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Yoongi Scenario: Say Yes To The Dress.

Request: Yay, your requests are open❤️ I’ve been binge-watching a show called Say Yes To The Dress and I was wondering if I may request a Yoongi senario where he comes with you to pick your wedding dress along with the members? Yoongi is my favorite member, he’s so pretty TT^TT

Genre: Fluff / Romance.

Your appointment was set for early in the afternoon, so after lunch you had been fuzzing around with your outfit, hair and make up. Going to buy your dress at Bridals had been your dream for as long as you could remember, so after you found out Bridals had opened a branch in Seoul you decided you had to go.

-Y/N, anyone would believe the wedding is today-

Your fiancé, the funny guy who at the moment wasn’t funny, was staring at you from your bed. 

You huffed, trying to rearrange your hair differently since the up-do you were attempting made you look old. -I just want to get this right- you said more to yourself than him.

Yoongi sat watching you from the mirror to then stand up, going to you to hug you from the back. His face was semi buried on a side of your neck and his arms wrapped around your waist.

-It’s going to be ok, you look beautiful-

You pouted staring at your reflection, placing your hands over his. You were nervous as you were excited, this was an important occasion for you, but Yoongi’s presence made it all better, he held you when you needed it, and not just physically, Yoongi was always willing to take care of you even if sometimes it was in his own slightly shy ways. 

A little smile bloomed thinking about it, you loved your boyfriend too much and you couldn’t wait to be his wife.

For the appointment you knew you could take people with you, usually girls went with their mom, mother in law, the bridesmaids, sisters, etc. But for you it was a bit different than that.
The host looked at you and back at your companions with wide eyes, surely she didn’t expect to receive a bride with seven men trailing after her.

-This is a first- she said with a nervous giggle, registering you while the team that would be assisting you arrived. You smiled at Yoongi who nodded in reassurance, then you saw the other six companions for the day, since your family couldn’t be here, you had decided that who better for the occasion than the six boys that had become over the time important and indispensable people in your life, so much you could call them family, these days required a support system and honest opinions and you knew that was what you were going to get from them.

The consultant that would be assisting you arrived, she was the Lori of Seoul, in her fifties, short hair and a classy outfit but with an expression that was gentle but yet awake. 

-Welcome to Bridals, my name is Nara-

You bowed and so did the boys, but it was you doing the talking since this was after all your day. -Hello, I’m Y/N, thank you for having us today-

You noticed behind Nara there were two younger women, surely the assistants for fitting and for searching the dress. -It’s our pleasure, so who is coming with you today?- she asked looking at the boys sharply. -I heard they are singers-

You nodded. -Yes, that was why I requested the privacy…- Nara made a hand gesture for you to not worry about that at all, so you smiled a little. -These are Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Park Jimin, Jeon Jungkook, Jung Hoseok, Kim Taehyung- you went saying their names as they greeted and bowed politely. -And this in my fiancé, Min Yoongi-

The two assistant gasped and Nara took a hand to her chest. -We have a fox in the henhouse!-

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More toddler!Sonya spam because it’s finally my day off and I did nothing but lounge around all day watching netfix and intermittently napping instead of booting up my game like I said I would.

Teddy stopped by for lunch

Friday afternoon teddy called and when he found out I Was home alone he stopped by for lunch.  When he came over i was on the phone and he started to undress me while i was on the phone.  When i hung up the phone he asked it that was my husband when i told him yes he told me to call him back and tell him you are horny and want to play with your pussy with him on the phone.  I was to tell husband that i was using a dildo when i was really going to be using teddy’s cock. So teddy made me strip and call hubby on the phone.  When he answered  i told him i was very horny today and wanted him to hear me play with my favorite dildo.    Then then stood in front of me and i started sucking his cock telling hubby how I was sucking on the dildo,  Telling hubby how i love sucking this “cock”. Hubby tells me yes take that dildo in your mouth” .  Teddy whispers to me to tell hubby to call it a cock.  Licking his balls taking his cock deep in my mouth, telling hubby how it almost  makes me gag on this big “cock”.  Teddy then laid me down and started rubbing his bare cock on my pussy,   I was telling hubby how i was rubbing the “cock” on my pussy and clit to get it ready to fuck me.  Then teddy gets me doggie and starts fucking me hard, as i’m telling hubby that the “cock” is inside me now filling my wet pussy. Hubby tells me to take that cock deep and to fuck that cock hard.  The more hubby talks the hard teddy is fucking me.  I’m wondering if hubby can hear teddy balls slapping on my ass as he fucks me so hard.  It feel soo good and as i’m about to cum on teddy cock i tell hubby the “cock” feels so good I’m going to cum.  Hubby tells to me cum all over that cock.  I moan as i cum while teddy cock deep inside me.  Teddy is close he whipers to me to ask hubby when the cock should cum?  I ask hubby that the cock is ready to cum where should it cum and husband tells me to let that cock cum in my pussy”  I think that just made teddy fuck me hard and deeper as he was about to cum i had to cover the phone and teddy was filling my  pussy with cum it felt soo good.  As teddy was pulling his cock out and letting his cum run down my legs, i told hubby how great that was.  Hubby told me he was going to fuck me when he got hom that i made him super horny,  Teddy sat back on the bed and pulled me over to lick the cum off his cock.  I told him what my husband siad about tonight and Teddy pull me up and said “ your husband is not going to fuck my pussy tonight, he is not to get my pussy. “ I said i cant do that , he said  i don’t care what you do with him tonight  but he is not fucking my pussy.” He really was emphasizing it was his pussy and it made me even hornier.  I finished cleaning his cock and teddy got dress and was ready to leave. He kissed me good bye and as he was walking out of the house he turned back and said you know what just jerk of his cock tonight no blowjobs and no fucking.  and that i better call him after i’m done with hubby to tell him what i did.

Peter Maximoff x Reader - Hot Stuff

Your Mutation: creating and controlling fire
Word Count: 644
Requested By: anon
Prompt: #34 “The way you flirt is shameful.”
Rating: T
Warnings: language, peter being peter

If there was one word to describe a guy like Peter Maximoff, it was persistent. It didn’t matter how many times you said you weren’t interested, he would always come back and try. Now, to say you were completely uninterested was a lie. Peter Maximoff was interesting enough, kind of the way kindergarteners can be interesting unless you spend every second of every day with them. Sadly, Peter stayed in the room across from yours, was on the X-Men with you and had almost every one of his classes with you.

It was another long day; you had training in the morning and then classes all afternoon. Lunch had finally arrived and you were finally able to relax. You took a seat at a small picnic table outside with Jean.

“I don’t think anything could make me more tired today.” Jean sighed. You placed your food on the table and gave her a small nod. The two of you ate in silence for a few moments. It was nice; you could hear younger kids playing and there was a nice breeze blowing. Scott came over and took a seat next to Jean.

“Have you guys seen Peter? We were supposed to have training about an hour or two ago. He never showed up.” Scott said. You shook your head and sighed. That silver-haired boy always managed to get into some sort of trouble. Then, as if out of thin air, Peter appeared next to the three of you.

“Fuck! You scared the shit out of me.” You cursed; all three of you had jumped in unison and Peter was laughing hard.

“Peter, where the hell were you? We had training!” Scott exclaimed.

“I was….out.” He mumbled, taking a seat. You glanced at Jean in confusion. She spoke into your mind, giving you an explanation.

“Stealing twinkies. The usual.” You heard. You rolled your eyes as Peter pulled out a twinkie packet.

“So, hot stuff, I have a question for you.” Peter smirked. You knew whatever the boy was going to say wasn’t going to be good.

“What do you want, Maximoff?” You asked, taking a bite of your food.

“You know what I like in a girl? My dick.” Peter stated, bluntly. You practically choked on your food as Peter spoke. Jean tried not to laugh, but she couldn’t help it; sometimes Peter was funny. Scott rolled his eyes behind his glasses, obviously not impressed.

The way you flirt is shameless.” You stated, pointing a finger at him. The event that ensued was not entirely on purpose; okay, it was completely on purpose.

“Oh my god, Peter your jacket!” Jean squealed. Peter’s shoulder was on fire. You laughed as the boy flipped out and started shouting.

“Stop, drop and roll! Stop, drop and roll!” Peter yelled, quickly throwing himself to the ground. You had put the fire out before hand, but the poor boy hadn’t noticed.

“Maximoff, the fire is out.” You laughed. Peter stopped rolling and looked around. Almost everyone outside was staring directly at him. You were practically in stitches; it was hilarious getting the seemingly unabashed boy so flustered.

“That- that was not cool, (Y/N).” Peter stuttered as he scrambled to stand up.

“I know, Maximoff. It was hot.” You giggled. Peter rolled his eyes at your pun and sat back down in his seat.

“Okay, you setting me on fire and me attempting to hit on you aside, will you please go on a date with me?” Peter asked. This was the fifth time the boy had asked you out and you had to admit, he was growing on you. After setting the silver-haired boy on fire, you figured the least you could do was say yes. You were kind of excited, to be honest.

“Fine, Maximoff. You got yourself a date with the hottest chick in school.”

This was so much fun to write! Sorry it was up a little late! Love y’all so much! Requests are closed.

Timed Prompt (20 min)

  • Prompt: They say the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But Jongin…can’t cook.

It’s like the pack of chicken is mocking him as he stares at it on the counter. He’s never cooked before and watching the cooking channel surely doesn’t count.

Jongin gulps, leaning over to peep inside the living room. Kyungsoo sits on the couch with his legs resting on the brown ottoman. Jongin lightly smacks his cheeks and pumps himself up mentally. I can do this. He cocks his neck and rolls his shoulders as though he’s about to take on an opponent.

He’s been going on dates with Kyungsoo for two weeks now and they’ve always gone out to eat, until the man invited Jongin over for lunch one afternoon. Jongin was surprised at his cooking skills. Kyungsoo was skillful, quick and simply great at making food that it rendered him speechless. Not only was the representation noteworthy, but the taste and burst of flavors could rival that of the top chefs in Korea. It’s safe to say, that after that day, Kyungsoo cooked for them on more than one occasion.

Lately, however, he’s been suggesting that Jongin cooks them something. Kyungsoo is polite and simply mentions it. Though Jongin knows the underlying tones are inquiring, he simply brushes him off with a next time. Well, the next time is this time and that’s how Jongin ends up in his kitchen staring at the pile of chicken breast, fettuccine and Alfredo sauce.

Pasta is easy, he tells himself. All he has to do is cook the meat, boil the noodles and add the sauce, then everything comes together on the plate. So why is it that such a simple dish is making him sweat buckets as if he’s ran a marathon?

“Jongin!” Kyungsoo calls.


“Everything okay in there?”

“Everything is fine.” He squeaks before clearing his throat, “It’s fine.” he says in a deeper tone.

“Alright.” Kyungsoo turns up the volume on the TV and Jongin returns to his measly attempt at cooking.

He finally conjures up enough courage to begin, and forty minutes later, he’s standing in the middle of a kitchen with a pout. His noodles are overcooked, chicken burnt and he wants to cry into his palms, but he can’t. Kyungsoo enters the kitchen moments later and Jongin tries his best to smile but falters immediately after.

“So…” Kyungsoo looks around the kitchen, “I take it things didn’t go so well?“ He gives Jongin a small grin.

Jongin turns his back, hanging his head low. “I-I c-can’t cook.” he says.

“Hey, that’s okay.” Kyungsoo reaches out and grabs his forearm, “Look at me Jongin.” The taller turns around with unshed tears in his eyes, threatening to release down his face. “How about we cook together next time?”

Jongin sniffs. “Okay,” he mutters.

“Okay?” Kyungsoo wants to confirm and Jongin weakly nods, “Good.” Kyungsoo smiles.

i just want a fic where thomas and alex are domestic

like cuddles in the kitchen, morning kisses, matching cups, accidentally wearing the others tie, taking showers together, brushing teeth side by side, waking the children up, making breakfast with stolen kisses, making lunch together, the kids fighting about what pancake they want, kids fake barfing when thomas and alex kiss, them driving the kids to school, giving a quick kiss on the kids cheek, them driving to work, them bickering about what spot they should park, them fighting at cabinet meetings, alex storms off and thomas is like “fucking”, thomas buying alex flowers, make up kisses, alex has a garden by now, everyone being D O N E because they’re both so extra, picking the kids up, afternoon lunches, romantic dinners, goodnight kisses


7.1.17// saturday uni-day. I had a seminar in the morning and afternoon lunch I’m doing my readings for next week, tasting some good bio ginger lemon green tea.
At the FU there is this nice bio coffee shop with such cozy couches, and I’m reading “let città invisibili” by Calvino for my next (and last!) Referat.
Happy saturday 🌻

Here’s a little something inspired by this post and suggested by @nerdlycharming.

Will sat down, thinking he had a brief reprieve as caretaker, only to be startled by the hushed groan beside him.

Nico had caught the virus circulating around camp, evident by the pale, worn out look he wore when they met up for lunch that afternoon. Will had put him straight to bed.

Now, he slept restlessly, brows furrowed and hands fisted around the sheets. Will knew Nico was probably having a nightmare, a tendency that made itself known when he was sick. There was little else to do but to try and make him as comfortable as possible.

With a tired sigh, Will slipped out of bed, walking around toward the thermometer on the nightstand. Nico had outright refused treatment earlier, promising that he wasn’t coming down with anything. Will had thought it a miracle Nico had managed to stay on his feet as long as he had, his shoulders swaying dangerously with malaise and fatigue.

Not wanting to scare him, Will took Nico’s shoulder and shook it gently, rousing him just enough to slip the thermometer under his tongue. Nico’s eyes fluttered, though he kept them closed, leaning into the crisp coolness of Will’s touch as he stroked his hand along Nico’s cheek.

The deep red hue coloring Nico’s cheeks was the only real proof Will needed to know his boyfriend was feverish, but he also needed to know what he was dealing with—whether Nico needed medication or a simply a good night’s sleep.

The wait for the thermometer seemed endless. Will felt like pacing. He felt bad about keeping Nico awake, though he was pretty sure Nico was half asleep at this point, but that didn’t make him feel any better about it. Will leaned over and kissed his forehead, sucking air through his teeth and recoiling at the heat rolling off Nico’s skin.

Regardless what the thermometer read, Will knew he was in for a long night.

anonymous asked:

there are always requests for y/n to walk in on one of the boys while they're masturbating, i think we should switch it around! how about eric or dylan walking in on you (love your blog and writing btw!:)

Thank you!!

You’re home alone and lying in bed as you flip through a magazine. Your mind starts to wander and you focus on lunch that afternoon. You and the boys had skipped class to get hamburgers and ice cream. They were cracking jokes and messing around, but you were mostly distracted by the way Dylan was licking the melted ice cream off his fingers. The two of you have been interested in each other for a long time, but too nervous to admit it. You didn’t notice, but Dylan was just as distracted as you were. His stomach does somersaults every time he hears your laugh or sees your smile. Your mind continues to drift and you slide down your pants and underwear. You lie back and sigh as you start taking care of yourself, completely unaware that Dylan just pulled into your driveway.

He reaches the porch and rings the doorbell, waiting patiently. After a moment, he knocks on the door and glances at your car. “Y/n, you left your math book in my car,” he calls, hoping you’ll hear him through an open window. Your music is just loud enough to drown out all of these noises. Dylan looks around and chews on his lip as he reaches under the mat, opening the door with the spare key. “Hey, y/n?” he calls as he steps inside and hears faint music coming from upstairs. You let your eyes close and your toes curl under, gasping softly, “Dyl-” He jogs up the stairs, noticing the door to your room slightly open. “Dylan,” you say again, whimpering as you arch your back. He hears his name and smiles as he pushes open the door, “Hey, you- oh, god, fuck.” You sit up with a loud gasp, pulling a blanket over your lap, “Dylan?!” Dylan looks away immediately, both of you turning beet red. You scramble to get your underwear and pants, staying hidden under the blanket. “I’m sorry, I-I heard my name, I thought-” he freezes, realizing what he just said.

Your bury your face in your hands, mumbling, “I’m so sorry.” Dylan looks at you, letting out a noise of disbelief, “Sorry?” You shrink even more, thinking he’s mad. “Y/n,” he breathes out, his legs somehow carrying himself to you. He sits on the edge of your bed, watching you in amazement. “I’ve done this,” he blurts out. You look up at him in confusion, your face still red, “What?” He looks down, shaking his head, “I’ve thought about you, about… y/n…” You’re breathing steadily, your eyes fixed on him, “Really?” You’re both still for a moment and you move forward, hesitantly pressing your lips against Dylan’s. He lets out a soft moan and rests a hand on your cheek, looking at you worriedly as you pull back. You give him a small smile and he grins a little, moving forward to crash his lips against yours again. You hum as he presses you back onto the bed and run your hands into his hair.

Dylan’s brain is on overload. He would normally never be so bold, but his emotions have taken over. You end up rolling over and pressing down against him, moaning against his lips. I can’t believe she was thinking about me he thinks. You pull away, sighing as you look at him. He gently squeezes your hips and looks at you with bedroom eyes. “We should stop,” you whisper. He lets out a soft, involuntary whine, “Why?” You smile shyly, “I don’t want to do this all at once.” Dylan’s eyes widen, “D-Do what?” You give him another gentle kiss and he watches your lips as you pull back. He tilts his head down and starts kissing at your neck, completely worshipping you. You force yourself to sit up and he looks at you with a defeated smile. “Come on,” you laugh shakily, taking his hand as you get off your bed. “Where are we going?” he asks as he follows you out of your room. “Out,” you say in a happy, confident tone, going out to Dylan’s car. He grins and gets in with you, a thousand thoughts whirring though his mind. This is the greatest and most unexpected day he’s ever had.

Sing For Me || Soulmate!Seungkwan || Oneshot

Originally posted by wonnhao

GENRE: fluff, soulmate!au, oneshot, request sort of?, trains

WORDS: 2424

REQUEST:  For your soulmate au can you do Seungkwan or Minghao? (They’re so slept on 😭) + SOULMATE AU when you touch your soulmate for the first time you’ll see a little part of your future together.

The train was packed for some reason. It was 1:30pm in the afternoon, lunch time. Everyone should rightfully be somewhere eating or in school but it felt like the whole world was packed on your train that day. You jostled with chattering schoolgirls and equally giggly office women as the train rocked on its tracks. What the heck was everyone doing here?

It’s safe to say you were pissed. You had left school early because of the harsh pounding in your skull, thinking you could take a short peaceful nap on the train, but that was clearly impossible now. The weak air-conditioning tried pathetically to cool all the warm bodies in the car as the afternoon sunlight streaked through the windows. You tried to block out all the chatter, feeling your headache worsen by the minute.

The train made a sudden turn and a collective shriek rose up from the crowd.

“Ohh oppa, are you okay?” someone asked worriedly. “Did you fall? Are you hurt anywhere?”

The questions rippled through the train car and you realized, with a start, that most of the attention was centred on a reddish-brown, curly-haired boy who was bowing shyly at everyone, reassuring the crowd that yes, in fact, he was perfectly fine. He wore a brown coat and white t-shirt and stood next to a metal pole near the doors. No wonder it had been so hard to get inside just now.

He was, after all, Boo Seungkwan: variety star, top-class reality show host, prime-time radio DJ, and main vocalist of famous boy-group Seventeen.

You disliked him instantly.

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Para--What? Part 2 [Drabble Series]

Bucky Barnes x Reader [Drabble Series]

Summary: Bucky meets Y/n on his first trip out of the Avengers Compound in a coffee shop. She’s bubbly and kind, and she’s blabbering about something called the Paralympics, and he doesn’t mind.

Word Count: 508 words

Warnings: swearing, i curse like a sailor oops. one mention of porn lol

Part 1 Part 3


Originally posted by sebastianstahn

Two weeks had past since Bucky met Y/n and his phone was now his eleventh finger. He had no real use for his phone before he met the bubbly girl. He would play games on it in passing and use it to order pizza from the shop in town. Now, he texts her whenever they don’t meet up, and then some.

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Seraphina and percival share abernathy as a on call office booty call . Mostly because he's hung and no one would ask questions about why a director of a department went to talk with another or what motives the president would have for a private meeting. Abernathy is a very very tired man.

(( @seasons-gredence  @shameisaname​   Warning for… angst??? Not sure.  It’s not angsty -to me- but I know some of ya’ll react to these stories with sad faces for some reason. Quickly written romance. Mature but no porn))

Originally posted by valliamerie

In the beginning, they didn’t know that they’d been sharing him.  Percival in the wee hours of the morning before the workday was in full swing.  Seraphina during her afternoon break for lunch.  Abernathy wasn’t the type to complain.  Especially not when the extra effort to show up early and work through his break was rewarded so generously.

Especially when said ‘work’ was allowing two rather good-looking superiors to straddle him in plush office chairs and have their way with his body.

((If you don’t see a ‘keep reading’ link or a continuation of this story underneath this parenthesis, open this post in your browser instead of the app))

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this morning i woke up greeted with a waitlisted at a college, and this this afternoon at lunch, i was rejected. and just a few minutes ago before bed, i got an acceptance. whatever the results may be, it will be okay. it’s okay to be sad. honestly. cry, scream, don’t bottle it up because at the end of the day, when you let it all go, things will be better.