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I just saw your Star Wars twilek cosplay and thought wow, you could probably nail an Asari cosplay from Mass Effect too! Then I saw that you do actually like Mass Effect on your blog description. Have you done any MAss Effect cosplays? Anywhere I can see them? I just love mass effect

Soooo funny story! I did an Asari dancer cosplay from the Afterlife Club! I would love to eventually tackle Aria. She is sassy and precious. (I also am about 50% done with my TALI costume and plan on finishing it this year!)

No compromise. No convenience.
Only the pounding of the Giant Red Heart.
Saving your soul. Damning your flesh.

Until it

I… totally half-assed this, but at least it’s OUT. I needed this to feel a bit better, otherwise it turns into a pretty bad loop.
But well ! Shlee T’selvi, the salarian right in the middle, is an OC and main character of my upcoming fanfiction “Halfway Home”.
In this story, Omega does things to people -and to him, in particular.

(Doodled while listening to She Moves Like a Knife by Perturbator)

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Got any mass effect blog recs? I've become obsessed and need more of it on my dash

some nice blogs:
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Undisclosed Desires (Shakarian)

MER Week is finally here so, here we go!
I will love these two until the day I die and probably have “There is no Shepard without Vakarian” written somewhere on my gravestone so, I decided MER week will be an excellent occasion to revisit this piece, that sat patiently in my folder for two years or something, and to finally finish it… Kind of. 
And please, don’t be deceived by the title, it’s full fluff and a couple of awkward kisses. Was supposed to be smutty but well…

So, let’s get back to the night before the Suicide Mission…

“I want to reconcile the violence in your heart,
I want to recognise your beauty’s not just a mask,
I want to exorcise the demons from your past,
I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart”

- Undisclosed desires by Muse -

Nervously tightening the grip of his talons around two bottles of cheap wine, walking step by step through the hauntingly empty mess hall, Garrus was slowly getting closer to the Normandy’s elevator and thereby to the Commander’s quarters.
Very turian - kind of conservative - part of him considered the whole idea of ‘easing up tension’ with a human woman completely insane, unacceptable even, but the other… The other one wasn’t really looking at Shepard in terms of the species and differences between them, seeing her as an equal companion for a fight and everything else instead.

A while later he glided upward with a sluggish lift, thinking about every crazy, potentially deadly thing that they have encountered together. In comparison to hordes of husks, geth, collectors and all other insanities, two quite mundane moments were standing out in his memory.

The first one, when she approached him on the atrium of the Presidium Tower. Over two years had passed but Garrus still remembered it like it was just yesterday… He was arguing with C-Sec’s executing officer, trying to convince him to stall the Council and give him more time for his investigation into Saren. When angry CO had finally left, with the corner of his eye Vakarian saw her… 

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                          WE’LL FIGHT TILL WE’RE BROKEN.

                       a playlist for selene from starfighter, as requested by selenethenavigator.

rise & fall -  adevnture club & krewella // talking body ( the young professionals remix ) - tove lo // runaway ( u & i ) ( konstantin zandelin remix ) - galantis // i’d love to change the world ( matstubs remix ) - jetta // revolution ( gioni remix ) - diplo // angels ( bashki remix ) - the xx // passenger ( hotel garuda remix ) - royal // gold ( feat. yuna ) ( minnesota
remix ) - adventure club // afterlife - xylø.

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While meditating I sometimes become gripped with fear that even in the deepest, stillest part of myself I am bad or that I will choose evil. I think some religious teachings traumatized me when I was younger so demon possession or being abandoned by God is a huge fear of mine. It really disturbs my practice at times. Is this even normal? Any advice on how to deal?

There is nothing to be done about this but to find out for yourself whether or not those fears are true. In other words, keep meditating. If the fear is there, let it be there. The point is to be free from this fear, meaning free from the confusion it causes. The fear may still be present. If you are only at peace when you don’t feel fear and you are not at peace when you do feel fear, then you aren’t free from fear. 

That being said, I can definitely agree with you that these challenges are the result of half-baked childhood religious teachings. It is most common among those raised within a christian household. 

The essential problem with modern day christian religious doctrine is that it teaches several unnatural and horrifically scarring ideas that have no basis in Jesus’ wisdom. Some of those are:

  • Original Sin. This concept was not even established until two hundred years after the death of Jesus. It proclaims that humanity is stained with a sin-like nature or a proclivity towards sin as a result of the fall from Eden. A continual state of guilt by association. Of course, if you obey church doctrine and get the right rituals done on you, you will be wiped clean. But then you must remain clean by continuing to adhere to doctrine. 
  • Purity/Impurity. This follows from original sin. The moment we start talking about our souls/essences being changeable in the context of sin, we create the context for struggle. There follows the fear of being unclean and sinful and desire to be pure and in God’s good graces. Far from making people more loving and understanding, this instills a fear that one wont be on the winning team at the end of the day. 
  • Heaven/hell. This follows from the winning team mentality. It doesn’t matter if you’re a racist, a bigot, a heartless war-monger, so long as you pay lip service to the christian god, you will get into heaven. Conversely, it doesn’t matter if you’re a worldwide humanitarian and a peaceful person. If you don’t commit to the christian god, you go to hell. 
  • God/Devil; Good/Evil. The false dichotomy of God versus the Devil and Good versus Evil does this world a great disservice. To understand and judge immoral acts as evil is to miss the actual causes. It is dismissive, ignorant, and precludes any possibility for change. It cultivates a judgmental mind in direct contradiction of Jesus’ teachings and encourages laziness of mind. It is easier to lump people into Good/Evil stereotypes than it is to try to understand who they are on their own life’s actual terms. 

I want to be clear about something. I am not stating that all christians conform to the things stated above. Yet these are the things most children are taught in Sunday School and take root inside the mind, whether consciously or unconsciously. 

Let me counter these points with sayings attributed to Jesus from the Gospel of Thomas. Many christians don’t know of or disregard the Gospel of Thomas because it was not included in the “official” canon. However, this couldn’t be more contradictory, as many notions such as the original sin mentioned above weren’t introduced as part of institutionalized christianity until well after Jesus’ life. 

  • “The kingdom is inside you, and it is outside of you.” This directly contradicts any notion of the soul or self being impure or that god may forsake a person. Heaven is not later, it is Now. Divinity is not in the church, it is Here. How then can we account for good and evil? Happiness and sorrow?
  • “When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known, and you will realize that it is you who are the sons of the living Father. But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty.” Poverty here can mean many things from sorrow to evil. It comes down to meeting your own soul, your own existence, and tracing that aliveness to the “living Father.”
  • “Recognize what is in your sight, and that which is hidden from you will become plain to you. For there is nothing hidden which will not become manifest.” You don’t need the church, the priest, or any intermediary between you and the Divine. What is more significant is that you are the one looking for what is hiding in plain sight. Without that, revelation cannot happen. 
  • “The dead are not alive, and the living will not die.” What rooms does this leave for the afterlife club scenes of heaven and hell? None.

To conclude this little aside on christianity, I’d just like to emphasize the difference between a spiritual path pioneered by divine exemplars such as Jesus and religious institutions that seek to psychologically control their adherents. 

Contemplating these points may be helpful in facilitating the release of those deeply set fears you are experiencing. Any experiences of fear during meditation is normal. My guru once mentioned how he had extremely vivid recurring visions of a gruesome train crash during his more advanced and intense phases of meditation, in which he’d be sitting for 15-20 hours at a stretch. Yet there is nothing to do to change the technique, all of this is just the mind releasing its imprints. 

Keep at it and you will know peace. 

Namaste sis :) Much love. 


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