(Liam forgets the rule and falls asleep first.)

Theo: *Kicks Liam before he fully dozes off.*

Liam: *Jolts awake, fully alert now as he flips around on the bed to glare at the culprit.* Would you knock that off!!!

Theo: *Stares at him.*

Liam: *Rubs the sleep out of his eyes and groans.* … You can’t keep doing that just because I fall asleep first. *Small tired sigh.*

Theo: Why not? It works every time. *Anxiety well hid behind his famous cocky smirk.*

Liam: *Doesn’t bother answering that. He knows it’s just one result of Theo’s PTSD. It started happening when they began sleeping together. Theo wouldn’t be able to fall asleep if Liam passed out first. Hearing Liam’s heart rate and breathing slow down as he dozed off was enough to strike an unreasonable amount of panic into Theo’s damaged mind. Up until now Liam had gotten pretty good at falling asleep only after he knew Theo was out.* Well hurry up and go to sleep then.