afternoon picnic

Grown up birthday parties are so dull and boring like no I don’t wanna go to a bar late at night and drink and dance in a place full of strangers, I want to spend an afternoon having a nice picnic in your garden with our other friends, I want to pick flowers while we tell each other small secrets, I want to go on swings and roll in the grass, I want to eat candies and watch the sunset sitting somewhere quiet. That’s my kind of party.

Getting dressed for the trans picnic this afternoon.

Pretty blue dress with red floral print, probably a denim jacket, my Dragonslayer boots (I call them that because they’re metallic gold/brown snakeskin New Rocks)…. Deciding whether or not to wear that red hat you all saw the other day.

I’m going because a couple of friends invited me, and to make sure any unsavory characters are removed.
Monsta X as your boyfriend

I decided I wanted to do a head canon for what MX would be like as your bf because I’m bored and I feel bad about posting my Hyungwon smut late.


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☞ This adorable fluff ball would be all about that PDA, he would want the whole world to know how lucky he is to have you by his side

☞ He would be one of those boyfriends to talk nonstop about how amazing you are to his friends

☞ Would always see if he could help you with anything in any way such as carrying grocery bags or shopping bags

☞ He’d love to see you get flustered by something he said. He might even go as far as to whisper dirty talk into your ear while you two are in public, just to see how cute and adorable you look when your face gets all flushed

☞ If you ever had a problem or were going through a tough time, he’d be right there by your side to help solve the problem. He would hate seeing your pretty face scrunch up into sadness

☞ He would probably get a jealous if other guys flirted with you in front of him. He would make it very clear to the guy flirting with you that you were already taken

☞ If you were ever sad he would instantly try (and succeed) to make you smile with his aegyo. He would do just about anything to see you have a cute little smile on your face, even if you weren’t sad

☞ Lastly, I think he’d love to give you hugs. Whether it be sneak attacking you from behind with back hugs, or bear hugging you when you needed comfort, or just a simple greeting hug. Overall he’d treat you right and be an adorable boyfriend


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☞ Okay ma fellow Pisces boi would be all about that fluff and loyalty

☞ He would be so adorably cheesy all the time that it’s almost too much to handle

☞ Whenever he would take you out for a date he would make sure to think it through really well and always make it more special than the last. He might take you stargazing with a picnic, a romantic dinner on a ferry boat in the evening, or any other really cheesy dates that you can think of

☞ He would always be pretty happy and playful but if you needed him to be sensitive and to be serious he’d be really good at it. He would listen to you and try his best to understand how you’re feeling so he can be there for you. If you started crying while talking about your problems he would definitely start empathetically crying (it’s just how us Pisces roll man lmao)

☞ If you didn’t pay attention to him or didn’t respond to his text he would probably get a little needy. He might text you three or four more times, call you, or bug you until you do finally pay attention to him

☞ He would always make sure that he would never hurt you in any possible. He could never forgive himself if he made you cry or even a little bit upset

☞ Like Jooheon, he would talk about you a lot but in a different way. He would talk like some romantic poet talking about their soulmate. (His friends would instantly sigh or roll their eyes the second he started talking about you like it was some Shakespearean play)

☞ Lastly, he would love holding your hand. Everywhere you two go together, he would just love the feeling of your soft hand in his. It would make him feel almost safe and secure especially if he was feeling anxious. Overall he would be cheesy af, would express how much he loves you at an almost annoying consistency, and would always make sure you’re happy


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☞ This shy thicc boi would be quite the cutie (they’re all cuties tho tbh)

☞ Unlike Jooheon and Wonho, he would probably be more nervous or shy about PDA. A peck on the cheek, a small hug, or holding hands is probably as far as he’d go when it comes to PDA

☞ However, if he felt that you were in some sort of danger or if a guy was checking you out he would wrap his arm around your shoulder, bringing you close to his body. He would feel the need to protect you from any possible threat to you (or to him for that matter)

☞ He would take you out on simple but sweet dates. Maybe a classic movie date, some food at a nice restaurant, or even getting some takeout and having an afternoon picnic at a park

☞ He might be a bit hesitant at first to open up to you about emotions and what’s really bothering him when he’s upset, but once he did let you in, he gave you full access. He would tell you anything and everything you wanted to know about him

☞ Just as you’re there for him when he needs you, he’s always willing to talk and to be there for you. Even if it was 2am and you called him because you had a bad dream and wanted to hear his voice to calm you down, he would be there. He would probably even drive over to stay with you for the rest of the night

☞ He would love to goof around with you. You would both embrace your inner freaks and just dance like idiots if you guys were listening to music together (he might even switch to sexy dancing just to throw you off your guard). Or if you two were watching a bad movie you would both mock the poorly acted scenes and then burst into giggles

☞ He would love to show off his dancing skills to you. If he was practicing a choreo and he wanted a second opinion about how he’s doing he would consult you. He might even throw in a few body rolls and hip thrusts to make you blush. Overall he’d be a pretty shy, kind hearted, goofy boyfriend


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☞ Our adorable maknae would be the most memey of the bunch, especially when he’s around you

☞ Kind of like Wonho I think Changkyun would always love to see you laugh and smile because of him. He would do it in a different way than Wonho though, he’d be as memey as he possibly could be. He sometimes might even embarrass the crap out of you in public because of it

☞ He would be a total sweetheart and very flirty with you, even after he got you to go out with him. Sometimes he might just casually wink at you out of pure instinct

☞ He wouldn’t be extremely vocal or obvious if he was jealous of some other guy. He would go really silent for a while, just listening and that’s how you would know something was up. He wouldn’t want to voice that he was jealous because he didn’t want you thinking that you didn’t trust him

☞ He would love going on dates where you picked out what you guys were doing. He loves pretty much everything you decide and he wouldn’t want to make a fuss over something as small as a date location

☞ He would be very cautious to not make you upset, he wouldn’t want you to have any reason to break up with him anytime soon. He cares so much about you and loves telling you just how much everyday

☞ This guy would absolutely adore snuggling with you. He would be coming over to your place all the time just so he could lay down and snuggle with you, maybe lightly sniffing your naturally an amazing scent every once in awhile.

☞ He might be a little bit more squeamish than the others about talking about emotions and things like that. It would scare him a little bit to see how serious or hurt you looked while speaking. He would be so appreciative that you shared your emotions with him and that you opened up to him. But what would make him squeamish would be seeing you look so sad and worn down. He might try to make light of the situation in a tasteful way to make you smile again.

☞ He would open up to you because he wants there to be an even bigger bond between the two of you. He would feel so happy after talking to you about his serious issues or problems. He would love knowing that you listened and truly cared about how he was feeling. Overall he would be a very flirty, appreciative, and respectful boyfriend


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☞ This cute little savage would be all about teasing you

☞ He of course would mean it lovingly but he might playfully make fun of you for something and you two would play a small roasting game of who’s the bigger savage

☞ He would be a little over exaggerated sometimes. If he was worried that hot guy at your workplace was trying to get with you, he’d come over during your lunch break with an expensive bouquet of flowers, a box of your favorite candy, and offer to take you out for an expensive lunch

☞ He would be possessive at times, getting worried that you wanted to leave him because he thought you were too good for him. If he thought a guy liked you, even if they were a close friend, he would be VERY obvious about showing his jealousy. He would get really clingy and start talking about how much he loved being with you and what’s so amazing about you. He might even get so jealous that he would touch you very teasingly. Like he’d start massage your thigh with his hand, slowly creeping upwards, maybe brushing-oKAY THIS IS GETTING TOO DIRTY I APOLOGIZE. bASiCaLLy, just trying to get you excited so he could take you back home and clarify (more to himself then you) that you were his

☞ He would take you out on two kinds of dates: classy and casual. It all depends on what kind of a mood you both were in. Maybe you wanted to just wear a baggy t-shirt and some sweatpants and go to that sushi place close by. Or maybe you two wanted to be fancy and get dressed up to go to a nice restaurant

☞ As far as emotions go, he probably wouldn’t really open up to you about his emotions until he knew for sure that he was in a loving and safe relationship. He would have a lot he would want to tell you, it might even become a little too much at times. He’s pent up so much for so long, just waiting for the right person to come along and unlock the key to what’s really inside of him

☞ He would recognize how amazing it was that you listened to him so much about his feelings that he would be sure to be just as good of a listener. He would want to make sure that you knew you were loved, cared for, and not alone. Whatever you’d be going through, he would be there every single step of the way

☞ He might get a little bit insecure at times but he would make sure that you would know that that’s all him and not your fault at all. He would tell you he might get jealous because of his insecurities and he would hope you would understand. Overall he would be a teasing, loving, and passionate boyfriend


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☞ My turtle’s turn :,)

☞ Hyungwon would be the surprise romantic. He’s even more romantic than Wonho. (What do you expect from a guy who writes poetry)

☞ He would be really fluffy all the time, like REALLY fluffy. He might not take as much initiative to do PDA because he’s more reserved, but he would secretly pray that you would grab his hand and hold it while you two walked through the mall.

☞ He would find the most romantic and sentimental places for the two of you to go on dates. He would make things special just for you because of how much he adores you. He would give you your favorite flower at the beginning of each date, urging you to tuck it behind your ear so it could sit against your hair

☞ If he ever needed comfort he would instantly call or text you, asking you to come over. He loves feeling comforted by your warm hugs that you always give him, he would never want to let go of you. He could stay locked in your arms forever, the soothing feeling of your hands slowly massaging his back as you hugged him made him want to die in your arms.

☞ He would live for hugging, snuggling, and cuddling with you. If it could be a career to do that all day, he would gladly do so. The feeling of you wrapped around his back as you spooned him right before he fell asleep would be heavenly.

☞ Speaking of sleeping he would love sleeping with you too. (No not like that u pervs) He would love taking naps with you since you’re both bears at heart and would much rather sleep all day and stay in the warm comforts of your bed rather than getting up and doing things

☞ He would get jealous easily too. He wouldn’t be clingy like Ki would but if you two were hanging out with a friend and said friend was flirting with you, he would try and come up with an excuse to get the two of you out of there so he could spend some time with you alone. He wouldn’t try to make it obvious or anything because he wouldn’t want to embarrass you or anything like that

☞ He would of course be a living meme and use his normal quirkiness to make you laugh. And you’re quirkiness would make him crack up too. You two would just be ‘The Living Meme’ couple. Overall he would be romantic af, shy, and very loving


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☞ My other savage over here

☞ This little bitch would be as sweet as apple pie to you. Didn’t matter where or when, he would just always be a little bundle of happiness and screams 

☞ It would probably be pretty embarrassing to go to an arcade with him. He would probably start screaming for no reason and make everyone think he was some weird ass guy. So you would have to make sure to steer clear of places that could make him competitive

☞ He would take you out on nice dates, similar to Shownu, they’d be simple but sweet. He would give you a red rose or even a bouquet a lot before or after your dates

☞ Very similar to Ki, he would get jealous. Like really jealous. If the threat to him was talking to you while he was there, you can bet that he would straight up walk up to you and make out with you. This guy has nothing to hold back, and he’s not about subtlety. He might even tell the guy some snarky comment like “You can go use your hand instead of trying to use my angel.”. He would DEFINITELY be teasing you hardcore in public. If you two were at a dinner with friends and he got a little bit jealous because your waiter was checking you out, he might slip his hand underneath the tablecloth where no one could see so he could trace his fingers up your thigh and he would dig straight into palming at your clothed-OKAY I CLEARLY FAILED AT TRYING TO NOT MAKE THIS SMUTTY…YOU GET THE IDEA

☞ He would be very open with you about his emotions and would probably want to hear more about what was up with you and why you might be feeling sad that day. He would gladly provide his shoulder for you to cry on if you needed it. He would pull you in close, hugging you to his chest as you sobbed lightly against his shirt. He would tenderly rub your back as you cried and stroke your hair, the touches making you feel a million times better

☞ I think it just goes without saying that he’d be all about that PDA yo. You two would be that couple that everyone has to tell to get a room like 24/7. He’d be all over you whether it be hugging, kissing, or holding hands, he would somehow find a way to make it so exaggerated that everyone would be disgusted by how cute and romantic and horny you two were. Overall he’d be a sweet, affectionate, and extra af boyfriend

Mother Knows Best: Rumbelle 6x17 fix-it

Summary: Post 6x17 “Awake,” Rumple returns to the shop to tell Belle that the Black Fairy has Gideon’s heart, and Belle can’t keep silent any longer. 
Rating: T    WC: 3294
A/N: Because I needed Rumple to talk to Belle about the Black Fairy having Gideon’s heart, and for Belle to confront the Black Fairy. Thanks to the wonderful @rowofstars for looking this over.

{On AO3}

This conversation wasn’t going to be easy.

Rumplestiltskin slowed his stride as he approached the front door of the shop, pulling out his pocket watch. It was nearly midnight, and he turned the key in the lock with a leaden heart. He wasn’t anxious to reveal what he had learned to Belle. The truth was, he’d been bluffing when he confronted his mother about holding Gideon in thrall. It had been a lucky guess based on magical intuition, and in her surprise, the witch had admitted her guilt.

He opened the door and hung his overcoat on the rack inside the door, pausing to light a few candles that dotted the tops of the display cases. Stop stalling, fool. He ran a hand through his hair and sighed, then dragged his feet toward the back room. Belle would yet be poring over magical texts both light and dark, as she had been every night, until the wee hours.

It was one of several areas on which they’d come to a compromise. They would pursue any and all possible ways of bringing their son back to them; nothing was declared off limits so long as they agreed to it together.

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interest [evan h. x reader]

( Can you do a one shot where Evan Hansen just keeps talking and talking about trees to the reader and she finds it adorable? Thanks! )

honestly this gives me a excuse to basically sit and write never ending sentences so i’m down for it!! (i’m kidding. at least a little.) but i legit love this because endless rambling??? i do that a lot lol

 warnings: none! it gets fluffy and i lo v e i t

      Sunny days were the best for you and Evan. While cuddling while it was raining was always lovely, sunny days were perfect for bringing a blanket and going out to the park and just cloud-gazing for a few hours - or maybe bringing along a small lunch and something sweet, if you were lucky, because Evan was amazing at baking. So one Saturday afternoon, you and Evan got in your car and went to the orchard for once rather than the park, and toted out a blanket and a lunch for a afternoon picnic.

      The two of you found a spot and set up the little picnic, and you watched as Evan looked out at the trees.

      “Did you know, um,” he began, “that the, uh, bigger trees will share nutrients with the smaller ones? It’s really cool, because it’s this whole idea of helping each other out which people do and trees do it too, and, uh,” he smiled and looked back to you, his cheeks and the tips of his ears and his neck slightly pink, “I just think it’s cool.”

      Dear god, he’s adorable.

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Sleep - pt 7

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“You know you can tell me anything.” He said.

Not anything…not this…

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Professor Tom: Chapter 2

Summary: This wasn’t the first time a student had fallen for him. Hell, it wasn’t the first time this year. But something etched deep in his bones told him that this time, it was different.

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A/N: Hey hey hey! I’m back with another chapter! Let me know what you think :)

They really are a smart bunch of kids. They complete their assignments on time, for the most part, and their pop quizzes show promise. Even Elizabeth O’Conner scrapes by with a B despite falling asleep in class more often than not.

It’s Rebecca Campbell that worries him the most. She seemed distracted a lot of the time in his lectures, and the GPA she had to earn in order to get into his 400-level class was slipping little by little. Tom had already curved her grade a significant amount just so she would pass, but it’s becoming unfair to the other students at this point. The last thing he wanted this early in the year was to get pegged for favoritism.

He shakes his head, shoving the rest of the ungraded papers into his satchel, deciding that he needed a change of scenery. The lecture hall was too depressing for his liking. So was his office. He already had to stand in front of uninterested college students for hours upon hours a day. Why should he be resolved to taking his breaks there as well? 

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37 Week Update (a day early)

How far along? 37 weeks :) 3 weeks to go! (Technically 36 weeks and 6 days but oh well)

Sleep: It’s better when I sleep on my side and with my pregnancy pillow

Food cravings: Watermelon ;)

Best moment this week: Ronnie, Connor, and I had a picnic this afternoon, and it was a blast! We’ve spent so much time with Con this past week. 

Belly button in or out? Out

Current mood: Happy

Looking forward to: Holding my baby girl in my arms next month. Connor’s birthday is coming up on the 30th of next month. And my birthday is on the 19th of next month! May is going to be amazing!

Wedding rings on or off? Off

Baby in Veggie/Fruit Terms: Swiss chard

MySims Summer Break Event

Hello, MySims Fans!!!!!

I’m setting up an entire week where you can draw and doodle things based on the daily themes! I’m posting the list now so you all can plan ahead.
this is over a month away lol

FANART EVENT: MySims Summer Break Week!

SAVE THE DATES: June 4th through June 10th

-June 4th: Afternoon Picnic
-June 5th: Music Festival
-June 6th: Camping
-June 7th: Theme Park
-June 8th: Beat the Heat (Stay Indoors)
-June 9th: Beach Day
-June 10th: Watch the Sunset

Please use the tag: MySims Summer Break Event so I can reblog and promote your work! You can tag me as well!

Have fun drawing and see you soon! <3 REMINDER: NSFW drawings will not be allowed to be part of this event.

If you have any questions, please send me an ask, a reply, or message me.

More Details Under the Cut!!

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Dad!Steve Rogers Would Include


  • Okay so you had pretty much always known you wanted kids with Steve
  • But every time it was brought up it just didn’t feel like the right time so you said you wanted to wait
    • Of course he was completely okay with that bc our baby Steve is pretty much perfect
  • Until finally one night you came home from a mission and found Steve on his laptop, with tabs pulled up for browsing cribs, baby toys, and articles on baby-proofing and the best diets for pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • And he just looked at you like a lost little puppy before you pushed his computer aside, climbed into his lap and hugged him
  • That’s when you realized there would never be a good time to start a family
    • Especially since he was the leader of the Avengers and you were a top-ranking SHIELD agent
  • “Steve, I want a baby.”
  • “What made you decide, darlin’?”
  • “There’s never going to be a good time. I finally realized that. So we’ll just see what happens”
  • “Sugar, I can’t believe it! I love you so much”

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  • It takes a while for you actually get pregnant after you decide to start trying
  • But when you finally do, oh boy are you and Steve excited
  • He picks you up and spins you around and kisses you, places his hands on your abdomen and presses a kiss to where your tiny child is growing
  • You’re laying in bed that night, reading or watching something, and he climbs in next to you, placed a small kiss on your tummy and rests his head there, perfectly content
  • There’s a grin on his face for the next few days even in his sleep
  • When all the morning sickness starts, he’s always there to hold your hair back and rub your lower back as you kneel on the bathroom floor, and he makes sure to have saltines and ginger ale at the ready to calm your stomach
  • In fact, through all the crazy symptoms you experienced, Steve was an absolute angel
  • He gave into your every craving, took your mood swings in stride, massaged your back or feet when they were sore, and consoled you when you were feeling a bit insecure about yourself
  • He thought he was going to have a heart attack when you called to say you were in labor
    • He was called into HQ for a meeting while you stayed at home to rest
    • It usually took 15-20 minutes for him to get home but he was there in less than 5 after you called
    • He found you just chilling on the couch, perfectly calm on the outside but internally kind of freaking out, meanwhile his heart was pounding and his chest was heaving and his mind was running a thousand miles per hour
    • But just a small smile from you had him calming down, even though he knew he was supposed to be the one supporting you right now, but that’s the way it always was
  • Once you were settled in at the hospital, the entire team popped by to say hello
    • When they were all heading out again to go back to the tower and wait for the news, Bucky and Nat stayed behind to chat a while longer
    • Bucky was almost ready to cry when he hugged you and thanked you for being so good to Steve and allowing him to be in your child’s life
    • They decided to wait at the hospital so they could see the baby before the entire team came
  • It was honestly almost annoying how supportive and helpful Steve was throughout labor and delivery
  • Part of you really wondered why you wanted a child while you were dealing with the worst contractions and pushing
  • But then the doctor was saying “it’s a girl,” and the nurses were congratulating you both, and someone placed a tiny little girl in your arms and she was screaming but quieted down when you placed a hand on her back and held her close
  • And suddenly there were tears and you looked at Steve
  • He was smiling, tears in his eyes as well
  • He placed his hand over yours on your daughter’s back and leaned down to kiss your head
  • “I’m so, so proud of you, sweetheart. Your strength and beauty astound me. I can’t believe how happy I am right now, and it’s all because of you”
  • “I love you, Steve”
  • And of course the first time you hand her over to Steve he’s just completely in awe of her - her beauty, how small she looks in his arms, the very fact that she is his to take care of and raise and protect

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  • You have three children - Amelia Margaret, Jack James, and David Grant (each 2 or 3 years apart in age)
  • Steve had officially taken time off, coming in only when necessary, and you had gone part time so you could both take time to raise your family and get away from the craziness of missions
  • Steve loved taking care of the little ones and playing with them each day, as did you
  • Those kids know everything about WWII before they even step into a school - the stuff about the Commandos anyway!
  • There’s also a hint of 40s Brooklyn slang in their vocabulary
  • Steve is basically the ultimate soccer dad ok
  • He takes them along when he does workouts at the tower so they can hang with Uncle Bucky
  • You both love to take them to the park for the afternoon, complete with picnic and games
  • All the kids love to do anything interactive - baking, making up a new game, camping, going to the beach - but they also love to read
  • Both you and Steve had family traditions galore from growing up, and you manage to combine them beautifully as well as come up with new ones
    • Honestly you’ve got little celebrations planned all the time
    • Puppy day is in March, and you always take them to the animal shelter to love on some puppies. Amelia was 6, Jack was 4, and David had just turned 1 when they finally convinced you adopt a little golden retriever puppy
    • In late May is talk like Yoda day… best day of the year
    • At the end of July is lasagna day. You make a different kind of lasagna for every meal.
    • And you make a big deal out of half birthdays, as well as random milestones (like when your dog joined the family) and accomplishments
  • Steve is the one who cries at milestones (first day of school, first day of high school, last everything in their last year at home, helping to move them to the next stage of life on their own, etc.)
  • Both you and Steve make sure to have monthly dates with each child individually (sometimes with one parent, sometimes with both)
  • You always encourage them to do their best at everything, even if their best isn’t the best of everyone
  • You’ve always taught them to be self-sufficient, resilient, hard working, courageous, and all-around good individuals
    • Having Captain America as their father helped with that
  • Your family dynamic is like no other family
    • You suppose that comes from having a superhero and secret agent as parents
    • And the Avengers as aunts and uncles
  • All in all, you’re convinced you’ve got the best family in the world

The lovely girls from the tea house I work at have been getting together to have tea! This is our little Summer Picnic Tea party! On the East Fork Lewis River in Washington.

Check out my instagram for more tea time photos!

Diametrically Opposed

pairing: hamilton x reader, i guess techincally seabury x reader also but that doesn’t really count

summary: Reader is Samuel Seabury’s childhood sweetheart but as she grows older and begins to resent that he doesn’t seem to have a backbone. Her family and Samuel’s family are both loyalists, but she starts writing to Alexander Hamilton and then Oh Boy Do Things Get Spicy.

warnings: idk there’s smut and maybe like? two curse words

word count: 5,080

A/N: this is my first hamilton fic and my first fic set in hamiltime so please take it easy on me i wrote this all it one day and i’m nervous to post it THANKS

You heard the front door shut and you quickly stuffed the papers you were reading under your mattress, careful not to crease them. Around here it seemed that these papers were your only source of sanity. Your father was a devout loyalist, and so was the family of your longtime friend and recent courter Samuel Seabury. 

When you were younger, Samuel had been your first and your best friend. You spent hours on end playing in the garden of the Seabury estate, Samuel plucking you flowers and you pushing Samuel into adventures he never seemed entirely sure of. He was always a cautious child, afraid of everything. As children, you had been able to convince him to do things that scared him. Back then, he looked at you as an equal. Your father says it’s because he didn’t know any better. 

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