Wreathed in Smoke, Wound in Heather (Chapter 8/?) - Interlude
by seimaisin & blindvogel
By Organization for Transformative Works

A Perc’ahlia Beauty and the Beast AU.

Everyone knows a beast lives at Whitestone Castle, a beast that has stolen souls from the town for many, many years. Should the beast claim one of yours, they say, you take the compensation left on your doorstep and thank the gods it wasn’t you instead.

When her brother runs afoul of the castle’s monster, Vex'ahlia does the unthinkable and trades her soul for his. The bargain introduces her to the beast, and to the man still living inside of the monster. Now a prisoner at Whitestone Castle, Vex must find a way to stay alive, and perhaps a way to save those trapped with her - even the beast himself.


The aftermath of chapter 7. The beast remembers his humanity, and his name.


A conversation that needs to happen after the last update between He Tian and Mo Guan Shan

“How are you feeling?”

“What’re you talking about?”

Out of the corner of his eye, Mo Guan Shan saw He Tian roll his eyes and cast him an annoyed glance.

“What I said. How are you feeling?”

Mo Guan Shan shook his head, continuing to mix the stew. Jian Yi and Zhan Xixi were who-knows-where doing who-knows-what, but Guan Shan was thankful. They were too rambunctious for him, especially right now–after everything that had happened.

“I’m fine.”

“You’re still red.”

Mo Guan Shan sent He Tian a glare, to which he predictably grinned. Even so, Guan Shan felt his ears heat up.

“Shut up.”

“Did I hurt you?”

Guan Shan frowned.


He Tian moved a little closer, and Guan Shan tensed. The other halted, his eyes grazing over Guan Shan, who shivered at the piercing gaze.Guan Shan had noticed. He Tian had been keeping his distance ever since they met up early and Guan Shan had fixed his hand. Even then, He Tian hadn’t intruded on his personal space at all like he used to.

Guan Shan wasn’t sure how to feel about it.

“When we kissed. Did I hurt you?”

Guan Shan’s cheeks burst with heat and he swallowed, glancing around. There were no other sounds in the house, and the other two boys were nowhere to be seen. He glared at He Tian again, but He Tian stared back with that rare seriousness of his. It reminded him of when he’d threatened Guan Shan about meeting up with that thug.

Guan Shan licked his lips.

“No. You didn’t hurt me. So just–stop talking about–”

“Then why did you react like that?” He Tian insisted, those coal black eyes digging into Guan Shan and making the redhead want to flee. “Why were you so–so scared–”

“I wasn’t scared,” Guan Shan snapped, clanging his ladle against the pan.

They both paused and listened.

Still no sound.

Where were those two?

Guan Shan shook it from his mind.

He Tian was staring at him again. Guan Shan felt his walls build higher.

“I don’t like being taken advantage of,” he muttered, slowly beginning to stir again. There was a pause. It lasted for so long, Guan Shan wouldn’t have known if He Tian had walked out of the room if not for the looming presence he always had.

“Why would I take advantage of you?”

Guan Shan’s head shot up, and he stared at the taller boy.

“Are you serious?” he snapped, “Shut the fuck up. You’ve been taking advantage of me from day one. And I’m not–I’m not like that, okay? I’m not that desperate. I don’t want… I’m not that cheap that I would let you do what you wanted just because you have money.”

He Tian stared at him, and Guan Shan met his gaze for a moment before looking away, back to the stew.

“Someone’s tried before. Propositioned you.” 

It wasn’t a question.

Guan Shan’s mouth went dry. He simply nodded.

Another beat, and He Tian leaned a little closer. 

Guan Shan automatically stepped back, and He Tian once again froze. The redhead stared at the other man, his heart beating wildly in his chest.

He wasn’t used to this.

He wasn’t used to He Tian being so hesitant. He Tian was such a forceful presence–like a hurricane. No one could get out of his way if they were caught up in his path.

But now, He Tian simply watched him, his expression unreadable.

“I don’t want to give you money for things like that,” He Tian stated.

“Then what would you give me?” Guan Shan bit, his pride growling and growing in his chest, “Presents? Food?”


Mo Guan Shan blanched.

He Tian stepped forward and Guan Shan stepped back. The small of his back hit the counter, and panic rose in his throat.

He Tian stopped only a foot away.

“I want our next kiss to be voluntary,” He Tian stated.

Guan Shan’s face erupted in flames, and he stuttered.

“T-The next–”

The door slammed and He Tian stepped back as Jian Yi burst into the room, dragging a disheveled Zhan Xixi behind him.

“He Tian, your bed is so cozy! Won’t you lend it to us? Just for tonight?”

“I told you to stay off my bed, you idiots.”

Zhan Xixi shoved Jian Yi off of him, much to the other boy’s protest.

“It was Jian Yi. Your shit’s everywhere. He went through your drawers, too.”

He Tian’s eyes flashed dangerously, and Jian Yi paled.

“Xixi why…” he whispered, tensing and stepping back, ready to flee.

He Tian took off, and Jian Yi disappeared back into the bedroom, screaming, and suddenly Zhan Xixi and Mo Guan Shan were left alone in the kitchen.

It was silent, and Xixi sighed, glancing over at Guan Shan.

“Are you okay? Your face is all red–”


“…. Um.”

“I mean…–”

Zhan Xixi raised his hands.

“I don’t want to know,” he stated.

Guan Shan’s face burned, and thankfully Xixi turned and disappeared into the other room, no doubt following the distressed calls of his name.

Guan Shan stared into the pan, hoping his cheeks would cool off.

“I want our next kiss to be voluntary.”

Guan Shan groaned and buried his face in his hands to cover the flush across his pale skin that rivaled his hair.

Take an American fraternity hazing, replace the wooden paddles with swords, and (as one should always do with Nazis) swap the ass for the face, and you’d get the idea. A Mensurbout started with opponents donning protective gear – leather chest guards, thick scarves, and, of course, bizarre steampunk goggles. Safety first!

While the tips of the swords were blunted enough to prevent outright murder, they were still capable of inflicting some truly nasty gashes. The aftermath of a Mensur match looked like the makeup room for The Walking Dead.

The horrific scars were considered badges of honor, even though bearing them implied that you lost so badly that you literally got your face rocked off. Strangely, though facial scars and Nazi officers go together like Nazi officers and impotence, the Third Reich actually outlawed Mensur when it came to power. But of course, if you outlaw something to protect idiots from themselves, all you’re doing is making them feel like outlaws. Some fraternities still practice it to this day.

5 Bizarre Trends In Old Pictures With Weirder Explanations

the fall aftermath

  • no amount of Firewhiskey would be enough
  • Remus felt like there was liquor flowing in his veins rather than blood
  • however it didn’t feel enough, he still felt
  • he wanted to be numb, he didn’t want to feel grief anymore
  • he didn’t want to love either
  • why wasn’t this working like it used to?
  • Remus used to drown himself in bottles of Firewhiskey and he either fell asleep or forget what he was sad about
  • what was it about Sirius that he just clung on?
  • like the smell of smoke that wouldn’t just get off of you
  • like that part of your lip you kept biting without giving it a chance to heal
  • he just wanted the wolf to take over and forget who he was
  • but he could hear the wolf howling in pain
  • Remus had felt grief before, he had lost James and Lily
  • thought he had lost Peter
  • he had lost his mother and felt like his heart didn’t beat anymore
  • Remus thought about what he did to deserve a life like this
  • he pulled his long legs to his chest like he did when he was smaller and he just couldn’t take it anymore
  • he’s gone.
  • Sirius had done it again
  • gone
  • He always did what he wanted, didn’t he?
  • That idiot left Remus alone, again.
  • and this time no amount of Firewhiskey would be able to get grey eyes out of his mind
  • or soft black hair off of his finger
  • or porcelain perfect skin with scrapes here and there off of his own rough scarred one
  • or the smell that was just so Sirius from his lungs
  • he was just all over him and no matter how much Remus drank or tried to wash it off he wouldn’t leave
  • he never completely left contrary to what Remus believed
  • well then again, Sirius Black was stubborn, wasn’t he?

“Aran? I’m sorry, you shouldn’t be here…

                                                                                      “I might hurt you again.” 

                                 ❝ You should leave me alone. ❞


JxHQ: The Aftermath of Psychological Warfare

The Joker drives back to his penthouse as Harleen – who just took a dive into a chemical vat – giggles absentmindedly, adjusting to the hum and slightly itchiness of her body.

By the time he parks and gets out, she’s opening her own door – damn near falling down. He gets to her as she stumbles out and laughs even louder than in the car.

“Okay, Dopey, let’s get you inside before you start tryin’ to strip.” He grins and she squeals, giggling more when he picks her up and totes her to his apartment.

She gets back to her feet once he shuts and locks the door and she scratches the dry residue of the chemicals off her face.

“I don’t know about you, but I need a shower.” He comments and she looks at him as if she’s a little lost. “What?”

“I feel funny.” She admits and he tries not to smile.

“You’ll feel fine after a shower.” He assures her.

“But none of my shampoo or anything is—”

“—All of your essentials and cloths were brought by while you were out and about in the streets of Gotham being the clingy little child you are.”

“How did you arrange that, huh? You just knew I was gonna convince you to give me a chance?”

“Oh, no, no, no, dear.” He tsks and she furrows her brows. “I knew that once I opted to leave your apartment that has acted as a sinful playground for our frowned upon, filthy, urges ever since you broke me out of Arkham, you’d chase after me. So in the meantime, I got Johnny to bring all your stuff here because I am always two miles ahead of you and knew what you would pull. So technically speaking, no I didn’t intend for this to happen, yet I did intend for this to happen.”

“The Joker actually having a plan? Never heard of it.”

“Wedding planners plan. Teachers plan. Doctors plan. Cops plan. The bat plans. I plot. There’s a difference. One’s illegal and potentially harmful, and the other one is just playing it safe. Now, if you’ll excuse me, the dried chemicals are starting to irritate my skin in places I don’t particularly fancy.”

“Oh, good I’m not the only one.” She sighs with relief and heads to the bathroom.


Harley stares at her reflection in the mirror of the bathroom after she pulls her nightie on and starts towel drying the ends of her stained hair.

How’d her life get there? How’d she go from being his doctor to being his … Well … just his in general.

Her head aches a little, a little anger, a little frustration and a whole lot of confusion.

One minute he was telling her to go away, the next he was talking to her as if he was worshipping her and the next, she wasn’t even herself anymore. Bleached skin and hair had replaced her old self. And a much more laid back and humorous demeanor has taken over.

She flinched when she felt something pulling her hair to the side, and when her vision focused back to the mirror, she saw it was Joker.

He hums softly, pressing light kisses to her neck and she breathes out with a big smile.

“What?” He mumbles against her skin.

“Does this mean we’re together now or am I still the Doctor your fucking just for bragging rights?”

He raises his brows and grins like a shark.

“You think I’ve been sneaking over to your place in the dead of the night to bring you immense pleasure, just so I can brag that I’m fucking my doctor – former doctor?” He corrects himself. “I’ve been doing all that so I can see you. I like seeing you.” He tells her. “Even when you look like a hot mess with no makeup and your hair in a shitty bun with a mouth full of fried rice.”

“That happened once!” She hits his arm. “And you usually tell me when you’re coming over but you didn’t that time and I got home and got comfortable and ordered dinner. Excuse me for not wanting to starve.”

“Oh, I’m not complaining. I like a woman who can keep a mouthful.” He winks provocatively and her mouth opens in shock before she hits him again and walks past him to the bedroom.

“Which side of the bed is yours?” She asks, glancing at the kingsize mattress.

“Whichever side I end up on tonight.” He shrugs and she arches a brow at what he’s implying. “Who knows, might end up on the kitchen floor or the staircase three floors down, depends on how wild I feel like getting tonight.”

“You have fun with that,” she crawls into the bed and gets under the covers. “I’m mentally and physically exhausted and just need sleep.”

“Hell, I’m not complaining.” He scoffs, following her. “Been sleeping with you every night for the past two months, my balls need a break, anyway.”

“You say that like it’s my fault,” she teases him. “It ain’t like I call you and tell you to come over and have sex with me. You do that yourself.”

“I do not! I went over there to simply visit, see how your day went, how you were doing and then you’d stare at me with those seductive little glances and play it off all innocent and leave me with blue balls until I’d initiate fucking.”

“It’s not my fault you—”

“—Everything about us is your fault. All I wanted was to get out of Arkham by befriending the new Doctor and bending her to my will but nope. Couldn’t do that. Just had to catch feelings for the little dose of action on the side.” He sighs and she frowns a little.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

“Well it ain’t ever happened before, so we’ll see how me having a gal turns out.”

“It’s gonna be fine. I just jumped into a thing of Chemicals for you so it better be, at least, or I just did all this for nothin’.” She replies and he smiles in the dark.

“I highly doubt it was for nothing. Something good’s gonna come out of this. What exactly, is yet to be determined.”

“Why me?” She asks next and he looks at her in the pitch black of the room.

“Why you what?”

“Out of all those doctors, even the nurses … why decide to do all this with me?”

“Because I knew if I didn’t chew you up and spit you out, the world would’ve. And it wouldn’t have given you a place to stay and a hot new look, like I have.”

“So in a way, you saved me from the world. And you knew you were saving me.” She’s flattered, and it doesn’t falter.

“Oh, sweetie, I would’ve loved to see the world piss on your parade. It was yourself I was saving you from.”

“What? Why?” She whispers and he chuckles.

“I’ve lived those 9:00 to 5:00 jobs. I’ve drank coffee at 7:00 in the morning while reading the paper. I’ve drove around in my middle class vehicle and earned my disappointing pay check. I’ve payed taxes and bills … I’ve lived a mundane life. And it damn near killed me. I didn’t want to see you do all the shit I did.”

“So, what now?” She asks next and he yawns.

“We get some sleep, wake up, and figure out what the hell we’re gonna do next.”
Dignity - obsidian-iridescence (chrisheavens) - Final Fantasy XV [Archive of Our Own]
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DIGNITY | Gladiolus x Ignis (SFW)


They had spent only a night as lovers before tragedy struck, the devastating aftermath of Leviathan’s wrath leaving Gladiolus struggling to pick up the pieces as he guides and supports Ignis through his new, dark world.


This takes place a few days after the battle with Leviathan, before Noctis has awakened, and is part of a series of one shots that will explore one of the many possibilities of how and when Gladiolus and Ignis have confessed their love and entered a romantic status/relationship.

Please enjoy!!

- Obsidian
Read The Heart-Wrenching Letter One Woman Wrote To Her Rapist

Published by Cosmopolitan, Goodman’s gut-wrenching letter ― reminiscent of the now-famous impact statement from the Brock Turner case ― details the suffering and PTSD she’s endured in the aftermath of her assault. Unlike so many other survivors, Goodman wrote, she received an overwhelming amount of support from her family, friends, the judge and the jury.

“My fear in heading to trial is one most victims can relate to: ‘When they hear me, will they believe me?’ I never have to wonder that question again,” Goodman wrote. “I will be forever grateful to the 11 men and one woman that unequivocally found you guilty on ALL counts of rape and sex abuse: a verdict fit for the crime.”

Farewell “Lusty”

The Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious will set sail for her last time today, as she travels from Portsmouth to a Turkish scrapyard after being sold by the MOD for £2 million.

She was the last active aircraft carrier of the Royal Navy and was in service from 1982 to 2014. Seeing service in the Falklands, Gulf and Iraq wars. Also providing key humanitarian assistance during the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan in 2013.

After traveling over 900,000 miles in her 32 years her time has come, with hopes to turn her into a museum ship rejected, she will be torn apart and recycled.

Vox Non Incerta

DARCY: perlman, lewis, stark. a darcy lewis fanmix for @themonkeycabal‘s Run ‘Verse 

[spotify][8tracks] | screencaps by Super Hero Screencaps [x][x]

I. of monsters and men - CRYSTALS | II. bastille - LAURA PALMER | III. tegan and sara - SHOCK TO YOUR SYSTEM | IV. anna nalick - SHINE | V. adam lambert - AFTERMATH | VI. ruth b - LOST BOY | VII. paradise fears - WARRIOR (ACOUSTIC) | VIII. great big sea - HERE AND NOW | IX. skillet - AMERICAN NOISE | X. imagine dragons - I BET MY LIFE | XI. all time low - THE RECKLESS AND THE BRAVE | XII. natewantstobattle (spotify)/y chang (8tracks) - FLYERS (ENGLISH COVER)

anonymous asked:

Now we know the reunion will be in ep 6, here is my final prediction for how the first half of season 3 will play out: ep 1 will be Culloden and the aftermath, ep 2 will be the cave, ep 3 will be Ardsmuir, ep 4 will be Helwater, with Claire and Frank stuff in these eps too, ep 5 will follow on from season 2 with Claire, Roger and Bree in the 60s, 6 will be the reunion, 7 will be Edinburgh drama with Ian and 8 will be Laoghaire stuff. Thought ep6 was too late at first but it kinda makes sense.

Yep, that’s what I think too!

To revise my previous guesses, my new guess for the breakdown of the whole season is:

  1. Claire/Bree/Roger trying to find Jamie and Culloden.
  2. Claire’s miserable marriage to Frank and the cave.
  3. Claire in med school/at the hospital and Ardsmuir.
  4. Frank being a complete racist fucknugget then dying and Helwater.
  5. Claire/Bree/Roger finding the print shop, Claire prepping to return and Jamie’s marriage to Laoghaire/moving to Edinburgh.
  6. Print shop, brothel and stuff with Ian and Young Ian after the print shop burns down.
  7. Smuggling shenanigans and returning to Lallybroch, ending with Laoghaire, Marsali and Joan showing up.
  8. Their fight, Claire leaving, Jamie getting shot, Claire coming back and them making up.
  9. Ian getting kidnapped, first ship/Turtle Soup stuff.
  10. Plague ship and other shipnanigans.
  11. Initial Jamaica stuff until they’re all back together, Fergus and Marsali’s wedding.
  12. LJG in Jamaica and finding out about Willie.
  13. Finding Ian, beating Geillis stuff, getting to Georgia.
After the Fall: Part 2

In the aftermath of Switzerland, McCree is left to care for Jack…the former Stike-Commander though is but a shadow of the man he once was, and the weight of that change might be too much for McCree to bear.

Part 1

Disclaimer: As always Fairy Tail and its amazing characters don’t belong to me, I’m just borrowing them.

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15 ladrien?

Hope We Don’t Get Caught Kiss - Ladrien

This was so much fun to write! I kind of went in the direction of “I hope you don’t get us caught while I tease you” trope, but it’s kind of along the lines of hope we don’t get caught. Hope you enjoy!

“Adrien…” Her voice was barely more than a sigh against his neck, but it still sent shivers racing down his spine.

“Please,” he whispered into the soft skin of her jaw. “Say my name again.”

“Adrien,” she murmured, nudging his cheek and turning to catch his lips in another deep kiss. His lips were already tingling with the aftermath of her first, bruising kiss, but Adrien couldn’t complain. How could he? He was being kissed by Ladybug.

She brushed a thumb over his cheekbone, gently parting his lips with her tongue and delicately tasting him. He melted into her, resting his hands on her hips. Ladybug’s head was swimming, drunk on the sight, smell, and sensation of Adrien all around her. She sank in closer, the warmth radiating from him nearly searing her through her thin suit.

She dragged her fingers over his scalp, eagerly swallowing his soft moans as she tugged him closer. His response to her still amazed her. The way she could reduce him to a blushing, begging mess was beyond empowering. It was intoxicating.

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