afternoon picnic

she shows you a picture of the summer you first met. you smile, the happiest time of your life rushing over you like a gentle wave, a reassurance. timeless. a summer of whispered promises, of two pedicured pairs of feet. morning hikes, afternoon picnics, evening strolls through the park. morning cuddles, her voice raspy with sleep and limbs clumsy. matching dresses and kissing away tears from her cheeks. a summer of the sand and the sea and her, always her.


The lovely girls from the tea house I work at have been getting together to have tea! This is our little Summer Picnic Tea party! On the East Fork Lewis River in Washington.

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Afternoon Picnic Cuff Bracelet
Take a romantic picnic wherever you go and never worry about the weather ruining it! This fun bracelet features a miniature picnic scene sealed under a clear glass dome! Sitting atop a classic checkered blanket are two glasses of red wine, a bunch of grapes and even a wheel of cheese! This handmade little scene is as eye catching as it is charming! The bracelet is slightly flexible and will stretch to fit most wrists. (The wrist pictures is seven inches) Combined shipping when ordered as an add on to any other item in my shop! When ordered alone, shipping fee will still apply.
Phryne’s Gin Rickey

A cooling and refreshing lime drink. Perfect in summer for a picnic, or afternoon drink. This recipe with makes one drink. 


½ lime, juiced with rind
1 ½ to 2 ounces of gin
Club soda


In a glass with ice, squeeze the lime (you can drop it into the glass if you like) and add gin. Top glass with club soda, stir and serve. 

The Fencing Excuse Ch. 2

Here’s the second chapter! Hopefully this will be a seven chapter story in total. I’m having a lot of fun writing it! If you have feedback, please let me know!

Also, I’m tagging @imagine-miraculousladybug again, because I got the headcanon from her blog. (If you don’t me to tag you anymore, it’s fine, just let me know!)

Summary:  When Marinette’s entire class finds out how muscularly toned she is, she panics and says it’s because she fences. One thing leads to another and suddenly she’s talked into dueling Adrien for fun. She needs help, and turns to her superhero counterpart for it. The help she ends up getting takes an unexpected turn, but she’s not sure if it’s for better or for worse yet.

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My new rule is to never leave the house without my camera.
And today it paid off.

I spent this afternoon having a picnic for the birthday of a friend in Treptower Park. When I noticed the light change, I quickly said goodbye, grabbed my bike and quickly headed to Elsenbrücke where I was greeted with this.

Thanks for Playing theories!

•Dave and Karkat are both new mayor’s assistants
•Rose and Kanaya have picnics every afternoon, and do space research for the new planets every night.
•Jade opened a garden shop to sell and discover new flowers
•Gamzee is fucking dead.
•Dirk and Jake play soccer and have healed their relationship, and tell eachother stories about their adventures.
•Roxy became a scientist and quit her drinking habit and wants to help others quit too.
•Jane opened a bakery and became a detective intern for Problem Sleuth.
•John helps around the city hall and (reluctantly) works at Jane’s bakery. He is a famous hero along with the other kids.
•Dave makes swords and sells them, and he feeds the birds with the money he makes.
•Karkat, Rose, and Kanaya opened a multi-cultural bookstore and sell books on culture of trolls and humans.
•Rose helps Roxy with stopping alcoholics by helping them quit their addiction.
•Kanaya helps around a local fashion store and is known as a famous leader and designer.
•Everyone is happy and satisfied

The signs as Yankee Candles
  • Aries: Fireside Treats, Early Sunrise, Storm Watch, Bright Summer Sky, Red Hots, Camping Out
  • Taurus: Chocolate Truffle, Soft Blanket, Maple Pancakes, Cozy By the Fire, Mountain Lodge, Afternoon Picnic
  • Gemini: Mango and Peach Salsa, Pink Dragonfruit, Bath Bubbles, Margarita Time, Ocean Winds, Treehouse Memories
  • Cancer: Home Sweet Home, Honey Glow, Pain Au Raisin, Apple Pie, Kitchen Spice
  • Leo: Kilimanjaro Stars, Island Spa, Sparkling Lemon, A Royal Wedding, Amber Glow, Gold Dust
  • Virgo: Clean Cotton, Fresh Mint, Spring Days, Cottage Breeze, Silvery Moon, White Linen & Lace
  • Libra: Angel Wings, Shimmering Champagne, Fresh Cut Roses, Queen Anne's Lace, Vanilla Satin, Pink Lady Slippers
  • Scorpio: Black Cherry, Ginger Dusk, Spiked Orange, Black Satin, After Dark, Suede Noir
  • Sagittarius: Midsummer's Night, Pineapple Cilantro, Turquoise Sky, Autumn Festival, Ginger Snaps, Open Air
  • Capricorn: Cinnamon Stick, Sicilian Lemon, Peppermint Bark, Frosty Air, Arctic Glacier
  • Aquarius: Moonlight, Drift Away, Sparkling Snow, Alaskan Lights, Magical Frosted Forest, Wild Sea Grass
  • Pisces: A Child's Wish, Fluffy Towels, My Serenity, Pink Sands, Cinnamon Roll, Fairy Garden, Rainbow's End
Afternoon Picnic || Sam and Sebastian

Sam had been at Pandora for about a week now, and so far he’d met and talked to a lot of different people, people with strange powers like him.  But he hadn’t really hung out with a lot of people thus far.  Mostly, he’d spent his free time with Puck, as they’d become best friends (at least in Sam’s mind).  There had been the perfect opportunity last night, but Sam hadn’t gone to the party because of what had happened with Puck.  But still, Sam wanted to branch out and make more friends.  Most of the people he’d talked to so far seemed pretty cool, like Santiago, Kurt, Cole, Blaine, Quentin, Ev, Joe, and Sebastian, and the latter was whom he had plans with this afternoon.  Sam took a quick shower before choosing what to wear, smirking as he thought of what Sebastian had said about hating clothes.  He ended up going with a white t-shirt and shorts.  After grabbing a bottle of water, Sam headed outside to the courtyard, where he was to meet Sebastian for their picnic.