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Public School Is A Goddamn Disater, Part 2: The Lovecraftian Madness of Machismo

Part 1 here, AKA: the Mantisocalypse (you don;t have to read it to understand this one, but you should anyway)

Content Warnings: Mental Illness, Attempted Murder, Sexual Content, Stalking, Abuse, Animal Abuse Mention, Emetophobia, US Public Education, Military Industrial Complex.  I’ve been told this is my most disturbing story, even if it’s hilarious, so mind your health.  All the names in this story have been changed to protect the innocent and Not-So-Innocent.

This is the story of Recruiting Sergeant Scott VS. The Lacrosse Jocks VS. Yours truly.

To understand this story, you must understand the dystopian hellscape that is US Public High School- I went to the NICE high school in town, with the AP curriculum and new building, where the the kids were generally too obsessed with getting into the ivy league to do anything worse than occasionally smoke on the roof.  Not even weed, just regular cigs.  During their off-periods, so they’d have time to febreeze their clothes and arrive to their next class early.  You know, the most boring fucking kids ever.

AND STILL, we were subjected to the various scourges of US public ed, namely-

-on-campus police officers and regular “what to do in case of a columbine event” drill.  We had Officer Munoz, who was a wonderful Latina Woman with the good sense to focus her efforts on getting kids away from abusive parents rather than persecuting brown kids, but we were VERY lucky on that front.  Still, having someone walking around with a gun and technically the authority to kill you, and having to hide in the science cabinets three times a year fucks you up.  Remember Officer Munoz though, She is Important.

- A weird, cult-like, frankly masturbatory attitude regarding athletic achievement.  The arts and sciences were stuck doing bake sales for supplies while the gym got re-done two years after the school opened.  This was tempered in an odd way at my school in that literally all the sports teams unequivocally sucked, with the exception of 

1.Marching Band, which went to nationals twice in the first two years the school was open 

2.Knowledge Bowl, where kevin and I took the team to 3rd in state in our first year, and only lost because Kevin had an asthma attack so we decided to let the other teams fight over the ‘lesser’ medals 

3.Lacrosse, which didn’t actually didn’t GO anywhere, but was a “real” sport and beat our ‘rival’ school, so the team got to be Big Men On Campus, and get away with all kinds of nonsense like eating in class when everyone else was forbidden or skipping tests for ‘practice’.  The three worst offenders were Dustin, Jack and “Rattlesnake Pete”, all of whom were budding neo-nazis and thus signed up for German.  With our Jewish teacher.  Remember them too.

-On-campus military recruiters.  As in, people who are legally allowed to exaggerate, manipulate and actually lie to minors to convince them to join the armed forces.  Ours was Sergeant Scott, and as much of a skeevy rat as he was I honestly felt bad for him, because remember, academic magnet high school so he had three kinds of kids to work with:

  • Kids who made the physical standards for the armed forces and were all about honoring their country via physical labor, but were dumb as shit and couldn’t pass the written exam.
  • Kids who could pass the written exam and were totally ready to bully some people in the third world, but couldn’t do a pull up if you covered the gym floor in cobras.
  • Kids who passed the physical and mental portions but were uniformly rabidly anti-military industrial complex, to the point where 35 of them crammed into his cubicle in the office he shared with Officer Munoz and Janitor Wendy, so they could hold a sit-in protest of the Iraq war and chant “Impeach Bush” and “War is Murder” at him  Someone chucked red paint on him, because they’re furious immature teenagers.  It was his first day.

Poor bastard.  Remember Him as well.

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agentsokka  asked:

Not sure if you've made posts about it before (sorry if you have!), but could you elaborate more on the alphas not 'getting' each others' main flaws? I'm really curious since I haven't heard their relationships described like that before.

Sure, let me try to articulate what I mean here. 

Basically, the alphas as a group all love each other SO MUCH, which is awesome, they’re this closeknit squad and they’re all so important to each other and their relationships all make me feel enormous sprawling feelings, but the sheer AMOUNT they all love each other sort of blinds them to some of their own needs. They all want to think the very best of each other, and the occasional thoughts they have about each other that aren’t like 100% positive get immediately suppressed and marinated in guilt juice and they try not to acknowledge it and go back to focusing on the good instead. 

So they’re all kind of bottling things up about each other, right? But it doesn’t come from any malicious place, it comes from a place of wanting to be the best they can be because they care about everyone else’s opinion so much but also knowing they aren’t always their best selves – and knowing their friends aren’t always their best selves – but if THEY know their friends sometimes are shitty, that means everyone else might know that THEY are sometimes shitty, too. 

They’re all trying so hard to downplay the bad and upjump the good, which is MUCH MUCH easier to do with online relationships. 

You throw them into physical proximity and suddenly those annoyances you all tried so hard to pretend didn’t bug you that bad and never talked about because talking about unpleasant things is, well, unpleasant, start to boil over. Put that on top of the stressful circumstances that led to several relationships starting the session OFF more strained than usual, and wow. They had no fucking chance. 

I love the alphas so much – they got shit on by a lot of the fandom because their plotline was so internal and cerebral, but that is the kind of shit I LOVE. The betas were all friends, but they never felt like ONE GROUP to me. The full four way group dynamic never crystallized. We always found them interacting one on one and rarely ABOUT one another, because the betas’ conflicts were more or less external. The betas’ story up to Collide was them vs the environment, the game, doc scratch, sburb, the horrorterrors. The alphas’ story is so much about THEM. Their relationships. Them as a group. Their interpersonal issues and foibles and there’s this element of nitty gritty real HUMAN-ness to their struggles that isn’t super present with most of the betas who feel like more fantastical figures that struggle against equally fantastical antagonists. (The betas KIND OF segue into something like this post-Collide, but it’s not expounded upon as much, they’re split into different groups, and also a lot of it got retconned - Jade and John had some interesting moments on the boat but that stuff was probably the biggest victim of the retcon.)


Here’s an example of what I mean to wrap it up: 

Jane and Roxy are best friends, they love each other deeply, you can tell from their every interaction that they care tremendously about each other’s opinion of them, but. Roxy has a drinking problem. This (I think) clearly makes Jane uncomfortable sometimes, but Jane suppresses it and pushes it down because she wants to think the best of Roxy, she minimizes the issue. No one ever confronts Roxy about this very serious problem she has in any real or effective way (not just Jane, NO ONE does this) because they all want to think the best of her and oh… haha….. it’s just a little foible… just  a quirk…. it’s cool…. not a big deal …. I’m sure roxy has her life under control no big deal!!

Basically EVERY alpha relationship has something like this going on. Everyone downplays how much the AR bugs them because hey I’m sure Dirk has things under control he probably does this on purpose god Dirk you’re so silly jeez Dirk we’d really like to talk to you instead of your fucking hell robot sometimes but oh well I’m sure Dirk knows what he’s doing ho hum let’s all downplay how much this actually bothers us because we want to think the best of Dirk and can’t imagine him ever creating a situation he genuinely cannot deal with or control because well gosh he’s just so capable!

Everyone downplays how selfish Jake can be because oh well Jake is just silly he’s so nice he doesn’t MEAN to be this way I mean it’s JAKE how could Jake English ever do something as vaguely malicious as take advantage of how he KNOWS Jane never really says what she’s thinking if that thing is hard to say and use that to his advantage to give him a perfectly reasonable out on having to tell her he isn’t interested in a romantic relationship with her and then, KNOWING she actually did have a huge crush on him, constantly inundate her with his issues with his boyfriend for months thereafter. Surely Jake could never be that manipulative he’s so nice!! (NOTE: I love Jake English, specifically BECAUSE of things like this, I honestly would not like him if he were actually the way fanon paints him all the time, some weak cinnamon roll that can do no wrong.) 

etc etc etc

This is why I love the alphas! They are a group of fucked up teenagers who are all struggling so fucking bad but all need their friends to believe everything is ok, and who need to believe their friends are ok, who want so bad for each other to be happy that they sabotage themselves both individually and as a group in misguided attempts to pretend at and manufacture that happiness without actually doing the hard work of fixing the underlying issues preventing them from TRULY achieving it. 

(The one issue, as with most things in Homestuck that I have issues with, is that we are not shown the resolution to these arcs and struggles in canon, boooooooooooooooooooooo)

a not at all complete list of Thing That Have Gone Wrong for aaron and robert when it comes to sex

blame @robertisbisexual & @lastgoldsun for half of this, honestly. anyways, the funny and awkward moments when it comes to sex are the best and are what we neglect as a fandom so i got u. 

  • robert is very defensive of his age, and he is not old, thank you very much. the back pain he had for two weeks after aaron suggested they try and new position was nothing to do with his age. absolutely nothing at all.
  • aaron starts a new habit of massaging robert’s back post sex, and its lead to robert making some very strange noises that make aaron laugh for days afterward (thank you @lastgoldsun!!)
  • aaron put a ban on shower sex for a month after robert slipped in the shower and nearly cracked his skull open on the glass door and had to go to a&e mid-morning (it was just a concussion.)
  • aaron got a little over enthusiastic running up the stairs one evening (post a few pints) and started unbuttoning his jeans before he even got to the top set, which resulted in him tripping over the denim and cutting his chin open on those stupid metal stairs robert had put in their house. 
  • robert was convinced he could hold aaron up so they could have sex against a wall once, but really overestimated his own strength and dropped aaron (who narrowly avoided splitting his head open on their chest of drawers.)
  • robert makes a really high pitched whining noise mid sex once, and aaron just loses it completely and it ruins the mood (thank u to @lastgoldsun for this one again!)
  • aaron decides to grow a proper beard, one winter, because he’s twenty six and those are the kind of things twenty six year olds think are good ideas, you know? robert doesn’t mind it too much at the start but realises very quickly that aaron has amped up the beard burn robert’s thighs have to suffer now by about 1000%, which leads to a very uncomfortable dinner at wishing well where robert is determined to not sit down, and aaron can’t stop laughing. every time aaron gets a compliment on the new longer beard that encourages him to keep it (lisa thinks the beard makes aaron look like a proper country lad, and aaron grins for about an hour) robert dies a little inside.
  • (the mountain man beard lasts another month before robert threatens to stop having sex with him.)
  • they decide to get a bit adventurous one evening (use ur imaginations) and it just…. doesn’t work on any level and they find the whole experience so absolutely hilarious they end up laughing for like a solid hour, and forget they were so turned on in the first place they barely made it up the stairs.
  • robert tells bad jokes in bed. this is just a fact. he likes seeing aaron laugh, and when robert tells a spectacularly bad joke, he does this cute thing where he scrunches his entire face up and just laughs with his whole body, and robert thinks its the greatest thing ever.
  • when aaron stops wearing hair gel, robert breathes a literal sigh of relief, because he’s spent two years ending up with sweat sticky hair gel all over his face and neck because of aaron’s obsession with having a gel helmet on at all times (thank u @lastgoldsun again!)
  • aaron fell out of bed once. they don’t really even remember how it happened, but it did and robert will never forget the shocked look on aaron’s face as he got up from their bedroom floor (it was hilarious)
  • robert won’t talk about the chocolate sauce incident anymore. but it did lead to them throwing out a very expensive set of john lewis bedsheets, and robert suspiciously wearing sunglasses for three days straight mid november.

One awesome thing I love about Klance and Sun/Moon metaphors/symbolism is the fact that their character dynamic and qualities allow them to fit either role, pretty well at that.

Like the usual assignment you see is Lance as the sun, for his warm and bright personality, and then Keith as the moon, for being comparatively quieter and lonesome/aloof—an interesting consideration given that their role (sun/moon) symbolizes the other’s element.

But like in this post, they can also fit the opposite dynamic: Keith, aside from his temperament coinciding with the sun as heat/light, with his natural talent for flying and fighting, is the “bright star” everyone is aware of and on whom people’s hopes are pinned on. But then you still have that element of loneliness—as the sun, with his potential and skill, he can lighten up the world by himself, even more than the moon and stars could do together, but that’s a very lonely job. His ferocity may get a little dangerous too: when the sun’s heat becomes too much, many things can get affected. You can consider the magnitude of the sun’s importance too, as it sheds light on all the planets and is the center of our solar system.

Meanwhile, Lance is the moon, overlooked because 1) he doesn’t shine as bright as the sun, 2) shines during a time when people are asleep or do not want or are afraid to go out (i.e., night), 3) only reflects the sun’s (Keith’s) light, and 4) has a “lesser” role than the sun (it being much smaller and rotating only around Earth). But the moon is rarely ever lonely in its sky despite the darkness, because there will always be a star or two with it—Lance is a team player after all. And the moon is never in just one phase all the time—it changes every phase, changing how much we can see and how much we can’t. And while the sun is the one the planets revolve around (Keith is the one given attention to), the moon is the one who revolves around the earth—Lance is the one who gives attention to people. And despite being smaller, it keeps the Earth stable as it rotates and stabilizes the climate/temperature as well.

The bottom line here is I like how complex they can both be, never falling into just one role or the other. And even better is the fact that they complement each other so well either way.

So I stood on the scales today and I’m 11st 8lb? Ive gone right back up, Like seriously what the actual heckin heck?!

So darn me yesterday thinking ah I’ve done so well lately I think after dinner, I’m going to have some nicecream with strawberries and a few sticky dates. Silly me, thinking the remote bit of indulgence wouldn’t affect me.

Hahahaha because why shouldn’t I just stay this size forever, right? I only work my ass off with eating healthy. I wouldn’t mind if I woke up had a big bowl of chocolate cereal then proceeded to eat every junk food thing humanely possible.

It’s days like these that honestly make me feel like giving up, and letting myself turn into the giant human blob I’m obviously meant to be. Going to the supermarket + loading my trolley up with everything I darn well want to eat for a change.

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okay you know what pisses me off? the fact that every other love interest kara has had, it has ended because of things that happen have even to her and mon-el

with adam, she didn’t think it was meant to be because they were always interrupted (via kidnapping or other means). with james, it was the same damn thing. they were getting interrupted constantly. that led her to think that the universe was telling her not to do it, that she wasn’t ready and needed to focus on her

now, i’m not knocking that. i’m knocking the fact that that same shit happens with mon-el. their first kiss was under a poison/drug induced mon-el who pretended it never happened. their other “flirtations” were interrupted or kara showed obvious disinterest. and their latest “thing” was interrupted again. but kara will bend over backwards to make this work, right? because he’s basic straight cis white boy #3 and that’s who she’s meant to be with because oh don’t the cw just love their basic white boys who give nothing to the plot but take everything from the leading ladies and the men of colour who should be getting the screen time (and the girl), and also the lesbians


not again

hey uh just a small teeny tiny reminder tht if ur a terf/truscum ths blog is Not For U

Side Effects of Being Human - Drake x MC, A Royal Romance Fanfic

#ChoicesCreates Carnival Round 13

Prompt: Betrayal

Book: The Royal Romance

Rating: T

Pairing: Drake x MC.

Hosted by @firefly-hwufanficwriter this week.

[A little note:  Sometimes shower thoughts lead me to interesting places. I scribbled things here and there until I could flesh out something that works well with the prompt this week. I have been writing this on and off for days with in mild annoyance and frustration . It is also extremely long and I apologize. I wanted to try writing from both their perspectives instead of one. I think you can guess where this is headed.]

[Summary: Drake can’t keep thinking about MC because he knows those thoughts can lead to dangerous places where she’s concerned. He doesn’t want to hurt his best friend and ultimately refuses to. MC can’t stop thinking about Drake, even though her mind tries to convince her otherwise. Neither of them wants to betray the prince’s trust, and neither of them are willing to until tonight. ]

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It doesn’t happen the way they always say it should. Love at first sight; the overtly cliché idea that someone can fall for another by simply meeting for the first time – silly stories they teach little girls and little boys growing up.  There is no danger of that. There is no danger of falling in love for two people so different.

He’s just bitter, she thinks.

She’s in way over her head, he thinks.

They do not understand they have far more in common than either realizes; not until he opens up to her about his sister and not until she speaks of her own dysfunctional family. Their friendship is slow, and rocky at best. It doesn’t take much for a misstep to occur. For their feet to stumble and touch a begrudgingly sore spot until they search again for common ground. Soon, the frigid disdain they once had for each other begins to thaw. 

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That time when @yorkiepug had me fully convinced that they don’t sell Pepsi in Minnesota – as in it was a Coke-only state – and I was seriously very upset and was wondering how I can bring a bottle with me on the plane.

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Hashtag Steph is a Gullible Git.

The Date [Jughead Jones x Reader]

I firstly wanted to say, please don’t judge me, it’s my first time writing on tumblr and I am new to this so… yeah. And I may write a part two for this?? Idk

Part 2
Part 3

Summary : When you have a date with Reggie and ask your best friend, Jughead to help you out, everything changes.

You were sitting on your bed, staring at your phone thinking at him and only him. Your childhood friend, your first friend, your partner in crime, your first true love… You were debating whether or not it was a good idea to text him and start from zero. Leave it all in the past and be again the Y/N and Jughead everyone thought were a couple. 

But you couldn’t. Not after everything that’s happened that night, two weeks ago.

For the love of God, Y/N, would you shut up?” Jughead put his head into his hands as you hit him in the shoulder. “This is crucial, Juggie!” You yelled again, hitting him in the shoulder.

You were going on a date with Reggie that night. It was a nice Friday afternoon and you were rambling on with what should you wear and how should you act. You asked Archie before asking Jughead, but he didn’t think you, going on a date with Reggie was a good idea, and neither did your other good pals, Betty, Veronica and Kevin. It’s not that Jughead thought that it would be a good idea for you to go on a date with Reggie, but he was your friend and respected your crush on the jock.

Except that it wasn’t a crush.

Reggie had always flirted with you and tried picking you up, but you always refused, since your heart belonged to your closest friend, Juggie. Except that no one knew that. You’ve known him your entire life and at the end of ninth grade you realized that you were falling for the brunette boy. Hard.

After a while you started accepting the fact that Jug(Y/N) was never gonna happen and said yes to Reggie. What bad could’ve possibly happen on only one date?

Look, I know that this is your first date, but you gotta chill. Really.” Jughead said in a serious tone. You sighed and looked at him from across the table. You pouted and with a quick move you took a few fries throwing them into your mouth and chewed with a pout. “Unbelievable.” He looked at the ceiling, then back at you. “This is important!”  You basically yelled. “Maybe this is all a sign that you shouldn’t go on that date.” He shrugged. You glared at him. “I thought you had no problem with my date.” He sighed. “If I help you with this “date”, will you please shut up?” You smiled and nodded. 

Everything had happened so fast. You left  Pop’s Chock’lit together, as Reggie was supposed to come pick you up in two hours, so you and Jughead went to your place so you could get ready. You were trying on different outfits as you didn’t want to look too nerdy or too slutty, as Jughead was commenting on them. You tried on a wavy maroon dress and Jughead had lost it. It was the first time he ever saw you wearing a dress.

Okay, how does this one look?” You asked, stepping out of the bathroom to see a very surprised Jughead on your bed, in the same position he had been for the past twenty minutes. He was speechless. “Beautiful.” He mumble, getting up and stepping towards you. You gave him a soft smile and looked at your feet, as your cheeks were turning pink. “You are gorgeous, Y/N.” He lifted up your chin. Was this really happening? 

You were looking each other in the eyes, and then you couldn’t hold back anymore. You grabbed his neck and pulled him down to give him the most passionate kiss you could ever give. 

But he didn’t respond to the kiss. 

Echo (Peter Parker Imagine)

Summary: (Y/N) is a mutant with the ability to create sounds to manipulate the matter around her as well as use it to create echoes for locating people and learning her surroundings without even having to open her eyes. She has no friends as she wanted to keep her distance due to her vigilante lifestyle but also to keep herself safe. That is until she continuously had run ins with the Spider’s real life self- Peter.

A/N: No prompts or anything but it is my first imagine so any feedback is appreciated! I did twist the story line of the Hulk for this, but it’ll make sense during this chapter and later ones. (If I decide to do more 😜)

Warnings: Bad character writing lmao

I’m going to say REQUESTS ARE OPEN! (For the first time lmao)

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“Hey, Ned! Wait up!” (Y/N)‘a voice carried across the courtyard, catching not only the boys attention but everyone within the vicinity. (Y/N) was a peculiar girl who didn’t have friends. She preferred to have people as acquaintances due to her circumstances of having a particular vocal skill set and abnormally good hearing- as she liked to say.

There were smaller abilities such as slightly enhanced endurance and strength but nothing compared to the likes of Captain America or even Spider-man.

In reality, she had mutated vocal chords which could shatter, warp or even hypnotise people and the objects around her. She also had the ability to echo sounds off of her surroundings a useful locating technique that could give her visuals of the world around her. However, due to her young age, she had a long way to go before she mastered her abilities.

“Oh, hey (Y/N)! What’s up?” The Leeds boy smiled at her. (Y/N)’s eyes slid to the nervous slick backed hair boy next to Ned before returning. “I was wondering if you wanted to get a start on our history project today, after school?you mentioned you were free anytime so I assumed haha. I mean it’s totally cool if you can’t-”

“No! No, I can, at mine or would you prefer yours? AlsodoyoumindifPetercomeswith?! We were going to study together this afternoon anyway.” Ned’s fast ramblings probably wouldn’t have been understood by the normal ear, however having advanced hearing assisted (Y/N).

“No- yeah that’s cool, you guys can come to mine. As long as Peter doesn’t mind me crashing your study date.” (Y/N) kept her face straight while glancing at Peter. “W-what? N-no! We aren’t- we’re not-!” A laugh broke through (Y/N)‘s lips, cutting Peter off.

“I know, I’m just messing.” She smiled over at Peter sweetly, causing a blush to crawl up his neck. (Y/N) smiled and waved goodbye to the fairly odd boys and said she’d see them this afternoon.

“Ned…” Peter said while both boys watched (Y/N) walk away. “Yeah…”

“Why didn’t you tell me you were partnered up with…her?” Ned laughed and turned to Peter, patting his shoulder. “I wanted it to be a surprise.”

(Y/N) smiled to herself, having heard the whole conversation while walking away.


(Y/N) waited by the exit to the school thinking about her current friendless situation. She’d never actually considered having friends, only acquaintances, as she couldn’t take the chance of anyone finding out about her mutations.

She was friendly and cautious enough but didn’t want to risk it, especially after the Sokovia Accords came out. Of course, it didn’t stop her venturing out during the night to stop the predators that lurked the streets- masked of course.

So deep in thought, (Y/N) didn’t see the sweater wearing boy approach her. “Hey-” (Y/N) screams and instinctively threw her hand out hitting Peter in the face. Nobody moved for a minute before moving into action.

“Oh my god-!” (Y/N) began, Peter continuing.

“(Y/N)! I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to-!”

“Why are you apologising I-!”

Each stumbling over each other to apologise. “- for startling you and not-”
But (Y/N) eventually got her words in.


Grabbing his chin, she turned his face to the side to inspect the red mark. He didn’t wince he just looked down at the girl who inched closer to his face to see the damage. If Peter was normal, her hit could have caused some broken bones but luckily he was very much beyond the word ‘normal’.

“Am I interrupting something?” Ned pipes in finally, having witnessed the entire encounter. (Y/N) laughed softly as Peter moved out of her hold and scratched the back of his neck.

“Nope! Anyways let’s get going, I have things to do at six.”

The three made their way to the subway and jumping off at (Y/N)’s usual station. Peter discovered that (Y/N)’s apartment is was only a couple blocks from his own but in a more ‘high class’ area.

“(Y/N)… you live here?” Ned gasps staring up at the tall building as he follows her past the front doors.

“Good afternoon Nina!” (Y/N) greets the door woman as said woman opens the door for the three teens. “Good afternoon Miss Banner. Made some new friends I see?”

Nina raises an eyebrow at the two gawking boys trailing after her. (Y/N had known the older woman since she was a child so these questions weren’t that strange to her.

“Hmm” (Y/N) stops to think glancing over at the boys who were inspecting the large red and gold themed lobby. Making eye contact with Peter, who quickly looks away, (Y/N) smiles while still looking at Peter.

“Well, who knows. They’re a little different from the rest.” Smiling at Nina, (Y/N) ushers the boys the elevator and as the doors shut behind her, they begin their questioning.


“So you’re telling me that your p-parents work as a top engineer and scientist for T-tony Stark?!” Peter exclaimed as (Y/N) explained her parent’s wealth.

(Y/N) glanced down, not exactly comfortable with people knowing about her parent’s positions. “Well for Stark Industries, Pepper’s CEO so technically they work for her, but they’ve seen and talked to Mr. Stark before. Plus my dad is a bit of a free lancer as well.”

The boys could do nothing but stare at the girl, how did nobody in her school know of this. Of course, it’s because she didn’t go out of her way to let people know, much like Flash Thomson did.

“Okay so shall we actually study or are you guys wanting to gawk at any other part of the building?” (Y/N) raised one eyebrow. Ned was of course still gawking.

“L-lead the w-way (Y/N)” Peter said softly seeing the discomfort on her face.
Finally opening up her front door, Ned let out another gasp.

“Ned, be cool man,” Peter whispered in his ear, but of course (Y/N)’s super hearing caught it.

Ned responded just as quietly while she pretended to busy herself with her bag. “Yeah, you’re right. This is (Y/N) we’re talking about here. Do you reckon I’ve got a shot?”

“Wait, what? Whatever just be cool man, I think we’re freaking her out with all the staring.” Peter whispers quickly, glancing up at (Y/N) who was looking through the mail on the bench.

Before Ned could reply (Y/N) cut in. “Alright let’s study in my room, c'mon” she gestured to follow her and a slight squeak was heard from one of the boys. However, when she turned to find the source of the noise, both boys were looking in opposite directions pretending not to hear anything.


Upon entering (Y/N)’s room, both boys glanced around, taking in what a girls room looked like.

Peter instantly spotting a desk covered in a multitude of art things and sheets of scribbling. Something familiar amongst the drawings. Picking it up carefully he inspected the drawing of a mask that he had seen many times before. The Spider-Man mask.

(Y/N) laughed lightly next to him. “You’ve caught me. I’m a bit of a Spidey fan.” Peter turned his head to look at her and smiled softly but nervously, (Y/N) returning the smile - both unable to look away.

A crash came from behind them. Turning they catch Ned on the floor and a bunch of DVDs surrounding him. “You have a lot of movies (Y/N)” Ned laughed lightly from the floor. She laughed, helping him up.

“Let’s actually study, shall we?”

A couple hours later and a lot of strange conversations that had nothing to do with their history projects or homework, (Y/N)’s parents arrive home.

A knock was heard on the door before a tall man with glasses and an awkward demeanor enters. “Hey (Y/N) I didn’t know we had company”

“Yeah sorry. They came to study and work on a project we have together. This is Ned Leeds and Peter Parker. Guys this is my Dad.”

He held out his hand politely shaking Ned’s hand before replying as he shook a wide-eyed Peter Parker’s hand.

Bruce Banner, it’s good to finally meet some friends of (Y/N).”Peter definitely knew who he was.

24.01.17 | 3%

wow honestly i’m amazed at how i went for two weeks without uploading despite my resolution to be more active ;; but anyway here’s what i’ve been up to today! finally semi-satisfied with my photo and editing skills bc i took this in natural lighting as soon as i got back from school. so with this new posting situation everything that i upload is going to be from the day before because it’s not possible to post real time if i’m going to be taking pictures in the early afternoon ;w;

aaa enough rambling, here’s what’s pictured: practice questions on vectors (including some mistakes and corrections i made), bio notes from the beginning of our unit on reproduction, and prose analysis from english! 

also i made a studygram with a few friends so it would be nice if you all could visit over there! ig: studybitches