also not sure if saw mentioned yet

but that whole spiel about Calliope talking to Jade as if Space is meant to be sacrificial, dormant, than overpowering, than destructive and blackhole-ish, is very VERY ominous sounding

while Jade looks at her body that is made of Space

makes me wonder if Jade isnt starting to wonder that when she goes down she might take down everyone else around her in the aftermath

I know its just how Alt Calliope sees things, and sees her own role as a Master  class of Space and how she understands what Space means to her, but I worry if this might rub off on Jade in some way

especially as Alt Calliope states her role is to teach Jade what the aspects, and therefore Space, really means

just, it’s giving me the heebie jeebies k?

Alt Calliope what exactly do you need Jade for anyway. I’m starting to worry.