done. If ya need someone to protect ya from the monsters, I’m right here.”

“Oh hush, you.” You giggled as a timid blush settling across your cheeks and gave his shoulder a tiny shove, earning a deep chuckle. Another distorted creature jumped out of the shadows on the screen. Mikey spilled popcorn, and you pulled one of Raph’s large hands in front of your face. He laughed and smiled at you, a soft smile that his brothers had never seen before.

But it faded just as fast as it had formed with the realization that he only had a few more days with you before he’d have to say goodbye. Forever. He had been human for so long now that he had forgotten he’d have to go back. The clock was ticking. He had to take advantage of this while he could because before he knew it, he’d lose his soulmate just as fast as he had found her.


The week passed in a breeze. Your school days consisted of helping Raph with math and having lunch with him and his brothers. After school hours, all five of you would pile into your car and go back to your apartment for pizza and movies. But today…today was different. Today was goodbye. Raph wanted to make it special. If he was going to let you go, he certainly didn’t want you to forget him.

April had helped him pack a picnic basket and assisted him with his surprise present. So at noon on Saturday, he arrived at your apartment to pick you up and then you took the train to Central Park.

He had told you that the rest of the boys were busy packing up, but really they just wanted to give their brother space to say goodbye to you on his own. After all, he was the one losing the most when they became turtles again. He had hours.

You sat down on the red and white checkered blanket and helped him unpack the food and such. You popped a bright strawberry into your mouth. It was a few minutes before Raph brought up the topic of goodbye.

“So uh, we’re goin’ back to Queens tomorrow.” Raph said. You nodded. “So uh, I wanted to say goodbye.”

“It’s not like we can’t still hang out, right? We can still be friends.” You looked at him. He smiled sadly. “Can’t we?”

“I don’t know. I just…I’m not what you think I am…I’m not who you think I am. You’re meeting your soulmate in three days and-”

“How did you know about that?” you asked, heart racing at the thought of the future being so close. Too close.

“It’s on yer wrist.” Raph shrugged. A sad look formed in his green eyes and a sudden wave of realization washed over you. You grabbed Raph’s hand, pulling his wrist so you could see it. He tried to pull it back from you, but didn’t want to fight you, and he didn’t want to lie to you either. Well, more than he already was anyway.

“Your timer…” Your face scrunched up. “Who’s your soulmate?”

“That’s a…complicated question.” Raph answered. You looked at him slowly, hesitating to meet his gaze. As soon as your eyes fell on his, his hand tensed up.

“No.” your voice was quiet, eyes wide and heart trying to escape your chest. “It can’t…I can’t…Mine is still…” Your eyes locked onto the numbers as they ticked lower and lower. You denied it, and yet maybe you had known the moment you met him. Something was off. Something about the way h talked to you, the way he interacted with you.

“I know. It’s impossible. But uh, I never really expected to have a soulmate anyway, so…I guess at least I got to know ya before I gotta say goodbye.”


“It’s all right.” Raph read the hurt on your face. The broken that came with the hand the universe had dealt the two of you. “I’ll be all right. So will you when you meet him.” He reached into the basket. “I got ya something to remember me by.”

Raph pulled out a little velvet box and opened it. Inside was a necklace: a silver turtle pendant on a leather cord. “I…I know it ain’t much, but-”

“I love it.” You told him. You wish you could tell him more. That you loved him, that you were his soulmate, but one of those statements wasn’t true. Raph did the clasp around your neck and pulled your hair over the cord. He smiled sadly. You took his hand in your own. “No matter what happens…no matter what the universe has in store for either of us…I will never forget you, Raphael. I promise. And I know it doesn’t matter much, but…I love you.” You stated quietly. He pulled you into his arms and held you as though you would disappear.

“It matters more that ya could ever know. I love you too.”


Raph woke up the next morning the way he grew up. A turtle. Big and bulky and covered in muscle. His scales and shell had reappeared as his extra fingers and hair had disappeared. He rolled over and stared at the wall. You were gone. He had lost you forever, and two nights from now, you would move on. You would forget about him.

He rolled onto his shell and stared at the ceiling, cursing the universe for everything. He wanted to punch something, so off to the dojo he went to punch the shit out of their punching bag. This went on for two days. Raph listened to his loud music and punched their bag until it fell off of its hook, only to pick it up and repeat the cycle. He barely ate, and every time he tried to sleep, all he could see was your face and the sadness in your eyes when you realized you were his but he couldn’t be yours. The heartbreak he had caused. The heartbreak he had received.

He should have just left you at the very beginning. Then he wouldn’t be like this.

When Leo announced a patrol on the night you were going to move on from him, he was ready to bust some heads. How else was the emotion supposed to get out of him? His anger, his sadness, his regret, he was going to get rid of all of it.

And so out they went, out of the sewers and onto the surface, hopping from building to building until finally, they found what they were looking for: crime. Some lowlife gang members were harassing some chick, and they were going to put a stop to it. Except, the chick wasn’t just any old girl. It was you. Raph stopped in his tracks, the anger bubbling up inside of him before diving in to pull the guys off of you. The guys were going to help him, but he didn’t need it. He was so powerful, zipping through the shadows like, well, a ninja. The guys left standing ran for the hills, terrified of the huge green creature that had beat up their friends.

You took a few shaky steps backwards. What if whatever had helped was coming for you next. You couldn’t see him in the dark, but Raph could see you. Even now, you were stunning. You took a few steps forward, causing him to step back.


“I ain’t who ya think, (Y/N).” Raph said. Your breath hitched, eyes awash in realization.

“Raphael?” Your broken voice sliced through the silence. He didn’t answer. “Y-your voice sounds d-different.”

“Ya don’t gotta be afraid.” He tried to reassure you. His voice came from much higher than it had in the past. Had he always been this tall? Your heart hammered and your face reddened and you didn’t know why you were scared, but you were. “It’s okay.”


“Raph, let me see you.”

“I uh…don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Please.” You whispered. You glanced down at your wrist. There were seconds left. “Please.”

“I want ya tah remember me that way. Not like…this.”

“What do you mean?” You knew what he meant.

“Please, just go home, (Y/N)! Forget about me!”

“I…I can’t, Raph! I can’t just pretend you don’t exist!” You stared at the numbers before holding up your wrist to show him, if he could even see. “I think you’re my soulmate! And for some reason the wires got twisted somewhere, but…Please, Raphael. I love you.” You looked up at where he stood in the dark for a few more seconds before collapsing to your knees, tears rolling down your soft cheeks. Raph carefully, slowly knelt before you so quietly you hadn’t heard him.

He pressed his hand against your cheek, wiping away the tears with his large green fingers. Your eyes opened gradually, rising to look up at his tear-filled green eyes in time with the ding of your timer. The large, rough green face in front of you was a little more than a shock. Your eyes widened. He began to pull away, but you grabbed his huge green hand, keeping him there.

“I’m sorry. About all of this.” He didn’t dare to look at you. Not now that you knew what he truly was. Your small hand ventured up to his cheek, gently travelling across the scales there. Your tentative touches sent shivers up his spine.

“Sorry for what?”

“I’m sorry yer stuck with-”

“Shhhhh…” You shushed him, wrapping your arms around him tightly. He held you against his chest, his arms moving slowly to embrace you. He had never imagined you could love him. Not like this. But here you were, hugging him as though he was human.

“But I’m a freak.” Were the only words he could manage to put together.

“You’re not a freak.” You pulled away so you could look at him. “You’re a hero. If it weren’t for you and your brothers, I would be dead three times over.” You paused, watching the slow smile that formed on his cheeks. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” His voice was muffled by the fabric of your sweatshirt as he buried his face in the crook of your neck. “I love you so freakin’ much.”

I want more tall lady with a short guy romance stories in my life.

I need buff orc chick being looked at like a goddess by a shorter fella.

I want that not necessarily tall, but definitely taller than her boyfriend, cuteness.

I demand more Lady Knight and her Poet boyfriend stuff xD

I love the dynamic of a tough gal who gets to have a sweet guy who supports her intellectually and emotionally.

I adore the trope of the smaller fella and tall glamazon he gets the privilege to get snuggles and smooches from.



They moved to sit on the bed, where Penny sat in silence, digesting everything.

Penny: “What is Wilf going to do? Is he going?”

Elizabeth: “No, he actually sort of sent them away this afternoon, in his own special way. He wants to try spending some weekends with them. Of course, if you want you can do the same.”

Penny: “I’m fine, thanks.”

Elizabeth: “Alright. You can think about it. I’m going to go and speak to Bina about this because she’s worrying you’re all going to up and leave her. Will you be alright if I go?”

Penny: “Of course, mum. I think I want some time to myself anyway.”

Elizabeth: “I’ll be right upstairs if you need me.”

Teenage striker Jordyn Huitema makes mark as Canada overwhelms Costa Rica

TORONTO — Some 40 minutes after Canada’s 6-0 demolition of Costa Rica on Sunday afternoon, young fans lined the west side of BMO Field for a chance to get close to their soccer idols.

Squeals of joy escalated as the Canadian women neared, a reminder of just how high John Herdman’s team is regarded by the next generation of would-be internationals.

Those fans can now say they were there for perhaps a moment to remember in Canadian soccer as 16-year-old Jordyn Huitema, in just her fourth senior appearance, opened her national team account with two goals — in the 73rd and 74th minutes — off the bench.

Canada was coming off a 3-1 win over Costa Rica on Thursday in Winnipeg.

Sunday was a good day for Canada’s youth brigade as 22-year-old Janine Beckie scored three goals and 18-year-old Deanne Rose added a single before a crowd of 20,628 on a hot summer day.

Jessie Fleming, 19, helped perennial talisman Christine Sinclair, who turns 34 Monday, pull the strings, playing provider as the fifth-ranked Canadian women repeatedly ripped open the 30th-ranked Costa Ricans’ defence.

Huitema, a five-foot-nine striker who has played all of 76 minutes with the senior side, was rewarded with a Gatorade shower by her teammates.

Her first goal came in a goalmouth scramble but the second was a confident strike from a player seen as a star in the making.

Huitema (pronounced HIGH’-tah-mah) thought teammate Nichelle Prince has scored the first goal. “I got up to celebrate with her and then everybody was kind of running towards me. I didn’t really know what was going on.”

“I’ll take anything I can get,” she added in true forward fashion.

There was no confusion about the second as she buried a Prince pass in the back of the net. 

“I guess I was trying to make up for the first one,” she said with a laugh.

Huitema showed her class off the field as well as on it, sharing the glory.

“It’s just an hour to be able to share with such an amazing group of women,” said the Grade 10 student. “I couldn’t have chosen a better group of people to surround myself with.”

While Costa Rica did not provide the stiffest opposition, the two-game series with the Central Americans bodes well for the future. The Canadian roster had an average age of 23.6 years.

“This is an exciting group … When I look at the future now it’s crazy to think these girls can continue to play capable of multiple World Cups, multiple Olympic Games,” said Herdman.

All the more exciting is the talent developing in the pipeline.

“There’s a 13-year-old somewhere that’s going to be 16 in 2020 (the next Olympics) and pushing these girls for their spot because our system’s producing that … Jordyn was 14 when she first came into our national squad. And now she’ll be pushing Sinc, I’m sure, in 2019, 2020, for that starting spot." 

That could be the sweet spot for a team that has already won back-to-back Olympic bronze. Herdman believes his team needs two more years to percolate, saying he knows the talent at his disposal.

Now he wants them to have more time, more games together to work on their chemistry.

"This team will have to play faster, for sure, when we get up against the Germans, the U.S., in a World Cup semifinal, final, whenever we get there.”

It’s clear Canada has Costa Rica’s number.

In Thursday’s win, Herdman’s team left a lot of goals on the table. Canada racked up 41 shots and crosses in Winnipeg.

Herdman wanted more ruthlessness in front of goal and the Canadians did not disappoint Sunday.

Canada went ahead in the second minute, led 2-0 after six minutes, 3-0 after 13 and 4-0 after 21. It marked the fastest ever 3-0 start to a game by the Canadian women. The previous record was 17 minutes in an 8-0 romp over Singapore in 2008.

It was 4-0 at the half and could have been at least 7-0.

The Canadians were helped early by a leaky Costa Rican defence that left acres of space for the Canadian front five of Sinclair, Beckie, Fleming, Rose and Sophie Schmidt to exploit. The five were constantly on the move, shifting the point of attack and befuddling the Costa Ricans.

With the outcome decided so early, there was less of an impetus to press in the second half and Canada seemed to take its foot off the accelerator until Huitema took the field as Herdman emptied his bench.

Sinclair, whose international tally numbers 168, could have had scored several times on the afternoon with some special moments of skill. Instead, she shared the wealth — particularly on Beckie’s third goal.

Taking a pass from Rose, fullback Lindsay Agnew lofted a cross to Sinclair in the penalty box. Sinclair could have turned and shot herself but instead chested the ball down and flicked it to Beckie who volleyed it high into the net in the 21st minute for a highlight-reel goal.

“That’s Sinc,” Herdman said of his skipper’s unselfishness.

Beckie, who had a frustrating night in front of goal Thursday, now has 18 goals in 34 appearances for Canada.

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Neil Davidson, The Canadian Press


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swannovan  asked:

This might sound odd, but maybe a head-canon about how the Phantomhive manor staff would treat their separate S/O's on their birthdays?

Not odd at all! c:


  • You’re getting a special cake, and he’s going to make it right, and you’re not allowed to complain. It’s going to be your favorite flavor, icing, decorations, the works.
  • If it’s what you want, he might even stop smoking for the entire day on your birthday. That’s how much he loves you.
  • To be honest, he’s really into the whole ‘birthday sex’ idea. But more likely than not, it’s going to end up not being actual sex. The two of you are just going to get naked and cuddle together, and he’s going to fall asleep. Not because he’s too tired or he decided he wasn’t in the mood; because just being there with you feels better to him, at least today.
  • Did somebody say “birthday bouquet”? The flowers he brings you are all arranged specially, and they’re all your favorites from the garden. He didn’t even need a reminder.
  • He’s going to be extra affectionate all day, because he’s usually hesitant to even touch you. Even though he’s still going to be cautious and careful, it’ll be hard for him not to kiss you every opportunity he gets.
  • He’ll probably try to make a cake for you; it’s kind of messy and nowhere near Sebastian’s level of technicality, but it’s Finny’s handiwork. It’s the thought that counts.

Mey Rin

  • She’ll play the ‘naughty maid’ role all day, as long as nobody else is around. Of course, she’s not very good at keeping her balance and seeing things; she might just end up making a mess. At least the two of you will get to clean it up together.
  • If the two of you get some time alone in a room, she’ll use the opportunity to hum a tune and start dancing with you. Her glasses might even come off while she does it, so you can gaze into her eyes properly.
  • Her gift to you is a lovely set of pens that she had engraved with your name on them. Although it doesn’t seem very special to her, it’s the nicest thing she could afford, and her smile when she sees your reaction is enough to light up every lamp in the manor.


  • He comes into your room early to serve you breakfast in bed. It’s all your favorite breakfast foods, juice, tea, milk, with a side of kisses to gently wake you up. Believe it or not, he can be a hell of a romantic.
  • After his duties are done for the day, he’ll pull you aside to spend time with you. The first thing he does is play your favorite song on the piano, then he’ll get up and dance with you for as long as you’re able to dance. Dancing is actually his favorite thing to do with you, and he hopes it will make a good memory for you.
  • When the two of you lie down to sleep, he holds you close and presses his lips to the top of your head. He sings you to sleep with “Happy Birthday to You”.


  • His snakes will all pretty much cuddle up against you for a little while. Eventually, Snake himself will take their place, giving you kisses and whispering “Happy birthday” against your skin, but… well. The two of you are warm, so more than likely, some of the snakes will linger.
  • Although he gets some help from Sebastian, he does his best to make you a special afternoon tea for your birthday. The food and tea served are all your favorites… but he did get reminders from his snakes about what all your favorites were. From now on, he remembers.
  • If you want to go out at any point, even though he’s self-conscious about it, he’ll go because he wants you to be happy and do whatever you want to do today. If he can get you anything as a gift, expect it to be some cheap toy or trinket that just makes him think of you.

This was such a special afternoon ❤️

Too many photos of my face but my best friends were gems and took photos of me EVERYWHERE! You all know I love my show (and I know I’ve been a bit vacant recently but my distance at the moment has nothing to do with my love for ED) and have loved it for over 20 years so to get to walking through the village was so so special, to spend actual time seeing everything I wanted, to hear how it all works even down to the clever gardener having to glue leaves on the trees to match seasons and the remote controlled smoke for the chimneys… it was so lovely.

Everything felt so tiny but those photos with the phone box in the background felt SURREAL to me. Walking a little way through the village and looking at all the houses was so fun but it was when you turned and looked up the street that it was really kind of magical for me.

I got to see so much I didn’t even think about from Sarah Sugden’s & Carl King’s graves (had a bit of a moment at both!), the bridge of tears, inside the vets, got to sit in the church and inside the village hall and I had a sit on Val’s bench. We were allowed into the garage for a short while too but it was set up for filming but nothing spoilery. I spied the two tubs they used as seats for the “wedding”!

The tour guide laughed at me when I asked if Rob’s Porsche was around (so many of the cars were) but apparently it’s off elsewhere :( also the blue van wasn’t on site either because I wanted my photo with that too! Managed to get to the bottom of the mystery of all of the barns though (aka the bread barn etc) and which is which. Seeing the old Wishing Well set was such a MOMENT for me too, you all know the dream is to cuddle up with Alfie on those crochet blankets!

All in all, it was a gorgeous afternoon. I was like a giddy child and couldn’t stop smiling. The village is beautiful; it’s so so pretty (especially the flowers around Beauty and Bernice) and finishing off the tour with a cheeky walk down the road to see Wishing Well and the back of the scrap yard (they aren’t on the tour so you can’t visit them) was fun!

I miss you all and I hope to be back in the next few weeks. Feel like I have so much to offload about the show and get excited about (LYDIA❤️) but in the mean time, sending lots of love to you all.


dalehornsbyy: Went to see @ollyyears today. Being a fan and getting to see one of my favourite people came nothing close to what I experienced today. Olly spoke about growing up gay and the effects it can have on mental health. It encouraged audience members to speak out about their troubles coming out and how it’s faced them with many troubles in their lives in recent years. Many laughs, tears, and even a few previews of Ollys upcoming documentary, it was such a special afternoon. This is why Olly is one of my faves. Not only is he a great performer, he’s an inspiration. Honestly, Olly Alexander, thank you, for everything you do for our community. Because of you, coming out and sharing stories has become easier. I don’t know if the world will ever fully accept the lgbt+ community, but with people like you around, I know we’re going to be alright. Thank you. ❤️


AMV of the Afternoon - Miura Monday Special: Wolves Part II by  Femto Fantasy

Yes, I have posted this AMV a few times in the past, but it still remains by far the best Berserk AMV I have ever seen. It’s gorgeous, evocative, and doesn’t fetishize “that scene.” 

I have yet to find an AMV that outclasses this one in all three categories. Yes, that is a formal challenge to others in the fandom to prove me wrong. 

I was just thinking about something and I don’t think I’ve seen it mentioned before. From the trailer, we always assumed that Chris would do/cause something that would hurt Even. That’s the first thing we see. Even with a bloody nose because of Chris hitting him with her phone/selfie stick. Then, in the show, Isak is the one who ends up with the bloody nose. And everyone talked about the trailer being in reverse and it made sense that Isak was the one hurt instead of Even. But in Even’s clip on Wednesday, Chris sends him the message saying that he’s a good boyfriend and he’s made Isak very happy. Chris didn’t hurt Even. She made him smile. She sent him a message that made him smile. So, in conclusion, the reverse-trailer makes sense again. Chris didn’t hurt Even with her phone. She made him happy. 

Just a happy thought on this special Saturday afternoon <3

anonymous asked:

I need to know what my main cruiserweight boys Neville, Mustafa Ali, TJP, Jack Gallagher and Rich Swann would be doing in this town?

Neville is the principal of the high school. He runs a tight ship, always says things have to be on the Neville Level or the school isn’t good enough in his eyes. The students call him the king. 
Mustafa Ali is the guidance counselor at the high school. He likes to let the students know all about their potential, and how much power they have as individuals in the world. 
TJP works at the video game store. He tries to impart his passion for the world of video games onto the kids in the town (and some of the adults, too).
Jack runs a bakery right in the middle of town. They serve tea in the afternoons, and specialize in small pastries. 
Rich works in the music shop with Paige. Whereas she’s more in-tuned with the heavier side of music, Rich is more into the dance tunes. And he’s always ready to help get everyone else into them, too.

The Best

Lay scenario with a bit of a twist. Basically inspired by the picture below! In this fic they have nothing to do with exo, though there is a few cameo’s for some members ;) I’m sorry if there are any errors. I’ll go through it again eventually but I’ve legit been up for 26 hours so yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Feedback is awesome!! Thanks everyone for reading, enjoy! XX

               Zhang Yixing; a man most debonair and compassionate to boot. Handsome and suave, he could make any woman swoon, perhaps without even meaning to. The physique of this man even caused men whom were straight as a ruler to take a second look and admire him. Never rude, he always strived to make everyone smile, his innocence only attributing to this. He was no idiot, though at times you could forget that had the mind of a genius; precise and calculating. Though he had made billions, he could be confused by the slightest detail. His doe eyes would widen guilelessly and cloud over with confusion; only to shape into heart-warming crescent moons when the answer was presented to him. Yet this man who had just yesterday poured juice into his breakfast by mistake, who had brought a box of kittens into the office that he’d found on the street, who sometimes didn’t even know how to take a social cue had somehow managed to build an empire which generated billions of dollars. Honest to a fault, though shrouded in mystery, Yixing had built his company out of nothing. No one knew where he from or how he came to be the powerful man he is now; they only knew that he was a force to be reckoned with. He had the face of a model, the heart of a saint, and the business sense to match that of the world’s finest moguls.  He strove to be the best and he was; the best looking, the best giver, the best entrepreneur. Simply, the best; and he was yours.

               When the chance to intern at the Zhang Yixing’s, or Lay as he was widely known, had cropped up, you immediately jumped at the chance. Stories were all you had heard about the man, piquing your curiosity from day one, and you were determined to see if there was any smoke to the fire. People talked; they said he was only a front for the company, that he was a mindless airhead who got lucky, but also that he was dangerous. Dangerous? You had thought upon seeing him for the first time, doodling on a piece of paper in the middle of a company meeting. There’s no way. He was the perfect boss, concerned with everyone’s affairs and always thoughtful. You needed a day off? No problem. You messed up on the report? Don’t sweat it! It was your birthday? Well, here’s a three tier cake to celebrate and a piece of jewelry just because. No one hated Lay, well except for his competitors, that is. You could still remember the first time his eyes caught yours; he had glanced up when you placed his coffee in front of him, beginning to say thank you but trailing off as his orbs raked up your body. He had looked at you dazed for a moment and then—then he smiled. Everything had started from there.

               Months passed as you ran various errands as a dutiful intern, stealing a glance at your boss whenever you had the chance, to find that he was doing the same. You watched as he made deals, spoke about the future, and spilled coffee down his shirt for the fiftieth time. From afar, you observed as he brushed off girls, never giving them the time of day but never letting them know he was blowing them off, letting sweetness be his ally. Admiring him from afar, you never got close enough to have a real conversation, though your heart throbbed and scratched at your ribcage whenever you saw the familiar slant of his shoulders arriving through the office doors, until a very special Tuesday afternoon when that all changed.

               He had been in the break room, which was rare as he usually took meals in his office so as to not be disturbed. A missing file had brought him to the room, searching for an employee when he was stopped by a co-worker, female at that. Well-endowed with terrible timing and a horrid lack of tact, you stumbled across the pair, just as she began to announce her undying love for the man. You wouldn’t have lingered if it weren’t for the way she refused to take no for an answer, pulling out every excuse in the book. Eventually though, he succeeded in his rejection.

               “I feel terrible, Sooyoung, I would love to go out with you but unfortunately, I have someone who is very ill in my life right now who needs all my attention and care.” He had said, looking as sincere as ever. “Don’t get me wrong though, you are beautiful and a lovely person. One day— perhaps one day when I’m not burdened by this, I’ll take you up on that offer, okay?”

               “Ah, I’m so sorry, Mr.Zhang. I didn’t realize.” She stared up at him with glistening eyes and you couldn’t help but think, she seriously believes this? “You’re such a kind man.”

               “Thank you,” his head dipped at the compliment, a warm smile gracing his lips. While you stood there fish eyed, seeming unnoticed by the two.

               When the woman finally gave a short nod and walked off with just the right amount of torment and hope, you muttered under your breath, “Wow.”

              Yixings head snapped to the side, still maintaining his façade, though upon seeing who was standing before him he relaxed, slumping his shoulders and breathing out a sigh of relief. “You saw all that?”

               “I gotta say, boss. You’re good.” You commented, crossing your arms and leaning against the counter of the mini kitchenette.

              “Thanks, but it’s not something I enjoy doing.” He said wistfully, staring off in the direction Sooyoung had went.

               The room grew quiet for a moment as his eyes turned to you, catching you in a game of staring when finally, curiosity had gotten the better of you and you blurted, “So, who’s ill?”

               You remember the way he had looked at you, started by your question, but impressed that you were brave enough to call him on his bullshit. For a brief moment, the honourable air that always seemed to follow him around faltered and his lips dropped into a smirk. Scratching the back of his neck, he answered honestly, “My cat.”

               The encounter had broken the ice between the two of you and left both of you open to one another. Soon enough you found yourself lingering in his office after delivering a coffee, having hushed conversations behind people’s backs and sharing simple touches. Tension seemed to build between you like a bubble, bound to pop. When it finally burst, there was no sweet first date or holding hands. There was only sex; sinful, wonderful, passionate sex. When people began to wonder why you were being called into his office so much, you knew you had to be more discrete. In time, there was almost no room in the building in the room which had been left untouched by the two of you. You could just imagine the other employee’s faces if they ever found out and admittedly, you took pleasure in knowing that the table they sat at had been close to breaking only one day before from your exertions. However, as time passed, you began to crave more and Yixing was happy to deliver. The time you spent together after pleasuring one another grew longer and longer. Lay was an excellent listener, but was an expert at diverting the conversation from him. Perhaps he liked being mysterious, or maybe he didn’t think that his life was all that interesting; you weren’t sure. What you did know of him was very little, and when he did choose to share a piece of information, you treasured it, even if it was only a story from his childhood. You fell for the man whole heartedly, which didn’t come as a surprise to you; was it possible not to?

               Today was no different than any other. You zoomed around the office, doing everyone’s petty tasks and receiving no thanks for it. Though, this didn’t bother you. They treated you well enough and you could always look forward to Yixing giving you a “present” of sorts if he saw you working hard enough. Speaking of, you heard his sultry voice call out to you from the side of the main work room, which was really a giant office space of cubicles. Lifting your head from the desk you had just placed some papers on, your heart warmed when you saw his soft expression beckoning you over as he headed to the conference room. Your heart thrummed in your chest as you shuffled toward him, wondering what corner of the building he would take you to this time. Despite the anticipation you felt, your expression remained skillfully bored for others to see.

               “Yes, boss?” You asked when you reached him.

               “Can you bring me a water?” The anticipation in you dropped like a dead weight; that was not exactly what you had been expecting. “In the conference room, please?”

              Nodding, you mumbled, “You called me over to actually work?”

               His lips twitched, daring to expose your act as he looked around him. Checking for people watching, he leaned in close to your ear to whisper, “Don’t be such a whiner.” You yelped quietly as his hand tapped against you bottom in a light slap, chuckling as he walked away and leaving you a flustered mess as you stared after him.

               “Y/N!” Yixing had long since disappeared from the room when you heard someone call out your name.

               “Yes!” Turning on your heel, you had expected to see a co-worker, probably asking you to do something else, only to see your best friend standing before you.

               “Baekhyun!” You squealed as the man beside you snatched a piece of pork off of your plate.

               “What?” He grinned with overstuffed cheeks. “It’s not my fault you eat so slowly.”

               “More like you eat abnormally fast.” Squinting your eyes at him, you motioned to his plate and carried on, “We just sat down and you’re already finished and I’m the weird one? I don’t think so.”

               “Yeah, yeah. Just be quiet and eat.” He chuckled beside you. Deeming yourself the winner, you beamed at him before resuming digging in to your food. “So, still screwing your boss?”

               Choking on your food at his frankness, you slammed your fist against your chest in an attempt to dislodge a piece of meat, sending Baekhyun in hysterics. Frantically, you gulped down a few mouthfuls of water before punching your best friend on the arm, enjoying the way that he flinched while your cheeks became painted by a light blush. “Yah! Will you shut up?!”

               “So, I’ll take that as a yes then.” There wasn’t much that Baekhyun didn’t know about your life and he wasn’t afraid to ask you anything. After all, he was your best friend; had been for years. So the moment this thing between you and Yixing had started, you immediately went to Baekhyun. The nitty gritty details were still a secret, though knowing Baekhyun, they wouldn’t be for long. Holding true to your thoughts, he dug for more information. “Did you guys do it in here yet?” To that, you chose not to reply, though your silence itself was all the answer he needed as he snickered and exclaimed, “So you did!”

               “Seriously, Baek.” You whimpered, holding your hands in your hair. “Do you have to be so loud?”

               “Y/N.” He scoffed, “We are literally the only two people in this break room.”

               Looking up at your surroundings, you found that he was correct. However, you still remained wary, unable to shake the feeling that you were being watched. “I guess so…”

               “Did you confess yet?”

               “Not yet…” You trailed off, thinking of all the ways Lay had rejected the girls before you. “It’s complicated.”

               “Why?” Baekhyun probed you with a tinge of annoyance in his voice; undoubtedly from the numerous times you had had this discussion before. “Isn’t it just you making it difficult?”

               “I don’t know, I mean I have never ever seen or heard of him saying yes to anyone when they confess. What if he just doesn’t want me that way? We never actually talked about what our relationship is so I don’t really know if I’m more than just a toy to him…”

               “Y/N. You guys have been hooking up for three months. I’m sure you’re not just some sex toy to him. Trust me, hook ups don’t last that long.” Baekhyun said earnestly, trying to build up the courage he knew you had. “Just confess, okay? I swear that if it goes wrong I will take all the blame for pushing you.”

               You chuckled at his promise but held your pinky out to him. As soon as he looked down at your out stretched finger wriggling before him, a bright smile came across his face and he hooked his own pinky with yours. “Thanks Baekhyun.”

               “It’s what I do.” He shrugged making you giggle, when you heard the familiar tune of his ring tone sounding from his pocket. Fumbling around with his jacket, he pulled out his cell phone and glanced at the screen before shooting you an apologetic look. “It’s my co-worker.”

               “That’s okay.” Standing up from your seats, Baekhyun opened his arms to you and you leaned into his embrace.

               “Good luck with your boss.” He squeezed you tightly in one arm and you enfolded your arms around his torso before detaching. Shuffling out of the room, Baekhyun gave you a brisk wave and his signature rectangle grin. Soon enough, the only trace left behind by him was an empty microwavable container and the sound of his voice fading out as he trailed down the hallway. “Hello? Yes, I’ll be there as soon as I can…”

               Left to your own devices, you sat back down at the table and began picking at the food you had left. Baekhyuns voice echoed in your mind, drowning out most other thoughts. What he had said was undeniably true. You had never heard of hook ups lasting this long, at least not without coming to a horrible end. But that’s what you were afraid of. It was Yixing. The fact that your sex friend was Lay was mind boggling in the first place and now that you had gotten to know him on somewhat of a deeper level, it was absolutely astounding to you. He had turned out to be so much more than what he seemed and you had barely scratched the surface of who he was. But would telling him how you felt shatter it all? You thought so, but you also knew that this wouldn’t last much longer, at least not with the way your feelings seem to multiply with every touch and word he graced you with. It would have to be dealt with sooner rather than later.

               “Y/N? Did you hear me?”

               Snapped out of your ruminations, you flicked your head to the door way, realizing that a man who goes by Junho was attempting to speak with you. Shaking your head, you apologized saying, “Sorry, what did you say?”

               “I said that Mr. Zhang wants to see you in his office.” He replied curtly, seemingly annoyed at having to repeat himself.

               “Oh,” you replied, looking up at the clock that was fixed on the plain white wall. Perplexed as to why he would be asking for you when he was meant to be in a meeting right now, you questioned Junho. “Did he mention what for?”

               “No clue,” Junho said, growing more agitated with you. “I’d hurry if I were you. He can’t wait around.”

               “Right. Thank you.” The words rolled off your tongue politely but you struggled not to bite back at the man. You weren’t an idiot, so why treat you as such. But again, you were an intern and that means most stress related anger gets pushed on to you so you dealt with it by staying silent and letting it run its course. Grumbling under his breath, he pivoted on his heel and left you to follow his orders. Quickly picking up the garbage from your lunch, you raced out of the room, butterflies running wild in your stomach as they always seemed to do when you were about to see Yixing. Thoughts jumped around in your head as your heels tapped against the floor. It was odd for him to call you right now, so you weren’t sure what it was for. Surely he wouldn’t want to do anything right now with all of his partners in the office? It would certainly be precarious to do so, but a part of you grew excited at the thought of it. When you finally stood in front of the frosted glass door, you rested your hand on the cool metal handle and took a deep breath before lifting a fisted hand and tapping the knuckles of your hand against the handle three times.

               “Come in.”

               You pushed the door open and stepped inside, sure to shut the door behind you. Raising your head you caught sight of Yixing. He was sitting behind the desk with hands clasped together, but when he saw it was you he immediately began to rise from his chair. His black hair was perfectly styled to the side and his shirt clung to his body enough to give you at least a hint of what laid underneath. His eyes were dark, though captivating as ever as you saw lust sparking behind them. However, there was something hostile and possessive about the way he looked at you as he rounded his desk and strode toward you. “I don’t really think this is the time—“

               Words were cut short as he crashed his lips onto yours, evidently not in the mood for conversation. Despite your protest, you immediately responded; hooking your arms around his neck, you fiddled with the ends of his hair as he melded his lips with yours. It never ceased to amaze you how good he was at kissing, knowing the perfect measure of give and take as he pulled away slightly only to smirk when you chased after his kiss. Lips meshed together and you felt his moist tongue swipe along your bottom lip, driving his tongue into your mouth as soon as you gave him the opening. His tongue swirled around yours and you clutched at his hair, pulling it just enough to make a deep growl erupt from his throat. Hands groped your waist before he caught a firm hold of your curves and began to guide you to the desk. The cool edges of the desk hit the back of your thighs and Lay leaned into you, forcing you to clutch the sides of his face. You felt his jaw working under your fingers as he kissed you, an arm curling around your back and lifting you onto the edge of the desk. He kept his hold on you as he reached behind you with his free hand, pushing various objects to the side carelessly. A few things crashed to the floor and when he was satisfied with the amount of space left on the surface of the desk, he pulled away from you, bringing you upright. Your eyelids fluttered open to meet his fierce orbs. The free hand came under your thigh and he jerked you forward to sit on the edge of the desk. Standing in between your legs, your heat pressed against his groin deliciously. His mouth hovered centimeters away from you but refused to meet you as he commanded you, “Lay back.”

               Obedient to a fault, you followed his order, lowering onto your back and shivering a little as the coolness seeped through your shirt. Anticipation built inside of you; Yixing was never like this. Though sex might sometimes get a little rough, he was never cold, never demanding. You jumped when his lips met the crook of your neck, working across your jaw and into the dip, pressing moist addictive kisses. Finding your sweet spot, he sucked harshly making you cry out.  Fingers popped the first button of your blouse open and when he deemed your neck to be marked enough, he lowered his lips to your collar bone. “I don’t like it when people try to take what’s mine, Y/N.”

               His voice was dark and seductive, the words shocking you. “What are you talking about?”

               “That guy you had lunch with.” He replied kissing the valley between your breasts sloppily and pushing your shirt wide open.

               “He’s my best friend, Yixing. Nothing more. He would never try anything with me, ah-“A gasp cut through your words and he worked a hand under the cup of your bra, kneading your breast and flicking the nipple roughly. His other hand crept around your back, forcing you to arch for him so he could unhook your bra. “Besides, I don’t recall being yours.”

               Moving your back down once the bra had been successfully unhooked, your center brushed against his bulge, making a strained groan escape him. Removing your shirt and bra at the same time, he moved his ghosted his lips over your right breast before taking it into his mouth, swirling your bud with his tongue, making you writhe under him. Letting your breast leave his mouth he answered your question while looking up at your with the sincere, kind eyes you were used to, roughness long gone. “Well, do you want to be?”

               Your heart skipped a beat, and though the question was posed as casual, you knew what he meant. As it turns out, Baekhyun was right after all and you loathed yourself for wasting so much time being scared of asking about the relationship when he had done it so nonchalantly. He chuckled when you swiftly replied, “Yes.”

               “Well, since that’s settled…” His voice grew quiet as he pressed open mouth kisses to your hot skin, working his way down to the edge of your skirt. His hands moved to the zipper, quickly undoing it and placing a kiss just above your belly button before standing straight to shimmy the fabric down your legs and past your knees before throwing it to the side, leaving you half exposed to him. He caught his lip between his teeth as he stared down at your body, hands roaming along the curves of your waist before cupping your exposed breasts, causing heat to rise in your cheeks. Staring you in the eye, he kept one hand massaging your mound while the other slid down your body languorously, sending a tremor through you. Rough fingers traced down to cup the bottom of your thigh as he began to lower to his knees. Anticipation coursed through you as he lifted your leg to rest on his shoulder and his moist breath fanned against your core, but the logical part of your brain kept picking up sound coming from the office.

               “Wait, Lay.” You said hurriedly. “Stop.”

               “Is something wrong?”  He immediately ceased his movements, eyes flicking up to you with concern, no doubt wondering if he had done something wrong.

               “No, “You replied, biting your bottom lip, trying to think of excuse. You didn’t mind being reckless, but wasn’t this just stupid? His office didn’t have a lock because of his ‘open door’ policy. “I just- aren’t you supposed to be in a meeting right now?”

               “That’s what you’re worried about?” He smiled, finding your concern adorable. “Don’t worry, its lunch break right now.”

               “But shouldn’t you be eating then?”

               “Ah, my girlfriend is so doting. But,” The way the word ‘girlfriend’ rolled so easily off his tongue made your heart flip in your chest as his lips curled in to a wicked smirk and he kissed your inner thigh. “Isn’t that what I’m about to do?”

               Your lower abdomen clenched at his words and you could feel yourself getting wetter for him. He pressed a few more kisses to your thighs, working his way inward and biting softly in spots. His hand which had held your breast moved to thread your fingers together on your right hand. Just as his lips brushed against your clothed center and you arched your back off the desk in pleasure, a knock sounded from the door.

               Both of your heads raised to look at the door, then each other as you two paused, stuck in shock. After a full five seconds, you began to move in hyper speed. Scrambling to pick up your clothes, Lay began cleaning up the papers scattered on the floor, calling out, “Just a minute!”

               Hurriedly, you threw on your clothing, nearly falling over when you accidentally stepped on the hem of your skirt, much to Yixings amusement. Brushing dust off your skirt you tuck in your shirt before standing before Lay and holding your arms out in question. However, apparently you weren’t up to par as he stifled a laugh behind his hand before pointing down at your blouse. Furrowing your eyebrows, you looked down to see that in your rush to change you had mismatched your buttons so the shirt sat lopsided on your frame. Frustrated, you dropped your hands to your side before struggling to undo the buttons. “Oh mother of Christ.”

               “Here, let me help.” Yixing said, a hint of laughter in his voice as he pushed your hands away from the front of the shirt, taking over your task. One by one, he undid the buttons, before redoing them carefully, checking to make sure everything was proper before tugging you closer by the collar of your shirt.  “Perfect.” Swollen pink lips pecked your forehead softly, before moving down to peck your nose, then your mouth. You giggled softly and he smiled warmly at you before placing some random papers in your arm and returning to his seat behind his desk. “Come in!”

               A head poked into the door and you recognized the man to be a guy named Tao, a childish sort of man, but rather pleasant in your opinion. He smiled and bowed at you, not at all fazed by your presence and you suspected this was because he seemed to be the closest semblance to a best friend that Yixing seemed to have. “Sorry to interrupt sir, but there’s some information regarding Lee Minho that I think you should see.”

               The tranquil look that had been Yixings face dropped into a stony expression as he replied, “Okay. Meet me in the private room right away.”

               Tao nodded briefly before bowing to me again and exiting the room. Glancing at Lay, you felt concern fester inside you. An anxious expression was cast over his features, a stark difference from not five minutes ago. “Is everything okay?”

               As soon as you spoke, Yixing’s face changed as though he put on a mask and he was back to his smiley self. “Everything’s fine, just business stuff.”

               “O-okay.” A part of you knew he was lying, but you didn’t really want to probe him so you let it be. You pecked his cheek quickly and moved to leave the room. “I’ll see you later.”

               “Before you go, I was serious about what I said before, Y/N.” His voice stopped you cold in your tracks, making you turn back around to face him again.

               “That I’m yours?” Your cheeks flushed. “I know.”

               “No not that.” He replied, making you stare up him befuddled, only to see that his eyes had become cold all of a sudden, and not the way they had been when he was jealous. This Lay seemed much icier and gave off a tone of warning. He almost gave off a menacing tone. “About that guy from before. There are two things I simply can’t stand; when people try taking what is mine, and lying. Okay?”

               Still unsure of his meaning, you stared at him. His eyes still bore into yours, not lightening up. Realizing he expected an answer, you nodded your head and replied timidly, “Okay.”

               “Perfect.” Once again he did a 180 and his frightening glare had vanished, bringing back the laid back Lay you knew best. Walking up to you, he rubbed the side of your arms, asking you softly, “Do you want to go for dinner tonight? It’ll be pretty late cause of how busy we are but …”

               “Like a date?” The astonishment was evident in your voice, and his cold demeanor left your mind like a kite in the wind.  When he nodded frantically, you couldn’t hide the smile that domineered your lips. “I would love to.”

               “Good.” Looking at his watch, he flipped his gaze back to you and scrunched his eyes as though in deep thought before saying definitively, “Meet me behind the building at 10?”

               You nodded and he pecked your forehead one last time before setting off to speak with Tao. Sighing happily to yourself, you left his office and made your way to his cubicle, setting your stuff down and slumping in your chair. The way he called you his girlfriend rung in your head and your buried your face in your hands and shook your head back and forth, holding in a squeal. However, your joy was cut short when his cold stare invaded your mind, reminding you of the odd situation. You didn’t really know what to make of it, seeing as Yixing hadn’t shared much of his life with you. Rifling through the papers he had handed to you absentmindedly, you wondered just how much of his life you didn’t know about; you were willing to bet it was a lot. Mulling over your thoughts, you thumbed through the papers when you felt something filmy glide across the pad of your thumb.

               “What’s this?” you muttered and pulled out the paper, realizing it was really a photo.

               The picture was dark, almost impossible to be able to see the faces of the people I it. However, you could tell that whatever conversation in the picture that they were having obviously was not one that they were inclined to share judging from the setting. They had met in an alleyway and held their heads close together, faces hidden by ball caps. You flipped the picture and saw red writing on the back.

               LEE MINHO 4/26/15 2:51 AM

               Lee Minho, you thought to yourself, who is this guy? You couldn’t deny that it shook you a bit that lay had been spying on people and you found yourself curious as to why. Tearing through the other papers in the stack, your eyes searched every page, but to no avail. The picture must have accidentally gotten slipped in when he bunched them together. You were no business man though, so you wondered if perhaps it was just because he was gathering information on competitors, or perhaps they were criminals who stole from him. The prying feeling itched at you, telling you to dig deeper, but you knew to do so would be a breach of trust. Besides, it’s Yixing. For all you knew, he could be bringing down a puppy mill or something.

               Dismissing the picture, you snuck back into his office and placed it on the desk, not even giving yourself enough time in there to consider snooping. Work dragged on and you watched the clock consistently, groaning every time you looked because it seemed as though time had not been passing at all. Putting the odd picture and change of attitude in the back of your mind, you focused on what your date. You still were slightly shocked that he had asked you to go out with him. Every time you thought of him saying ‘do you want to be’ you wriggled in your office chair, unable to contain your happiness. You gained a few off looks through the day, but you paid no mind to them because you knew that if any of the other women were in the position you were in, that they’d react the exact same way, if not weirder. You found yourself looking for Yixing, peering over the cubicle whenever you heard a man’s voice footsteps passing by. When running errands, you couldn’t resist peering into his office to see if he’d returned. However, no matter how many times you looked in every which way, there was no sign of your new boyfriend. Your mind tracked back to Lee Minho, but you quickly shook the thought. He’s probably just caught up in work.

               Finally the clock hit 10 and you shut off your desk lamp, picking up your coat from the back of your chair and shrugging it on. Goodbyes passed your lips like lightening, not wanting to be held up by anyone. You smiled to yourself as you got into the elevator, looking forward to your first date with Yixing. Sure, you had seen each other out of work once or twice, but it was never for something like this. Daydreaming about what kind of place he’d take you to, you made your way out of the building, walking merrily down the alley to the back of the building where he usually parked his car. Rounding the corner, you had half expected him to be leaning on the hood of his car like in romance movies, but when you arrived he wasn’t even there. Confusion muddled your brain. This is the right place, isn’t it? Studying your surroundings, you knew you had to be in the right place. His car was right there so where else would he have meant? Maybe he got held up? If it was any other man, you would have assumed that you were being stood up, but this was Yixing; he wasn’t that type of guy nor would he ever be. So where was he? Plopping down on the hood of the car you decided to wait, shooting a quick text. Chipping at the nail polish on your fingers, you shuddered, a breeze chilling you. Seriously Yixing, where are you—

               A scream interrupted your thoughts and your head snapped into the direction that it had generated from. Debating what to do, you shuffled on your feet. But Yixing… You felt terrible for up and leaving but could you really just ignore a scream like that? Yixing was supposed to be here at 10 and yet there was no sight of him, so you wondered if you had time to run off when it hit you. It was his scream you heard.

               Your feet moved of their own accord, immediately sprinting in the direction of the scream. You ran further and further down the alley, all the while dialling the police number in your phone, prepared for the worst. You whipped your head left and right with every opening you passed, desperate to find Lay, when finally your eye caught a glimpse of the white shirt he had worn that day. Whirling down the alley, you squinted to try and see him better in the night. Panic stopped your blood cold when you saw him close to the ground, though you still couldn’t see what position he was in. Growing closer to his crumpled figure, you called out his name, slowing down as you neared him. At the sound of his voice being called, Lay snapped his head in your direction, his face unreadable from this distance. You realized he had been crouching over something as he began to rise to his full height. Standing only a mere 10 meters away from you, your eyes scanned over him, praying he was fine. Starting at his head, you saw that his hair was ruffled and sticking up in various directions. Eyes travelling down his body, you saw that he had a bleeding lip, but that wasn’t the worst of it; not by a long shot. The entire front of his black blazer was covered in a deep coloured sticky substance which you could only conclude was blood.

               “Oh my god. Are you okay—“

               Your voice caught as you looked at his hand. The entirety of his hand was smothered in blood and resting in his grip was what looked like a switch blade. It was only then that you looked down at what he had been crouching over, a wave of nausea making you stumble. Lying by his feet was a body. Not any body, but Lee Minho; the man in the picture.  You could see the whites of his eyes, even from this distance and they were rolled back so that only half his pupil was visible. His mouth hung open and his body was rigid on the pavement as blood pooled around him, touching the edge of Yixing’s shoes. The cogs in your brain sputtered and spurred as you tried to piece together the situation. But- but there’s no way that Yixing could do this… You thought, but as you looked down at the body and the knife that he held firmly in his hand, how could you come up with any rational explanation?

               “Lay, what—“

               He sighed deeply, not letting you finished your sentence as he knelt over the body again, wiping the knife on Minho’s cotton shirt to rid it of the blood before he wiped it with what looked like an alcohol wipe and folding the knife back in. Shoving the weapon in his pocket, the same cold look that had irked you earlier came over him. He flashed you his signature smile, though it wasn’t inviting as it had been before but unsympathetic and taciturn. You clutched your stomach, unable to take your eyes off of the body as your stomach threatened to upheave everything you had eaten in the past twelve hours.

               “You know what else I hate, Y/N?”

               Your name sounded foreign coming from this man’s mouth. This wasn’t your Yixing; you refused to believe it to be. Your Yixing was kind and compassionate, never cruel. Meanwhile this man was calculating and harsh, not caring that he had just taken life from a being; he was a monster. But he had the same lilt to his step as he walked slowly toward you, unfazed by the fact that he had just killed a man.  No matter how you looked at it, he wore the same face as Lay, though he was like a whole new person and for the first time in the entire time you had known him, you finally knew what they meant when they said Zhang Yixing was a dangerous man. You shook your head to say no, though it was no more than a tick. Nevertheless, he caught it and smiled sinisterly and you wished more than anything that whoever this was would stop wearing the face of the man you love.

               “Snitches. I really hate snitches.” He folded his jacket carefully over his arm, careful not to get the blood anywhere on his shirt. You wanted nothing more than to cry out, and yet as you looked in his eyes, you couldn’t deny that this was still the man that you fell so hopelessly in love with. Unable to take it anymore, you looked down at your feet, squeezing your eyes shut and wishing that this was all a terrible, awful, bad dream. He reached out to touch you, unsurprised when you flinched. But you never stopped him, as he trailed his finger down your jaw, hooking it under your chin and tilting your face upwards. “Look at me.” He said authoritatively and you obeyed, hating yourself for still feeling your stomach flip when he placed a finger on you after he had done something so dreadful. You had always thought that murderers were supposed to be unstable and cracked. Yet when you peered into Yixing’s eyes, you saw nothing but clarity; clarity and an odd sense of harmony. Holding his chin your grasp, his tone maintained a warning note, though it was mixed with tenderness, “But I don’t need to worry about you doing anything like that, right?”

               You felt tears well up in your eyes and you croaked out, “No.”

               “That’s my girl.” And just like that, the murderer was gone and Mr.Zhang was back. He smiled dopily at you and pecked your cheek, ignoring how you scrunched your face. “I know it’s hard to understand now, but one day you’ll get it, Y/N.” He said with his wide seemingly innocent eyes, and distantly you wondered what would happen if you never did get it. Walking past you he started down the alley, walking as though he was on a midnight stroll, holding out his non bloodied hand and calling to you, “I’m starved, Y/N! I promised a date so shall we be off?”

               For a moment you remained; transfixed on Minho. The blood was getting stickier and darker as it spread through the cracks and he was pale enough that you knew he had likely long since bled out. How many times has he done this? You wondered, though you knew it didn’t really matter. Obviously it was enough for him to be comfortable with it. You knew the choice that was laid at your feet, but you wondered what choice you really had. If you left him, would he kill you too? Or would his feelings interfere and inable him from that? Or did he even feel anything for you? Could he feel? Questions plagued you but as you stared at Minho lying dead on the ground, you also wondered if he had a family, whether he would be missed, or if he would even be noticed as missing. The more you thought, the more you hated yourself. Watching the life seep out of this man and knowing who did it, you thought you should feel remorse for this man or disgust for Lay, but no matter how you dealt it, your feelings for him were still there. Was it so wrong to believe in the words he said? That’d it’d make sense later? You certainly wanted to believe so. Though you detested yourself for it, you couldn’t give up on him. So, you didn’t. Turning on your heel, you raced to catch up with your boyfriend, capturing his hand which he still held out for you to take. Curling your fingers around his hand, your heart still thumped erratically in your chest when he squeezed your hand despite the bile in your throat. In that moment, you knew your fate. After all, he is the best.


Three men in formal wear strode towards your house. One was alarmingly tall and the other two weren’t too far behind.
You leaned further over your desk to see them at the doorstep from your window. 

Your Foster Mum opened the door and you crept down the hallway to the top of the stairs.

“Good afternoon Mrs Brooks, I’m special agent Millis, this is special agent Jones and Hill.”

They threw their FBI badges into her face and explained some sort of situation on disappearances of students from your school. You frowned, nope, not a thing. Fake feds? Maybe.

The tallest noticed you first, he watched you hover at the top of the stairs and you stared back blankly, not showing any indication of averting your gaze.
“Is this your daughter?” He asked, nodding towards you.
Everyone’s eyes were now on you and you looked between the men in turn.

“Well, my Foster daughter.” She nodded.

“Does she go to the same school?” The shorter shorter of the three with dark hair and unshaven stubble scattered about his chin asked.

“She does yes.”

“May we talk to her? Nothing serious just some routine questions.”

“Of course, Y/N, come on down from your room for once.” She chuckled and you rolled your eyes, jogging down the stairs.

**** **** **** ****

“Well she’s definitely our sister, everything she said matches.”

“Yeah…Should we tell her?” 

“I don’t know about you but I don’t fancy pulling some teenage girl into the world of Supernatural things.”

“I think we may have a problem if we don’t.”

“Why’s that?”

“I believe she’s the antichrist.”

You opened the door at this moment, your brain flooding with questions.

“How long have you been standing there?” The tallest asked.

“Longer than you’d like,” You shrugged “So I’m some antichrist thing in a world of the supernatural with two fake FBI brothers?” You frown, not sure how to take this.

“Um…yeah that’s basically it.” Your…brother shrugged.

“I’m Sam, this is my brother, Dean. And this is Cas.” 

“Hello, I’m an angel of the Lord.”

“Wait what? Seriously? Angels are real?!” Your eyes widen in shock.

“Yeah…and anything else you can think of, except the Easter bunny….And we hunt them down and kill them.” Dean nodded.

“Cool!” You grin.

“Wow, you’re the first person to think so.” Sam laughed.

“Are you kidding me this is awesome?!” You exclaim.

“Wait.” You stop suddenly. “What’s an Antichrist?”

“Well,” Cas begins, taking a step forward “This is where things get complicated.”

Requested by anon
First of all, LOVE your blog. Second, can you do a written imagine where the reader is their younger sister like 15 and she’s living her normal life not knowing about the supernatural but Cas tells Sam and Dean she’s the anti christ and they have to find her and she leaves her life behind to join them. If you can’t then it’s fine, thanks!! <3 

Thank you so much for the compliments! Ily ^_^

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