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Being Diana's daughter would include...

Anon ask:  What about an imagine with the reader as Diana’s daughter? Like super fluffy plz. 

Your wish is an order 0/

I loved writing this, it’s so cute that it makes me want to cry. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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  • Diana was the best mother anyone could ask for.
  • She was not your biological mother, but the moment she held her in his arms, she knew there she was a mother.
  • She accepted the motherhood and the challenges that would come with it.
  • The moment your little fist caught her finger, it was there that she knew she would do anything for you.
  • You were your little star, you would always come first.
  • Motherhood proved difficult for a woman who grew up on an island of adult female warriors, but Diana was figuring it out.
  • She would always call Bruce or Clark when she panicked in some situation.

“Bruce, she does not stop crying. I’ll take her to the doctor!”

Diana, calm down, it must be just colic

  • Diana faced armies of villains, but none of them ever left her as tired as you left her.

  • Sleepless nights and fatigue were not anything close to your little toothless smile.

  • Your laughter has become your favorite sound around the world.

  • Your first steps made her cry more than she had ever cried in her life.

  • And your first words …

“Mom, you saw my …” you stopped in the middle of the room and looked at Diana. you eyes widened and ran to her. “You’re crying, are you crying? Are you hurt?”

Diana laughed and shook her head, hugging you with a free arm. The other carried a photo album.

“Just remembering good memories,” you looked at the album and let out a sigh of relief, relaxing in your mother’s arms.

“My baby grew so fast,” Diana murmured, and you grunted, releasing a little “mooooooom.”

Diana sniffled, wiping the tears on her cheeks and turned to you.

“Would you mind spending an afternoon in bed with your mother?”

You laughed. You had arranged to go out with some friends, but you knew that when your mother became so sentimental, only her child’s warmth, kisses, and hugs would solve the problem.

“No problem. I choose the movies and you make the popcorn!” You kissed her cheek and squeezed her into a hug before getting up and changing her clothes into pajamas.

You had an afternoon with the most special person in your life.

Diana looked at the last photo in the album. It had been taken last Christmas.

You were sitting on the floor with Diana, surrounded by gifts. Enveloped were Bruce and Alfred. Clark and Lois, Barry, Victor and even Arthur and Mera.

“Mom, how about a Disney marathon?” Your scream broke Diana’s stupor and she closed the album with a smile before rising to prepare the popcorn.

“Sounds great to me, little star”

  • Yes, there was nothing in the world that she loved more than her daughter.
Not the One

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Raphael x Reader

Not the One

Prompt: It was hella long and hella good and basically, it’s a soulmate AU with a twist and aaaaaaaaaah I’m in love with this idea.

Note: AAAAAAAAAAAH I’M DYINGGGGG I’M SO EXCITED TO WRITE THISSSSSSS. Edit: this took so much longer than intended, but it came out a lot longer than I intended too, so…

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“Yer kidding. A week. We have an entire week like this?” Raph looked at his very human fingers on his very human hands attached to his very (temporarily) human body. “An entire week?”

“Possibly longer.” Donatello scanned himself and his brothers. What had been a lab accident while handling the purple ooze had resulted in whatever this was. Raph had another concern. His soulmate timer was within hours now, and maybe being like this would help him meet the person he was meant to spend his entire life with.

“So…” Leo tried to come up with a plan. But if he was being honest, he had no idea how to handle this.

“We’ve gotta seize the opportunity, dudes. We’re only ever going to be normal once, we have to take advantage of it.”

“And?” Leo raised an eyebrow.

“We’re gonna go to school.”


“So these are your…” The counselor from the high school looked up to April and Casey, the boys standing in a line behind them.

“These are my nephews.” April said. “They’re kind of transfer students, but only for a week or so. It’s part of a program to let Queens students experience what school is like in the rest of New York City.”

“Sounds doable. Do you have their grades and records and such on hand, or do I need to contact their other school for the information?”

“It should all be here, but I can call Principal Mayweather if we’re missing anything.” April pushed her glasses up her nose and handed the counselor a flash drive Donnie had thrown together that morning.

“Great. Thank you so much.”

Raph glanced down at his timer. Minutes. Minutes now. The counselor gave them their schedules and sent them on their way. It was about ten minutes until class was supposed to start, and about ten until Raph was supposed to meet his soulmate. God, his heart was racing in his unusual human chest. He felt like he couldn’t breathe.

April and Casey said goodbye to the boys and told them they’d come pick them up after school. Next, they attempted to find their lockers. All the way up on the third floor above the art wing. Raph scanned the numbers for the four that belonged to himself and his brothers. It took a few minutes, but they found them. God, combination locks were confusing, but Donnie helped him figure it out with his clumsy human fingers. He wasn’t used to having so many. What were the extra two good for anyway?

He grabbed his math book and his notebook and calculator and dumped it into the red backpack that sort of made him feel like he had a shell again. It was a comforting weight, sort of. It gave an illusion that he was still who he had always been, despite looking and feeling so different now. Needing all of the same core classes meant that the boys were together for their first two hours, but they broke off in the afternoon to do the specials they had chosen.

So off they headed to Geometry, where they were sure Donnie would have to explain everything to them. When they got to the classroom, they were greeted by a group of fresh faces. Nerds, jocks, preps, goths, rockers, it seemed that everyone was represented. A few of the girls whispered to one another, subtly pointing to the group of attractive boys in front of them and giggling about the endless possibilities.

“Transfer students, huh? There are some seats over there in the back of the room. What are your names?”

“Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo.” Leo answered. Mrs. Russo’s skeptical face told them he should have given her their nicknames instead. “Our uh, parents are huge art geeks.” He offered.

“I can tell. Well, Renaissance gang, you can sit in the four seats to the left of Ms. (L/N). (Y/N), raise your hand please.”

You didn’t lower the book from your face when you raised your hand. Raph didn’t know what it was about you that was throwing him off, but there was something there. It felt like a wire had wrapped around his heart and was starting to squeeze. Great. A heart attack what- twenty seconds- before he met his soulmate. Wonderful.

He walked over and took the seat beside you, his brothers settling into the other seats. As the bell rang to signal class had started, you folded your bookmark into the center of the book and set it on the desk beside your math stuff. Finally, you glanced over at Raph just as his counter hit zero.

His green eyes widened as he took in everything about you. The cute black plastic frames that sat on your nose, the perfect bun of soft locks that sat atop your head, the music notes painted onto your fingernails and the piano key suspenders that held up your black skirt. You were so goddamned cute he could barely stand it. His heart hammered in his chest. And then he spotted the timer on your wrist.

You still had ten days left.

He looked around to see if anyone else had finished their timer, but there wasn’t anyone. Just him.

“You’re the new kids?” You asked. God, your voice was so sweet. It hurt. Maybe you weren’t meant to be with him, but he knew with all of his beating heart that he was meant to be with you.

“Y-yeah.” Raph replied. “I’m Raphael. Call me Raph.” He smiled at your unknowing gaze. You didn’t know how much you had crushed him in the instants he had known you.

“(Y/N) (L/N).” His eyes wandered to the book on your desk.

“What’cha reading?”

Beastly.” You replied, handing him the worn book. “I’ve read it like seven thousand times. It’s honestly amazing. I’m in love with Beauty and the Beast, so this is just- ugh it’s so good.”

“Hmm.” He flipped through the pages before handing it back to you. “I’ll have ta check it out sometime. Never seen it.”

“You what?! We’ve gotta change that.” You smiled at the little interaction.

“Might just have to take ya up on that offer.” He grinned. You felt your heart melt a little.

Mrs. Russo started the lesson, and it didn’t take long for Raph to become completely and utterly confused. Donnie was busy helping Mikey and Leo seemed to understand what was happening, but Raph was so lost. And based on the notes on your page, you seemed to get it.

“Hey,” he whispered. “Can you uh, I don’t get it.”

“Sure!” you nodded. “What do you need help with?”

“How are ya supposed to use the whatever-it-is to find the side? I keep getting’ the wrong numbers.”

“Okay so this is the hypotenuse.”


“And so you just add the squares of the other sides to-”

“This is a triangle, what do squares have to do with it?” he asked. You giggled.

“You’ve never taken Geometry before, have you?”

“How’d ya guess?” he offered a sheepish chuckle and shook his head. “It may as well be written in Chinese.”

“Well, tell you what, I don’t have any plans after school. If you need a tutor, you could come to my apartment. We’ll watch Beauty and the Beast and do math. Two birds in one stone.”

“Sounds great.” He felt his heart start hammering again and wished it would stop. He couldn’t have you. You weren’t his to have. He wasn’t your soulmate. The universe didn’t care about his feelings. And yet, he accepted the invitation knowing full well that the more he built up momentum, the harder he’d fall when he lost you.


“I can’t believe you’ve never seen this movie.” You told him as you sat down with the popcorn on the couch of your apartment. The math was done, and now all that was left was to expose him to the movie you held nearest and dearest to your heart.

“Grew up with four boys, there’s not a whole lot of Disneying that goes on.”

“Well, I guess that’s what I’m around for, right?” You asked, tossing a few kernels of fluffy popcorn into your mouth. Raph grabbed a handful too.

“Guess so. That and math assistance.” He chuckled. You pressed play and draped a blanket over your legs and his. You had only met Raph that afternoon, but it felt like you had known him for years. Maybe he was just meant to be your best friend. Maybe there was a secret internal clock that had stopped ticking while the one counting down her true love was still running.

As the movie started, Raph watched every second. He loved every minute of it, but maybe only because he had you beside him, reciting every word right along with it. He was surprised the DVD even worked at all with how many times you had probably watched it. It was unhealthy, but this perfect little quirk was one of the many things he’d miss when he’d have to let you go.


After morning classes the next day, you found Raph and his brothers at lunch and took a seat with them instead of sitting with your other friends as you usually did. The other three smiled at you. They had talked to Raph the night before in a conversation that had basically consisted of Raph telling them about his soulmate that wasn’t his soulmate and the movie they had watched about loving people beyond their exterior. Donnie had called it beautifully tragic and pretty damn ironic. Raph agreed. But he was determined to be friends with you at least. He wanted to get to know you. He’d rather know you for a week and then never see you again than never know you for who you really were before it was too late.

“Hey guys.”

“Hey (Y/N),” Raph grinned.

“So, I figured, if this is your only week here, we’ve gotta make the best of it. Mall. Tonight. Do you have plans?”

“No.” Leo answered. “No plans.”

“Good. I have a car. Meet me by my locker after school.”

“All right, angelcakes.” Mikey winked. “We’ll be there.”


Here they were. The mall. It wasn’t what they had expected, but in a way, it was. There were pretzel stands and pop-up Chinese food places, a bunch of clothing stores that they could smell from the other end of the mall, and of course the movie theater. You and the boys nestled into the corner booth of the food court with giant pretzels, nachos, and giant red slushies. And they just watched.

“You guys act like you’ve never been to a mall before.” You chuckled, taking a sip of your slushy. They offered apologetic shrugs.

“Would it be bad if we told ya we haven’t?” Raph asked. You raised an eyebrow.

“Seriously?! This trip has taken on a new importance. After we finish these pretzels, we have a mission.”

“What are we gonna do?” Leo asked.


You had promised everything, and you had pretty much delivered. Hollister? Check. Target? Check. The arcade? Check. Photo booth? Check. Movie? In progress. Raph as seated beside you with Mikey on his other side. Mikey kept making attempts at signaling his older brother to get him to make a move on you. Raph shook his head. The move wasn’t his to make. He couldn’t push himself on you. Not like this.

But when there was a huge jump scare, you clung to his bicep, causing both of your heart rates to soar. A slow smile crept across his lips.

“Oh, I-I’m sorry.” You apologized. Raph leaned into whisper a reply.

“No harm done. If ya need someone to protect ya from the monsters, I’m right here.”

“Oh hush, you.” You giggled as a timid blush settling across your cheeks and gave his shoulder a tiny shove, earning a deep chuckle. Another distorted creature jumped out of the shadows on the screen. Mikey spilled popcorn, and you pulled one of Raph’s large hands in front of your face. He laughed and smiled at you, a soft smile that his brothers had never seen before.

But it faded just as fast as it had formed with the realization that he only had a few more days with you before he’d have to say goodbye. Forever. He had been human for so long now that he had forgotten he’d have to go back. The clock was ticking. He had to take advantage of this while he could because before he knew it, he’d lose his soulmate just as fast as he had found her.


The week passed in a breeze. Your school days consisted of helping Raph with math and having lunch with him and his brothers. After school hours, all five of you would pile into your car and go back to your apartment for pizza and movies. But today…today was different. Today was goodbye. Raph wanted to make it special. If he was going to let you go, he certainly didn’t want you to forget him.

April had helped him pack a picnic basket and assisted him with his surprise present. So at noon on Saturday, he arrived at your apartment to pick you up and then you took the train to Central Park.

He had told you that the rest of the boys were busy packing up, but really they just wanted to give their brother space to say goodbye to you on his own. After all, he was the one losing the most when they became turtles again. He had hours.

You sat down on the red and white checkered blanket and helped him unpack the food and such. You popped a bright strawberry into your mouth. It was a few minutes before Raph brought up the topic of goodbye.

“So uh, we’re goin’ back to Queens tomorrow.” Raph said. You nodded. “So uh, I wanted to say goodbye.”

“It’s not like we can’t still hang out, right? We can still be friends.” You looked at him. He smiled sadly. “Can’t we?”

“I don’t know. I just…I’m not what you think I am…I’m not who you think I am. You’re meeting your soulmate in three days and-”

“How did you know about that?” you asked, heart racing at the thought of the future being so close. Too close.

“It’s on yer wrist.” Raph shrugged. A sad look formed in his green eyes and a sudden wave of realization washed over you. You grabbed Raph’s hand, pulling his wrist so you could see it. He tried to pull it back from you, but didn’t want to fight you, and he didn’t want to lie to you either. Well, more than he already was anyway.

“Your timer…” Your face scrunched up. “Who’s your soulmate?”

“That’s a…complicated question.” Raph answered. You looked at him slowly, hesitating to meet his gaze. As soon as your eyes fell on his, his hand tensed up.

“No.” your voice was quiet, eyes wide and heart trying to escape your chest. “It can’t…I can’t…Mine is still…” Your eyes locked onto the numbers as they ticked lower and lower. You denied it, and yet maybe you had known the moment you met him. Something was off. Something about the way h talked to you, the way he interacted with you.

“I know. It’s impossible. But uh, I never really expected to have a soulmate anyway, so…I guess at least I got to know ya before I gotta say goodbye.”


“It’s all right.” Raph read the hurt on your face. The broken that came with the hand the universe had dealt the two of you. “I’ll be all right. So will you when you meet him.” He reached into the basket. “I got ya something to remember me by.”

Raph pulled out a little velvet box and opened it. Inside was a necklace: a silver turtle pendant on a leather cord. “I…I know it ain’t much, but-”

“I love it.” You told him. You wish you could tell him more. That you loved him, that you were his soulmate, but one of those statements wasn’t true. Raph did the clasp around your neck and pulled your hair over the cord. He smiled sadly. You took his hand in your own. “No matter what happens…no matter what the universe has in store for either of us…I will never forget you, Raphael. I promise. And I know it doesn’t matter much, but…I love you.” You stated quietly. He pulled you into his arms and held you as though you would disappear.

“It matters more that ya could ever know. I love you too.”


Raph woke up the next morning the way he grew up. A turtle. Big and bulky and covered in muscle. His scales and shell had reappeared as his extra fingers and hair had disappeared. He rolled over and stared at the wall. You were gone. He had lost you forever, and two nights from now, you would move on. You would forget about him.

He rolled onto his shell and stared at the ceiling, cursing the universe for everything. He wanted to punch something, so off to the dojo he went to punch the shit out of their punching bag. This went on for two days. Raph listened to his loud music and punched their bag until it fell off of its hook, only to pick it up and repeat the cycle. He barely ate, and every time he tried to sleep, all he could see was your face and the sadness in your eyes when you realized you were his but he couldn’t be yours. The heartbreak he had caused. The heartbreak he had received.

He should have just left you at the very beginning. Then he wouldn’t be like this.

When Leo announced a patrol on the night you were going to move on from him, he was ready to bust some heads. How else was the emotion supposed to get out of him? His anger, his sadness, his regret, he was going to get rid of all of it.

And so out they went, out of the sewers and onto the surface, hopping from building to building until finally, they found what they were looking for: crime. Some lowlife gang members were harassing some chick, and they were going to put a stop to it. Except, the chick wasn’t just any old girl. It was you. Raph stopped in his tracks, the anger bubbling up inside of him before diving in to pull the guys off of you. The guys were going to help him, but he didn’t need it. He was so powerful, zipping through the shadows like, well, a ninja. The guys left standing ran for the hills, terrified of the huge green creature that had beat up their friends.

You took a few shaky steps backwards. What if whatever had helped was coming for you next. You couldn’t see him in the dark, but Raph could see you. Even now, you were stunning. You took a few steps forward, causing him to step back.


“I ain’t who ya think, (Y/N).” Raph said. Your breath hitched, eyes awash in realization.

“Raphael?” Your broken voice sliced through the silence. He didn’t answer. “Y-your voice sounds d-different.”

“Ya don’t gotta be afraid.” He tried to reassure you. His voice came from much higher than it had in the past. Had he always been this tall? Your heart hammered and your face reddened and you didn’t know why you were scared, but you were. “It’s okay.”


“Raph, let me see you.”

“I uh…don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Please.” You whispered. You glanced down at your wrist. There were seconds left. “Please.”

“I want ya tah remember me that way. Not like…this.”

“What do you mean?” You knew what he meant.

“Please, just go home, (Y/N)! Forget about me!”

“I…I can’t, Raph! I can’t just pretend you don’t exist!” You stared at the numbers before holding up your wrist to show him, if he could even see. “I think you’re my soulmate! And for some reason the wires got twisted somewhere, but…Please, Raphael. I love you.” You looked up at where he stood in the dark for a few more seconds before collapsing to your knees, tears rolling down your soft cheeks. Raph carefully, slowly knelt before you so quietly you hadn’t heard him.

He pressed his hand against your cheek, wiping away the tears with his large green fingers. Your eyes opened gradually, rising to look up at his tear-filled green eyes in time with the ding of your timer. The large, rough green face in front of you was a little more than a shock. Your eyes widened. He began to pull away, but you grabbed his huge green hand, keeping him there.

“I’m sorry. About all of this.” He didn’t dare to look at you. Not now that you knew what he truly was. Your small hand ventured up to his cheek, gently travelling across the scales there. Your tentative touches sent shivers up his spine.

“Sorry for what?”

“I’m sorry yer stuck with-”

“Shhhhh…” You shushed him, wrapping your arms around him tightly. He held you against his chest, his arms moving slowly to embrace you. He had never imagined you could love him. Not like this. But here you were, hugging him as though he was human.

“But I’m a freak.” Were the only words he could manage to put together.

“You’re not a freak.” You pulled away so you could look at him. “You’re a hero. If it weren’t for you and your brothers, I would be dead three times over.” You paused, watching the slow smile that formed on his cheeks. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” His voice was muffled by the fabric of your sweatshirt as he buried his face in the crook of your neck. “I love you so freakin’ much.”

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52 on the 101 fluffy prompts list, Supercat

Supercat + 052:  "If you shove cake in my face this will be the worst wedding night of your life.“

“If you shove cake in my face, this will be the worst wedding night of your life,” Cat muttered, reapplying her lipstick for the fourth time that morning in the mirror of the guest bedroom.

“I’m pretty sure this will be the only wedding night of my life,” Kara laughed, “I’m not keen on attempting to beat your record.”

Cat flipped around to glare at her fiancée, hands on her hips.

“I can stop at four if I must,” Cat shot back, a smirk on her lips. Kara smiled back, leaning backwards and collapsing into a heap on the bed. Her long, puffy white dress gathering in a mess around her legs. “You’re wrinkling your dress, get up.”

“Come here,” Kara countered, holding out her arms and pouting. Cat glanced out the window, watching the people socializing below them, surrounded by white and gold decorations.

“Eliza is very graciously offering us her backyard for this very special afternoon and you want to put even more of a strain on the whole ordeal-”

“Shut up, you love it,” Kara teased, remembering how Cat had absolutely preened as Eliza and Maggie had fussed over her dress the night before. “It’s a whole day about you.”

“Every day is about me, darling,” Cat said, smiling brightly. “Today is the only day I have to evenly share.”

“And it’s very distressing to you, isn’t it?” Kara laughed, rolling over onto her front and probably wrinkling her dress even more.

“I don’t mind it too much.” Cat sat beside her, running her fingers through long blonde hair as Kara hide her face in the pillow. “Your makeup, Kara! Are you determined to have everyone thinking I fucked you silly before I could even get you to the altar?”

“You’d love that, too,” Kara muttered into the pillow.

I want more tall lady with a short guy romance stories in my life.

I need buff orc chick being looked at like a goddess by a shorter fella.

I want that not necessarily tall, but definitely taller than her boyfriend, cuteness.

I demand more Lady Knight and her Poet boyfriend stuff xD

I love the dynamic of a tough gal who gets to have a sweet guy who supports her intellectually and emotionally.

I adore the trope of the smaller fella and tall glamazon he gets the privilege to get snuggles and smooches from.


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I don't know if you've answered this or told the story before... but I just read your comment on the "did I shave my legs for this" post and can I hear more about your sword skills??? And like the story of how you and your husband met

Oh. Ohohohoho….

Oh boy.


Let’s go back about eight years. Picture me a bit thinner, lots more muscle, no purple in the hair, regular LARPer. The faction I was running with at the time taught its’ members to fight because let’s face it, there’s no room on the battlefield for folks who can’t use the weapons they’re carrying effectively. And that goes for the healer too. My teacher in previous years had let me practice with some real stabby metal weapons to get used to the weight. So I was halfway decent with PVC weapons when it came down to it. (Mind you, I couldn’t and STILL can’t hold a candle to my Ussa or half the guys in the group. But I like to think I’m formidable in my own way, though it’s largely with beanbags anymore.)

So one day, this handsome young fellow with a magnificent goatee joins the company. He goes through a few different character iterations, finally settling on a clannish barbarian-type. Over a couple of years, our characters became close friends. WE became close friends. There’s something about drinking with someone in the evenings, fighting beside them in the morning, and patching them up in the afternoon that breeds a special sort of fondness.

Then one night at a party, a couple of ciders in, we locked eyes on the dance floor and suddenly….sparks. It was a good three months into the relationship that I realized he was everything I’d asked for in a spell I’d cast the previous year to bring an ideal partner into my life. Turns out he was already there. The party was the first time after the casting that we’d seen each other. And there it was. We moved in together less than a year later. That was four years ago.

We were married last October in a small but merry ceremony, and we’re about to celebrate our first anniversary. And, since it’s only appropriate, we’re celebrating by going back to that same LARP to fight side by side once more. Just like old times.

SO yesterday that I was watching Trouble in the Heights, I imagined this silly crossover thing where trash can Nevada dates this girl who he lies about who he really is just to get on her pants (he gets super attached but won’t admit it, YET) cause she’s from a good family or something. 

-She kinda knows he sells weed but that’s all, since he always said he was in the bottom of the “business”. 

-She finally decides she can’t be with someone problematic, and one day after sex she finds the words:

-”I have to stop this,” she muttered, gathering the clothes Nevada had ripped from her body when they arrived to the hotel.

“Don’t sweat it, mami. I’ll buy ya new ones, eh?” the Kingpin mentioned casually, lighting up a cigar.

“I’m not talking about my clothes. I am perfectly capable of buying them myself,” she snapped, causing the man in the bed to raise both hands in the air, both defensively and mockingly. She sighed, looking for strength for the next step. “I’m talking about this… us.”

Nevada raised a single brow, and suppressed a cocky smirk. “What are you talking about? What’s wrong with this?” he inquired, “Us?” The last word got caught up on his throat, and he felt a warmth spreading in his chest. He liked that word.

“You know damn well what’s wrong with this,” she had come close to him, sitting on the bed next to his naked body. The girl traced swirls on his chest with her delicate fingers, and suddenly planted a kiss on his lips, quickly jerking away before he could embrace her. “I’m sorry Vada. Thank you for everything, it was nice.” She ran, quicker than he could react.

Those were the last words he heard from her before watching her storm through the door. Normally he would’ve made a scene, nobody left him. Nobody

But she had, like it was nothing. And instead of standing up and follow her to force her to stay, he had been left frozen in his spot. His lips burning with the ghost of her goodbye kiss. His vision became blurry, was he passing out?


He was crying.

-A couple of days later, one of the underage girls that works for him gets arrested for giving a bj to some John in a public restroom. They link the girl up to him, and gets arrested by none other than the SVU squad. 

-They make connections with the girl Nevada was dating. And take her in for questioning.

“Good afternoon, ma’am. NYPD, Special Victims Unit. I’m detective Carisi, this is my partner Detective Rollins. We would like to ask you a couple of questions.”

A tall, skinny guy and a pretty blonde had intercepted her before she could open the door to her apartment. Her heart clenched inside her chest, she felt terrified of what was coming.

“Is this about Vada?” she immediately asked, just about the skinny detective pulled out his cellphone to show her a picture of him. 

The eyes of the two detectives went wide, that was easier than they expected. Never in their whole careers someone had accepted so fast to be acquaintances with such a dangerous criminal. “Y-yes, so you know him, Nevada Ramirez?” Detective Rollins asked, her brows almost on top of her head.

“Yes, I do. NYPD? Something happened to him?” Her mouth started to work on her own, she clenched her apartment keys to her chest. “Oh my God, is he dead?!” She questioned them, as tears threatened to form on her eyes.

“No, no!” Carisi tried his best to calm her down, placing both hands in her shoulders, to make sure she listened. “He was arrested, we want to ask you a few things about him down at the precinct, would you join us, please?” He was shocked, this girl who seemed to be from a good life, was almost in the verge of tears for someone as despicable as Nevada Ramirez.

“Yes, yes. Of course, just tell me, apart from being arrested, is he ok?” The concern was almost palpable.

“Yes, he is.” Rollins assured, smiling to her despite her utter shock and guiding her to their car.

-She claims he never raped her (much to the shock of the whole squad because HOW IN THE HELL did Nevada THE GARBAGE Ramirez got his hands on such a beautiful and nice girl without drugs or forcing himself upon her??). 

-“We were datingwas one phrase she grew tired of repeating.

-The squad questions her until they grow tired, thinking she might been lying to protect him. 


-When it finally dawns upon them she was really in the dark about the grave danger she was in, they tell her almost everything about him (the drug parts only) and the world turns upside down, she’s crushed.

Here’s where it gets spicier… 

-After almost 3 hours of questioning and suffering she goes to this bar to have a drink and runs into a man drinking bourbon like it’s water. 

-ENTER Rafael Barba, who is in charge of putting Nevada away for good. He recognizes her from the questioning room and starts conversation, until he is finally able to ask her if she really didn’t even imagined who he really was. 

-Rafael accidentally lets her know about the sex crimes Nevada’s being linked to, which gives her the drive to help them as much as she can. 

-As the trial advances so does the chemistry between Rafael and the reader, who secretly have spent some nights at the bar where they met. 

-All of this doesn’t goes unnoticed by Nevada of course, who is BEYOND JEALOUS that the girl he was sure had in his pocket, is now head over heels with the bastard that wants to make sure he rots in jail.

I was going to send this to @ohbelieveyoume but it was TOO FREAKING LONG, so here it is for anyone that feels inspired by my silly headcanon lmao

111. Sara Lance x reader

Originally posted by unchartedsaralance

Request: Hi I was hoping you could write a Sara lance imagine where Sara breaks up with the reader but later realizes she made a mistake and tries to get back together with the read hope you can do it.

Sara Lance was one of the best things to ever happen to you. She didn’t flirt with you as much as other people and you were okay with that until you sort of fell in love with her. Things blossomed from there, she’d flirt with you would shyly reply back things were actually pretty great. Pretty soon you added labels to your relationship and she would make special visits in time for you. That’s why as she stared you down and said a certain five words you were beyond confused.

“I’m breaking up with you.” She wasn’t looking at you. You blinked and set the book you had been reading aside, this was very unexpected. You swallowed trying to clear your suddenly parched throat.

“Can I ask why?” You didn’t recognize your own voice. Neither did Sara it seems because her head snapped up and she looked at you with wide eyes. Something warm ran down your cheek and you realized you were crying. You wiped at your eyes angrily, If she isn't going to cry I’m not going to!  

You kept your head stubbornly waiting for an answer you were in your house not the ship or some other unfamiliar place. Sara took a breath, the truth was she loved you and was ready to do anything for you. In her experience that didn’t blow over well in her line of work. “I…” Sara paused searching your sad yet determined eyes, “I just don’t love you like that (Y/n).”

She was lying through her teeth, you could tell by the way her voice wavered every so slightly. Anybody else would of believed her considering the her apologetic yet confident posture and her hard eyes. But you could tell when she lied it was something you had figured out to do. Or you could be imagining it you chewed in the inside of your cheek while Sara stared at you expecting something.

You licked your lips, “Leave please I have things to do and I really don’t need a Liar Lenny messing with my head.” Sara almost smiled in any other situation she would of found your choice of words cute, but this was not any other situation.

Sara sighed softly and thought about saying something, anything to salvage this because she knew after she walked out the door she wouldn’t be able to do anything. She stood up and walked out. “Silly girl,” you mumbled and tied to go back to reading.

You couldn’t breath, your mind was jumbled into one big mess and you just didn’t understand it all. Frustrated you threw the book across the room, and then walked over to pick it up and set on the coffee table. You groaned and flopped on your couch, getting over Sara Lance was going to be hard.

“Another shot!” Sara yelled as she slammed the shot glass on the table in a bar across town. The bar tender raised an eyebrow it was only noon and right now the only reason people were there was because of the afternoon special.

“Uh sure dude but you might want to slow down there are kids here.” said the bartender as she poured the tequila.

Sara sighed and rolled her eyes, “Says the chick with boobs tattooed on her neck.” The bartender’s hand flew to her neck while Sara laughed.

“You know I can kick you out of here right?” Asked the bartender with a glare.

“Ah but if you do who’s going to pay for all these drinks I ordered? I’m sure if I just leave it might come out of your paycheck,” said Sara slyly.

“Touché Blondie.” Said the bartender with a gruff smile.

Sara rolled her eyes and went back to downing her shots. When Sara hit the tenth shot and started eating the complimentary peanuts that nobody ever eats the bartender knew she had to intervene. The bartender frowned and said, “Did you not get laid today or something? Geez.”

“Something like that,” Sara squinted at the bartenders name tag, “Aries, Oh that’s a nice name.” Aries raised an eyebrow and took another guy’s order before returning to the conversation.

“I have a boyfriend.” Aries said cleaning the countertop Sara had spilled her drink on. Sara laughed and Aries allowed a small smile to emerge from her mouth.

“Ooo she smiled I think somebody likes me,” Sara said with a cocky grin the other girl opened her mouth to correct her but just sighed and continued serving small drinks to the adults ballsy enough to risk getting drunk before nightfall.

“I used to have a girlfriend.” Said Sara suddenly when Aries returned to where she was sitting, or more accurately laying on the table.

“Oh that’s rough, what happened?” Asked Aries curiously while trying to get the blonde back into her seat before the manager noticed. Sara didn’t respond as Aries returned her seat and she opened her mouth to ask again but noticed the tense of her shoulders and decided not to ask.

A sort of awkward silence fell upon the two strangers before Aries had to leave to help serve other customers. When she finished her shift and started to go home she noticed Sara sitting in the same spot with the same sad look on her face.

“Geez this girl.” Aries mumbled before texting her boyfriend she’d be late.

“I know it’s not my place, and my friends say I give shitty advice, but you should do something about that pained look on your face.” Aries said approaching Sara with an annoyed look on her face.

“Excuse me?” Sara was tired, angry, and totally ready to show this lady whose boss, if she could move without falling over.

Aries sighed and explained, “I mean that when you love someone you don’t always have to let them go, so if she treats you good and you both really love each other, what’s the harm?” Sara blinked and opened her mouth to speak only to be cut off.

“No, none of that it’s too complicated bullshit everyone understands but doesn’t, See you have to realize that not everybody gets the girl and that when you do your supposed to hold on to her so she doesn’t get away.” Sara sat there stunned, but she understood what the woman was trying to say.

“Thanks Ariel!” Sara said and hurried out the door.

“Wait your drunk, and that isn’t my name!” She shouted out as Sara returned with a sheepish smile.

“Let me call an uber.”

It had been two days since the breakup and for some reason you weren’t fine. You had expected it to really set in after a month or two, the longest time Sara was gone, but for some odd reason the pain attacked you and just stayed there. Not having the decency to come in waves or dull over time. No the hurt didn’t do that, it just stayed there.

You rubbed your eyes and tried to curl back into your covers. You had already called in sick for that week so you could spend it with Sara but sleeping was ok too. To be honest you hadn’t got much sleep for the past two days because the only thing you could do was think about her. The subtle ways she would tell you how she felt even if she didn’t feel like it.

The slight millisecond scrunch of the nose when something was odd or gross, or the tiny content smile that would appear on her lips when she looked at you. Everything just seemed to remind you of her like she had ruined just about everything for you on purpose. It felt like she knew that she couldn’t love you when she had done things that proved otherwise. Everything hurt and for some reason you couldn’t fight that.

So you let everything ache.

Just when you were about to be able to fall asleep again the doorbell rang. You groaned and stood up to go answer the door. “This better be important.” You mumbled to yourself. When you opened the door you slammed it almost immediately.

“Wait!” Said the voice of the only person you did not want to see right now. She knocked on the door desperately and you heard her voice begging to let her explain.

“Go away Sara, haven’t you ruined me enough?” You asked in a defeated tone.

“Please (Y/n), just let me talk, I swear as soon as I’m done you could ignore me or something just let me explain.” She shouted to the door. You put your hand over your mouth to prevent from crying out, this was too much.

“Fine, but through the door.” you mumbled so soft Sara had to but her ear to the door to hear. She smiled it was a start.

“(Y/n) I lied to you, okay? I just couldn’t handle the fact that I loved you and automatically assumed that it was going to go bad one day,” Sara paused and you hate to admit it but you strained your ears to listen.

“I love you more than I can (Y/N) and it hurts every second I’m not with you because… well I don’t know why it hurts but I do know that I would do almost anything for you and that scares the crap out of me.” She said as tears ran down your face.

“I’m not something to use when you get bored.” You said to her.

“Oh god I know (Y/n) god I know.” Sara said pain racking her voice. You swallowed the lump in your throat, you wanted to open the door so badly but the pain she caused was scary overpowering.

“She’s doesn’t love you bro don’t open the door.” The logical part of you reasoned. “Come on she came to her senses didn’t she? Just open the door.” The heartfelt part of you begged.

Tears blurred your vision and your nose felt stuffy. “How do I know?” You asked Sara sadly letting your impulses control you for the first time in a very long time. There was silence on the other side of the door you could tell she was confused it was a very vague question and you would explain but well you really didn’t feel like it at the moment.

How do I know you won’t leave me again?

How do I know if you’re going to lie to me again?

How do I know things will be ok?

How do I know if you really do love me?

The unspoken and unanswered questions ran through your mind. “You don’t, but I will do everything in my power to prove my words right by you, I even give you permission to smack me upside the head if I don’t live by them!”

A cheesy smile appeared on your face and without another word you opened the door.

swannovan  asked:

This might sound odd, but maybe a head-canon about how the Phantomhive manor staff would treat their separate S/O's on their birthdays?

Not odd at all! c:


  • You’re getting a special cake, and he’s going to make it right, and you’re not allowed to complain. It’s going to be your favorite flavor, icing, decorations, the works.
  • If it’s what you want, he might even stop smoking for the entire day on your birthday. That’s how much he loves you.
  • To be honest, he’s really into the whole ‘birthday sex’ idea. But more likely than not, it’s going to end up not being actual sex. The two of you are just going to get naked and cuddle together, and he’s going to fall asleep. Not because he’s too tired or he decided he wasn’t in the mood; because just being there with you feels better to him, at least today.
  • Did somebody say “birthday bouquet”? The flowers he brings you are all arranged specially, and they’re all your favorites from the garden. He didn’t even need a reminder.
  • He’s going to be extra affectionate all day, because he’s usually hesitant to even touch you. Even though he’s still going to be cautious and careful, it’ll be hard for him not to kiss you every opportunity he gets.
  • He’ll probably try to make a cake for you; it’s kind of messy and nowhere near Sebastian’s level of technicality, but it’s Finny’s handiwork. It’s the thought that counts.

Mey Rin

  • She’ll play the ‘naughty maid’ role all day, as long as nobody else is around. Of course, she’s not very good at keeping her balance and seeing things; she might just end up making a mess. At least the two of you will get to clean it up together.
  • If the two of you get some time alone in a room, she’ll use the opportunity to hum a tune and start dancing with you. Her glasses might even come off while she does it, so you can gaze into her eyes properly.
  • Her gift to you is a lovely set of pens that she had engraved with your name on them. Although it doesn’t seem very special to her, it’s the nicest thing she could afford, and her smile when she sees your reaction is enough to light up every lamp in the manor.


  • He comes into your room early to serve you breakfast in bed. It’s all your favorite breakfast foods, juice, tea, milk, with a side of kisses to gently wake you up. Believe it or not, he can be a hell of a romantic.
  • After his duties are done for the day, he’ll pull you aside to spend time with you. The first thing he does is play your favorite song on the piano, then he’ll get up and dance with you for as long as you’re able to dance. Dancing is actually his favorite thing to do with you, and he hopes it will make a good memory for you.
  • When the two of you lie down to sleep, he holds you close and presses his lips to the top of your head. He sings you to sleep with “Happy Birthday to You”.


  • His snakes will all pretty much cuddle up against you for a little while. Eventually, Snake himself will take their place, giving you kisses and whispering “Happy birthday” against your skin, but… well. The two of you are warm, so more than likely, some of the snakes will linger.
  • Although he gets some help from Sebastian, he does his best to make you a special afternoon tea for your birthday. The food and tea served are all your favorites… but he did get reminders from his snakes about what all your favorites were. From now on, he remembers.
  • If you want to go out at any point, even though he’s self-conscious about it, he’ll go because he wants you to be happy and do whatever you want to do today. If he can get you anything as a gift, expect it to be some cheap toy or trinket that just makes him think of you.
If I told you I love you // Toramatsu

“How would you feel, if I told you I loved you?
It’s just something that I want to do
I’ll be taking my time spending my life
Falling deeper in love with you
So tell me that you love me too” 

— How would you feel, Ed Sheeran

@amigoingbananas Since you asked for it, here you go. Well… I’ve been thinking about it and sorry if this was all that I managed to write. ┣¨キ(*゚Д゚*)┣¨キ

There was a loud crash. 

That was all it took for Toramatsu to come running to his Lord’s chambers, face taut from all the possibilities he was imagining in his head. He was just around the corner doing his usual rounds when he heard the disconcerting sound of falling china pieces getting smashed against the wooden floor.

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Not Dumb.

Duckvember #3 and #5 - SPACE and YOUNG DUCK

Summary: After being rejected from the Department of Transportation and Inter-space Travel to be an astronaut, a young Launchpad McQuack reflects on how he started flying planes and gets a fresh start from a new friend.

Length: 3,877 words

Reblogs are nicer than likes!

“McQuack?” a stern dog in a sharp uniform asked, narrow eyes glaring at his clipboard.

With a nervous stammer, Launchpad shot to his feet. “H-here! Launchpad McQuack, at your service!”

The dog didn’t look up from his paperwork. He pulled out a file from under his arm, yanked out a paper and tossed it Launchpad’s general direction.

“The Department of Transportation and Inter-space Travel regrets to inform you your application has been denied,” he deadpanned with practiced ease as the paper floated into the young duck’s shaky hands. “You may direct any and all complaints or comments to our personnel department. All complaints or comments will be filed and if necessary you’ll be contacted within seven work days if your complaint or comment comes under review.” Finally looking up from his paperwork, the old dog flashed a forced grin. “The Department of Transportation and Inter-space Travel thanks you for your interest. Have a nice day,” he recited toothily.

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oh my god im a fool. im a fuckin fool prime ryukita is cooking ramen in ryuji’s apartment on a rainy day where both of them can forget everything that’s going on in their lives and just enjoy each other’s company and Good Food.

like, real ramen, not instant, because actual ramen is actually like, a pain to make there’s a whole bunch of components but i have confidence in them! b/c yusuke likes cooking even though he never has the money for ingredients and ryuji knows his ramen  and fuck yea he’ll go out any buy ingredients for yusuke, it’s technically cheaper than eating out, actually, so he’s totally saving money, yeah? and probably he helps his mom out with cooking so he’s a pretty decent helper in the kitchen too.

and its a Special Afternoon just for the two of them, the rain’s falling gently against the windowpane but the tiny apartment kitchen is warm with steam and the smell of cooking broth and they both feed each other shit and call it taste testing, just because they can even tho its like totally unnecessary. and the kitchen is just a little too small for two people to work without bumping into each other, so there’s some accidental touching, ryuji stirring the broth at the stove probably is standing back to back with yusuke at the cutting board and he’s absolutely, totally aware of yusuke moving behind him oh shit he gotta be careful to not bump yusuke or he might cut himself but also this is…

nice. its just real nice, and domestic and cute,

11 Questions Tag

@nctimagery you are evil (but also a sweetheart ily thank you for tagging me ahh)

1. Construct your ideal kpop family and state the roles of each kpop idol in the family. (with you included)
Parents: honestly,,, CL and GD lmao no regrets watch me show up to the neighbourhood barbecue wearing chanel boots and gucci. I love my parents
Older brother: Johnny
Older sister: Hani
Middle child: me hah
Younger sister: Kyla (protect her asdfjgfd)
Younger brother: Chenle!! or Sanha 

2. Suggest a song to your followers and mutuals. State reason for your choice.
Pretty U by Seventeen asdkjha it’s such a cute song with cute lyrics ugh i’m soft :(

3. State a member of any kpop group you would like to recommend to your mutual(s). (the respective mutuals are originally not stans of that particular group that you recommend them)

4. Try creating an acrostic poem for your bias?
S - Small baby chick who must be protected
I - Is still hella taller than me though
C - China’s king of dance don’t @ me I don’t make the rules
E - Every time he front flips in the firetruck choreo 30 years are added to my lifespan
N - Never gets any lines ????
G - Get it lifted

5. An activity that you would like to do with a kpop idol? Who is that kpop idol?
Visit mountains with Yuta lmao

6. Which kpop idol do you think you are most compatible with?

Originally posted by nctinfo

7. Which song resonates with your life the most? (kpop & non-kpop)
365 FRESH 😎
For non-kpop though probably The Kids From Yesterday by MCR lol bye I’m emo trash (but apparently so are Johnny and TY, so…)

8. What is a skill that you would trade for?
Can I like,,, dance

9. Your proudest achievement?
Getting through GCSEs and my first year of A levels asdgjfd didn’t think I’d survive 

10. Your favourite drink(s) and food(s)?
(Had to google this one because I wasn’t sure what it’s called but) kitsune soba is literally my life and as for drinks I really like peppermint tea lmao

11. Lastly, anything that you would like to say to your followers/ mutuals?
Ahh I love you all!! You all mean something to me whether or not we’ve spoken, and my dms are always open if you need someone to talk to! I hope you all lead successful and fulfilling lives and are surrounded by love and happiness 💖 You are all deserving of good things and I hope the world is kind to you all xx Thank you for supporting me and my trash blog

My questions:

  1. What was your first impression of your bias group?
  2. If you ever saw your bias in real life how would you react?
  3. In your opinion, who is the funniest idol?
  4. What is your favourite kpop choreography?
  5. If you were in a kpop group, what position would you have?
  6. If you could be best friends with any idol or celebrity, who would it be and why?
  7. Can you speak any languages other than your native one? If so, what languages? And is there a language you wish you could speak?
  8. What is your idea of a perfect vacation?
  9. If a genie granted you 3 wishes right now, what would you wish for?
  10. What is something you’ve always wanted to do, but have never done?
  11. Lastly, what are three things you like about yourself?

Won’t tag the same people since I did this previously (@nctimagery unless you want to suffer again 😂 ), so I’ll tag some of my other mutuals and that way I can get to know y’all better: @johnnystransbf @seoksmay @junghansgf @babyisitmayo @chilltaphon @taeyonghost @squishy-hosh (+ anyone else who wants to do this!!)


They moved to sit on the bed, where Penny sat in silence, digesting everything.

Penny: “What is Wilf going to do? Is he going?”

Elizabeth: “No, he actually sort of sent them away this afternoon, in his own special way. He wants to try spending some weekends with them. Of course, if you want you can do the same.”

Penny: “I’m fine, thanks.”

Elizabeth: “Alright. You can think about it. I’m going to go and speak to Bina about this because she’s worrying you’re all going to up and leave her. Will you be alright if I go?”

Penny: “Of course, mum. I think I want some time to myself anyway.”

Elizabeth: “I’ll be right upstairs if you need me.”


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